Gulf War from Iraq's Perspective (ft. EmperorTigerStar) | Animated History

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The Raid by Zach Heyde
Dawn without End by Zach Heyde
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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianYıl önce
    • Так нашли запасы стирального порошка в Ираке или нет?

      ChaosCrash13ChaosCrash132 aylar önce
    • This video is bullshit. Iraqis perspective you can here from real iraqi veterans. Not from an video like this

      Future BoyFuture Boy3 aylar önce
    • ッ卍س̯͡ك̯͡ي̯͡ن̯͡ة٭彡 you have a swastica in your name

      MeltDown 4680MeltDown 46807 aylar önce
    • Sadam huseen my king

      ッ卍س̯͡ك̯͡ي̯͡ن̯͡ة٭彡ッ卍س̯͡ك̯͡ي̯͡ن̯͡ة٭彡7 aylar önce
    • Despacito

      MeltDown 4680MeltDown 46807 aylar önce
  • Border wars had little to no effect on oil .... so no need to invade.... Little did we know until 2017 - 2020 that we had enough oil and gas for us plus to export....

    Thomas MyersThomas Myers3 gün önce
  • You lack context. The Iraqi retreat from Kuwait was preceded by the SCUD attack in Saudi and “Highway” incident

    • Lets not forget that they also attacked Israel.

      Cloud SeekerCloud Seeker4 gün önce
  • after i heard emperor tigerstar and checked the comments was time to move on......

    Gord BrooksGord Brooks4 gün önce
  • Where is your armchair????

    RTheBruceRTheBruce5 gün önce
  • Kuwait, created by the British in 1922 was used to provoke S. Hussein's Iraq into invading Kuwait egged on by Henry Kissinger for Israel/US dominance of the Middle East.

    Bike MauriceBike Maurice6 gün önce
  • Sooooo.... this isn't from Iraq's perspective, but rather an overview of the events. Also, when we are referring to a country with an authoritarian leader we would really be referring to the leaders perspective(or the perceived perspective from the point of view of the citizens)

    phrayzarphrayzar7 gün önce
  • To be fair the soviets ALSO didn't know how inferior the t-72 was to the abrams

    experiment506experiment5067 gün önce
    • Cloud Seeker The T-72s were provided by the soviet union to Iraq. Saddam had interest in producing them in house entirely but obvious shortfalls came to be.

      experiment506experiment5062 gün önce
    • How do you know that? The soviets were never involved.

      Cloud SeekerCloud Seeker4 gün önce
  • "Completely worthless" Tell the dead.

    Thomas LintonThomas Linton8 gün önce
  • And how did the Gulf War resemble Vietnam? Massive field armies conronting themselves in open terrain?

    Thomas LintonThomas Linton8 gün önce
    • The last war the US had been in was Vietnam. Vietnam was a long war where the US fought an enemy hand to hand without really a path to victory. It was costly in money and in young men. It was a massive stain on the US army and was a shadow of how poorly the US army had become at the time. Vietnam was lost because the US people refused to support it. Saddam Hussein hoped that Vietnam was fresh in peoples memory. That the people should not support it as they did not want their boys to die in some other country for problems they are not involved in. It was also very much the case. For Bush to get support for the war was a hard sale to the US people. Many didn't want it or liked the idea. A major reason the US was even able to go into the war was because Saddam Hussein refused to back down or compromise. If he had compromised on some face saving deal, the US might never gotten support for the war even if it was internationally supported.

      Cloud SeekerCloud Seeker4 gün önce
  • "History" might address more than claims - facts for example.

    Thomas LintonThomas Linton8 gün önce
  • more crap

    Gord BoltonGord Bolton8 gün önce
  • Crap

    Gord BoltonGord Bolton8 gün önce
  • 10:50 foreshadowing

    darkalmandarkalman8 gün önce
  • I genuinely can’t even blame Iraqis for hating the United States.

    Josie KochJosie Koch12 gün önce
  • Dont forget that during the war Iraq launched rockets on Israel

    jony prepper israeljony prepper israel12 gün önce
  • Whos an kuwaiti and saw this video and said *”oh cool”*

    SpeedyKnightSpeedyKnight13 gün önce
  • Thanks for the video, we're producing a game on this very subject!

    Hactivision - GizzardHactivision - Gizzard13 gün önce
  • "On behalf of the oil" fixed it :)

    Ivolo89Ivolo8913 gün önce
  • I didn't find this to be from anyone's perspective - let alone Iraq's. The depth of understanding and explanation was trivial. This Armchair 'Historian' needs to get off his butt and do some real studying and research.

    EuroScotEuroScot15 gün önce
  • The Scorched Earth tactic?

    Anthony EndackAnthony Endack16 gün önce
  • This video is horseshit. How was this from the Iraqi's perspective?

    radomirizradomiriz17 gün önce
  • Barely mentions the other allies, and their technology. Like most Americans, they need everyone to think they "won the war alone, USA,USA, Without us you would be speaking Arabic?!!!" Ugh.

