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    Zurik 23MZurik 23M8 aylar önce
    • This is so good it gives me chills

      Kerri HinerKerri HinerAylar önce
    • At 3.34 minute the background music is too good. Please tell which music is that. Thank you

      Deepak kumar nayakDeepak kumar nayakAylar önce
    • well done trailer!

      missy rabbitmissy rabbitAylar önce
    • Plans for Witcher vids? The Last Kingdom perhaps? 👍🙂✌

      DragonHeart613DragonHeart6134 aylar önce
  • Wow

    Manousha Channel عالـم مانّوشــةManousha Channel عالـم مانّوشــة3 saatler önce
  • Honestly Drogon should have roasted Jon for that.

    Rose KennedyRose Kennedy15 saatler önce
  • I get chills when she talks. Love you

    Affie KharkongorAffie Kharkongor23 saatler önce
  • aegon and Dany are family. they are loạn luân

    vũ trung hiếuvũ trung hiếuGün önce
  • One of the greatest characters to ever grace television.

    mdj2742mdj2742Gün önce
  • I ain't able to get rid of my Queen. 🐉🐲

    Kumar ShanuKumar ShanuGün önce
  • My Queen lost her best friend, two of her children, and then her final child lost her. How is that fair? She deserved that throne more then anyone ever did. Forever may she reign.

    Oceanix 101Oceanix 1013 gün önce
  • This was superb. Well done!

    k paxk pax3 gün önce
  • Eu chorei vendo esse videoKKKKJLKKK

    Maria Laura Boeker TorresMaria Laura Boeker Torres4 gün önce
  • She was getting what she wanted but after knowing Jon snow's real identity and the only goal of the throne just made her afraid of losing the throne. She was a chosen queen but due to the only goal she became mad.

    Ayesha Mokamji 18-BCA-093Ayesha Mokamji 18-BCA-0934 gün önce
  • They can say what they want when drogon burned the throne,it was brilliant,I got chills,emilia childrens,children,will eat off the great body of work forever.........

    Tonja FortsonTonja Fortson4 gün önce
  • I absolutely love this edit!!! One question tho, where did you get such a high quality video?

    Guin BrewGuin Brew5 gün önce
  • they ruined her character by turning her insane. killing thousands of innocent people can't be justified, period. i hate when people try to somehow justify what she's done

    d. dred. dre5 gün önce
  • im sorry but ever since season 4 ive hated daenerys more than cersei

    fyre dafyre da5 gün önce
  • Dracarys 🔥🔥🔥

    Anand KrishnanAnand Krishnan6 gün önce
  • Her life ended when se meet Jon snow.

    marymary6 gün önce
  • If only the directors made Daenerys and Khal meet again when she died at the end... NOT SO FAIR!!!!!

    TTDTTD9 gün önce
  • Thank you for this talented channel. I parodied GOT on my channel and "symbilized" a message in times of covid-19.

    Mrs Dee On the WebMrs Dee On the Web9 gün önce
  • man i got emotional😔

    Amelia OleksakAmelia Oleksak9 gün önce
  • the best character in any television show ever, never though i would love someone more than buffy summers but wow, i miss you daenerys so much

    fred awwwfred awww9 gün önce
  • greatest fictional character all time

    joee uwuuujoee uwuuu9 gün önce
  • She's the best character I ever seen in all the series I've seen

    Pooja AjithPooja Ajith10 gün önce
  • Cuando ella habla la piel se me enchina y sobre todo cuando dice pueden vivir en mi nuevo mundo o morir en su viejo mundo, maravillosa, hasta yo la hubiera seguifo y peleado por ella y merecía ese puto trono 👏👏👏👏💪💪

    AMAB CharatAMAB Charat10 gün önce
  • the thing about the hole mad queen story line was i didn’t mind it. i like that about this show it doesn’t always please viewers theres lots of twist people turn evil like in season 1 where they just killed off the main character. but it was so rushed it didn’t make sense it should have been a whole season fleshing out the mad queen story line to make it make sense. i believe that daenerys had the mad blood in her. i believe she could have turned mad but not like that. it would have taken a lot more than that to turn her mad but it would have happened. that’s what i’m mad about

    Sarah GuinanSarah Guinan10 gün önce
  • No matter what those pieces of shit did in the last horrible fucked up ass season, she will always be the Queen we chose. Daenerys Targaryen will ALWAYS be the one TRUE Queen!

