How did Japan Invade China in WWII? | Animated History

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  • Hey Guys! Thanks for watching, click here to get started with your collection of vintage currency! Their TRvision as well: Half of the comments on this video are saying I used the wrong Japanese character. Yes I did, I understand. I can't fix it, the video has already been published, apologies. Our Patreon: Corrections should be posted underneath this comment! Griff

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian2 yıl önce
    • @Dennis Diamond B. Belvis Thank you for your reply. Hong Kong activist in prison I send music that encourages Japanese songs

      ヤマトウズメヤマトウズメ5 aylar önce
    • @Kala Spears Please learn Japanese. After studying Japanese history Let's hear your opinion

      ヤマトウズメヤマトウズメ5 aylar önce
    • Michael is my name and war is my game im on my wifes youtube i just love history and the way learders real learders general,s Stood by the sides of the men who died for them saying that history is the coolest thing ever to me but looking at war and how killing and geting over on the people you are at war with is just the thing. Besides that god i pray no more wars becase today tech we all would suffer for one mans call god bless love the chanl

      Kala SpearsKala Spears5 aylar önce
    • 八紘一宇といふ事は、世界が一家族の如く睦み合ふことである。 これは國際秩序の根本原則を御示しになつたものであらうか。現在までの國際秩序は弱肉強食である。強い國が弱い國を搾取するのである。所が、一宇即ち一家の秩序は一番強い家長が弱い家族を搾取するのではない。一案強い者が弱い者のために働いてやる制度が家だ。世界中で一番強い國が弱い國、弱い民族達のために働いてやる制度が出来た時、初めて世界は平和になる。日本は一番強くなつて、そして天地の萬物を生じた心に合一し、弱い民族達のために働いてやらねばならぬぞと仰せられたのであらう。何といふ雄渾なことであらう。日本の國民は振ひ起たねばならぬではないか。強國はびこつて弱い民族をしいたげている。  大東亞共同宣言 抑〻世界各國ガ各其ノ所ヲ得相倚リ相扶ケテ萬邦共榮ノ樂ヲ偕ニスルハ世界平和確立ノ根本要義ナリ 然ルニ米英ハ自國ノ繁榮ノ爲ニハ他國家他民族ヲ抑壓シ特ニ大東亞ニ對シテハ飽クナキ侵略搾取ヲ行ヒ大東亞隷屬化ノ野望ヲ逞シウシ遂ニハ大東亞ノ安定ヲ根柢ヨリ覆サントセリ大東亞戰爭ノ原因ココニ存ス 大東亞各國ハ相提携シテ大東亞戰爭ヲ完遂シ大東亞ヲ米英ノ桎梏ヨリ解放シテ其ノ自存自衞ヲ全ウシ左ノ綱領ニ基キ大東亞ヲ建設シ以テ世界平和ノ確立ニ寄與センコトヲ期ス 一、大東亞各國ハ協同シテ大東亞ノ安定ヲ確保シ道義ニ基ク共存共榮ノ秩序ヲ建設ス 一、大東亞各國ハ相互ニ自主獨立ヲ尊重シ互助敦睦ノ實ヲ擧ゲ大東亞ノ親和ヲ確立ス 一、大東亞各國ハ相互ニ其ノ傳統ヲ尊重シ各民族ノ創造性ヲ伸暢シ大東亞ノ文化ヲ昂揚ス 一、大東亞各國ハ互惠ノ下緊密ニ提携シ其ノ經濟發展ヲ圖リ大東亞ノ繁榮ヲ增進ス 一、大東亞各國ハ萬邦トノ交誼ヲ篤ウシ人種的差別ヲ撤廢シ普ク文化ヲ交流シ進ンデ資源ヲ開放シ以テ世界ノ進運ニ貢獻ス

      ヤマトウズメヤマトウズメ5 aylar önce
    • just sayin at 0:17 the translation is wrong - 日本语means the japanese language not the japanese people.

      Death Gamer808Death Gamer8088 aylar önce
  • This Comment Section Is Filled With Memes.