    Tom WitheyTom Withey21 gün önce

    James TaylorJames Taylor21 gün önce
  • The last great conventional victory Could Iraq have "won" (retaining Kuwait) using asymmetrical tactics and urban warfare?

    Ritter476Ritter47623 gün önce
  • Poor Iraq

    Oven KingOven King23 gün önce
  • But please does all a favor shut up

    Mike RossMike Ross27 gün önce
  • Tldr: it was mayweather vs a kindergartner

    Paul AlbrechtPaul Albrecht27 gün önce
  • "If Kuwait exported broccoli, we wouldn't be there now." Joseph S nye Jr, July 1991

    Dr. SamiDr. Sami29 gün önce
  • He just can't stop saying "Eye-racky"

    osriodoreosriodoreAylar önce
  • Many say the reason is the loans Iraq took during the Iran war. Failing oil prices pretty much made Kuwait super rich because Iraq had to pay back. If you ask me, the USA wanted to remove two birds with one stone, 1969 they tried to assassinate Saddam, and by 1979 they the US saw Saddam as best friend. Bullshit this was was planned.

    inönuinönuAylar önce
  • It is interesting that America only done more demage, only America talking about history in the name of Democracy and now what is Americia? Who own it? What irony

    Igor BeukIgor BeukAylar önce
  • Kurds are Awesome!

    Jayson BlackJayson BlackAylar önce
  • What if saddam didn't halted the invasion of Saudi Arabia? I am sure that US will win at the end but how about the process? Invading Saudi Arabia will give the allied force no space to mustering their army, US and the Allies should choose alternate scenario, can Iraq slowing down their defeat?

    Hilmi PrabowoHilmi PrabowoAylar önce
    • Well, from what I've read the Iraqi documents make it pretty clear that the invasion was less of, well, an invasion and more of a raid. They hoped that the capture of Khafji would give them access to Kuwaiti oil supplies, be a propaganda coup, gather Intel on the Coalition, and possibly pre-empt the ground war but that last one was a best case scenario. The Iraqis had limited planning for operations against Saudi Arabia. They had drawn up plans to invade about 100 miles into it, if I remember correctly, but never worked out the logistics for it. Saudi Arabia simply wasn't that much of a target for attack by Saddam. Also, the force used to take Khafji wasn't what would be expected to act as an invasion's vanguard. Normally, the Republican Guard would be used for a thing like that, not a regular division. Also, an entire brigade was being used just to drive in circles around the desert as a diversion. If they really had kept going, tho, I think what happened at Khafji would've played out. For political and strategic reasons, Arab forces as well as the US Marines would have taken the brunt of it, supported by US air power. But really, the Iraqi units involved weren't enough to cause enough mayhem for that. It was a raid which fulfilled it's political goal, but not much else.

      The Gulf War ChannelThe Gulf War ChannelAylar önce
  • Where were all the chemical weapons that America accused Iraq had. America found no chemical weapons in Iraq.

    John AdamskiJohn AdamskiAylar önce
  • Curse you sadaam Hussain!!! I’m in Kuwait, but I’m lucky I was not born in 1990.

    Woody WadahyWoody WadahyAylar önce
  • Saddan Hussein should have won.

    Bobby DuggartBobby DuggartAylar önce
  • Maybe Iraq should not have invaded Kuwait

    Patrick GrahamPatrick GrahamAylar önce
  • T-72A destroyed T-72 requtation also T-72BU isn't T-90

    Petros CWGPetros CWGAylar önce
  • persian gulf for ever .you may be stupid because your teacher dont teach you name of persian gulf.

    Mohammad MotlaghMohammad MotlaghAylar önce
  • i think the fact that Iraq is mostly open plains as opposed to dense jungle had more of an effect than the technology gap

    DeathBringer9000DeathBringer9000Aylar önce
  • 80s: The world vs Iran 90s: The world vs Iraq

    L4zyPand4L4zyPand4Aylar önce
  • So USA just unnecessary killed a 1000 soldiers that were about to retreat and leave the war under a peaceful agreement.🙂

    frogGamesfrogGamesAylar önce
  • " one day the sleeping giant will wake up again 🇮🇶 🇮🇶 IRAQ We are the kings of the earth, we are history and civilization, Sumer, Babylon and Akkad, And Nimrod, Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar, history testifies to us.

    Deja VuDeja VuAylar önce
    • Yep we sons of mesopotamia we aint desert arabs, we only speak arabic

      GOM BGOM BAylar önce
  • Sir Percy Cox did not arbitrarily 'take away' Iraq's coastline. Your map is misleading, as there was no 'British Middle East.' Rather, the region was divided into various multiple mandates and protectorates. Kuwait had not been part of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years by the time of WWI, and so was not part of the Mandate of Iraq. Rather, it was a protectorate under its own Sheikh.

