HI SISTERS! Welcome back to my channel, it's been a while. Today's video is a chit chat get ready with me. I talk about what I've been doing for the past month during my social media break and also show you how to create a dripping rainbow pride makeup look. I really hope you enjoy, I'm so excited to be back. ❤️
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




  • الله يفرج هم كل واحد شترك بقناتي

    حسن TAVAحسن TAVA30 dakika önce
  • we missed you James,, really hope everything is going great !! ❤️

    Hailee BernabeiHailee Bernabei30 dakika önce
  • You're looking very well, I'm glad you've come out of the darkness of the past couple of months 😻

    DeakinDeakin30 dakika önce
  • Hai Sister

    S0ggy Spaghett1S0ggy Spaghett130 dakika önce
  • Please go back to your cave

    idolsonyeondanidolsonyeondan30 dakika önce
  • Wait...I thought your eyes were green?

    KohrasesuKohrasesu30 dakika önce
  • Sister is back!!! 🙃🙂

    Fatou's WorldFatou's World30 dakika önce
  • Hi I’m hana and I just bought your eyeshadow pallet and I love it it is so pigmented an amazing

    Life as HanaLife as Hana30 dakika önce
  • Ar yu trans? I think so

    Bojangles -brawl starsBojangles -brawl stars30 dakika önce
  • James Charles just licked you like to undo

    Vertix _Vertix _31 dakika önce

    William St PuertoWilliam St Puerto31 dakika önce
  • 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    ElSam ._.ElSam ._.31 dakika önce
  • James stop trying to act somcool

    Demeter161Demeter16131 dakika önce

    Alissa MaharajAlissa Maharaj31 dakika önce
  • Hi i'm sira and i am a big fane and i love mackup a lot 👄💄💕💖

    Gianna PittsGianna Pitts31 dakika önce
  • It was a good month without you posting while it lasted :/

    ღ Dumpling ღღ Dumpling ღ31 dakika önce
  • Omg I’d missed you I kept checking you channel to check if you posted a new vid

    Fausto CadmeFausto Cadme31 dakika önce
  • Oh my God he's back. Nooooooooooooooo

    Ray GRay G31 dakika önce
  • Ahhhh No not him..not Him!

    Goku BlackGoku Black31 dakika önce
  • Wheeeeze

    Juliana AnnanackJuliana Annanack31 dakika önce
  • I don't care what everyone says about you you seem sooooooo sweet I am going to sister smash that subscribe botton like if you feel the same😘😋

    Alyssa artsAlyssa arts31 dakika önce
  • I’m so excited to see you💙💙💙

    Roxanne HiraokaRoxanne Hiraoka31 dakika önce
  • So good i love your makeup and your stores😇👨‍🎤👩‍🎨👸🦄🦄🐮

    María JaramilloMaría Jaramillo32 dakika önce
    • Omh

      María JaramilloMaría Jaramillo31 dakika önce
  • Hi i am a new please givme a haert

    Leilany FigueroaLeilany Figueroa32 dakika önce
  • James i`ve missed You so so much You have no idea! So glad you`re back

    Delle MayersDelle Mayers33 dakika önce
  • I am hearing stuff about you and more drama and which I don’t believe in because I bet it was very hard to carry all that Weight on your back and now I hope you feel better and that your drama free now

    Cora CoffeeCora Coffee33 dakika önce
  • I miss you everyday I was looking to see if you post now you did and I’m so happy

  • James Charles: #1 on trending Taylor Swift: Am I a joke to you?

    Ammaar SyedAmmaar Syed33 dakika önce
  • I went to Catalina on my birthday tooo!!!!! Mine is in March

    brittney ingrambrittney ingram33 dakika önce
  • Hi sisters ka-boom 😂😂😂

    hello ahmedhello ahmed33 dakika önce
  • I lovee you sister forever❤️❤️♥️♥️

    S.V SOFIJAS.V SOFIJA33 dakika önce
  • She looks like a boy 👦🏼

    Annabella WangAnnabella Wang33 dakika önce
    • she is a he

      Raquel ArevaloRaquel Arevalo29 dakika önce
  • Welcome back sister James!!

