History of Prussia | Animated History

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The Rise and Fall of Prussia, Sebastian Haffner
Germans and Slavs, Arno Lubos
Frederick the Great, Tim Blanning
Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt
Twenty six variations on La Folia de Spagna, London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, conductor



  • Check out Squarespace for a free trial at www.squarespace.com/armchairhistorian and use the code 'ARMCHAIR' for 10% off your first purchase. *Correction 1: In 1648, Brandenburg-Prussia also acquired parts of Pomerania, which isn't shown in the video. Pomerania is a state directly above Brandenburg. Corrections should be placed underneath this comment. Thanks! Griff

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian2 yıl önce
    • Holy Roman empire ko exsssive army bhako state

      NASA limbuNASA limbu2 aylar önce
    • Why don't you do a video on the the Teutonic Knights Order? It could be really informative.

      Broken BridgeBroken Bridge9 aylar önce
    • The Armchair Historian I’m related to Fredrick

      Joseph MolitorJoseph MolitorYıl önce
    • Frederick didn't just "support the art"... This is a typical lame rundown on prussia, focussing only and exclusively on the military.... It wasn't all and just about "the army".... Frederick2 introduced and established a modern, fair law system, under enormous personal workload, he abolished torture and even introduced a partly (innerpolitical part) free press! In 1740! In an absolute monarchy(!!). Gave dried marsh land (state financed) to free farmers, not aristocrats, improved FW I's manadatory school system. Abolished serfdom where he could (crown owned land). And yet we only ever focus on the military.... With which he wasn't bad either. The same goes for the economical and organisational reforms of Frederick Wilhelm I which were as important to "Prussias rise" as Silesia. Back then beaurocracy was a major step UP from local lords ruling willynillylly....He actually smartly tied the growing army into the economy. Creating jobs and orders for (often immigrant) artisans, which were given even free tools and housing. Under his rule Prussia went from a net importing poor farming nation to a growing economical export power. It was THE foundation on which Prussia was built. You can not, as the video pretends, build and keep a big army out of thin air. That makes no sense. What's correct though is that FW I. was a absolutely massive asshole on a personal level. As was Voltaire btw.... And if you look over the History during which Prussia existed as relevant power, you'll find it was actually almost the least invovled in wars of ANY major power in Europe. Despite the big army. Despite the stereotypes. And if you substract the forced Napoleonic wars, it's even less. It basically boils down to Bismarks 3 years of war and Federick the greats about 13. While England, spain, France, Austrie Russia and so on had probs above 100 years in that time.

      5Andysalive5AndysaliveYıl önce
    • Prussia: Wins the 7 Years War Europe: K youre a cool kid

      Meister MemeMeister MemeYıl önce
  • One thing I don't quite get 100% Were the original prussians germanic or balto-slavic?

    Luiz FellipeLuiz FellipeGün önce
  • prussia dont needed to exist???? is the natural succesor of the HRE and the ethnostate of the germans. same as spain, france and italy, countries that were small kingdmos and an ethnostate of each prerroman ethnic.

    Karpetanoi DruidKarpetanoi Druid7 gün önce
  • Bismarck always has a plan

    Commander Colt Gaming/VlogingCommander Colt Gaming/Vloging12 gün önce
  • When you get Prussian ideas while playing EU4

    HxstoricalHxstorical13 gün önce
  • Is it me or did you light one up? looks smoky and not judging.

    The Sprinkler GuyThe Sprinkler Guy13 gün önce
  • nothing about native baltic prusians, this is only one half of the story sad

    Mindaugas MaslauskasMindaugas Maslauskas22 gün önce
  • 1466 CE Poland-Lithuania: Should we conquer the entire Teutonic Order? Nah, let them have East Prussia. *Teutonic Order has evolved into Nazi Germany* 1939 CE Poland: *Surprise Pikachu Face*

    The AnarchistThe Anarchist26 gün önce
  • I swear Brandenburg gained a coast after the 30 year war

    SPQR BallSPQR Ball28 gün önce
  • *"Where some states have an army, the Prussian army has a state"*

    Le patateLe patate29 gün önce

    The man from PrussiaThe man from Prussia29 gün önce
  • Everyone: Prussia, give up, you are surrounded! Prussia: the only thing I'm surrounded with is fear and dead enemies...

  • Prussia Prussia Prussia Prussia

    Cooper EddieCooper EddieAylar önce
  • Prussia, annexing your former occupier (poland)

    shopgaming HD real life and roblox funshopgaming HD real life and roblox funAylar önce
  • Discipline: 300% Precision: 500% Glory: Incomprehensible!

  • Bismarck planned Frederick the Great's rise to power a century before his own birth. Bismarck always has a plan.

    Dan MenardDan MenardAylar önce
  • My sister had researched our fathers ancestry and discovered. That in the year 1870 his forefathers came to the United States from Danzig Prussia. I think how unique cause we thought they came from Germany. Upon arrival they Americanized their name from Kryst to Christ.

