How did Russia Become an Empire? | Animated History

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The End of the Russian Empire, Michael T. Florinsky
The Extraordinary Rise of the Russian Empire, Arthur C. Hasiotis
The Princeton Review's AP European History Exam 2017
Yonder Hill and Dale by Aaron Kenny
King's Men by Biz Baz Studio
The New Order by Aaron Kenny
Trieste by Josh Lippi & The Overtime



  • Check out Epimetheus's video on early Russian history. Where he ends, this video starts! Also, don't forget to check out They have some excellent courses! Let me know what you think. All corrections should be posted underneath this comment. Griff

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian2 yıl önce
    • Me was born and still live in russia love my country and for it i will reborn soviet union and conquest world

      cyberbot3000cyberbot3000Aylar önce
    • There is a mistake in this video the dutch flag in that era was orange-white-lichtblue aka the prinsenvlag

      Ricardo BlikmanRicardo Blikman3 aylar önce
    • you´d start with How did Muscovy Become Russia (perversion form of rus´ of which was an ancient European state located in modern day Ukraine ) ?

      Adam RadziwillAdam Radziwill4 aylar önce
    • your source is fake russian history! russia owned their independent only in 1700 in the (Treaty of Constantinopole). check it in wikipedia. before that moskovy is colony of Kirim kaghanate. about Ivan.....etc, all is falsification. even russians knows about it. and you believe?!

      Erkinbek MungghylkhanErkinbek Mungghylkhan7 aylar önce
    • Hey have you ever considered doing a video on the Russian Revolution and later there Civil War? It could be a good one.

      Broken BridgeBroken Bridge8 aylar önce
  • 1 vodka + 1 vodka = 2 vodkas 1 vodka + 1 vodka + 1 vodka = 3 vodkas 1 vodka x 1.000.000 = Russian Empire

    Minde KovasMinde Kovas8 gün önce
  • The flag of the Netherlands at the time was orange instead of red. The Russian white-blue-red flag appeared even before Peter the Great

    Демократ из КампучииДемократ из Кампучии8 gün önce
  • 1:19 my guy, you mentioned Epithemeus instead of Epimetheus.

    Synth TasticSynth Tastic12 gün önce
  • Nothing said about Vitte-Stolipin reforms? Sad.

    Имя ФамилияИмя Фамилия18 gün önce
  • Very cool history about Russia's political history, but could you share the history of Russia's eastern expansion?

    EverfreeEverfree24 gün önce
  • Peter's old-fashioned tutors: I wish the whole world had something really great to tutor Armchair Historian: Try Brilliant

    Anthony EndackAnthony EndackAylar önce
  • Ivan the Terrible?

    Anthony EndackAnthony EndackAylar önce
  • one of the largest countries? It is THE biggest country but anyway, I love your animations!

    Anthony EndackAnthony EndackAylar önce
    • also, it isn't Epithemeus, it is Epimetheus

      Anthony EndackAnthony EndackAylar önce
  • 3:37 Says: Inspired by the dutch flag. Well... that's the flag of Luxembourg.

    STG TaimoorSTG TaimoorAylar önce
    • Luxembourg was part of the Netherlands at this time so....

      CProw09CProw0929 gün önce
  • Simple, Peter was so great because he used BRILLIANT.

    A Dank MemeA Dank MemeAylar önce

    A Dank MemeA Dank MemeAylar önce
  • Я что то не понял!! Где здесь находится Русский флаг! Белый-синий-красный! Ты хотя-бы читал историю флага Русского!

    Канал PitКанал PitAylar önce
  • Is it just me or does Russia’s western border in 5:55 look suspiciously like the modern Russo-Polish border?

    Comedy CooperComedy CooperAylar önce
  • yep tsar is just russian word for caesar

    AjitaDas399AjitaDas399Aylar önce
  • Quantity has a quality all on its own

    Jack ParkerJack Parker2 aylar önce
  • *Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky.

    Mateo 24RusiaMateo 24Rusia2 aylar önce
  • Expect your lives to bearly change -Nicholas II (allegedly)

    King Henry VIIIKing Henry VIII2 aylar önce
  • Did anyone else notice at 1:21 he says Epimetheus wrong? he says Epithemeus >.> lmfao

    Sean PooreSean Poore3 aylar önce
  • During the great northen war only 60000 swedish soldiers ware killed to russian 200000 soldiers killed

    Ludwig GustafssonLudwig Gustafsson3 aylar önce
  • man this video lacks of information!.....not good

    Stepan MolotovStepan Molotov3 aylar önce
  • USSR also Russian Impire

    Almaz AAlmaz A4 aylar önce
    • No it wasn’t, it was a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Not an Empire

      CProw09CProw0929 gün önce
  • 'The Terrible' is unflattering for the imbeciles who translated it - perhaps purposedly - wrongly.