    Khaleesi Mother Of DragonsKhaleesi Mother Of Dragons11 gün önce
  • I literally started reading the books because I loved Daenerys so much I hope she'll have a different destiny from the one in the HBO show

    Ekxo11Ekxo1111 gün önce
    • same!!! I love dany ever since I saw a clip of the show 💜 asoiaf>>>got

      jamesreijamesrei11 gün önce
  • She had to destroy KL, the fact tha her child died and her best friend too bcz of the queen of KL drive me crazy, she did everything to build a new world, she doesn't deserve such a stupid ending

    Soori BadeSoori Bade11 gün önce
  • They tried to make Tyrion and Jon more likeable and literally saints, so they exaggerated by portraying her as the ultimate evil. This is called bad character management which eventually ruined the end of the series and our love for it.

    Thanos 1975Thanos 197511 gün önce
  • "The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No, you're a dragon. Be a dragon." "Show your strength. Here. Now." "If you want to sit on the Throne your ancestors built, you must win it. That will mean blood on your hands before the thing is done." "They won't obey you if they do not fear you." "All rulers are either butchers or meat." "Everywhere she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it." Since day one, Dany was literally always told that to be a good ruler, she would need to mostly put away her emotions, put away her "gentle heart" and be strong, be fierce, be ruthless. She fought them for a long time, staying to ensure slaves were freed and cities were under complete control (ie peace) before she left them to governors in her stead and giving people second and third chances even when she was advised not to. Finally, all of those years of their hammering into her that she needs to be hardhearted kicks in at the time when she's most vulnerable. When she's lost literally every piece of what remained of her heart barring one. When she thinks she has absolutely nothing left but those teachings in order to hold on to what she has. And that one remaining piece of her heart kills her for it. This is what I hate about this ending, but find sort of heartbreakingly realistic. Dany didn't go mad, she never was mad. But the interpretation of her actions by those secondary characters changed from "innocent, willful, well-intentioned" to "evil, despicable, unforgivable" just because they themselves can recognize the evil in all these others she fought, but when those enemies ran out and it became an "us versus them" situation, cannot see it in themselves. They pushed her and pushed her to think and act a certain way, and then when she finally bends to that will and starts to use those lessons on them, *she* is the enemy, and is castigated for it.

    ShelbyShelby11 gün önce
  • The greatest fictional character all time

    joee uwuuujoee uwuuu12 gün önce

    liam mitch awopliam mitch awop12 gün önce
  • The Queen I chose❤️ #daenerystargaryen

    Ardie PowellArdie Powell13 gün önce
  • Daenerys "I fuck up the whole world around me and ruin everyones life" Targaryen

    Grisi13Grisi1313 gün önce
  • Name of the series plss

    levan klinlevan klin13 gün önce
    • lmfao it is the most famous show of all time ffs

      joee uwuuujoee uwuuu9 gün önce
  • Still have goosebumps all over my body, after it‘s for 5 minutes over

    Konstancja GajKonstancja Gaj13 gün önce
  • I'm still love her and I miss her so much 😭😭💔❤️

    maría laura morales ricomaría laura morales rico15 gün önce
  • Joder ame el video

    alexandra alpizaalexandra alpiza16 gün önce
  • Why Jon Snow kills her?? I dont understand!! They love each other.. Khaleesi was the best character strong woman against mens world, and her dragons Oh My God, I love them!! I dont like the end of the serie I am disappointed!!

    Alejandra KimAlejandra Kim17 gün önce
  • Nunca debería haber muerto Khaleesi!! una mujer fuerte, llena de magia con sus dragones, la parte de la historia que quería ver siempre como continuaba, luchó y peleó con el mundo machista para cumplir su sueño, su meta final.. recuperar lo que le pertenecía, cómo les explico como sufrí con la muerte de cada dragón, más que de cualquier otro personaje de juego de tronos, y a Jon fue al único que realmente amó, se amaron mutuamente, me pareció horrible el final de esta serie, una verdadera lástima!!

    Alejandra KimAlejandra Kim17 gün önce
  • Excellent editing !!!!!