    Kevi VeroKevi Vero9 saatler önce
  • How did Japan Invade China in WWII? Only wrong answers

    Johnghost B.Johnghost B.7 gün önce
  • Should have been 中日战争 not 中 日本语

    handy nashandy nas11 gün önce

    JoeJoe MaxJoeJoe Max11 gün önce
  • Ok

    Katoka k ZhimomiKatoka k Zhimomi12 gün önce
  • I mean China was nothing without help...

    r3m zhsr3m zhs12 gün önce
  • "Somewhat bitter." LOL. You should see how much anti Japanese stuff is on Chinese TV even today. So much

    CatCat12 gün önce
  • Thanks patreon for givining my man access to google translate 0:12

    Youheng ChenYouheng Chen21 gün önce
  • Im chinese guys i no

    Vivian VivianVivian Vivian25 gün önce
  • Doing some studying here because apparently China in HOI4 can take on Germany and Russia and Japan at the same time in 1937

    Nameless KingNameless King26 gün önce
  • How? China was a bit of a mess at the time.

    Phred PhlintstonePhred Phlintstone27 gün önce
  • Japan: invents anime so that everyone can forget about their past. People who loves history: I see you. Japan: sweats nervously.

    Gabriel SusasGabriel Susas27 gün önce
    • Anime existed before WW2.

      Stevie JohnsonStevie Johnson2 gün önce
  • cool thanks

    Manay DhandhariaManay Dhandharia28 gün önce
  • Today the west realizes the enemy of their enemy was never their friend. CCP: T-That's RaCiSm!

    yuriyuri29 gün önce
  • can u stop with the racist Asian font?

    UserX-1099UserX-1099Aylar önce
  • Japan, we need you to do it again. The CCP has gotten out of control and needs to be tamed.

    PhinixPhinixAylar önce
    • You are out of your mind

      Flynn HaaschFlynn HaaschAylar önce
  • This was quite awfully made.

    Hmm kinHmm kinAylar önce
  • I think u should change the 日本語 in 0:17 to 日 or 日本。日本語 means japanese language in japanese,,,

    Di WangDi WangAylar önce
  • Well the Japanese was Nazis in the past

    simon liusimon liuAylar önce
  • To PoliticallyIncorrect Videos “Nanking never happened here the anime/hentai/manga so shut up Nanking just an anti-japanese propoganda” - Japanese government "Tianmen square never happened, here some honkai impact, genshin impact, tiktok, and arknight so shut up those Tianmen just Japanese and western propoganda" - CCP and Chinese government Yup both country are Hypocrite

    commanderyammarkkasrkin MVcommanderyammarkkasrkin MVAylar önce
  • "Chinese-Japanese language War" wait a minute...

    GhotingGoadGhotingGoadAylar önce
  • Its pretty bad when your war crimes makes Hitler look like an amateur..

    vinci vedi vici lex talionasvinci vedi vici lex talionasAylar önce
  • China deserved.

    Turkish Kebab USATurkish Kebab USAAylar önce
    • You are disgusting

      Flynn HaaschFlynn HaaschAylar önce
  • 2020.12.13 国家公祭日

    tfsi wutfsi wuAylar önce
  • Such a rubbish video? If you did search on Google about either the Chinese or Japanese Translation of "Sino-Jap war", the subtitle would not be 中日本语. makes me quit your video immediately. Hard to imagine your level as a "HISTORIAN"

    Hei Ching LAUHei Ching LAUAylar önce
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    Sara AdamsdsSara AdamsdsAylar önce
  • That one time the United States weren’t warmongering threats to world peace. I miss FDR... someone vote a progressive who isn’t paranoid driven, but one that is policy driven by reality and logic. Not out of personal gain.

    Mo Kush - Hip-Hop?Mo Kush - Hip-Hop?Aylar önce
  • Yet China seems to forget all we did for them. From the Flying Tigers to beating Japan in the war. Giving them their land back.

    Floor WarsFloor WarsAylar önce
  • Armchair Historian: Japanese music? Chinese music? Sounds the same to me!