    PewPewPlasmagunPewPewPlasmagun4 aylar önce
  • dude, it is the largest country in the world

    Markus VelichkoMarkus Velichko4 aylar önce
  • Funny how you casually skipped the events of 1589 - 1613, just like absolutely nothing interesting happened then :D

    Dominik LisowskiDominik Lisowski4 aylar önce
  • @The Armchair Historian , what’s 1:25 _“russian tributaries”?_ Russia didn’t even exist until 1721, when Peter-I decided to rename Moskovia into Russia. Or did you mean RUTHENIA _(some call it Rus’)?_ lol Ruthenia, Prussia, Russia might sound similar, but they are not the same thing. ;))

    Fire HeartFire Heart4 aylar önce
  • you´d start with How did Muscovy Become Russia (perversion form of rus´ of which was an ancient European state located in modern day Ukraine ) ?

    Adam RadziwillAdam Radziwill4 aylar önce
  • Excellent

    DualityDuality5 aylar önce
  • Today Russia is one of the largest countries on earth: Dude, it is the LARGEST

    TiggeeTiggee5 aylar önce
  • help from english muscovy company from 1555y, financing of the war expeditions of Ivan 4 the terrible, that was the start of russian empire

    milan 13milan 135 aylar önce
  • перехваливаете

    Igor RidingerIgor Ridinger5 aylar önce
  • So how did Russia get all the way East?? You never mention how.

    goodfilmfulgoodfilmful5 aylar önce
    • Michael 1 and Alexei 1 investigated of Siberia

      Александр ГромовАлександр Громов3 aylar önce
  • ''The Dutch Flag'' *proceeds to show the flag of Luxembourg*

    Vox Populi☭Vox Populi☭5 aylar önce
  • It is most unfortunate that Vladimir Putin emulates the USSR rather than the Empire. Russia should join the West so that we can put away our old rivalries.

    Aaron JonesAaron Jones6 aylar önce
  • Im sorry but this entire video has more mistakes then truths, I know my history and eh......yeah NOPE!!!!

    WhiteSeaLeviathanWhiteSeaLeviathan6 aylar önce
  • Fun fact St. Petersburg is modelled on Amsterdam, but then after Paris burned, it was Re-build based on St. Petersburg.

    WhiteSeaLeviathanWhiteSeaLeviathan6 aylar önce
  • Because they reached 1000 development

    LargiyLargiy6 aylar önce
  • Hey, wanna play "Truth or Dare"? Sure, I'll go for dare. Okay. I dare you to invade Russia in the winter- Okay that's easy Bro, I didn't finish, I said invade Russia from the west. DAMN IT! I WANTED TO BE A MONGOL

    E0IE0I6 aylar önce
  • The Russian Period music in the background is gorgeous tho

    Louis PetitjeanLouis Petitjean6 aylar önce
  • The video focused more on how it ended more than WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED during the years it was on top and how it became huge and powerful. #FAIL

    bluejay7232bluejay72326 aylar önce
  • Peter was great and all but he also had his son tortured and killed when he tried to run away to Austria

    The senateThe senate7 aylar önce
  • Meybe history of Poland next?

    pogromcazajecylvl4pogromcazajecylvl47 aylar önce
    • No

      RASP BerryRASP Berry7 aylar önce
  • Königsberg didn't belong to the Russian Empire

    E. R.E. R.7 aylar önce
    • Well it is now

      RASP BerryRASP Berry7 aylar önce
  • I hope people don't come to this channel thinking that the "history" portrayed here is accurate...

    ghjlkhlghjlkhl8 aylar önce
  • This is a good video.

    George ZhaoGeorge Zhao8 aylar önce
  • You kinda glossed over the part where it like tripled in size. Was there wars/treaties to make this happen?

