Horror Movies Went Wrong

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Do you like horror movies? We also love stories that can tickle nerves. And let's see what a movie would be like if everything had gone wrong!
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  • But vampires dont oike the sun but it's ok the old lady was dunny

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  • I like your version the most because they're really funny

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  • I didn't see Jason

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  • vampire can’t sit in the sun

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  • They aren’t even scaring One person

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  • What is the last movie can someone can tell

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  • 8:20 "The Wiji Board Will Tell Us!"

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  • I Love this

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  • It was funniest video I have ever seen

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  • The girl is SAMARA and Kristi playid SAMARA

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  • I love your horr movie you made up

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  • aww poor scream ill awnser u

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  • Pennywise sells balloons he’s really successful who would buy for $100

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Horror Movies Went Wrong