Generations React To Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer And Gameplay

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Generations Check Out the New Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Trailer. Watch to see their Reactions!
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Generations React To Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer And Gameplay



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    FBEFBEAylar önce
    • You should react to the new predator hunting grounds

      Jose SanchezJose SanchezAylar önce
    • Lol this was a very funny video enjoyed it do more like this one in the future

      TJ MatthewsTJ MatthewsAylar önce
    • Dude we don't need to react new ghost recon game. It's just nothing

      Raja's VLOGSRaja's VLOGSAylar önce
    • react to Nico Collins

      ItsyoboiFarhanItsyoboiFarhanAylar önce
    • You really managed to get a great combination of people for this reaction, very well done.

      TigermaskenRHTigermaskenRHAylar önce
  • They should have named it breaking point not break point but I’m sure they had a reason for that

    James BayJames BayAylar önce
  • 0:34 close but no

    shaggy boishaggy boiAylar önce
  • I pissed myself at the old man quoting 'a ghost dude' 😂

    SeanyyBoySeanyyBoyAylar önce
  • wildlands IMO was not a ghost recon game because they took the AC'far cry game and slapped ghost recon on top of it. I miss GRAW and Vegas 1 and 2. Those are some real ass tom Clancy games(RIP!!)

    DamuEmranDamuEmranAylar önce
    • Oh yeaah.... Good ol Rainbow Vegas

      Dewandito Sulthanaimar WidiyarsoDewandito Sulthanaimar WidiyarsoAylar önce
  • I remember playing the original in Kuwait on an Xbox with a mod chip we got from a bazaar. So much fun back then. Glad to see the franchise still has its own place carved out for it. Always enjoyed Tom Clancy games. Very immersive.

    Alejandro MujicaAlejandro MujicaAylar önce
  • I bet dude says he in the military is like bob pinciotti. Ma'fuxker was in the coast guard and didnt do shit with it lmao.

    Chris LongChris LongAylar önce
    • youre a legend for including a that 70s show referance.

      ZachZachAylar önce
  • Ubisoft games allways end up less impressive at full release anyway. Allways.

    GnikrutufGnikrutufAylar önce
    • Must games do tbh which is why the whole CGI trailers are very very "HMMMM" like

      Mr Oliver FoxMr Oliver FoxAylar önce
  • That guy who was in the military is full of fucking shit

    SugarGlitterKissSugarGlitterKissAylar önce
    • @SugarGlitterKiss Ye ik that this guys full of shit no shit xd

      Mr Oliver FoxMr Oliver FoxAylar önce
    • Yes but this would be from a green berets aspect not an infantrymans aspect if you want a infantry aspec realistic game there is ARMA

      SugarGlitterKissSugarGlitterKissAylar önce
    • @SugarGlitterKiss Indeed, infact i think the Director of this game was a 13 year Green Beret i cant remember what he said all i know is he tried to make the game as realistic as he could to what he experienced.

      Mr Oliver FoxMr Oliver FoxAylar önce
    • SquishyJelly one he called it a tactical vest anyone in the infantry wouldn’t call that a vest and two he said this was very real to what he use to do, this is nothing of what the army infantry has done in recent years only ones that come close to coming real to this is green berets, maybe 75th ranger regiment MAYBE, or delta force aka CAG

      SugarGlitterKissSugarGlitterKissAylar önce
    • On god " thats a nice tactical vest." settle down high speed thats a kit.

      Matthew MileyMatthew MileyAylar önce
  • You should show them game play. We know ubisoft is trailer god

    [DeathStroke][DeathStroke]Aylar önce
    • [DeathStroke] are you stupid?

