How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended!

How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended!
Alright what's going on guys it's Trev back again here to bring you another video. In this one I will be giving my thoughts on how I think Game of Thrones should have ended.
So what would you say is a good ending??? -
andress sanchez polanco
Awful ending. Wasted all that time waiting for each season. Just awful.... - Jeanette Lucena
Would you say this is more disappointing than anything The Walking Dead has done? - Samuel P
not as bad as you make it out to be. - Casuals on Record
Dang Bro, this is your best evaluation of any show! Love it and I agree, they dumped GOT in the trash can! Maybe like the movie shining and pet sematary they will make a worse movie version in 2 years and make another 100 million off the fans! - waupfoo
The BEST TV show in history and they said "lets over everbody's froot loops!". "Yeah! Why not?!?!? We can do whatever we want!!!!" - Walter Vilca
Sucked!!! - Loren Magnuson
Your way over reacting Trev. Maybe you should watch Disney movies. - albert vaninwegen
It was definitely disappointing in many aspects. Not great but not terrible. - Caesar
Man just imagine how Trev would react if The Walking Dead ends just as bad as Game of Thrones - LegitWhitford
Thanks for watching everyone!
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- Trev
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  • The only way to win the battle of winterfell was killing the Night King they would have eventually been overrun and all got slaughtered the dead don't get scared or tired

    josh vanjosh vanAylar önce
  • If you have any last words now is the time.... To D&D ~ Dracarys!....

    Patrick OliverPatrick Oliver4 aylar önce
  • The scene where Drogon flames King's Landing :: would be fine if Drogon's flame-fuel gland could be temporarily switched into making disinfectant spray, from what I have read about the lack of a proper sewage system in King's Landing.

    Anthony AppleyardAnthony Appleyard5 aylar önce
  • My game of thrones series finale would be Daenernys would be on the iron Thorne and Tyrion remains hand to the queen Jamie Lannister shocks everyone including Tyrion and sir brieene by joining Jon Snow in the nights watch Rhegal, Viseron and missandei don't die Sansa Stark becomes Lady of the North

    Julian SmithJulian Smith6 aylar önce
  • They fucked Jon snow over... He should of been king at the very least how fucking stupid they sent him back to the wall after all he did for the Stark family. Denarius and snow could have gotten married but nooo had to make her out to be cold blooded and put Jon in the position of choosing her or his family when in reality they weren't a threat to her.

    Kings KnightKings Knight7 aylar önce
  • I'm a massive Song of Ice & Fire fan, you can call me hardcore. I have all the books, read them all 10 times, I own all the side stories. but I hated the final 2 seasons, so I guess you're not entirely right on saying hardcore fans will all love the finale.

    Raine SRaine S7 aylar önce
  • The show ended better

    Elite ScoutElite Scout8 aylar önce
  • Please don't call the people who would have loved it no matter what they did "hard core fans". Those aren't hard core fans. Hard core fans research everything about the books, show, and various production details. Hard core fans would tell you why most of what happened in the last 4 seasons made no in universe sense (and how some of what happened in the 1st 4 seasons made no in universe sense, amazing as they are). Hard core fans are disgusted by what Dan and Dave have done to this series's legacy, the show, and the crew.

    Chandra WagnerChandra Wagner8 aylar önce
  • Ugh just have Dragon riders lol and kill Cersei a different way she shouldn't get a safe ending.

    BatwomanBatwoman8 aylar önce
  • From what I've seen, casuals or people who never watched it before, then binged the whole series, are the ones that "didn't think it was too bad". How I would have ended it: BEST CASE - D&D step aside and hand off creative control to some competent writers familiar with the material. The show goes a full 10 seasons of 10 episodes. MAYBE it gets to the same "end" with Daenerys doing something irredeemable, but proper character development doesn't make it at all sudden or jarring. Quick Alternate Ending - S8E5, Jon arrives at Dragonstone, Varys basically says "I know, bro". Tyrion isn't DUMB and counsels Jon, telling him that Daenerys is beyond pissed, feels betrayed and alone, and she could do something horrifying, but he can stop her. Maybe Jon misunderstands and thinks Tyrion is telling him to shank her, but Tyrion clears it up. He says that she needs his love, that it's probably the only thing that can bring her back from rage. He throws in that quote about duty being the death of love, but tells Jon that his duty is love. Jon pulls his head out of his ass, and goes to Daenerys and professes his love. They kiss and make up. The battle happens, but prior, Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion and the other commanders come up with a plan. Dany says she can handle the Iron Fleet using the old "attack from the sun" trick, that her ancestors did. Basically they win, she doesn't nukerageburn anyone, and she gets the throne with Jon by her side. Pleasing, simple, conservative. It would have worked with her and Jon's arc. We knew those two getting together was a MAJOR thing... so yeah.

    Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson8 aylar önce
  • As a lover of the books, I've always considered the GOT show along the same lines as fanfiction. Now it's just crappy fanfiction. We can all come back and compare this ending to the *real* ending of ASOIAF when GRRM's cryogenically frozen head finishes A Dream of Spring in 2077.

    wenn9366wenn93668 aylar önce
  • Degain bowl was WAY better lol...

    Juan M. FigueroaJuan M. Figueroa8 aylar önce
  • The very last episode of g.o.t was stupid (period)

    Juan M. FigueroaJuan M. Figueroa8 aylar önce
  • walking dead was a stand still, but then came season 9. and that season was really good! i even googled who were the writers and director. they're basically the same, so i guess they grew as content creators. GOT on the other hand. Ever since season 1, i loved what it embodies; not giving a fuck about who you like. To me, GOT is a real story. Complex character and complex storyline. In reality, things don't go our way. We might say one thing, but do another the next. Just cause we get served opportunities, doesn't mean we will cultivate it. That's how real life is, and I feel GOT embodies that and says "Screw the step by step guide in story telling". So for season 8, it could have went any direction and it would still have been good, IF the execution was done correct as a whole. Season 8 was rushed, it didn't entirely follow the other seasons, but it also had it's good points. I like the fact we don't get a happy ending, cause fuck that, it's GOT. But the execution could have been done better, and if this was the fate of GOT, then other seasons should have reflect that. I watched a video on youtube that explained season 8 and what the writer's wanted to express, and I think because of that video, I could enjoy the meaning behind that season. Just wished it wasnt rushed and expressed better. GOT's ending can go any way, there's no right or wrong. For example, most people think Jaime went back to King's Landing to kill Cersei. That thought NEVER crossed my mind, as I thought he feared her death so he rushed back to her, and I was right about that. And this is what I mean by how GOT embodies the truth about human nature. If we love someone so much, we end up making bad choices for them; Jaime going back to her. Just like drug addicts, you can send them to rehab, have all the support in the world, doesn't mean you'll be drug free or better. Just because you've been born with a silver spoon doesn't mean you can't ever go bankrupt in the future. Jaime returning to Cersei made sense to me, if I look at it from real life point of view. But because this is a story and everyone needs it to follow a continuous flow and not want something as minute to change his path, they get angry. But I like that GOT says "FUCK YOU" to traditional writing. But I do hope GRRM finishes the story so we get a true ending as this was his vision. So because the books aren't made, the ending for GOT can go anyway. There's no right and wrong, and this show defo doesn't follow traditional story telling at all. You either get a good story, or a real life story. It's one or the other.

    epique wenqaepique wenqa8 aylar önce
  • Honestly, the finale I think was entirely from D&D. GRRM I think has an idea of an ending, but the only thing he told them for sure would happen was JonxDany, but the ending isn't set in stone.

    Ash BenamtiAsh Benamti8 aylar önce
  • DUDE....SPOILER ALERT! I haven’t seen all the X-men movies yet! You totally ruined it for me! WTF. You should have put a spoiler alert warning before using that comparison.