    Udirty CopperUdirty Copper2 aylar önce
  • German people in Prussia: what should I country name be Russia: here German people here’s my country’s name maybe it will help u with a name German people: what if we just add a p *prussia* German people: PERFECT

    The KoalaThe Koala2 aylar önce
  • >Frederick >defeated Russia :^)

    Алексей ШлеАлексей Шле2 aylar önce
  • To the 3 French idealisms-liberty, equality, and fraternity- I present the 3 Prussian truths, Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery

    Orange Guitar • 38 years agoOrange Guitar • 38 years ago2 aylar önce
  • Prussia had one problem ... Poland :)

    as saas sa2 aylar önce
  • The Teutons: when the order goes so rogue that the Catholics of Poland need to put them down. Basically 'How Not to Do Holy Orders 101.'

    Michael KosmalaMichael Kosmala3 aylar önce
  • so what was up with Scandinavia’s borders? did global warming hit them hard?

    Bruh MomentoBruh Momento3 aylar önce
  • me making a timeline of prussian history while my actual apush homework sits on my desk

    SofiaSofia3 aylar önce
  • So after ww2, the war reparations were relentless. East Prussia, located very close to Warsaw, with it's history of Germanic warrior clans has to go. Otherwise, German nationalists and fanatics of Berlin will again overrun the Polish corridor between Germany and East Prussia province to re-create a huge German nation. Decades earlier at the end of www1, America insisted that a war monger penalty of 80 billion dollars be applied to Germany a at the end of ww1. German nationalists always wanted to conquer the Polish corridor, the land between German mainland and the German province of East Prussia. The solution to end this desire was to hand over East Prussia to Poland and Russia. Imperial Russia of the Romanov dynasty had ruled over East Prussia for all of 6 years in the late middle ages. Three groups ruled over East Germany for centuries: Germans, Poles and Teutonic knights (crusaders of different nationalities). Imperial russia owned East Prussia for all of 6 years . Google seaches give that answer. It may have been from about 1776 to about 1793. When Germanic leaders or polish leaders ask the Romanov kings requesting them to vacate east Prussia, the russian kings usually obliged, saying they already have plenty of real estate.

    John Snow KumarJohn Snow Kumar4 aylar önce
  • i’m part prussian

    Paul CohenPaul Cohen4 aylar önce
  • Prussians are not Germans. The Prussians were one of the Baltic nations destroyed by the Crusaders. The fact that the occupiers appropriated the Prussian name does not mean that they became Prussians.

    Ons OnslovOns Onslov4 aylar önce
    • Baltic Tribes not Baltic Nations. You are right but wrong at the same time, because there are two names. 1. Old Prussians - the Baltic Tribe. 2. Prussians - German people who ancestors were germans crusaders who killed off Old Prussians and assimilated some of them in german world. But yeah, i have to agree, that it is dumb that they took their name. ... But the same kind of happened to Livonians, not the same way, but still.

      EnemyEnemy3 aylar önce
  • Is it like Germans with Russian together who quit there country

    David CurranDavid Curran4 aylar önce
    • Becuz I don't watch the whole thing

      David CurranDavid Curran4 aylar önce
  • Everyone is here because of EUIV

    October ValentineOctober Valentine4 aylar önce
  • One information is missing. Where is "Hohenzollern"? Just search for this on a map. And ok, this is Off topic, but where is Habsburg?

    Alexander WeigandAlexander Weigand4 aylar önce
  • Please make a similar video for France

    Mahesh DeshmukhMahesh Deshmukh4 aylar önce
  • GERMAN flashbacks : *PRUSSIA*

    SnapdragommSnapdragomm4 aylar önce
  • nice, sorry i could not give a thumbs up due to the political adds.

    zelda66661 howardzelda66661 howard4 aylar önce
  • You no longer start with Prussian ideas playing Brandenburg sadly.

    Multi MeterMulti Meter5 aylar önce
  • "History of Prussia" Why did I hear Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 in the background?

    Tien Trien NguyenTien Trien Nguyen5 aylar önce
  • Others : how many Friedrich you want? Prussia : yes Ps:tbh history test about Prussia would be so easy all you have to remember are few names 😂

    secrect piratesecrect pirate5 aylar önce
  • Polish pagan here! Chubinski, gawlikowski

    joanna jamersonjoanna jamerson5 aylar önce
  • Lots of my family were born in Prussia.

    joanna jamersonjoanna jamerson5 aylar önce
  • Prussia: We are an Army with a state. Pakistan: Am I a joke to you? Everyone: Yes

    helloCREEPhelloCREEP5 aylar önce
  • Prussia is just better than any other country ever to exist.

