Heavily Curbed BMW E30 BBS Wheels - Full Restoration | BMW E30 325i Sport Restoration S2 E5

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Thanks for watching! In this video, I'm restoring the four BBS wheels from the E30 325i. Heavily curb rashed BMW style 5's. It was quite the task. They didn't turn out perfect but I was a little bit low on time on this one.
Tools & equipment used:
Quartz Lacquer - goo.gl/8PTVKM
Base Coat Paint - goo.gl/mWhufG
Rust Remover - goo.gl/13gopW
Workbenches - arborgardensolutions.co.uk
Moldex Full Face Mask - goo.gl/NNYGrv
FGL 5 Spray gun - goo.gl/Acg5rd
A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun - goo.gl/cHTJS2
Colad Washable Overalls - goo.gl/3Css9E
Colad Mixing Cups - goo.gl/8DYmE8
Colad TurboMix Sticks - goo.gl/cYZfks
Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers - goo.gl/H79ZgL
Steel wire bits - geni.us/keyaD
Rotary Tool - geni.us/HGed
Concentrate Degreaser - geni.us/yUn9
Mannesmann Socket Set - geni.us/HCDZ
Time Stamps:
0:00 - Dashlane
01:03 - Showing the wheels
01:49 - Removing the tyres
02:38 - Showing the crazy curb rash
02:51 - Removing the old valves
03:10 - Dismantling the center caps
03:44 - Degreasing everything
04: 16 - Removing the old rubber
05:16 - Flattening the old paint
05:49 - Removing imperfections
06:20 - Filling the dents
07:27 - Sanding the filler
08:55 - Mixing a guide coat
09:08 - Spraying the guide coat
09:34 - Final filler and sanding
09:53 - Priming
10:35 - Sanding the primer
12:40 - Mixing the basecoat
13:10 - Spraying the Basecoat
14:30 - Mixing the lacquer
14:50 - Spraying the lacquer
15:21 - Re-stickering the emblems
17:30 - Reassembling the caps
18:29 - Adding the caps
18:39 - Showing the wheels
19:10 - Tyres back on
19:41 - Balancing
19:58 - Final showing
Thanks for watching!
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    Restore ItRestore It2 aylar önce
    • Martin Hocking your good bro!

      James KanipeJames Kanipe27 gün önce
    • @James Kanipe Na, just saying I disagree with the whole Matt Black thing with wheels. Doesn't suit an old car like that particularly. Looks ok on some modern stuff, but matt often looks dirty even when clean. Semi or Gloss is better. Can't beat classic silver, though I also like gunmetal or bronze in gloss - buts that's just my preferences, you can have yours too mate!

      Martin HockingMartin Hocking27 gün önce
    • Martin Hocking ??? It was a thought bro! Calm down, want me to delete it?

      James KanipeJames Kanipe27 gün önce
    • Theres a difference between selling out and creating a business that i can make a life out of. Salt gets you nowhere dude.

      Restore ItRestore It27 gün önce
    • @James Kanipe I disagree!

      Martin HockingMartin Hocking27 gün önce
  • Its a shame they don’t know how to mount tires on ally wheels you don’t ever use the machine on the inside of ally wheels you put it on the outside of the rim

    Wolf GamingWolf Gaming2 saatler önce
  • Tyre shop guys put the tyre onto the wheel to put the lube on and spun them... Good start for scratches.

    Joshua CraneJoshua Crane3 gün önce
  • Great work. These look awesome. Unless you just love killing your fingers, it seems totally worth it to just buy some new ones.

    Phillip ToddPhillip Todd12 gün önce
  • looks amazing nice paint prep gj

    Hugo MartinsHugo Martins13 gün önce
  • Entonces eres de españa?

    Emili BritoEmili Brito16 gün önce
  • Why are the inside of the bbs wheels white from factory. Were they just saving paint? Mine are like that too

    Jacob WattsJacob Watts18 gün önce
  • The person who drove that car with these wheels on it, surely cant drive. What a fuck up.

    K HansenK Hansen19 gün önce
  • I'd put some clearcoat on those hubcap stickers. They won't hold up well against elements.

    MWXYTMWXYT20 gün önce
  • Damn my e21 had these on it i wish i still had them......

    Travis WorthingtonTravis Worthington20 gün önce
  • Nicely done, but why didn't you align all the BMW emblems in all the center caps correctly!?!