    Samuel SirSamuel SirAylar önce
  • In the past Japan was the strongest in Asia, but at the same time, they were cold-blooded fascists too !

    Tegoz VakesTegoz VakesAylar önce
    • It's like saying the UK is a fascist nation

      Deidara did nine elevanDeidara did nine elevanAylar önce
    • You do know what a Fascist is right lmao. The Japanese EMPIRE was in no way a Fascist government. There are similarities but they were Imperialist. Lmfao

      Kaiser Jericho HauckKaiser Jericho HauckAylar önce
  • I think China should apologize to the Japanese people for provoking Japan into this brutal war. Many Japanese soldiers sacrificed their lives for the common good of China and Japan. The sooner China apologizes, the better for the two countries moving forward. China´s apology should be a sincere one ( not a fake one).

    C ChenC ChenAylar önce
    • Following your logic, when you got robbed, please apologize for having valuable. When you got beaten by the racist, please apologize for your parent's gene.

      Zerxus ZhangZerxus ZhangAylar önce
    • @拳霸 Japan engaged in an anti-terror operation in China back then. The Japanese army killed a lot of terrorists. Chinese civilians casualties were regretful but unavoidable ( you would see civilian casualties in any war on terror such as America´s Vietnam War or current war on terror).

      C ChenC ChenAylar önce
    • ridiculous! do you know how many chinese died in the 14 years war with Japan? 35Million people! you are so funny

      拳霸拳霸Aylar önce
  • Hi can you make some videos about Crusades and Philippines?

    MaRSD Lionheart TVMaRSD Lionheart TVAylar önce
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    Makanouchi IppoMakanouchi IppoAylar önce
  • Really poorly done video, you messed up the translation for the title, misspelled the name of one of the most important battles in the war(Battle of Changsha) and fail to mention the Burma campaign which was crucial part of the Sino-Japanese war in getting supplies into China from the allied nations

    dsong2006dsong2006Aylar önce
  • “The communist state it is today” that is, before Deng

    Joshua PinskyJoshua PinskyAylar önce
  • Yes.

    Imperial TerraImperial TerraAylar önce
  • Watch "the eight hundred" it is such a good movie

    Cormac LiuCormac LiuAylar önce
  • "one of the largest human atrocities in history"....lmao uhhhh ok.

    bob blobbob blobAylar önce
  • Only if chiang compromised with the communist giving them an opportunity for a fair election

    iNfLxiNfLxAylar önce
  • Its like Israel makes it territory by Defeating Palestine and Egypt .

    Ayaan SiddiquiAyaan SiddiquiAylar önce
  • China's propaganda

    jpn applejpn appleAylar önce
    • @42王涛 Don´t be so jealous of our freedom and democracy in the free world just because you guys do not have it in China. By the way, how did you get to this site when Chinese citizens are not allowed to use TRvision? - by ´jumping Wall´? China´s success? - You mean no freedom, no job, no money, no nothing? - If you Google ´Per capita GDP by Country´, you will find China´s number is actually very low, not even a developed country.

      C ChenC ChenAylar önce
    • @jpn apple your own government is lying to you and feeding you western propaganda, stay jealous of china's success :)

      42王涛42王涛Aylar önce
    • 42王涛 brainwashed

      jpn applejpn appleAylar önce
    • japan war criminal!

      42王涛42王涛Aylar önce
  • Japanese is that small?

    Hadassah MandeHadassah Mande2 aylar önce
  • my grandma heard her mom getting raped by 4 japanese soldiers once they arrived at their village. her dad was killed with a bayonet right away and she managed to hide in the basement. they didnt leave the house for like 2 days plundering, raping and killing nearly everyone in her village.

    AlexaAlexa2 aylar önce
  • Where's Manchuria now?

    Sid MichaelSid Michael2 aylar önce
    • Its still part of China

      Flynn HaaschFlynn HaaschAylar önce
  • People these days only wanna know how cruel japan was in ww2, but nobody how many evil things china did 1000 years ago in asia

    Pon AlvsikiPon Alvsiki2 aylar önce
  • so basically CCP won the civil war because KMT lost most of his soldier fighting Japanese.