    Art TwitchellArt Twitchell8 aylar önce
  • Lets name Bran king even though he's been gone for about 4 seasons and only 2-3 people truly know who he is.... ffs

    TGGamesmasterTGGamesmaster8 aylar önce
  • I agree the ending was seriously lacking, but I stopped watching this when it took the spin that it wasn't a happy enough ending and too many "good guys" were "becoming villains". GOT/ASOIAF is intended as a world where there is very little that is cut and dry, generally speaking there are no "heroes and villains" and everyone works in shades of grey to some degree. It's not a world of people getting what they deserve - for good or ill. It wasn't the tragedy, betrayal, loss and "turning villain" that I took issue with... it was how it seemed rushed, poorly explained and more poorly delivered. The plot could have been much better, but the only events I truly hated were seeing Jamie and Cersie die in a random cave in and his character arc of growth just vanish and Bran randomly becoming King... the rest could have been better, but the plot wasn't really so bad, it was just that it felt likes pages or episodes were missing.

    Drew OldfieldDrew Oldfield8 aylar önce
  • An animated Game of Thrones would be pretty good. I don't think DandD meant to piss of fans. They probably did their best.

    Black RhodesianBlack Rhodesian8 aylar önce
  • I like your ending. They will remake Game of Thrones...after GRRM finishes his last book.

    Black RhodesianBlack Rhodesian8 aylar önce
  • "What could have been a better ending?... Literally anything else thy could have written!" Word.

    Elia SimonElia Simon8 aylar önce
  • Night King wins the battle of Winterfell prominent characters like Grey Worm, Sansa, Lyanna Mormont, Sir Davos, and Jorah get overrun partially eaten and zombified shocking the audience as winterfell burns and the credits roll. Jamie redeems himself by sacrificing himself to save and evacuate Bran and Theon with Brianne. Melisandre uses the last of her powers to convince the lord of light to cover their retreat and she is then overrun and explodes in a massive nuclear style blast which creates a fire wall as stragglers flee south to the Twins but get caught again. Bran using his raven powers to cause a massive flood behind them destroying part of the zombie army the twins and some of the riverlands changing the map of westeros (giving him a purpose finally). Everyone regroups at King's Landing. Cersei won't let them in despite the pleading of Tyrion. Suddenly Jamie appears to convince her but... Jamie stabs Cersei through the throat, slits Qyburn's throat, the mountain then punches him violently into a wall. Arya takes off her Jamie mask using her faceless powers one last time before laughing and losing consciousness. Mountain goes in for the kill but Clegane appears slashing off his helmet and they kill each other after brutal 10 minute fight sequence. Arya recovers and then gets a tearful goodbye with Clegane. Everyone regroups for a last stand with the night king. Episode 6 is the final battle. Jon gets defeated in combat with the night king who is about to kill Dany then have bran sacrifice himself to worg into Drogon and infuse him with the last of his "old magic" which finally allows drogon to disintegrate the night king killing Bran in the act who also erupts in flame in his wheelchair giving him that "ultimate weapon" purpose. Why does he not do this earlier? He could have known that was the only way to unite all the remaining people of westeros dealing with sure death. Dany is saved and has Jon's baby the prince that was promised who flashforward is revealed to unite the land in peace.

    Jonathan AugustineJonathan Augustine8 aylar önce
  • T Since magic exist in GoT time travel is possible despite the lack of any high tech so fixing season 8 is possibe.😂

    Hunter DHunter D8 aylar önce
  • Crap!!!

    Aliyu ShuaibuAliyu Shuaibu8 aylar önce
  • Thank you for your ending of GOT & for the love of John & Danni

    Dakaras BishopDakaras Bishop8 aylar önce
  • I think they shot themselves in the foot when they adapted an unfinished work of novels to television .

    Megan PerryMegan Perry9 aylar önce
  • Everything had reasons, enjoy the amazing stories of GRRM and try to figure them out. The very first lesson we learn in GOT: "He who passes the sentence should swing the sword". Daenerys never does this, but surely passes many sentences. Targaryen line had to end, even if Jon makes a great king, sooner or later history would repeat itself. Now we have a king who knows history itself.

    Aulis RintalaAulis Rintala9 aylar önce
  • Trev!I wish YOU had written the finale!!! It would have been AWESOME! And Im not kidding!

    Terri MTerri M9 aylar önce
  • Actually I do liked that Daenerys went bad and that Jon had to kill her. Although they could have made it much better if they wouldn't have had to rush the series that fast..

