Half in the Bag Episode 163: Under the Silver Lake

Mike and Jay talk about Under the Silver Lake, which isn't Detective Pikachu.



  • I watched this because of you two. Loved it. Beautifully framed and shot. I miss this style. It was basically modern noir

    samanjjsamanjj9 gün önce
  • Did they ever talk about Buster’s Mal Heart? I did a double feature with this and that one and found the similarities striking.

    alice margeretaalice margereta12 gün önce
  • I love this movie. Thanks a lot for saying absolutely nothing interesting about it. 🙄

    Brad RossonBrad Rosson13 gün önce
  • I really liked this film but it made me deeply unsettled and creeped me out in a way I haven’t been before

    G kesG kes15 gün önce
  • The hipsters are supposed to be embarrassing. Nailed home during the sexy adult baby, where they pop her balloons. It’s like a gap chic commercial. But yes, the ending is “whatever, I’ll fuck an adult hippy mom figure”, because whatever opulent few run the religious role play, it definitely doesn’t answer any questions, other than ridiculous, arrogant execs thinking they’re worthy. Plus it was great when The Composer said. “And I wrote this!” And played Beethoven. There’s always been the same caretaker. The best part: Garfield is the ultimate hipster monster. The real bully, and you’re right, The Dog Killer. “WHY DO YOU HAVE DOG BISCUITS!?” -The Homeless King interrogating Garfield

    Flynn PapandreaFlynn Papandrea19 gün önce
  • Before they cut away to a newcast around 6:11, Tennis is now being played on Videodrome clay! Enjoy these women

    Flynn PapandreaFlynn Papandrea19 gün önce
  • To the idols of HOLLYWOOD!!! The connections are supposed to not make sense, but we associate with style. Like you said, you liked that. He’s constantly a young old man, helped wield the tune from Beethoven to Nirvana. In the end, it’s ok. It’s just one of Hollywood’s truths

    Flynn PapandreaFlynn Papandrea19 gün önce
  • This movie made me hate hipsters MORE than I already did.

    Clutch545Clutch54527 gün önce
  • So much in this movie made no sense, I just couldn’t get into it

    Ronnie NiebuhrRonnie Niebuhr29 gün önce
  • Southpark did it.

    aaron versionwoaaron versionwoAylar önce
  • These guys are boring. Couldn't watch them.

    stxflyerstxflyerAylar önce
    • Watch more

      SulfuricalSulfuricalAylar önce
  • You really need to listen to the soundtrack though. It's by my favorite composer, Disasterpeace.

    Justin WescottJustin WescottAylar önce
  • umm...mulholland drive?

    Romero TaylorRomero TaylorAylar önce
  • My man said red Harry

    Studio in the WoodsStudio in the WoodsAylar önce
  • The preview brought me in and then I thought the movie didnt deliver

    Michael Thomas QuinlanMichael Thomas Quinlan2 aylar önce
  • No one says "hipster" anymore.

  • This movie reminded me of Inherent Vice, which I enjoyed more. The 2nd half of Under the silver lake I liked.

    Nebular_0001Nebular_00012 aylar önce
  • Manged to catch this in the cinema, and following that, I have to say thank god for Mubi. They helped get the film out there, and actually released a proper Blu Ray version here in the UK. Bought it as soon as I could.

    Gabriel BrownGabriel Brown2 aylar önce
  • 7:50 lol i took that photo of the hipster coffee shop

    Patrick TomassoPatrick Tomasso2 aylar önce
  • Loved this movie

    lance lindqvistlance lindqvist2 aylar önce
  • i’m sad that this video ended... one of my favorite movies, and my first RLM videk

    My name is not DavidMy name is not David2 aylar önce

    dav whidav whi3 aylar önce
  • Heads up: this thing is on Tubi right now for free… And in the proper aspect ratio!

    David PrettyDavid Pretty3 aylar önce
  • would have been better if they got rid of 3 out of the 4 plot lines that didn't have a pay off

    Brandon CaseyBrandon Casey3 aylar önce
  • Wait... you never watched twin peaks? Tf is wrong with you man.

    Trae Young’s HairTrae Young’s Hair3 aylar önce
  • Film kinda reminded me of Mulholland Dr

    Josh SinclairJosh Sinclair3 aylar önce
  • I don’t think I would enjoy this movie from what you’ve said, the message is obvious to be this feature length thing full of metaphors and weirdness like you could just have somone say “Hollywood objectifies women and their legecy is nothing more than their aperance because they’re idolized and not seen as people” And then walk off screen I mean sure that wouldn’t be a good movie but that’s all it sounds like this movie has to say and we all know that already, at least I hope we do if y’all don’t I’m scared lol, I think if you want to explore such a simple point the way to do it would be from the perspective of one of those women, start with a young optimistic girl who want to be a star and thinks it’s gonna be all great and follow her down the dark path of Hollywood’s reality ending in her career being over her being all but forgotten and only like 40 but that’s to old for Hollywood she’s old news to them and she ODs or something like that the way so many former stars go, That’s how you add weight to this point is by getting into the grit of it and making it personal as were attached to this character and her dream and suffer with her as it falls apart and gets worse and worse

