Harper's walk-off caps wild Phillies win | Dodgers-Phillies Game Highlights 7/16/19

Condensed Game: Bryce Harper belted a three-run homer and delivered the walk-off, two-run double to lift the Phillies to a wild 9-8 win
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  • He just did it again!!!

    Mike RussoMike Russo6 gün önce
  • Harper just got benched. Far too few positive highlight films about him. His stats show he is playing like a platooned outfielder instead of like a game change franchise player. It happens regularly with over-paid players who land record contracts.

    Donald FryDonald Fry27 gün önce
  • they get hyped cuz of a bullpen melt down lol

    gme213lagme213laAylar önce
  • Harper is God

    Mike RussoMike RussoAylar önce
  • Jason Vargas tries to pick off the pitch.. times then gives up a HR, breakdown @t

    Michael WangMichael WangAylar önce
  • As a Phillies/Dodgers fan this series turned out better than I thought. Dodgers bringing the heat as usual and the Phillies reviving themselves by splitting even with them, that little battle might give them the spark they need to continue winning throughout the rest of the season.

    2fly2152fly215Aylar önce
    • 2fly215 You like both teams?

      MegaMegaAylar önce
  • Great game and I'm a Dodger fan. Would have been fun to see live.

    ccrosbie33ccrosbie33Aylar önce
  • A TRvision game on today Phillies Dodgers invited chat only, so annoying. All Dodger fans commenting as I’m trying to watch the game. Complete favoritism this whole week from national broadcast covering this series. I guarantee the Dodgers won’t win WS there a good regular season team. Period!

    Gary JonesGary JonesAylar önce
  • Dbacks are thanking Dodgers for taking Pollock

    NbAlIvEr100NbAlIvEr100Aylar önce

    Freddy noneFreddy noneAylar önce
  • The Phillies are really good except for their bullpen, it screws them up and they could win more games if they had better pitchers.

    Molly HaganMolly HaganAylar önce
  • Jansen is our hurdle to win the world series he ain't lights out

    Mario GuillenMario GuillenAylar önce
  • finally PHILLIES

    Mathew PatriarcaMathew PatriarcaAylar önce
  • 4:40, a Phillies fan caught the dodgers homerun

    Tina BuiTina BuiAylar önce
  • jansen was the man in some serious situations for us in the 2017 WS but he’s no longer a lights out guy. jansen said he admits he should have left after being hit because he couldn’t properly push off his ankle.....roberts was not happy about him saying that and said they had a talk about it. wish roberts would realize we will NEVER win it all without problems like this being fixed. would’ve trusted joe kelly more in this situation tbh

    ariariAylar önce
  • Now the dodgers is getting the job, so far.

    Jerome NinonuevoJerome NinonuevoAylar önce
  • What is wrong with dodgers pitching, better start getting homerun

    Jerome NinonuevoJerome NinonuevoAylar önce
  • This was like a home run derby..

    GeorgeWashingtonXGeorgeWashingtonXAylar önce
  • Center fielder misread two balls in the 9th to cost them the game

    Joseph MassaroJoseph MassaroAylar önce
  • Jansen is like a closer, only less closery..

    reignman2112reignman2112Aylar önce
  • Si güey

    mortuary mikemortuary mikeAylar önce
  • That’s why they need verdugo as cf

    Angel RangelAngel RangelAylar önce
  • Game simply proves the Dodgers can win it all this year...as long as they GET A REAL CLOSER!! Jansen's time is over and done with. Gotta replace him by the trade deadline if they want to stay legit WS contenders. That said, Beaty's a keeper. All he does is come in and make winning plays for his club. Can't see him being left off the postseason roster at this point.

    PeekaPeepPeekaPeepAylar önce
  • F@#% the Dodgers.

    Bri IBri IAylar önce
  • Kappler your a troll and.you sucked in the big leauges

    Sherry VulloSherry VulloAylar önce
  • What a game. Long ball night.

    WorldsedgeWorldsedgeAylar önce
  • and people say harper is not very good like 20 homers a 400ft no-bounce from 3rd to get a guy out yea he is so bad

    Sal LeoneSal LeoneAylar önce
  • Phillies just pulled an Anime comeback on us 🐵 GOD DAMMIT JANSEN

    RobotoMonRobotoMonAylar önce
  • Cricket is much faster

    Eternal happinessEternal happinessAylar önce
  • Juiced players hitting juiced balls

    Tom RobinsonTom RobinsonAylar önce
  • The game of homeruns

    Davi SantosDavi SantosAylar önce
  • Might go back to the old baseballs

    hicks727hicks727Aylar önce
  • C'mon Pollock! Both pop flys should've been caught!

    Titan9mTitan9mAylar önce
  • The phucking balls are juiced. Change my mind.

    I’m your HuckleberryI’m your HuckleberryAylar önce
  • Jansen thank you 4 the memories its time to go

    Jacques IngramJacques IngramAylar önce
  • So glad I knew who won before watching

    Will 718Will 718Aylar önce
  • Which team has the most fans? A. Yankees B. Dodgers C. Cubs D. All of the above

    Jared WilliamsJared WilliamsAylar önce
    • Idk they are close

      Molly HaganMolly HaganAylar önce
  • Trade Jansen already . Every baseball players has his number already!!!

    J PJ PAylar önce
  • Kenley Jansen. The opposing team's secret weapon.

    harDCore aTheisTharDCore aTheisTAylar önce
  • 2 balls shoulda been caught....Not happy with Jansen, but those gaffs were ridiculous for professional outfielders..

    jshar74823jshar74823Aylar önce
  • Ehhh we still destroyed them tho 16-1

    oVeracity_oVeracity_Aylar önce
  • Bob Costas is world class.