      SquishyJellySquishyJellyAylar önce
    • Did you watch the vid? Or are you just dumb?

      aqmentalaqmentalAylar önce
  • ah...its ubi trick , look great at first but actual isnt that real great this open world shooting worth a try

    Yuuji LeeYuuji LeeAylar önce
  • I can't fucking wait for this game

    Willie BellWillie BellAylar önce
  • 6:44 did the guy say he wants to play with himself 😂

    Motordyne_350zMotordyne_350zAylar önce
    • Yeah he did

      Z3R0 SA1NTS 13Z3R0 SA1NTS 13Aylar önce
    • @Jordan Phoenix Nua yea I think them same

      Sneaky_ CloakerSneaky_ CloakerAylar önce
    • Be honest how old are you? 11?

      Jordan Phoenix NuaJordan Phoenix NuaAylar önce
  • Dude he said playing this game without a HUD must be hard guess we know how uses easy difficulty

    Dirty hairyDirty hairyAylar önce
    • I keep the hud but play on high difficulty

      Mafia x PhantomMafia x PhantomAylar önce
  • Man I love seeing how ghost recon is getting better game by game (Tom Clancy games in general). I just can’t wait till someday they announce GR Future Soldier 2.

    Noob Master69Noob Master69Aylar önce
  • Holy shit was that Donna in there?!?!

    Max paceMax paceAylar önce
    • Skersaroony promoting butt cream

      Mct219Mct219Aylar önce
    • Max pace yeah what’s she doing in there

      SkersaroonySkersaroonyAylar önce
  • the old lady in the redish pinkish shirt reminds me of *iT iS mA'aM* meme

    Stoned Every dayStoned Every dayAylar önce
  • They need to fix the animation for when someone gets shot and their body falls

    Stoned Every dayStoned Every dayAylar önce
    • @Faze SupplyDrop yeah, it makes them look week, like taking a bullet to the shoulder *dies dramatically*

      Stoned Every dayStoned Every dayAylar önce
    • Stoned Every day looks kinda silly, don’t it?

      Faze SupplyDropFaze SupplyDropAylar önce
  • WAIT WHAT THE FUCK!? I didn’t know that “Donna” from Brandon Rogers is on fbe I forgot her real name

    Suicidal PotatoSuicidal PotatoAylar önce
  • They did say its going to be bigger than bolivia in ghost recon wildlands

    FuckYou BitchFuckYou BitchAylar önce
    • I hope it is true and not the water is the 50% of the world

      Mariano SanchezMariano SanchezAylar önce
  • react to smp live minecraft server!!

    Camila BravoCamila BravoAylar önce

    Josh ConwayJosh ConwayAylar önce
  • no one: mario: did you know i was in the military

    Frisbee DoggoFrisbee DoggoAylar önce
  • Are they just that dumb its like they dont keep track of these things

    fireraider98fireraider98Aylar önce
  • Is that old person a guy or a girl I can’t fucking tell these days it’s gone so bad 😂

    Sido SalahSido SalahAylar önce
    • @The Gingerbread Man let's keep it at trans gender. Honestly I dont know anymore.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Sido Salah physical yes but biologically idk.

      The Gingerbread ManThe Gingerbread ManAylar önce
  • How did dona get here lol

    GtxstunnersgothackedGtxstunnersgothackedAylar önce
  • Fuck, people are dumb. How the fuck can you not tell the difference between a game and a movie?

    SapostropheezSapostropheezAylar önce
    • Andre Membrido elderly people don’t tend to have 20/20 vision

      - div][ide- div][ideAylar önce
    • @MxCP11 No argument that graphics are impressive (and more impressive in the cinematic trailer than they will actually be in the game), but there is a huge difference between animation for film and video game animation. It's not even close to live action either. The only movie I have ever seen that looks similar to video games is "Beowulf" and even that is pretty far off.

      SapostropheezSapostropheezAylar önce
    • @TAKEN KING lol true

      SapostropheezSapostropheezAylar önce
    • Travis Enget Dude, chill. CGI animations in this day and age are extremely impressive. Go watch some older AC cinematic trailers and tell me that doesn’t look quasi-realistic. Even back in 2009, for the AC2 cinematic trailer, the graphics were impressive. They don’t know any better, so just chill on them.