    Darth CatusDarth Catus5 aylar önce
  • I really love your videos. Wasn't a history guy but I just love the way you do it. It just keeps me captivated

    Heinrich Janse van RensburgHeinrich Janse van Rensburg5 aylar önce
  • Sweden in 1658 vs today

    Anton LagerströmAnton Lagerström6 aylar önce
  • Traitors and oathbreakers always meet justice in the end and so did Prussia

    Adam KasztankiewiczAdam Kasztankiewicz6 aylar önce
  • The funny thing is,, i learnt about this from a freaking anime hsjshshshs

    azrefazref6 aylar önce
  • you too little spoke what was going in Prussia before crusaders invasion.Before crusaders there was history of baltic tribes.And these tribes gave name "Prūsija".It looks that you did not study about Prussian tribes war against crusaders.

    donatas dunkeviciusdonatas dunkevicius6 aylar önce
  • Omar Ibn Al Khatab ♥️

    Nader Al ZubaidiNader Al Zubaidi6 aylar önce
  • Pk

    sokkasokka6 aylar önce
  • super great. Thank Olaf Copenhagen Denmark

    Olaf sørensenOlaf sørensen6 aylar önce
  • It’s funny how much I “play,” Empire total war exactly like the history books tell the expansion of Prussia... before I really knew about the history: I lived it!

    Patrick HenryPatrick Henry6 aylar önce
  • I'm here because after a DNA test, 296 of my 300 German ancestors came from Prussia.

    YouTube CensorsYouTube Censors7 aylar önce
  • So a small band of sell swords take a small gig for a city. Then end up moving half way across the known world and start a country. Sounds like an epic dnd campaign.

    james jonesjames jones7 aylar önce
  • The name Prussia and Russia. A link or coincidental?

    teviottilehurstteviottilehurst7 aylar önce
  • Just like the word German that's not its true origin the original word was Nigermen(blackmen) like the name Schwarzenegger = black black.......... images.app.goo.gl/bnAz1cy1FAU1GbQ29

    Ron EverGrowRon EverGrow7 aylar önce
  • The native prussians were Moors that's why you guys pretend like it's Unknown about them( pale skin will never give melanated skin any credit)...........

    Ron EverGrowRon EverGrow7 aylar önce
  • I approve of this video.

    Frederick The GreatFrederick The Great7 aylar önce
  • Too bad the land that gave spark to the German empire is no longer a part of Germany.

    Chris PacmanChris Pacman7 aylar önce
  • What did happen when Prussia rise?

    V SmtzV Smtz7 aylar önce
  • Please edit the music in the description. It’s not Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody, it Hungarian Rhapsody *no. 2.* I think it’s important because there’re *12* Hungarian rhapsody by Liszt☺️💜💜

    EmmaEmma8 aylar önce
  • Poland and Lithuania was the different states as allies from 1387 and under personal Union from 1569.

    Simkunas KestutisSimkunas Kestutis8 aylar önce
  • A military that had a county.

    Chase_Blankenship_2005 C_S_A_Chase_Blankenship_2005 C_S_A_8 aylar önce
  • Yeah

    Lindsay SLindsay S8 aylar önce
  • Who got this for polish history/english history?

    your gacha and art criticyour gacha and art critic8 aylar önce

    TaschipTaschip9 aylar önce
  • Wonderful video. I liked it a lot. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge9 aylar önce
  • The amounts of hetalians here makes me cri omg

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    • 🤣🤣😂😂😂

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    • BROOO😭

      Anastasia WeinertAnastasia Weinert9 aylar önce
  • I may need some help to understand...Teutonic Order was Germanic ? Was it before the rise of Protestantism? Prussia didn't exist with that name before when u were talking about Poland? Prussian are Germanic or Slavic ? Not clear for me.

    Mohammed amineMohammed amine9 aylar önce
  • Prussia fought for centuries against Austria. Prussia finally became destroyed to zero as result of a political movement created by a man from Austria. Some call it Karma.

    Michael VMichael V9 aylar önce
  • Did petr 1 stole name Prussia and named moskovia - russia? 🤦‍♂️🤔

    Vadym DVadym D9 aylar önce
  • I'm part (West-)German and I still find Prussia incredibly "exotic" in a way. It's stranger for us than it is e.g. for a Calabrian to think that his country was united by the more or less francophone Duchy of Piedmont a bit earlier. Italy's capital is Rome, not Turin, and Piedmont has a quieter history. But modern Germany was shaped around the astonishing, dangerous and fast-moving Prussian military state or its legacy and Berlin became our capital. The fact that parts of North-Eastern Germany _within_ the much truncated current borders have Slavic roots while many far-off towns along the Polish, Lithuanian and North-West Russian coasts are historically more German is also something I'll never get used to.

    Choc des glaçonsChoc des glaçons9 aylar önce
  • KESESESESESESE THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME h e t a l i a, a n y o n e?

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    • Keseseseses

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    • Y e s

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