    내미래내미래2 aylar önce
    • not excatly, the military size of KMT increased from 1-2 million to 4 million during the sino-japan war, meanwhile, CCP increased from about 50000 to about 1 million. Recuiting never stopped during the war time.

      Zerxus ZhangZerxus ZhangAylar önce
  • Japan: we're the most civilised country Also Japan: proceeds to invade every one else

    FinJproductionsFinJproductions2 aylar önce
    • United kingdom : *nervous sweating* France under napoleon : WELL I FAILED

      SkroozDoesSkroozDoes2 aylar önce
  • isnt griffin the tiktoker

    LisaPinkFlamingoLisaPinkFlamingo2 aylar önce
  • But, what happened to the Kung Fu masters? - they couldn't defend China?

    gaae2000gaae20002 aylar önce
    • Get me Ip Man.

      Usul573Usul5732 aylar önce
    • There weren't many kung fu masters there, plus there were bombs, guns, artillery

      SkroozDoesSkroozDoes2 aylar önce
  • The war museum in Harbin is fascinating and well worth a visit, go in winter, so different.

    free agentfree agent2 aylar önce
  • Well I learned that china served as the same role as russia to german. By spending crazy amount of ressource to invade china, japan eventually lost the war because he is fighting at two fronts. He couldn't just conquer china like that, he was spending so much, so he needed more ressource elsewhere. Then eventually he was on a collision course with US.

    Lung ChanLung Chan2 aylar önce
  • This video is full of innaccuracies, at least on the Japanese part.

    João DiasJoão Dias2 aylar önce
  • The Imperial Japanese army engaged in an anti-terror operation. Quite frankly, they did a good job. As the war progressed, Chinese civilians becoming more and more supportive to Japanese soldiers. During the Operation Ichi-Go, Chinese farmers joined the Japanese army, attacked the Chinese troops.

    C ChenC Chen2 aylar önce
  • China before mao: ye boi LET'S split up China after Mao : U. N. I. T. E

    Red armyRed army2 aylar önce
  • I fill bad for the Japanese kids in the comment section, who are trying to deny the atrocities comfited by Japan in ww2...

    Georgi TerzievGeorgi Terziev2 aylar önce
  • Japanese=日本的 日本语=Japanese language

    Creation and beyondCreation and beyond2 aylar önce
  • It is a mistake to say that the Nanjing Massacre killed 300,000.This is because the number of Nanjing citizens at that time was 200,000. The Japanese side called it the "Nanjing Incident" and said that the death toll was about 15,000. It is speculated from here that the Nanjing Massacre theory came out because the IMTFE could not accurately grasp or refute the Chinese side's allegations. Due to the NMT against the Nazis, a ruling was needed to prevent Japan from waging war again. The "Nanjing Massacre" was used there. I didn't know the exact information about Nanjing as the situation at that time. Therefore, the death toll has continued to rise, and now the theoretically impossible figure of 300,000 has been issued. In other words, it was used for propaganda that our war was right. I am Japanese, and until recently I had "abandoned thinking about war" from the education that "war should never happen again". It is true that the runaway of the Army led to the Sino-Japanese War triggered by the Manchurian Incident. However, at that time, no one knew about the Japanese soldiers who continued to endure the guerrilla operations by the Kuomintang and others before the Manchurian Incident. I want historians to know how much facts have been distorted to make the Nazis evil.

    サイタマの南サイタマの南2 aylar önce
    • And yes Nanjing Massacred looks like a fake story. Your number of 200,000 people in that city is correct. According to ROC record, Nanjing´s population rose to 277,000 just 6 months after the battle. That means not only those 200,000 Nanjing citizens survived the battle, more Chinese people moved into the city after the battle when the city was under Japanese control, because the IJA was well known for its high degree of military discipline. The Chinese people felt safe under Japanese protection.