      MxCP11MxCP11Aylar önce
    • Well the animation has been updated beyond movie so I can see why

  • Is that an old woman or an old man?

    blacmadesjb 2750blacmadesjb 2750Aylar önce
    • @Good Pancake Like your Mom and the rest of your family. An Old Bag or Just Waiting to Die.

      FuckYou BitchFuckYou BitchAylar önce
    • blacmadesjb 2750 an Old bag

      Good PancakeGood PancakeAylar önce
  • 0:37 i think this is honestly the first time I've seen ethan excited about something

    chad phillipschad phillipsAylar önce
  • 2:39 If michael jackson grew old

    Cherry PopperCherry PopperAylar önce
  • Nahhhh fam im 11 and i love tactical shooters and i get them alot🔥🔥

    The GoatThe GoatAylar önce
  • This has gotta be a Clancy, well she was right

    BenGOEditsBenGOEditsAylar önce
  • Is this like graw 2

    Jason BristerJason BristerAylar önce
  • It's cinematic trailer only way to get this next generation consoles and PC not going to play because it's not graw 3 I'm mad

    Jason BristerJason BristerAylar önce
    • @singmyABC'S together what is it

      Jason BristerJason BristerAylar önce
    • @Jason Brister funny but no

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • @Razer splinter cell

      Jason BristerJason BristerAylar önce
    • There were some leaks of another ghost recon game coming out aswell.

      RazerRazerAylar önce
  • that's the old chick from Brandon Rogers

    20072007Aylar önce
  • Guys just like seeing things blow up Me: Yeah.

    The Great ZethandrapusThe Great ZethandrapusAylar önce
    • @Florida Man in a Ghillie suit what more do you need than an explosion and a Ghillie

      The Great ZethandrapusThe Great ZethandrapusAylar önce
    • Men are simple, and we like it that way

      Florida Man in a Ghillie suitFlorida Man in a Ghillie suitAylar önce
  • Is it a movie?is it a game?is it a movie of a game?no wait is it a game of a movie? Oh for fucks sake

    Banana ManBanana ManAylar önce
  • 2:10 Ghost dude lul

    ReZReZAylar önce
  • Little do they know Ubisoft downgrades the shit out their games....smh

    Dezurt DudeDezurt DudeAylar önce
    • Razer R6 also looks amazing

      Faze SupplyDropFaze SupplyDropAylar önce
    • @Dezurt Dude But ubisoft is already past downgrading as they've stated that themselves.. Besides, look at division 2 for example.. The actual graphics are miles ahead of the graphics that they've showed, back when they teased the game on the E3.

      RazerRazerAylar önce
    • @Dezurt Dude I remember that

      Húxiān Cyclops 4Húxiān Cyclops 4Aylar önce
    • @Húxiān Cyclops 4 bruh you for real? don't you rember the division 1 gameplay the graphics were beyond incredible and the graphics when the game released they were meh.....

      Dezurt DudeDezurt DudeAylar önce
    • Not anymore lol. Look at the division 2 e3 and release comparison. Ubi are really trying to dig themselves out of the shitpile.

      Cherry PopperCherry PopperAylar önce
  • Let them react to Escape from Tarkov for true realism

    CrymZexCrymZexAylar önce
  • That poor woman thought it was a movie.

    JRC RedJRC RedAylar önce
    • JRC Red ikr

      Vakariantek GodVakariantek GodAylar önce
  • dont be hype this ubisoft only look graphic high in trailer in reality meh.

    Sasori HereSasori HereAylar önce
    • Look at div2 looks just as they advertised it. Ubisoft us over that downgrading age and is actually doing as we hoped.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Just wait for someone playing it streaming and ask them if it's worth it

      Jason BristerJason BristerAylar önce
  • 2:11 "Ghost Dude" LMFAO 😂

    V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
  • Ohhh dramatic voice huh? I also have a dramatic voice 😏 anyways hats off to the mom who knew about Splinter Cell and Tom Clancy

    V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
    • Haha for real

      Húxiān Cyclops 4Húxiān Cyclops 4Aylar önce
  • Scott/PhatBeats was my 7th grade math teacher