    AFAF3 aylar önce
    • Somone hire me I just wrote a movie basically okay, but don’t expect me to work to much I have to much mental illness and trauma to deal with everyone’s shit

      AFAF3 aylar önce
    • And for a time have her reach her dream in terms of literal things, she popular rich famous in all the big movies, but almost as soon as she gets that success is when it starts spiraling into the darkest part of it because she realizes it doesn’t fulfill her that nothing is ever truely fulfilling the way we dream of its the impossible goal that we live with and so those who meet their goals are sort of cursed with this loss of meaning in their lives when they attach themselves to much to these ideas of a goal, when they think “when I do X I’ll be successful and happy!” And pour their lives into it only to find they aren’t happy still it’s just another day another thing it’s all just stuff that’s all there ever is, The realization she needs to make but won’t cuz she made this dream her whole identity she doesn’t know anything else, is it’s finding meaning in the little things and the relationships you have that will give you a more lasting feeling of peace and feel your life has a purpose, she’s fallen for the superficial idea of happiness that Hollywood creates and doesn’t know how to find true happiness

      AFAF3 aylar önce
  • “There’s no music like that in the film”... lying beeyatch. That EXACT SONG is in the movie. But you were right about two things for sure. Fuck “Detective Pikachu” and the sonic movie.

    Jo AdJo Ad3 aylar önce
  • Hollywood sucks out EVERYONES soul... not just women ya’ goobs. And not just the people IN Hollywood.

    Jo AdJo Ad3 aylar önce
  • We were TOLD the pyramids were tombs, but there have been other theories. What were told isn’t always true.

    Jo AdJo Ad3 aylar önce
  • I trust Matt and Ray implicitly so I'm definitely gonna check out Dark Side of the Silvery Moon!

    M J MM J M3 aylar önce
  • Jay - you've got red on you.

    TheAntersTheAnters4 aylar önce
  • I could listen to you guys talk about any movie. I love when you guys do these random movie talks.

    Nikki ShieldsNikki Shields4 aylar önce
  • One thing that I noticed too is that it parodies a lot of old noir detective films, but in a self-deprecating way. Sam is that typical cynic-with-issues guy that would nomally be a cop but his actions come off as overreactions and rather unstable, like when he beats the shit out of those kids near the beginning

    Ciaran HufskyCiaran Hufsky4 aylar önce
  • Annabis

    Drew RobinsonDrew Robinson4 aylar önce
  • I've come, again, to haunt your comment section in order to insist that "funner" is not a word Mike.

    Vulf ByteVulf Byte4 aylar önce
  • The parrot is saying "Oliver." I just watched it again. I felt some influence from "The Conversation."

    Brian KishBrian Kish4 aylar önce
    • @CrappyMcDick i'm just speculating on what the parrot says is all. But yeah, the theme seems to be...if you look hard enough for meanings, you'll find it but it won't necessarily make it true

      Brian KishBrian Kish4 aylar önce
    • The point of the parrot is not what it says. The point of the parrot is that it's doesn't matter what it says, just like Andrew Garfields character in the movie, he does things that doesn't matter, there is also a lot of lines that suggest this. That's at least my interpretation.

      CrappyMcDickCrappyMcDick4 aylar önce
  • Fun fact: in Hungary, the film is called "California Nightmare"

    RealNigga19RealNigga194 aylar önce
    • Fun Fact: Hungary obviously doesn't know anything about the real California, or they would have called it a A Pretty Good Day in Hollywood.

      the dudethe dude4 aylar önce
  • I watched this movie randomly without knowing anything about it and couldn't believe how good it was.

    Dr RedDr Red4 aylar önce
  • I'm making this comment before seeing this video so I don't know Jay and Mike's opinions yet, but I really enjoyed this movie yet I did feel a little unsatisfied with some of the plot threads that I feel didn't get resolved. However, that could just be misreading the film having only seen it once. Good movie, but has problems. I really liked It Follows so I'm interested to see what this director does in the future.

    Decaying ReverieDecaying Reverie4 aylar önce
    • What were your problems with the film? I also believe that to get a full understanding of what the movie is going for you need to watch multiple times

      CrappyMcDickCrappyMcDick4 aylar önce
  • They look like Dan Harmon and Justine Roiland

    Jarreled Winslet.Jarreled Winslet.5 aylar önce
  • This movie has boobs in it and that's enough for me to want to watch it.

    Lan YonsonLan Yonson5 aylar önce
  • What this movie lacks, really, is John Travolta playing a regal.

    thibaut barguilthibaut barguil5 aylar önce
  • I finally watched this (because it's free on Amazon Prime Video) and these guys hit the nail on the head. Narratively, it's nonsense. Who shot the billionaire's daughter? Who put the code in the lyrics to lead people to a tomb that wasn't meant for them? And it has plot threads that never resolve, such as how Andrew Garfield is so wealthy that he throws money around frequently and yet can't pay rent or afford his car and doesn't appear to have a job or ever have had a job and the (obvious) thread of a dog killer. And he kills the songwriter violently, and there's no consequence for it. But it's still a fantastic, ambitious movie that'll keep you thinking about it.

