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Its been a while since we first took out the worlds FASTEST bike its time to do it again. This time the cops had some biker cops too but they had no chance VS my fastest bike. Its just wayyy to fast. Had some hilarious moments and only JUST about escaped.

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  • He escaped with a '69' style back flip with the officer

    Calvin DangCalvin DangGün önce
  • What does he play on?

    Kay BestKay BestGün önce
  • WHats the name of that server i cant find it on fivem ;C?

    Wolfie ExEWolfie ExEGün önce
  • thumbs down for cussing God

    Master Chief Spartan 117Master Chief Spartan 117Gün önce
  • Yes

    James HillJames HillGün önce
  • One like is how manny friends u have

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    jamarcus mccubbinjamarcus mccubbin4 gün önce
  • What server is that

    Cannar yCannar y5 gün önce
  • Play with trey

    Clash BashClash Bash5 gün önce
  • I love it when you leave the cops

    Zarriah AndersonZarriah Anderson6 gün önce
  • Oh god I laughed so hard my wife and kids thought I was crying. That was some funny stuff.

    JJ Stuart on WritingJJ Stuart on Writing10 gün önce
  • Whats this police bike?

    TrymTubeTrymTube10 gün önce
  • just go

    Diyari BrooksDiyari Brooks11 gün önce
  • I smoke straight crank 😂😂

    Brandon ShawBrandon Shaw12 gün önce
  • Poopy Pants: I smoke straight crack Officer: Me too I mean what Lmaooooo 😂😂😂

    Jarrett PerezJarrett Perez15 gün önce
  • You suck drivning

    Matin ShahsafiMatin Shahsafi16 gün önce
  • You make me laugh to death, this is so golden, I am literaly in tears rn.

    Jan Lee LagangJan Lee Lagang17 gün önce
  • lol this vid should have been called the great escape 😂😂

    Scorpion Prince MusiqScorpion Prince Musiq17 gün önce
  • honets question why dafuq are you actually stopping when cops are beside you? fk get away.

    Swedish MgtowSwedish Mgtow18 gün önce
    • for RP

      PsG NoobzPsG Noobz16 gün önce
  • "we're just gonna go right pass him"💀

    lamar kwadarelamar kwadare19 gün önce

    Maruppet BoiMaruppet Boi19 gün önce
  • What is the bike called

    William KullmanWilliam Kullman20 gün önce
  • Would s fastest bike and drag bike

    Kamalini KhalequeKamalini Khaleque21 gün önce
  • 25:12 best RKO in history😂😂

    DRJ71DRJ7121 gün önce
  • just nice fail Rp

    Peter JohanPeter Johan21 gün önce
  • It cant be just me that thinks he sounds like Coach Steve from big mouth sometimes

    Nick RobertsNick Roberts22 gün önce
  • He just we'd that cop bro

    Red HatterRed Hatter22 gün önce
  • Did he day biker coks

    RobloxPlaYz_YTRobloxPlaYz_YT23 gün önce
    • Oof

      RobloxPlaYz_YTRobloxPlaYz_YT23 gün önce
    • Oof

      RobloxPlaYz_YTRobloxPlaYz_YT23 gün önce
  • I died at fucking 25:13

    XsnailpaceytX stalaXsnailpaceytX stala23 gün önce
  • 25:14 that scream 🤣

    Heartbroken PotatoツHeartbroken Potatoツ24 gün önce
  • you suck ok really Bad 😓

    glitch boyglitch boy24 gün önce
  • To the almost 400 people who disliked i hope ur mum gets cancer

    Bryan DesotellBryan Desotell25 gün önce
  • 25:13 the shout tho HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Nathan nielNathan niel25 gün önce
  • You got good singing at 23:47 part of the video😂😂

    Basit ArogundadeBasit Arogundade25 gün önce
  • 6:20 u just respawned ? What an rp.

    Welldo RayWelldo Ray26 gün önce
  • Are you you wanna play GTA online on a rookie TV for Xbox 360 let me know I’ll put it in one of your videos and I will like it if I can and I’ll subscribeYou’re just mad fuck

    Candace AnneCandace Anne27 gün önce
  • u copied ur own video

    fry irish comedyfry irish comedy27 gün önce
  • Yo

    Best gamer LolBest gamer Lol27 gün önce
  • Um uhhh, how the hell did he escape that many times?🤣

    Wian BezWian Bez28 gün önce
  • this is my first time watching you and guess what i subscribed

    Seth MoreciSeth Moreci28 gün önce
  • that wasnt smart

    Seth MoreciSeth Moreci28 gün önce
  • are you still going to get your bike

  • Can u do drag racing with the bike

    SoaR SleezySoaR Sleezy28 gün önce
  • The challenge to end all challenges: steal a police helicopter thats in use

    Ugandan KnucklesUgandan Knuckles29 gün önce

    TristanR250TristanR25029 gün önce
  • gucci gang?

    Ričards XDRičards XD29 gün önce
  • That’s your fault too ness wit da cops because you got tazed a lot and what happens this

    Sixpath ChakratailsSixpath Chakratails29 gün önce
  • Love ur vids

    Pajama KidPajama Kid29 gün önce
  • This bike is amazing please use it more

    dylan boulantdylan boulant29 gün önce
  • Best video ever. I didn't want it to end

    alfawolf gamingalfawolf gaming29 gün önce
  • racist cops

    Matthew ClarkMatthew Clark29 gün önce
  • Mmooli

    Janelle KeyJanelle Key29 gün önce
  • Ay

    GSM SALTY2.0GSM SALTY2.029 gün önce
  • crazyyy

    GTA GroupTMGTA GroupTMAylar önce
  • Jet Powered Pontiac Drag Racing

    BarkoGameBarkoGameAylar önce
  • I like the part where he says these guys are sticking with me

    Card DeclinedCard DeclinedAylar önce
  • wow cops rdming u cant run over a bike to stop a person from getting on the bike again

    Honey BadgerHoney BadgerAylar önce
  • 25:14 XDDD lol

    VIP boo! :DVIP boo! :DAylar önce
  • Elanip: i tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesnt even matter

    Cristiano beji k391 k391christianoCristiano beji k391 k391christianoAylar önce
  • Hey he R.K.O you at the end hahahahaha

    dato romagueradato romagueraAylar önce
  • I screamed at the same time you did when you crashed into the cop car 😂

    Alex 17Alex 17Aylar önce
  • nice copbait would get ban on our server

    Amatööri SikaAmatööri SikaAylar önce
  • Your server is nothing but fail RP

    Jay7Red7Panda Hero7KJJay7Red7Panda Hero7KJAylar önce
  • 22:15 lol

    D.n.A gamesD.n.A gamesAylar önce
  • Why did they keep giving you your hands😂

    D.n.A gamesD.n.A gamesAylar önce
  • Who else wants 2 mil subs

    Zirk YTZirk YTAylar önce
  • The scream at the end was priceless 😂😂🤣

    Ryan ShipmanRyan ShipmanAylar önce
  • 22:48 that was fucking great

    B SB SAylar önce
  • He screamed like he knew it was gonna happen 😆

    Zephry WilsonZephry WilsonAylar önce
  • elanip: yep, they definetely know its me, i don't know what gave it away me: maybe the suit?

    Gabriel PerryGabriel PerryAylar önce
GTA 5 Roleplay - worlds FASTEST bike trolling cops | RedlineRP