    Nate KenjiNate KenjiAylar önce
    • Húxiān Cyclops 4 yeah

      Nate KenjiNate KenjiAylar önce
    • Really? That kinda cool

      Húxiān Cyclops 4Húxiān Cyclops 4Aylar önce
  • 10:40 They need to break the news to this guy

    ScottScottAylar önce
    • Well let him learn that the hard way but still it makes me happy that there is no ai team helping us do to the story being based around being behind the enemy lines

      Sneaky_ CloakerSneaky_ CloakerAylar önce
    • @Dezurt Dude There is no AI teammates in the new Ghost Recon according to the developers.

      ScottScottAylar önce
    • You can play with ai and lone wolf..... so yeah

      Dezurt DudeDezurt DudeAylar önce
  • 已预购,等待啊育正式发布

    Ding LiDing LiAylar önce
    • Yo so deep bro 😥😥😥😥😥😤😤😤😢😢😢😤😭😭😧😧😧👆👆☝👉👈👉👈👈🙋🙋🙇🙇🙆🙍🙌🙏🗣✌✌✌👇👇💪✌🖕🖕👆☝👆🖕💑💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💪👤👤👤👤👥👥🗣🗣🗣🗣👥👥😎😎😎😎😂😊😊😉😚😶😃🙂😇😗😇😏🙂😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗🙃🙃😞😟😲😞😲😲😲😲😲😲🤑😲😲😲😲😲🤓🤓🤓😪😪😴😫😪🙁😪😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🤕😭🤕😭🤕😭🤕😭🤕😭🤕😭🤕😭😰😰😱😰☹☹

      J MJ MAylar önce
    • Me too

      h hh hAylar önce
  • Teens should react to the Varok Saurfang cinematics by Blizzard

    SauceSauceAylar önce
  • You should've had them react to Cyberpunk 2077

    Scarhead 27Scarhead 27Aylar önce
  • Oh, and please do a let's play generations with XCOM2. I have a feeling that it will be enjoyable by every generation. The elders especially since it doesn't require fast reflexes and puts a great deal of emphasis on strategy and planning ahead.

    Malcolm ThorneMalcolm ThorneAylar önce
  • Do generations react to the Overwatch shorts and/or the WoW cinematics and videos(the harbingers and warbringers ones especially).

    Malcolm ThorneMalcolm ThorneAylar önce
  • Id love to see a movie version of this. I guess this is what the Punisher doing before being the Punisher. Anything with Jon Bernthal is FANTASTIC!

    Sal ScaliciSal ScaliciAylar önce
  • I love how the guy who was in the US Army wants to buy the game, and the girl that was the Air Force veteran’s daughter thinks that she is too distraught by it

    Vinicio WintVinicio WintAylar önce
    • @TAKEN KING wut??

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Vinicio Wint army in the thick Air Force has

  • Paulette looks like Michael jackson

    janice stevensjanice stevensAylar önce
  • This will appeal to 18 / 60, Male / Female.

    bigearedmouse17bigearedmouse17Aylar önce
    • Lol i'm 12 and i'm excited for this game.

      PoorlyDrawnFacePoorlyDrawnFaceAylar önce
  • Fun fact: that dude at the end saying 'I'm a ghost too, and I expect nothing less', is also the same guy from the previous game (Wildlands) who plays with you and wrecks a base all by himself. So yeah, when people who played the first one saw that they will be against him, first thing that came in mind was 'Oh we are so fuuckkeeddd'

    Nathaniel CutajarNathaniel CutajarAylar önce
    • @Brett Lee nomads fucked, Walker got an army and rogue ghosts.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • He doesn't wreck a base all by himself.. There was almost nobody there, the base only got 'invaded' when you go back out.

      RazerRazerAylar önce
    • I don't think it was needed lmao people already knows that from the announcement day

      V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
    • when i saw his face become the enemy i’m like are you fucking kidding me his choice is to trust me and he will always have my back but now he does this i’m like oh it got personal

      Yadiel xKillerYadiel xKillerAylar önce
    • aaaand he also happens to be Frank Castle/The fking Punisher so im sorry ghosts but i think u've lost this one...