      C ChenC Chen2 aylar önce
    • ​@C Chen Yes. exactly. There are pros and cons to the creation of "Manchuria," but the civil war in China and the development of Manchuria at that time show how Japan invested in Manchuria. The influx of residents seeking stability will dramatically increase Manchuria's population. To do so, the line of defense must be strong and humane. Of course, Manchuria has abundant resources, but there are also reasons to protect the "Qing" emperor. It is a place that can prevent the Soviet Union from moving south, especially from a geopolitical point of view. And suppress the head of China. However, Western countries are afraid of the rise of Japan and are in the process of not being recognized by the United Nations Federation. At that time, China was discussing how to divide its territory in the western world. As depicted in the pizza caricature. For Western countries, if Japan tries to dominate China, it will rob new markets. Therefore, I think that "Manchuria" was not recognized. China also had a factor in attacking Japan. In China at the time, all foreign countries were enemies, as the "boxer rebellion" showed. Therefore, each country is sending troops to protect expatriates. However, Japan dispatched only a small number of troops. This is a good goal for China. "Japan will not fight back even if it attacks", so the flow is "Let's attack Japan". When China invades another country, China will feel severe resistance. Thus, the war between Japan and China began with a runaway Japanese army whose patience was broken due to Western speculation and Chinese resistance.

      サイタマの南サイタマの南2 aylar önce
    • Also, before the full-scaled war in Shanghai 1937, the CCP launched terrorist attacks against Japanese businesses / civilians in China in an effort of provoking war between the Chinese Nationalists gov't and Japan. Finally, they kidnapped the Nationalist president Chiang Kai-Shek in December 1936 during the XIan Incident and forced him to join the so-called Anti-Japanese Alliance. Japan acted a way of self-defense.

      C ChenC Chen2 aylar önce
  • Before you talk about East Asian history, you should study about East Asian history. I am very disappointed about your point of view of this. Study harder and if you don't know about it, please don't make clip. So disappointed.

    James LeeJames Lee2 aylar önce
  • How dis Japan inside China oh idk they had men and some ships

    Alex SchuylerAlex Schuyler2 aylar önce
  • 日本語 means japanese language lol

    RorynatorRorynator2 aylar önce
  • My grandfather at 16 started working as a spy in Shanghai, his father killed himself thinking that my grandad was killed by the Japanese. I wish I've met him so that he could have told me his stories.

    Xio WooXio Woo3 aylar önce
  • No mention of the Operation Ichi-Go.

    Marion MorrisonMarion Morrison3 aylar önce
  • what you think would have been the outcome of the Chinese Civil War if Japan did not end its military campaign against China in 1945.

    minion & mustache loverminion & mustache lover3 aylar önce
  • There's a theory that the reason why the 'second front' was opened by Chang Kai-shek in Shanghai was because he did not want the Japanese invading China from the top-down. All successful foreign invasions were always top-down - the Mongols (Yuan Dynasty) and the Manchurians (Qing Dynasty). But never east-west. This is because China's mountain ranges are mostly vertical so they go up and down, allowing invaders easy movement into the heart of the country if they invade from the top. But, if they invade from the side, the mountain ranges become advantageous and would be able to slow the invading force. Hence, by forcing the Japanese to focus on the invasion from Shanghai, it stops their movement into the country. Edit: Spelling mistake

    YurukaYuruka3 aylar önce
  • Hirohito is shorter than me

    Bla Bla Go goBla Bla Go go3 aylar önce
  • My great grandad was a Japanese Korean soldier. He fought in Northern China, he was an assault engineer

    Марк ЦойМарк Цой3 aylar önce
    • idk how we won the war tho lol we have bad guns no tank no plane no bomb our stuff we’re not Advanced as japan

      O OO O3 aylar önce
  • How bout I do anyway?

    Jeremiah KlarmanJeremiah Klarman3 aylar önce
  • 2:58 European this happend when ur s gave Yayoi s a fire Gun

    Cavava CavaCavava Cava3 aylar önce
  • 2:27 Japan was Isolated for Millenia Dude did U Play Ghost of Tsushima Mongolian where chopping heads of their for millenia

    Cavava CavaCavava Cava3 aylar önce
How did Japan Invade China in WWII? | Animated History