Gorillaz x G-Shock - Mission M101 (Part 3)

Gorillaz are back on Earth, hanging out at Mr Ibe’s R&D centre in Tokyo - but did they complete Mission M101? Watch here…
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Directed by Brutus in collaboration with G-Shock, produced by Feed Me Light.
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  • oh what's Elvis doing here?

    IvukæmIvukæm3 saatler önce
  • its was a cash grab yes.. but it was a very beautifully animated cash grab

    ItsYaBoiChibzItsYaBoiChibzGün önce
  • I thought 2D sold the geep ?😂✌️

    Skye RobsonSkye Robson3 gün önce
  • why do they act like they're in some sort of lego game

    NruhmNruhm4 gün önce
  • Okay but I’m PRETTY sure M101 is a jab at their song M1A1

    my Galaxy00my Galaxy004 gün önce
  • And the part 4???

    abigail jauregui morgadoabigail jauregui morgado5 gün önce
  • _they really expected murdoc to protect them..._

    ebiebi5 gün önce
  • 0:14 Oh Lord... Forgive me for what I'm about to do...

    riwictaro32riwictaro3210 gün önce
  • Murdoc be looking like Takamura

    LillhoggeLillhogge10 gün önce
  • FULL List of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees 1986-2020 (Recorded on Wikipedia) trvision.net/detail/video--WVcWjaQhYU.html

    Line of DataLine of Data12 gün önce
  • 1:06 thats gotta hurt for 50 year old murdoc

    Darth Carlos510Darth Carlos51012 gün önce
  • ok but @ 0:51 if murdoc gave that 2 me i would jus take it & leave

  • 0:51 *HE CRUSHED IT?!?!*

    AlemmAlemm16 gün önce
  • is that one of deltron's foes?

    FUTUREFUTURE17 gün önce
  • I keep forgetting this video is a thing

    Project ApocalypseProject Apocalypse18 gün önce
  • love the art style

    BirdBotBirdBot20 gün önce
  • this band isnt even recognizable anymore

    ꧁Black Cupcake꧂꧁Black Cupcake꧂20 gün önce
  • This put a huge smile on my face

    Ice TurtleIce Turtle21 gün önce
  • The animation style reminds me of how the TellTale games would look like especially the walking dead game

    DingDongDoe 175DingDongDoe 17522 gün önce
  • I will buy Casio Ga2000gz because of Gorillaz :)

    I GyI Gy22 gün önce
  • Ibe-San too cute trying to destroy the indestructible watch 0:32

    Spoiled SushiSpoiled Sushi22 gün önce
  • bruh noodle is *THICC*

    Alis0mAlis0m22 gün önce
  • Was that the G E E P !?

    Ground40015 -Ground40015 -23 gün önce
  • Todos: DETRAS DE MURDOC PORQUE EL SE CREE GENIAL Murdoc:.... Emmm un autógrafo?... Xdddddd

    ʏᴜᴍɪᴋᴏ ꜱᴀᴛᴏᴍɪʏᴜᴍɪᴋᴏ ꜱᴀᴛᴏᴍɪ24 gün önce
    • Sabes porque Murdoc es verde?

  • 0:16, Noodle ass is thicc.

    El PiudipaiEl Piudipai24 gün önce
  • 0:20 Look at 2D's eyes.

    Keegan SicardKeegan Sicard27 gün önce
  • Noodle is thicc?

    TheHABIBIman 69TheHABIBIman 6928 gün önce
  • Remember when noodle was just a noodle?...

    e ee eAylar önce
  • can we all appreciate murdoc's handsome face at 0:50 omg-

    cheycheyAylar önce
  • I’ve got a g-shock watch and the beep is satisfyingly the exact same as in the vid

    zRex-_-NovazRex-_-NovaAylar önce
  • did you notice murdoc hair

    Nibbas NormanNibbas NormanAylar önce
  • this has to be the strangest series of product placement videos I have ever seen.

    ChAzZ iT_uPChAzZ iT_uPAylar önce
  • Some ppl are saying that noodle dummy THICC but this 0:51 is better

    13 SURGO13 SURGOAylar önce
  • Omg murdoc

    chris brownchris brownAylar önce
  • Remember when Noodle was just a girl singing about shoeshine? Now she dummy T H I C C

    Akirex 5000Akirex 5000Aylar önce
  • He's gonna keep the photo.

    Louis HoffmanLouis HoffmanAylar önce
  • I know everyone saw the butt From noodle 0:13

    Cuddles :3Cuddles :3Aylar önce
  • Reject false idols.

    L3N1NVEVOL3N1NVEVOAylar önce

    oof oofoof oofAylar önce
  • 0:52 ungrateful bitch

    『mariela 』『mariela 』Aylar önce
  • Oh lord, I just noticed something! 0:46 The order the band mates are going in, front to back, goes from oldest to youngest! Murdoc, Russel, 2-D, and Noodle! Why is nobody discussing this? Edit: Now that I think about it, this is useless information, and WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKING THIS?