      Brett LeeBrett LeeAylar önce
  • The division had the best cover mehanic for me

    nnjhghjjnnjhghjjAylar önce
  • Hats off to the mom who knew splinter cell

    cornielcornielAylar önce
  • Stop being trans

    L OL OAylar önce
    • Goddamn first world problem, you won't even think about changing gender here in poor country

      cornielcornielAylar önce
    • Not that i am but why

      retr0 x_x117retr0 x_x117Aylar önce
  • The military man liked it so much he says he wants to play with himself lol 6:38

    VIPERVIPERAylar önce
    • @L O hes referring to the Mexican guy/ soldier

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Is that a guy

      L OL OAylar önce
  • Great video! Stay safe and God bless!

    Dylan MeierDylan MeierAylar önce
  • So many dumb fucks that still don't understand trailers and cinematic will NEVER be like the real graphics

    Mochi's Game HutMochi's Game HutAylar önce
    • Aj suda learn to differentiate ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ dumb fuck

      Kannina JiakliaobiKannina JiakliaobiAylar önce
    • Not all people are gamers so maybe you are the one who should stop being a dumb lil' fuck wit, stop wasting your sperms into anime girls, and go outside often to socialize with many kind of people.

      Rumuel NathanaelRumuel NathanaelAylar önce
    • Don't think it warrants them being called dumb fucks! If anything your the dumb fuck!

      Aj sudaAj sudaAylar önce
    • Mochi's Game Hut they’re not dumb fucks, they don’t dedicate hours to gaming to then realise what pre-rendering is.

      quanquanAylar önce
  • Wish the Punisher was the main character, not the villain

    Chaotic _Chaotic _Aylar önce
    • @Rumuel Nathanael his motives were questionable in wildlands. A random ghost with a vendetta pops up in Bolivia looking for bowman and slightly wants her died but does nothing when he gets the chance.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Rumuel Nathanael nah. He’s new to the whole franchise. I just wish u could play as him

      Chaotic _Chaotic _Aylar önce
    • Rumuel Nathanael nah. He’s new to the whole franchise. I just wish u could play as him

      Chaotic _Chaotic _Aylar önce
    • He was a good guy in GR Wildlands though?

      Rumuel NathanaelRumuel NathanaelAylar önce
    • Punisher that is cole D walker

      retr0 x_x117retr0 x_x117Aylar önce
  • I cant tell if paulette is male or female

    ggx gggx gAylar önce
    • Michael Jackson 😂

      V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
    • @Mochi's Game Hut eeesh

      ggx gggx gAylar önce
    • ggx g yes

      Brendan MarriottBrendan MarriottAylar önce
    • Male

      Mochi's Game HutMochi's Game HutAylar önce

    Diplex CelloDiplex CelloAylar önce
  • I would go see that movie Me- confused tom face

    Elijah BeachElijah BeachAylar önce
  • Can you guys do Rainbow Seige

    4G gamer4G gamerAylar önce
    • big lad booce yea ik

      4G gamer4G gamerAylar önce
    • You forgot "six" in rainbow six siege

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Considering the game is 4 years old probably not buddy

      big lad boocebig lad booceAylar önce
  • "I see why maybe BOYS would like this." Sexist as fuck. But GO WAMEN

    sosa boisosa boiAylar önce
    • She isnt wrong but she is generalizing that men like it more than women.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce

    sosa boisosa boiAylar önce
    • Bruh i didnt know we mastered necromancy

      ggx gggx gAylar önce
  • I play ghost recon wildlands and there’s definitely people ranging from 15-60yrs old playing on PvP lol. Girls and guys. I love this franchise!

    AURORAAURORAAylar önce
    • @Brayden'sLab just 5 months away. Hype 🙂🙂

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • yup and when i take an assasin i just hear screams XD

      nnjhghjjnnjhghjjAylar önce
    • Me too dude! my pre-order is set just gotta wait till the day!