    Life with RosieLife with Rosie33 dakika önce
  • Happy to see you back and doing better ❤️

    Jalen !Jalen !34 dakika önce
  • First of all im not yo damn sister

    blake greenblake green34 dakika önce
  • I am so glad you back I hope you never have to leave agian

    Supreme_ AyrynSupreme_ Ayryn34 dakika önce
  • You had so much fun dang

    Kimberly HardinKimberly Hardin34 dakika önce
  • James : 𝙷𝚒 𝚜𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜 TRvision : 1 Oᑎ TᖇEᑎᗪIᑎG

    Dora the ExplorerDora the Explorer34 dakika önce
  • when the whole drama was happening i was like "omg no what why did he do that?!" but now i'm so confused if i should like him or not , like i still kinda like him cause i watch him for years now and i loved him a lot 😩

    Lotte SLotte S34 dakika önce
  • Lol people came here just to hate, y’all must have such pathetic lives if this is how you spend your time. Sad.

    Jiminie MouseJiminie Mouse34 dakika önce

    Adrianna AvancenaAdrianna Avancena34 dakika önce
  • this is BOMB AFFFF sister!!!

    Natalia VázquezNatalia Vázquez34 dakika önce
  • Why did you bully xxx

    Jude LindbaekJude Lindbaek35 dakika önce
  • I’m so happy he is back!!! 😊

    MIchelle And KelisMIchelle And Kelis35 dakika önce
  • So... *last month DIDNT happen*

    Rogerina TaylorRogerina Taylor35 dakika önce
  • Tax evasion I committed

    Yoda The wiseYoda The wise35 dakika önce

    Gretchen MonteroGretchen Montero35 dakika önce
  • James Charles putting that F#%*/% work

    Stephano BrioSaStephano BrioSa35 dakika önce
  • yasss we missed u💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    NOOR 29NOOR 2935 dakika önce
  • OMG James you look so pretty without makeup!

  • I lo ve makeup

    antonia valenzuelaantonia valenzuela35 dakika önce
  • So glad your back

    Mikayla AguilarMikayla Aguilar36 dakika önce
  • "Happy Eyes!" ;-) Good to see you relaxing and having fun with friends on the island. And, how cool that the school kiddos sang Happy Birthday to you...BTW: Happy (belated) 20th Birthday to YOU! I'm listening to you talk as I'm typing and all I can think is "breathe" but I'm guessing even as a little boy you talked as fast as you do now. Anyway, glad to see you here but I do hope you will continue to take time for yourself and do this as an "extra"...and, the rest of the time -- Enjoy Your Life!

    Linda FitzgeraldLinda Fitzgerald36 dakika önce
  • Oh now he wants to start posting back on TRvision you still lost subscribers

    That’s GoldiecurlsThat’s Goldiecurls36 dakika önce
    • Still all of a sudden he wanna post something 🤣 and who are u ? Did I ask for a reply 💀

      That’s GoldiecurlsThat’s Goldiecurls33 dakika önce
    • Hes still getting fans and money so subs don't count.

      Savannah EcheverriaSavannah Echeverria35 dakika önce
  • U are always so fcking beautiful aw

    AngelicaAngelica36 dakika önce
  • ...and EeEEeEeeE! - James Charles, 2019

    Anne GradekAnne Gradek36 dakika önce
  • This dude will always be a bit of a creep for me now. I don’t care how many followers he has, he’s beyond repulsive and mediocre and needs to get rid of that white crap that forms at the sides of his mouth!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    D MD M36 dakika önce
  • Your hands are very very active in this video jeez

    Chief RigbyChief Rigby36 dakika önce
  • check out my montage

    Disputed GhoulDisputed Ghoul36 dakika önce
  • why is everyone who was against james before now saying stuff like “OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH SISTER” make up your mind (i’m still against him sorry not sorry).

    carley hardistercarley hardister36 dakika önce
  • Not my sister. Brother maybe. But not my sister. No matter how hard we wish it to be.

    Aspen WintersAspen Winters37 dakika önce
  • i'm so confused like should i like him or not ?

    Lotte SLotte S37 dakika önce
  • QUEEN SISTER JAMES IS BACK!!! we missed you so much and you've got so much better a makeup

    Bribri_ OofBribri_ Oof37 dakika önce
  • Guess what NOBODY LIKES YOU

    YeahBoii StudiosYeahBoii Studios37 dakika önce
  • When it's late at night and James Charles is completely ruining TRvision night mode

    sofie. lizsofie. liz37 dakika önce
  • hi james could u not delete hate comments whore?? tanks

    e girle girl37 dakika önce
  • Actually WWTTTFFFFFF..... F this is the first time i see this MOTHER FUCKING james...

    moh Gtrmoh Gtr37 dakika önce
  • Who here wants to see an inverted makeup look?