    I_Consume_Bees08I_Consume_Bees08Aylar önce
    • Evan Bubnick I can agree. Anyway, thanks for liking, and have a nice day 👍

      I_Consume_Bees08I_Consume_Bees0819 gün önce
    • I_Consume_Bees08 I will say that I did like it because even though it’s useless it’s still probably intentional

      Evan BubnickEvan Bubnick19 gün önce
    • Evan Bubnick Well, I know. It’s just the fact that this is extremely pointless information I came up with, and people are liking this.

      I_Consume_Bees08I_Consume_Bees0819 gün önce
    • I_Consume_Bees08 you have five likes. Calm down.

      Evan BubnickEvan Bubnick20 gün önce
  • Now I regret buying one even less 😍

    Cassie DragonCassie DragonAylar önce
  • Idk why I found it adorable that they all hid behind Murdoc lmao.

    JokerJokerAylar önce
  • Dude scrunched up a signed autograph from one of the fucking gorillaz? People would give you at LEAST 2 cigarettes and a glass shard shank for one of those, dude!

    Just DerpJust DerpAylar önce
  • I guess I'm bulletproof now, beacuse I bought it

    SarQa GamesSarQa GamesAylar önce
  • Murdoc is still wearing his cross....... MURDOC CAN YOU AT LEAST CHANGE!!!!!! No de

    Mikka MikmikMikka MikmikAylar önce
  • Don be lookin like Jumba from lilo and stitch.

    Ded4.Ded4.Aylar önce
  • Ok so lemme figure this out. Murdoc Did not have the geep when he met 2D. We know this because in the iTunes podcast/interview video with the band, the geep is no where to be seen. But he had it in 19-2000. We also know that he didn't have it in clint eastwood, as the album cover hadn't been made yet. (That was the first appearance of the geep i believe). so that means that murdoc must've made enough money from clint eastwood, or some robberies prior to starting the band, to buy basically a space shuttle. We know it costs this much because in the Mtv cribs video murdoc said when talking about the geep, "That'll cost you as much as a space shuttle." So yea , thats my theory on how Murdoc got the Geep.

    Owen JamesonOwen JamesonAylar önce
  • I LOVE Noodle's ass🤣

    Josh ArnalJosh ArnalAylar önce
  • first of all fuck the ad side of this but speaking about the art side nice job but you guys PLS be humble for like two seconds and open a patreon so YOU DONT GOTTA SELL OUT

    plasticityplasticityAylar önce
  • 0:15 👌

    Nicholas LascanoNicholas LascanoAylar önce
  • Noodle 🥵❤️

    NicøpaNicøpa2 aylar önce
  • Del... :(

    LucaLuca2 aylar önce
  • 0:19 whaaaattt????

    buny animationsbuny animations2 aylar önce
  • haha its 2019 and i dont think a single person has yet to fully understand who the gorillaz really are

    JoscelinJoscelin2 aylar önce
  • Ok noodle has no business being that dummy thicc

    F_Society15F_Society152 aylar önce
  • I like watches and aliens uwu

    Lost ConceptLost Concept2 aylar önce
  • 0:53 - 0:58 1929 saint Valentine’s Day massacre. Colorised.

    Ben DoverBen Dover2 aylar önce
  • Don Alien, could I perhaps that autograph of murdoc now, I'll take it

    FakerFaker2 aylar önce
  • 2ds eyes r back to black ;(

    jade alycejade alyce2 aylar önce
  • I guess all is forgiven then.

    Hamza TahirHamza Tahir2 aylar önce
  • Noodle thicc

    fake Friesfake Fries2 aylar önce
  • 2Ds eyes just gave me a acid trip XD

    paul bakerpaul baker2 aylar önce
  • Im a simple man I see *thicc* I *clicc*

    Uuntitled_Crussader 2005Uuntitled_Crussader 20052 aylar önce
  • We need a Gorillaz tv show or movie!

    Clueless_GamerClueless_Gamer2 aylar önce
  • Gorillaz is live for ever

    MaikJefersonMaikJeferson2 aylar önce
  • The geep :v from the 2001

    Juanirrr FinoJuanirrr Fino2 aylar önce
  • nice

    jeniel crossjeniel cross2 aylar önce
  • While people are talking about Noodle's ass, I'm here wondering where the geep was this whole time.

    SuperNintendoZack - SNZSuperNintendoZack - SNZ2 aylar önce
  • Tomara que tenha uma série de#gorillaz

    Lucass Macedo#222Lucass Macedo#2222 aylar önce
Gorillaz x G-Shock - Mission M101 (Part 3)