      Brayden'sLabBrayden'sLabAylar önce
  • Y r the only cool elders the other girls and their own dad

    Lamonte JonesLamonte JonesAylar önce
  • “That looks so real” Of course it’s not game engine it’s just cinematic...

    Vedran LalicVedran LalicAylar önce
  • Um... Those people reacting. I doubt most of them even play games. Also that lady reactor with the mohawk haircut looks like a bloke.

    Brenton Goldfinch-BelbinBrenton Goldfinch-BelbinAylar önce
  • I believe they have a Green beret help make this game.

    Matthew WestonMatthew WestonAylar önce
    • Obviously they have it. you can't make these type stuff without a veteran help.

      V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
    • I heard he was developing it to

      retr0 x_x117retr0 x_x117Aylar önce
    • They did

      retr0 x_x117retr0 x_x117Aylar önce
  • Been watching the trailer on repeat everyday since it came out, I remember hearing early about the game going to be announced and I got so excited, I kind of expected it since when they added the new mission into Wildlands they mentioned a bunch of new teams, etc. In the dialogue which I knew was them hinting the next game.

    Matthew WestonMatthew WestonAylar önce
    • Everyone anticipated ubisoft to announce the next ghost recon once they released that prologue mission for wildlands

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
  • Frank castle vs Dude perfect dude...

    Life & DeathLife & DeathAylar önce
  • 7:52 Sounds like Marcus Jensen and looks

    AddableEndAddableEndAylar önce
  • "Boys would like this?" How about gamers would like this :)

    Riculf RiculfsonRiculf RiculfsonAylar önce
  • FYI, some of us elders will be playing the new Ghost Recon because it looks excellent. Just hope they use some of the better realism elements from Siege in the game. Though with the fence cutting we did see one of those elements in the game.

    Jerry CJerry CAylar önce
  • its not really war though. Its a game.

    D3adland3rrD3adland3rrAylar önce
  • First seconds of the video.... “IT LOOKS SO REAL” It will look nothing like that lol

    CRGundyCRGundyAylar önce
  • Remember it's Ubisoft just be ready for a disappointment 😂😂

    deejay jimenezdeejay jimenezAylar önce
    • @singmyABC'S together haven't played it and don't plan to

      E-Tomic-E-Tomic-Aylar önce
    • @E-Tomic- that new far cry look pretty shit

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • I hope there is no downgrading atleast not too much.

      xXBLAZERXxxXBLAZERXxAylar önce
    • Lol you obviously haven't played many ubisoft games, some have been disappointments but most of them are awesome, honestly think the only bad game they've ever made was far cry primal and that's it

      E-Tomic-E-Tomic-Aylar önce
    • have you ever played Rainbow Six Siege or Ghost Recon Wildlands to make such an statement?

      #NPC 01110000 01100011#NPC 01110000 01100011Aylar önce
  • im so hyped

    Daegon OliverDaegon OliverAylar önce
  • 0:32 we wish

    Drop Pod GamerDrop Pod GamerAylar önce
  • Woman fighting in elite regiments....doesn’t happen...smh

    Mr.SmithGNR SmithMr.SmithGNR SmithAylar önce
    • I'm surprised how no one noticed that in the video

      V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
    • that would bother me in a ww2 game ye but if it bothered u w gr u need to get a life

      Fr0sty CartelFr0sty CartelAylar önce
    • Bruh, who fucking cares

      Justin GarzaJustin GarzaAylar önce
  • Also react to Rainbow 6 Siege, best game out there

    Oscar Osiel AguilarOscar Osiel AguilarAylar önce
    • @Rumuel Nathanael RDR2? Online ain't looking soo good. Campaign however is a1

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
    • Perhaps best multiplayer game but not best game ever by a long shot

      Toe NailToe NailAylar önce
    • @Smoker -T Ah yes. Sorry I forgot to include them. My bad.