    Supernova KasprzakSupernova Kasprzak5 aylar önce
  • you didnt talk about the owl murderer

    louk steflouk stef6 aylar önce
  • Please stop confusing white with jewish

    GeguGegu6 aylar önce
  • Just saw this last night. M&J are right, very interesting and different, a breath of fresh air. Check it out.

    TPH2010TPH20106 aylar önce
  • Just had to put a Star Wars clip in there didn’t you?

    Larry LanganLarry Langan6 aylar önce
  • Weinstein isn't white stop lying

    Regular PatRegular Pat6 aylar önce
  • just saw it! it’s not bad! but also, yeah............

    busyakbusyak6 aylar önce
  • What the fuck how did I never see this episode

    Alejandro MontesAlejandro Montes6 aylar önce
  • I mean, it's the Perfect Paranoid Fiction in that it follows the Paranoid protagonist without ever... It just follows his stream-of-paranoic whim. I feel like if you're not a conspiracy theorist this movie is literally about nothing. I watched it to end... I never got bored... And yet...

    Wiley LynchWiley Lynch6 aylar önce
  • This movie is a weird watch. I felt like every scene was meant to have such a deep or significant meaning but the fact that it felt that way made it distracting to the actual movie plot and flow.

    Spoop a doopSpoop a doop6 aylar önce
  • It's so dense, every single plot thread has so many things going on.

    TychoxiTychoxi6 aylar önce
  • Does anyone know what year this is supposed to take place? Factoring in Andrew Garfield's age in 2017/18 when it was shot + the fact that he "surprisingly" saw Nirvana live + it seems like they people are more millennial hipsters than Gen Xers, etc. has me scratching my head about it... What year is his Mustang? 2009 maybe?

    Mr. SmetchMr. Smetch6 aylar önce
  • Does anyone know what year this is supposed to take place? Factoring in Andrew Garfield's age in 2017/18 when it was shot + the fact that he "surprisingly" saw Nirvana live + it seems like they people are more millennial hipsters than Gen Xers, etc. has me scratching my head about it... What year is his Mustang? 2009 maybe?

    Mr. SmetchMr. Smetch6 aylar önce
    • Our main character i think is supposed to be around early 30's, when he mentioned he had seen Nirvana live he said "Believe it or not" Suggesting he was very young. I don't think the exact year of the movie really matters.

      CrappyMcDickCrappyMcDick4 aylar önce
  • The pyramids on the Giza plateau were not tombs. That is all.

    King MobKing Mob7 aylar önce
  • Commentary Track with Superstar Rich Evans?

    Phillip MongerPhillip Monger7 aylar önce
  • i think the moral of this movie is "chasing young party girls never really works out, so stick with older women." just my take.

    Henry BurbyHenry Burby7 aylar önce
  • i'm so glad that i was able to watch it in a theatre in germany here at the beginning of 2019, it was just playing in some small arthouse places in berlin and other bigger cities

    Black BoxBlack Box7 aylar önce
  • While watching this I decided to watch this movie immediately and TRvision was so kind to place the watch now buy or rent right underneath. Only time I ever used that

    DiabloSamurai1985DiabloSamurai19857 aylar önce

    cal snowcal snow7 aylar önce
  • I liked the film, it’s the closest thing to a Pynchon movie since inherent vice, so I’m fine with a couple flaws.

    TedTed7 aylar önce
  • The idea of adding the Pikachu character to under the silver lake, is what Tod Philips did with the Joker movie, it could become the only way we get to see good original movies in this era

    H aH a7 aylar önce
  • the ratio's fine now on amazon and it's on prime. I'd recommend checking it out now

    E-MAE-MA7 aylar önce
  • This movie ruled. Too underrated.

    Mr. DrobotMr. Drobot7 aylar önce
  • This is genuinely the first I've heard of this movie. Not a good sign haha

    Pete YoungPete Young7 aylar önce
  • the problem with the film was that it was sinking into a schizoid reality but the casual decent was too blocky and chunky. I definitely ain't no Antiviral. It really falls short here. I don't think it was commenting on objectification of females rather it was just presenting normal people engaging in normal and quite average sexual relationships that they believe to be amazing. The director seems conscious of this.

    Effective Reading InstructionEffective Reading Instruction8 aylar önce
  • It's so funny how they talk about the plot of this movie for a while and even then they don't much about the comic books or the naked lady that kills people. It just shows how densely packed this movie is. Would love for RLM to do a commentary track on this movie.

    Not OriginalNot Original8 aylar önce
  • If David Lynch directed The Big Lebowski...

    Liam RLiam R9 aylar önce
Half in the Bag Episode 163: Under the Silver Lake