    Spicy ASMRSpicy ASMR37 dakika önce
  • I hate u

    Crenshy YTCrenshy YT37 dakika önce
  • *Welcome Back Sister!*

    M e l o d i eM e l o d i e37 dakika önce
  • gey

    Gabriel JaramilloGabriel Jaramillo38 dakika önce
  • Eeeeeee

    Alexis SampsellAlexis Sampsell38 dakika önce
  • Fucking video i ever seen

    Kokprone JahatKokprone Jahat38 dakika önce
  • our sister is back!!

    Fhords CaldozaFhords Caldoza38 dakika önce
  • Hey sisters

    Javier SalazarJavier Salazar38 dakika önce
  • You’re not anyone’s sister. Weirdo

    rabblerouserrabblerouser38 dakika önce
  • I need ur help comment on my vid

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  • This is my FAVORITE look in the whole world 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • I’m so happy, this just makes me happy James ily ❤️

    Ameila SmithAmeila Smith38 dakika önce
  • Comes back with a 4 ad video.

    Angelica JacobAngelica Jacob38 dakika önce

    •Ava Adam••Ava Adam•38 dakika önce
  • YOU’RE BACK!!!! I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!❤️😘 Also I love how you actually took the time to take a picture with all the schools sisters. That’s how you know you care and have a big heart

    Adrenise ParkerAdrenise Parker38 dakika önce
  • Why does it sound like you can't breathe out of your nose every time you talk?

    Amy HendrixAmy Hendrix39 dakika önce
  • Sister james is back boo boo❤

    Chloe EscoeChloe Escoe39 dakika önce
  • Nice

    TTV. SpeedyTTV. Speedy39 dakika önce
  • Congrates on trending

    star loves blue berrystar loves blue berry39 dakika önce
  • If u love James Charles then let’s see sub to me if u love James Charles or u hate him not really:)

    Kabir chatrathKabir chatrath39 dakika önce
  • UR BACK WE MISSED YYYYOOOOOUUUUUU i just want to remember you that if you need ANITHING say it and its done we are here to help sister 😊 (Hey im 12 and for me you are 15 and you will Always be our beauty godess) (A CLIFF OMG ) (7:17 see we LOVE YOU YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON FOR US)

    Emilly Farias BaranauskasEmilly Farias Baranauskas39 dakika önce
  • love you sis

    dolores bellsdolores bells39 dakika önce
  • Lol their acapella group was called "Flashback (Mary)" love you James, hope you're doing better!

    Aurora Higgins JenningsAurora Higgins Jennings39 dakika önce
  • Yesss James is back♥️♥️

    Leti Y FabiLeti Y Fabi39 dakika önce
  • When he said he was taking a break from just filming we all knew it was because of what happened

    Savannah RayneSavannah Rayne39 dakika önce
  • My mom just walked into the room and said stop watching him I said why, she said bc he's a MALE make up artist! Little does she know I'm apart of lgbtq+

    Chyanne RandolphChyanne Randolph39 dakika önce
    • it's ok💙💙💙💙💙💙

      NOOR 29NOOR 2931 dakika önce
  • Hi Brothers

    Kawaii PhotosKawaii Photos39 dakika önce
  • I don’t have a problem with lgbt but this dude is actually insane I swear to god

    Riley MooreRiley Moore39 dakika önce
  • I honestly didn’t realize how much I missed ur videos until u posted after so long 😭😭 Beauty community is literally nothing without u. 🙌🏼❤️

    Swati DhakalSwati Dhakal40 dakika önce
    • trueee

      NOOR 29NOOR 2934 dakika önce
  • Omg I literally got that palettte a few days ago and have used the HECK out of it already haha

    Ryan PerezRyan Perez40 dakika önce
  • UR BACK WE MISSED YYYYOOOOOUUUUUU i just want to remember you that if you need ANITHING say it and its done we are here to help sister 😊

    Emilly Farias BaranauskasEmilly Farias Baranauskas40 dakika önce
  • sis copied this look from a girl on Instagram, really boo?

    Betsy EsparzaBetsy Esparza40 dakika önce
    • He said who the look was from at the beginning of the video though... It's more inspiration than copy since he credited her.

      Lia H.Lia H.32 dakika önce
    • Betsy Esparza he credited her?

      Emma ReyEmma Rey33 dakika önce
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