      Rumuel NathanaelRumuel NathanaelAylar önce
    • @Rumuel Nathanael Last of us & Skyrim would like to have a word with you

      Smoker -TSmoker -TAylar önce
    • RDR2, GoW, BoTW, HZD, Witcher3 would like to have a word with you, pal.

      Rumuel NathanaelRumuel NathanaelAylar önce
  • This series butchered Bolivia, I’m happy they’re going to a fictional place now

    Oscar Osiel AguilarOscar Osiel AguilarAylar önce
  • "Is this the game?" That was me before learning the gaming industry. Ahh the lies that were being told to me over and over.

    austin smithaustin smithAylar önce

    Matias AMatias AAylar önce
    • No

      El WagoEl WagoAylar önce
  • Anyone in the comments going to explain to me whether that old person is a man or female. I'm baffled

    cheesegritscheesegritsAylar önce
    • I'm confused that Kim person is male or female? 🤔😩

      V - TriggerV - TriggerAylar önce
    • Paulette? Full on female last time I checked.

      Matthew WestonMatthew WestonAylar önce
    • I think male

      Anime-Gamer97Anime-Gamer97Aylar önce
  • Lmao the old lady didnt know or was told it was a game through almost the whole video

    Succ IslifeSucc IslifeAylar önce
  • Ok it looks good and all but keep in mind that this is Ubisoft, they are going to tune down graphics on release.

    Heidar Thor EythorssonHeidar Thor EythorssonAylar önce
    • That's old ubisoft look at the more previous titles released and tell me how trailer compares to retail looks. Looks exactly as they advertised imo.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
  • Is that Dona from Brandon Rogers?

    Lil ComradeLil ComradeAylar önce
    • "Now my anus doesn't look a day over 5"

      mrsweater17mrsweater17Aylar önce
  • I love how the lady knows more about games then every one together

    Gustav OhlsonGustav OhlsonAylar önce
  • Wasn't expecting Frank Castle to be in this game, but now I'm not surprised. This man is a merciless tank!

    CyvereR6CyvereR6Aylar önce
    • I know who these people are also; I'm just wondering where you're getting at here.

      CyvereR6CyvereR6Aylar önce
    • @illSavage What do you want me to say? Mate, I'm already confused

      CyvereR6CyvereR6Aylar önce
    • You said you weren’t expecting Frank Castle to be in this game, but he’s not.. Jon Bernthal isn’t playing ‘the punisher’ in this, he’s playing a dude named Cole D. Walker..

      illSavageillSavageAylar önce
    • CyvereR6 you’re telling me things I already know

      illSavageillSavageAylar önce
    • @illSavage Frank Castle+Punisher+Jon Berthnal= Same people

      CyvereR6CyvereR6Aylar önce
  • Dont expect fancy gears if you join military after ghost recon lmao

    wowersdh1wowersdh1Aylar önce
    • Join special forces or dress up as one for airsoft

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
  • Man I miss Tom clancy ㅠ

    wowersdh1wowersdh1Aylar önce
  • Woah so the guy in the video was also on an island fighting drones? He’s the real Nomad am I right guys? Guys?

    SmeerusSmeerusAylar önce
    • @Smeerus aha

      AddableEndAddableEndAylar önce
    • AddableEnd one of the people reacting said it reminded them of their time in the army

      SmeerusSmeerusAylar önce
    • What?

      AddableEndAddableEndAylar önce
  • So apparently making movies about war is okay, but *VIDEO GAMES*!

    Mohnish VermaMohnish VermaAylar önce
    • That's not her point she intended that war isnt good.

      singmyABC'S togethersingmyABC'S togetherAylar önce
  • Old people know thier clancy nice.

    foxrot Ghostfoxrot GhostAylar önce
    • @Malcolm Moore yeah i know. I still have my dads book on the sovit subs.

      foxrot Ghostfoxrot GhostAylar önce
    • Well, Tom Clancy was old too. Soooo...

      Malcolm MooreMalcolm MooreAylar önce
Generations React To Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer And Gameplay