    Crimson KingCrimson KingAylar önce
  • Mighty Max on that deep blast. A lot of line drive homers getting out in a hurry. Bellinger and Pollock stay hot but a serious fielding mistake costs them the game. Harper earning some of his millions

    John-boyJohn-boyAylar önce
  • Pollock is a gold glove center fielder! Well he was he shouldn't b a center fielder anymore and like i said the Dodgers have 2 do something with bullpen EXSP jansen he has been on a downward spiral if they want 2 go deep in playoffs! GO DODGERS!!

    FRANK De RudderFRANK De RudderAylar önce
  • Astros broke Jansen

    hawkeye 2124hawkeye 2124Aylar önce
  • I still want red sox Phillies world series

    Eric SigersmithEric SigersmithAylar önce
    • Same here though we were gonna get back in 11'

      Felipe J RomeroFelipe J RomeroAylar önce
  • Phillips got lucky on this one & they knw it.

    ruru_ escoruru_ escoAylar önce
    • Gods will!

      Shane MillerShane MillerAylar önce
  • Jansen is not the same, time to get rid of him. He keeps blowing games after game.

    javier arreolajavier arreolaAylar önce
    • I would think they would get rid of Baez before Jansen.

      Wartooth82Wartooth82Aylar önce
  • muncy bat flip tho...

    QV!NQV!NAylar önce
  • pollock blew the game so hard

    RipeRipeAylar önce
  • Even with all that cheating the Philly still beat them

    P4F AceP4F AceAylar önce
    • Someone cheated?

      Wartooth82Wartooth82Aylar önce
  • Now really! Was that entirely Jansen's fault they lost??

    Deb CottonDeb CottonAylar önce
  • Great highlights

    CapriCapriAylar önce
  • Dam They rocked Buehler🥴 Dodgers ain’t gonna win every game but losses like these hurt😂

    Thor OdinsonThor OdinsonAylar önce
  • And the Phillies still won’t make it to the playoffs this season

    Jay AntonioJay AntonioAylar önce
    • @Felipe J Romero Most likely, though I hope not.

      Wartooth82Wartooth82Aylar önce
    • And the Dodgers still gonna choke in October

      Felipe J RomeroFelipe J RomeroAylar önce
  • Relax. The Phillies still STANK

    Sean SartorSean SartorAylar önce
  • Commissioner Manfred: "You can't prove the ball is juiced." Public: "Sounds like something a lawyer would say"

    paul mcelligottpaul mcelligottAylar önce
  • Jansen is just terrible

    SohdaSohdaAylar önce
  • Streaky Harper could be heating up. He may hit 20 dingers the second half of the season.

    johnwayneerbjohnwayneerbAylar önce
    • my guess is he will have 40 dingers and 120 rbi this year hes on track for tht. maybe a 260 avg. good year.

      KingSoap88 88KingSoap88 88Aylar önce
  • No World Series Championship in 2019 for Dodgers with Kenley Jansen as their closer. Prove me wrong.

    Asok2SiamAsok2SiamAylar önce
    • Not sure if you can be proven wrong. Stick a fork in him...

      reignman2112reignman2112Aylar önce
  • HaRpEr Is OvErAtEd... What a game for Harper

    Matt BierlyMatt BierlyAylar önce
    • harpwr overrated? a little bit ....sure. However, he has like 70 rbis this year hes on pace to probably hit maybe 120 rbis this year, he walks a lot, 350 obp,850 ops. he has 17 homers on pace to hit 35 homers this year and he is batting 260 average . He has a career batting average of 277 , 201 homers and like 550 rbi. is harper as good as trout, arenado, bellinger or freeman? no. But he is a superstar and he has great numbers and is streaky. he is a very good player .....not no trout or bellinger or yelich but still a very good ball player. hits anywhere from 260 to 270 hits 35 homers a year and over 100 rbis a year.

      KingSoap88 88KingSoap88 88Aylar önce
  • "God dammit Phillies" -Christian Yelich, probably

    1223LCM1223LCMAylar önce
  • Dodgers need to look for a new closer..immediately....it could be there down fall..in the fall..(playoffs)..& there middle relief pitching big weakness..i mentioned years ago..cant wait to go to the game on July 23rd..dodgers & angels..ill be there ..

    Carlos AbelarCarlos AbelarAylar önce
    • Phillies need one worse!

      Mr. CMr. CAylar önce
    • We all know Hanley Jansen is done as a closer but Dave Roberts seems to be in love with him or something, we all know it and it is painful to watch him on the mount.

      Carlos Antonio García PadillaCarlos Antonio García PadillaAylar önce
  • Where are all the Harper haters at?

    Joseph WingateJoseph WingateAylar önce
  • He said perterson number 21 is 31 lmao 3:55

    KIXBLAZE 316KIXBLAZE 316Aylar önce
    • @Talib Lila oh

      KIXBLAZE 316KIXBLAZE 316Aylar önce
    • He meant it was home run #21 for the season for Joc.

      Talib LilaTalib LilaAylar önce
  • I’d actually prefer Joe Kelly closing for us..

    WOW !WOW !Aylar önce
  • Good batting practice for both team.

    dan chilldan chillAylar önce
  • Mlb Juiced balls is a joke .was this a baseball game or homerun derby

    Emmanuel WoodEmmanuel WoodAylar önce
  • This is actually embarrassing

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachAylar önce
  • Bryce May have came clutch but still overrated. But bellinger tho. That man deserves a lot of money for this season

    ES KINGES KINGAylar önce
Harper's walk-off caps wild Phillies win | Dodgers-Phillies Game Highlights 7/16/19