    KelZ XKelZ X17 gün önce
  • el ultimo dragon fue jon

    Carlos David Trujillo RavagoCarlos David Trujillo Ravago18 gün önce
  • My favorite GOT character forever 🙌🏻👑

    Amanda GamezAmanda Gamez20 gün önce
  • Only if Jorah is with her. She will dot die

    darlingdyosa MLdarlingdyosa ML20 gün önce
  • This is literally the cooler, more majestic, fantasy version of Ender's Game

    2_Alice Khoo Wen Li2_Alice Khoo Wen Li21 gün önce
  • I'm glad to see so much love for our Queen. Daenerys deserved better than the shit ending she got. You will always be our Khaleesi 🔥👑🐉 Daenerys Targaryen the Dragon Queen 🐉👑🔥

    Khaleesi LoveKhaleesi Love21 gün önce
  • The second piece of music you showed while exploring Dany had me crying. I like that you explored all sides of her in your video, not just her "im a mad biotch now" side, but also her soft, full of love side. It truly makes me appreciate her character even though the writing destroyed her.

    rabbitmazerabbitmaze22 gün önce
  • Still hurts... how they massacred my queen

    ginnasanginnasan22 gün önce
  • I also got mad like Dany if I lost everyone I love 🤧

    Jhon AntonyJhon Antony23 gün önce
  • Все сезоны была к ней равнодушна, но после восьмого прям влюбилась в персонажа. Спи спокойно, драконья королева.

    Мария ГерасимоваМария Герасимова24 gün önce
  • Jorah deserved sooooo much more and better😭🥺❤️

    Tea With SeabearTea With Seabear24 gün önce

  • I can’t wait for the book series to finish being written. So I can laugh at every one of the hype fans. “She’s a Targaryen! She’s going to burn them all.” *I will have the last laugh, I have faith in George.*

    S̟i̟n̟n̟e̟r̟S̟i̟n̟n̟e̟r̟26 gün önce
  • She should have defeated Cersei and only then helped the North. They all betrayed her even directors... I mean after all she had been through how dare they ruined her. It still hurts so bad. I will never forget this. Never. She hadn’t even had time to sit on the iron throne... only touched

    Hotaru YoHotaru Yo27 gün önce
  • If I was a drogon, I would have completely destroyed the Westeros. I mean each and everyone

    Senthil SakthiSenthil Sakthi27 gün önce
  • I see a lot of people hating how her story ended and while I know they could have done it better I think she was always destined to go mad. Varys said so himself that people say every time a Targaryen is born the world tosses a coin. Daenerys was a great character, but sadly she was always going to become the mad queen. She was a great character but she was becoming overcome with her greed. I truly believe that if Jon hadn’t killed her she would have ended up just the same as the mad king. The show foreshadows it all the time, “when you play the game of thrones you either win or die”- Cersi Lannister “If you think this has a happy ending you clearly haven’t been paying attention”-Ramsey Bolton

    Darcy_PowellDarcy_Powell28 gün önce
    • "Varys said so himself that people say every time a Targaryen is born the world tosses a coin." This is a phrase that are repeated by the masters of the Citadel, who, as is known, hated the Targaryen as their magical blood (which allowed them to ride dragons) could not be understood and accepted by men of "science" as they were. In reality only 6-7 Targaryen (in the last 400 years) went really mad, and almost all of them became so following dragon dreams at a time when dragons had already become extinct. The Targaryen with dragons hardly went crazy because they could rely on their dragons. The mad Targaryen of the last epoch (Aerion, Aerys II ...) were instead all without dragons, and they had no way of releasing their frustrations of being without dragons except thinking that they could transform themselves into dragons. But Daenerys really has dragons, and since the three of them were born, Daenerys has practically stopped having dragon dreams. I don't think Daenerys will ever go mad in books ... maybe it will end the same way as the TV series, but I think in reality she will never become a villain. Already from the first season there are differences between the Daenerys of the books and that of the show, and it's no secret that D&D loved the ending of Breaking Bad and wanted to make a new Star Wars trilogy. And what do Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Star Wars have in common? Daenerys Targaryen, Walter White and Anakin Skywalker: three characters who were good at the beginning and who eventually become the main villain of the whole story. Except that while the second and third make sense and are carefully constructed, the first makes no sense, not made that way! If for a moment we analyze the story objectively (forgetting what is happening on the show and in the books), if there was a character who had to go crazy it was ... Jon! It is he who has always been treated like a bastard, it is he who has spent his entire life trying to do the right thing, but in the end he is rewarded with treason and is stabbed by people who for him were like brothers. And once back to life he discovers not only that he is not a bastard, but that he is also the rightful heir to the throne. But everyone continues to treat him like a bastard, and it is someone else who is chosen to become the new king of Westeros (Young Griff?). And Jon also discovers that what had always been his family to him, was not really like that, and what he always called dad (Ned) was actually his uncle, who always lied to him and hid the truth for everything the weather. If there was a character who was to remain shaken and become vindictive and ruthless in the end it was more plausible than it was Jon and not Daenerys. This at least if we try to draw a line by imagining a future based on realism. But this story was written by a man who likes repeating stories, so I guess the concept of cyclical events prompted Martin to imagine that the mad king's daughter would become like him once she was betrayed. Taking for granted that what we have seen is really Martin's ending, because it could actually be all the fruit of D&D's imagination and their perverse thought of subverting expectations.