    William HartmanWilliam HartmanAylar önce
  • The real Iraqi perspective 🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜

    Moon Light FilmsMoon Light FilmsAylar önce
  • TPOD: BHOT Retreating Iraqi Army: White

    The Air RaiderThe Air RaiderAylar önce
  • I’m actually watching this because Im living in Kuwait and I just want to know

    AshleysToyCornerAshleysToyCornerAylar önce
  • Kuwait only a product of British Imperialism? ALL the countries in the middle east, Iraq included, are products of British and French Imperialism!!

    HairysteedHairysteedAylar önce
  • Greetings. Where was the iraqi perspective? Anyrate...l do enjoy your vids.

    thunder burleythunder burleyAylar önce
  • I drink your milkshake

    FORGIVENx19FORGIVENx19Aylar önce
  • 'surprisingly friendly fire' I hope that was sarcasm because as a Brit it is well known that our soldiers faced more danger from US friendly fire than from Iraqi forces. I don't know if it is still true but for a good while the US had killed more British soldiers in GW2 than the Iraqi's had.

    Naughty DredNaughty DredAylar önce
    • That's interesting. Can you provide evidence to back that up?

      Buddy ChristBuddy ChristAylar önce
  • Rest In Peace Kuwait 1521-1990

    MMMP / Subscribe meMMMP / Subscribe meAylar önce
  • I am tired of this squarespace ad

    Allen MutisoAllen MutisoAylar önce
  • Another great video!

    C CraigC Craig2 aylar önce
  • Dear IRAQI Brothers N Sisters in Islam, Donot be divided into groups(Sunni/Shia/Kurds)......this is your country, you all have to decidied what is good and what is bad. You need to stand together hand in hand to save and rebuild your country.Please see the meaniing of Shura Bakarah:(8-12) 8. Among the people are those who say, “We believe in God and in the Last Day,” but they are not believers. 9. They seek to deceive God and those who believe, but they deceive none but themselves, though they are not aware. 10. In their hearts is sickness, and God has increased their sickness. They will have a painful punishment because of their denial. 11. And when it is said to them, “Do not make trouble on earth,” they say, “We are only reformers.” 12. In fact, they are the troublemakers, but they are not aware. I think no President of Rulers gone through these line from Sura Bakarah.........Think brothers now its all in your mind and own hand.

    Tanvir AhmedTanvir Ahmed2 aylar önce
  • Great analysis, as usual! I have to admit, the graphic of the men each carrying and loading a full barrel of oil into trucks gave me a chuckle lol. Thanks for the upload!

    Renegade BSRenegade BS2 aylar önce
  • Sometime it really sucks to be on the wrong side. Iraq had no chance of resisting the coalition, but if you were a conscript, you had to go and fight anyway. Basically the entire western powers and most middle east power just teamed on one country.

    TrinitrotolueneTrinitrotoluene2 aylar önce
  • Are we gonna ignore that theres no nuclear found in iraq? God help iraq families

    lauron seflauron sef2 aylar önce
  • The map of Israel at 3:00 is legally incorrect.

    ExplainedExplained2 aylar önce
  • USA is real gangsta.

    Nepali Short MoviesNepali Short Movies2 aylar önce
  • waw very brave to attack a whole road of retreating solders ,, very honorable

    Jackson LizaJackson Liza2 aylar önce
  • Iraq: can’t pay debt Kuwait: steals oil as reprisal Iraq: Pikachu face

    PizzamoviesPizzamovies2 aylar önce
  • God damn it I wish the west had just left the Middle East alone fucking bush senior

    clay dudclay dud2 aylar önce
  • This is a very VERY biased video.. plus Iraq's perspective? While just saying the US victories and quoting western historians? This is clickbait at its finest. Please if you don't have full knowledge about a subject don't talk about it.

    A7med 3othmanA7med 3othman2 aylar önce

    ruutis juutisruutis juutis2 aylar önce
  • Right now the US is just using bullshit excuse to use their useless trillion dollar army

    SuperCJVSuperCJV2 aylar önce
  • 9:00 Nintendo hhhhhhhh 😂

    dislokx3 sadislokx3 sa2 aylar önce
    • Remark you me score hhhhhhh😂🤣😅😅🤣🤣😂🤣😅😅

      dislokx3 sadislokx3 sa2 aylar önce
  • Please read and let us together fight against the party of the Devil through education. Please tell everyone in the world to read it. Thank you and God bless you....

    Hamid AghiliHamid Aghili2 aylar önce
  • "The Pedals of the Lotus are Many, But the Flower is Just OnE! Philosophy, Politics, Religion are Many, But the TRUTH is Just ONE!!!" GWI The Truth is in the data! see for yourself.

    WHOWHO2 aylar önce
Gulf War from Iraq's Perspective (ft. EmperorTigerStar) | Animated History