    Paraic91Paraic918 aylar önce
  • Wow, this is a pretty bad video

    MauMau8 aylar önce
  • "Only 75%" boi, tell me what percentage is brittain or spain of their past empires

    MegatónMegatón8 aylar önce
  • Russia and China are like the only countries that didn't lost their empires

    MegatónMegatón8 aylar önce
    • Commune China:are you sure about that

      RASP BerryRASP Berry7 aylar önce
  • History of Russia, Rus' began more early than 1250 AD, of course :>

    Pilum1000Pilum10008 aylar önce
  • Russian cities overview from quadrocopters : Peterburg Moscov Pskov Novgorod Tula Tver Vladimir Kazan Volgograd (Stalingrad) Ioshkar-Ola Ekaterinburg Rostov-na-Donu Orel Krasnoyarsk Yaroslavl Novosibirsk Piatygorsk Nizhny-Novgorod Irkutsk Cheliabinsk Kaliningrad Sochi Sevastopol Yalta Archangelsk Vladivostok

    Pilum1000Pilum10008 aylar önce
  • the intresting graphic arts... 1:42 "Moscovy" is a fake name, Russians didn't name never theyself in this manner; and the governance of Horde was a nominal, really the Golden Horde wasn't a state, it was only just a raid of nomads with 200 years of experience, the pogroms, genocides and plunders; And History of Russia, Rus' began more early than 1250 AD, of course :>

    Pilum1000Pilum10008 aylar önce
  • If u really want to know about the history of the Рюрикъ & Рома́новы which actually ruled from the foundation of Но́вгород to the October Revolution STARMEDIA produced a large set of documentaries THE RURIK DYNASTY The Romanovs. The History of the Russian Dynasty

    Sergio VeyzagaSergio Veyzaga8 aylar önce
  • Putin's propoganda project? hope you are well paid before, as now he has no money

    Olha KozOlha Koz8 aylar önce
  • Epi ME TH eus. Maybe pronounce the name of a contributor next time? ;)

    The AJThe AJ8 aylar önce
  • I liked this video. It's always a joy to hear or watch stuff on the Russian Empire. And this video was a joy. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge8 aylar önce
  • i feel like catherine was actually even better than peter

    Mike signsMike signs9 aylar önce
  • they say the romanovs were the longest lasting dynasty in europe( at least that is what i heard) but if catherine's son might not been peter's, the line might have been ended sooner. it is rumored the child was one of her lover's

    Mike signsMike signs9 aylar önce
  • Why is there so little Spain in your series?

    Pedro SerranoPedro Serrano9 aylar önce
  • Guess who doesn't care

    HipexCarterHipexCarter9 aylar önce
  • According to the video, which are the crucial abilities needed to learn any subject? HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEPLASEEEE PLEAAASE HELppp meee

    Lara GonzalezLara Gonzalez9 aylar önce
  • He was impressed so much by the dutch that we believe that the tricolored flag of russia was inspired by the dutch flag (Luxembourg flag pops up) Everyone in the netherlands: TRIGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERED

    Anonymous 04Anonymous 049 aylar önce
  • Thank You for using A.D. and not C.E.

    Zach StarckZach Starck10 aylar önce
  • 3:38 That's not Dutch flag lol, it is Luxembourgian flag

    Au KafkaAu Kafka10 aylar önce
  • Peter The Great: Loves Western Europe so much he traveled and got inspiration of how to run his empire Soviet leaders: Hates Western Europe so much that they started an arms race during the cold war

    Eli SuryanaEli Suryana10 aylar önce
    • Communism was a Western European invention. Russian culture of the 19th century was shaped by the argument between two ideological camps: Slavophiles (proponents of the absolute monarchy and believers that Russia had its own unique way) and Westernisers (liberals and socialists). Communists were Westernisers.

      Nim KatiNim Kati3 aylar önce
  • @The Armchair Historian Is there a good book covering the history of europe regarding important developments like in this case the formation of the russian empire and wars.I am thinking about events like the Spanish wars of succesion,The seven years war,partitions of Poland,the great northern wars and many more,these are just the ones i know a bit more about than just the participants and the outcome of the conflict.

    Johannes DenzerJohannes Denzer10 aylar önce
  • I swear Russia has a famine every other decade

    Tess TicklesTess Tickles10 aylar önce

    P00PyD00PyB00PyP00PyD00PyB00Py10 aylar önce
  • You think invading Russia in the winter is hard? Try controlling Asia in risk, then we can talk

    Jack ScotchlandJack Scotchland10 aylar önce
  • Most stupid empire in human history

    Азиз ТургуновАзиз Тургунов11 aylar önce
How did Russia Become an Empire? | Animated History