      Stefano ModonesiStefano Modonesi27 gün önce
  • Kit Harrington Cried in real life when he heard he had to kill Dany .Do U Really think he wanted it ? he Had no fault except he wanted to save his people . Dany was frigging emotional when she burned whole city. And At Last didnt You Guys Hear THAT SHE SAID 'NO ONE ELSE GETS A CHOICE." YOU GUYS LIKE DANY I LOVE ADORE DANY BUT IT DOSENT MEAN AT END SHE DIDNT BECOME A MERCILESS KILLER. SHE FREAKING KILLED NEW BORN BABIES. SHE WAS GOING TO DESTROY THE WHOLE WORLD . AT END IT IS A SHOW. AND THE DIRECTORS MADE A MISTAKE BY RUINING DANY'S CHARACTER NOT JON SNOW OR HERSELF.

    Bhuvan DasBhuvan DasAylar önce
    • VARYS said do not become u struggled to defeat and she became that person because she lost everyone she loved

      Bhuvan DasBhuvan DasAylar önce
  • She didn't deserve this end!She would deserve it,to sit on the Iron Throne!!!

    Becci's WeltBecci's WeltAylar önce
  • Check New Music at @IntroPlanet

    Mahesh ChikrangaiahMahesh ChikrangaiahAylar önce
  • When i watch your video it looks like that character had an interesting character arc from her rising to a tragic downfall during a good story. Nothing in your edit shows how bad season 8 really was and how dirthy and unlogical the characters became. Very good job.

    Berta BertaBerta BertaAylar önce
  • More then queenly 🐉♾🌬🔥🌎🌈

    Mary MauMary MauAylar önce
  • Ser Johra is her only true loyal lover 💕 among her allies... It hurts he died before the taking of Kings Landing. Ser Johra: I only want... Dany: Whaat! do you want? Johra: To see you on the iron throne ........ ....... 💕 Love

    SIIA cpsiSIIA cpsiAylar önce
  • Bran may be king of 6 kingdoms but dang is the queen of our hearts

    Priyanka srinivasanPriyanka srinivasanAylar önce

    ass holeass holeAylar önce
  • Aún no acepto el final que le dieron, tan bruto y desatinado

    Vanessa PAVanessa PAAylar önce
  • I watched GOT 7 times already from the first season till the last part where they killed the white walkers, I just dont want to watch the last part where she died though...

    Albert SorianoAlbert SorianoAylar önce
  • Appreciation for all the hardwork you have done for this video its beautiful 💖

    Varsha RajauriaVarsha RajauriaAylar önce
  • Literally.....in the end....i cried....no matter she resembled her father at a momment.....she's born to be a queen....for the haters....the answer is... DRECARYS...

    Shameel AhamedShameel AhamedAylar önce
  • the life of daenerys targaryen incredible work of art, together with her three dragons were the main protagonists of the series, which raised the series in every way it hurts that it ended in a simple and tasteless way.

    mocasin90mocasin90Aylar önce
  • Deanerys, the queen of the Seven Kingdom. The queen of Westeros for one hour. XD

    Aude Brière UrbinAude Brière UrbinAylar önce
(GoT) Daenerys Targaryen || The Last Dragon