    DylbozDylboz21 gün önce
  • This gives me some ideas for my rims. Thank you.

    no_dissasembleno_dissasemble21 gün önce
  • If you wonder what are those white circles on tires, it is weight balance circles. It should be opposite side of valves. Tire factories putting circles for balance.

    Mehmet ErtanMehmet Ertan22 gün önce
  • So youre living in Elche or somwhere nearby!

    honestguy77 !honestguy77 !22 gün önce
  • Kerbed

    steady blokesteady bloke22 gün önce
  • 👏👏👏👏 from Argentina !

    Jeronimo ServidioJeronimo Servidio22 gün önce
  • Like from Russia!!!)))

    Safronovich Attacks!!!Safronovich Attacks!!!23 gün önce
  • Sorry, you lost me when you painted these wheels rather than powdercoat. Yes they’re better and I admire your effort, but the design means you’ll never get them 100%. Don’t get me started on cheap tyres..... also, for next time, try using BMW Titan Silver if restoring a less complex design of alloy wheel.

    Ben SmithBen Smith26 gün önce
  • I have e30 bbs wheels just like these. They give any e30 an excellent look to the bmw. E30 for life! Omg! Knot of not with a knot of e30 bbs!!! The bane of my car with 4.10 lsd and coil overs!! Hail the s70 in all of pingas!

    Luke PirieLuke Pirie26 gün önce
  • This is one of the bast style wheels for E30. Awesome job mate. Looking good.

    Ozzy FreemanOzzy Freeman26 gün önce
  • they put those tyres on with no sealant on the rim???? not going to end well...

    Kezzaa00Kezzaa0027 gün önce
  • Painstaking work but the results are worth it 👍

    David BrownDavid Brown29 gün önce
  • Simply brilliant. Well done.

    signalorangers2ksignalorangers2kAylar önce
  • Dude what are those for tires? 225 45 16 or why are they so fat

    Dimi. kDimi. kAylar önce
    • 205/55/R15 Sandard BMW E30 325i tires.

      Restore ItRestore ItAylar önce
  • I thought sanding my Leon Cupra wheels was a pain in the arse. So many spokes on your BBS' :O Beautiful result as always.

    Dan LittDan LittAylar önce
  • To celebrate your new shop. you need one of these. I built this hydro blaster from a HF sand cabinet and a cheap sump pump. Its uses a storage tub to catch the slurry. you use a different tub for each size media, siphon off the water and let it dry out to store. To change the media, drop the pump in a clean bucket of water rinse out the cabinet swap out the tub.takes 2-3 minutes. Also does dry blasting also, The modification of the media pick up allows you to vary the amount of media from a pencil lead steam to a full tube. The brass pipe is threaded, unscrew the bolt and changes the vacuum at the bottom. Will work with a couple cups of sand or a single box of baking soda. Yours might be modified but you can built this easy. This wet side is amazing on aluminum www.abcgt.com/new-forum/forum/main-forum/356-restoration-projects/446-tools-products-for-restorations?view=stream

    John BrooksJohn BrooksAylar önce
  • Very impressive work!

    Ray FriedmanRay FriedmanAylar önce
  • Шпаклёвка??? На литьё??? Вы серьезно?

    Rouslan EricssonRouslan EricssonAylar önce
  • What’s the number of the color?

    Anthony KhAnthony KhAylar önce
  • Мда уж..... походу человек вообще не знает, как нужно правильно реставрировать подобные вещи..... додумался нахерачить шпаклевки на канты (про баланс таких дисков я вообще молчу).... после первого же зацепа вся шпаклёка отвалится..... да и вообже.... колхоз..

    Дмитрий КоноваловДмитрий КоноваловAylar önce
  • Great job! I have one question though: I can see you apply putty directly to the sanded down corroded areas on the inside of the rim, now bare aluminium. Shouldn't an etch primer be used first to prevent corrosion? Or does the putty do that job?

    Frank FeenstraFrank FeenstraAylar önce
  • no sandblasting and no welding ???

    TheEpicElementTheEpicElementAylar önce
  • Great job bro. You're doing good thinks

    Donnie BrascoDonnie BrascoAylar önce
  • Nearly perfect ! why put those low cost tyres for a sporty BMW 325i ?

    Mathieu LeclercMathieu LeclercAylar önce
  • How about the spare wheel?

    Jeffri NatasastraJeffri NatasastraAylar önce
  • WOW! Those came out awesome. They look new. I did not even know this was possible. I knew they were restored and have seen them after being restored, but had no idea of the process. I remember these cars new and they look like they did 30 years ago.

    paulgpaulgAylar önce
  • Love your channel buddy. Knowing how much intricate sanding needed to be done, I’d have got them sandblasted myself 😁 nice job though 👍🏻

    lewis cunliffelewis cunliffeAylar önce
  • رائع جداً👍👍

    علي الزهرانيعلي الزهرانيAylar önce
  • you showed credit info....

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  • Why no sexy Michelin Tire? :(

    Enfant TerribleEnfant TerribleAylar önce
  • I just use KeePass for all my passwords.

    Visionery1Visionery1Aylar önce
  • 25 years of experience and they still dont know what the white circle on the tires mean.

    Ivan PIvan PAylar önce
  • wie viel tage hast du gedauert? sehr gute arbeit :)

    Gonzalo RomeroGonzalo RomeroAylar önce
  • the inner part of the rays is noticeable that it lacks a little paint but good work

    Quattro MTMQuattro MTMAylar önce
  • I wouldn't want to find bondo under my rim lips...

    Juan Ignacio CainoJuan Ignacio CainoAylar önce
  • я думал, будет пескоструй(

    AleksandrAleksandrAylar önce
  • Perfection

    MoldingProMoldingProAylar önce
  • Those wheels look fantastic. I've just ordered some new centres on Amazon for my E36 for just over a fiver.

    ParknestParknestAylar önce
  • Sad that u didnt fit some quality tires :-(

    Palle BuddePalle BuddeAylar önce
  • 16:21 most satisfying part of the whole video!

    Patrick94GSRPatrick94GSRAylar önce
  • Fantastic job.

    R3DR3DAylar önce
  • Very good!!!

    Luis Vitório VendruscoloLuis Vitório VendruscoloAylar önce
  • very very good

    عبدالمحسن الجبوريعبدالمحسن الجبوريAylar önce
  • I'm sorry but you don't fill alloys with body filler!

    ArborforceArborforceAylar önce
  • my type of asmr!

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  • i have that new lassa tire too :D

    zeebo yufuzeebo yufuAylar önce
  • I don't care if I'm repeating myself but: YOU'RE SIMPLY BRILLIANT! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🇧🇷🇩🇰

    Mg MgMg MgAylar önce
  • Good Job and fantastic for this e30 and i can't wait no more, wish you were here in thailand.....5555

    Than HiranilThan HiranilAylar önce
  • A lot of work for wheels that aren't worth much money not sure if the E30 thing has gotten completely out of control but these rims used to cost a hundred or $150 with only like 10 years ago

    Seedless GrapesSeedless GrapesAylar önce
  • I can’t wait to see you finish everything and put them together!

    Haoran LiHaoran LiAylar önce
  • Почему так редко выходят видео?

    Виталий КривецкийВиталий КривецкийAylar önce
  • How well does the putty hold up tho?

    David WintersDavid WintersAylar önce
  • Phenomenal work! I love watching your progression on the BMW and overall on other projects. Keep it up!

    Bill LaLondeBill LaLondeAylar önce
  • You'll have to rebalance after some 3-5k...

    AliAli2 aylar önce
  • Can't wait till you turn a hard corner and all that unpreped bog falls out 😂 seriously though you can't use the same painting/filling technique on every component....

    Joel BondJoel Bond2 aylar önce
  • 11:51 My dude, how do you have the patience to do this?!! That level of commitment is unreal!

    H4LH4L2 aylar önce
    • When you really love a car, you'll do it. It's like having a baby with your wife ;)

      Pieter WPieter WAylar önce
  • Great video! These are amazing and sooooo satisfying to watch. Just curious on what else is left for restoration? Like everyone here, we are so excited to see the finished product! Cheers and best of luck!

    Jennifer ContrerasJennifer Contreras2 aylar önce
  • Great work! Only one mistake, the white circle on the tires need to be with the valve.

    Nickolay SkaarNickolay Skaar2 aylar önce
  • Wow dude..just fucking wow

    Japie BruceJapie Bruce2 aylar önce
  • Why body filler?

    Peter RodriguezPeter Rodriguez2 aylar önce
Heavily Curbed BMW E30 BBS Wheels - Full Restoration | BMW E30 325i Sport Restoration S2 E5