    Halbarad3019Halbarad30199 aylar önce
  • What ruined the whole series was having been repeatedly teased and promised a cross between the" Lord of the Rings" and a "Return of the Jedi" type Saga for the Tarygaryen family who George repeatedly said in interviews and in the books must have "3 heads" and then NOT giving us 3 Tarygaryens. But the 3 main characters , that should be Tarygaryens, one evil (Tyrion) said he loved Dany while he talked the 2nd (Jon) said he loved Dany into murdering her. GRRM had to suddenly make Jon shockingly stupid at the end after being so smart. Jon murdering Dany is just too out of character since Jon is a Justice-League-Kind-of character. I deleted the Sansa and Bran stuff but what this demonstrates is that GEORGE MARTIN IS A BAD-GUYS-BEAT-THE-GOOD-GUYS kind of writer- He is just a SHOCK-JOCKEY writer. Read his other Sy-Fi stuff. DON'T BUY IT, google the reviews. If he wrote for MARVEL, there would be Avengers Infinity War with NO Avengers EndGame. Dany would never have used Drogon to burn Kings Landing and kill women and children. Not ever. When the bells went off, Dany would have flown straight to the Red Keep and Harrenhal-ed it around Cercei- sure and fine. What is wrong with George? Part of his problem is that he really does believe that his character Cercei loved her children! And woman, for all his reputation for exhaustive expert research, he never bothers to research what a woman would do by asking women. What could we possibly know? (roll-the eyes.) A person that has to continuously say he isn't a misogynist is a misogynist. He can say anything but just look what he did to Dany. He did that, not D & D, George RR Martin and he has a long history of doing that to women in his books. This is how George Martin rewards his fans for decades of spending $100s if not $1000s of dollars on his books, stuff and attending ASOIAF events, etc. Now he has the gaul to promote backstory-books full of hundreds of years of more raping, more abusing, more selling, more passing over of Targaryen women only to end with Danys' 20 + year struggle in ASoIAF of being Sold, being Abuse, being Raped, passed over and then murdered by the 2 men, Jon and Tyrion that say they love her is unforgivable. Its a story of Genocide. I've read and watched how it ends, I don't want to see it all over from the beginning. George didn't just F. them over, he F'd us all over.

    Alice McGuinnessAlice McGuinness9 aylar önce
  • I've been trying to figure out why I hate the ending so much. I mean considering GOT most characters got the happiest ending you could've hoped for right?? I mean other than the obviously shoddy writing, and the seasons long storylines that literally meant nothing at the end. But I could get over that, but I still just couldn't stand this ending. So I feel like I finally figured it out. It was a cheap ending, completely unworthy of the rest of the show. Jon killing his love for the greater good has already been done in the show, him being basically banished to the wall has already been done, and it wasn't even played off as history repeating itself in a really sad way, it was just like they expected us to forget all of that. They also wanted us to forget a lot about other characters, such as Gendry being a friend to Jon, or Jaime having developed as a character, Brienne being a BOSS lady and not weeping over a man who is still in live with someone else, Bran not caring about literally anything, and him stating he can't be lord of anything. I feel like to keep the fans happy they started trying to keep beloved characters alive, and in doing so they changed the characters we live into unrecognizable characters. It was cheap, and a Russian ending would have been much more appropriate.

    Lady of the PondLady of the Pond9 aylar önce
  • Anyone else find the intros cringey af?

    Viko1188Viko11889 aylar önce
  • I support thanos now thanks to GOT 🤣 he’s was the good guy all along

  • I just wish you actually know what game theory really is. I also wish you knew how much energy is put behind a show you love for so long. I also wish you understood just a little more some very stron and symbolic aspect of Deanerys Death and why there was no other possible alternative.

    Mathieu BouyrieMathieu Bouyrie9 aylar önce
    • You're an idiot.

      Robert BairdRobert Baird7 aylar önce
  • So stupid. How much did the writers make for these episodes? Why bother? Zero for effort.

    michelle brightmichelle bright9 aylar önce
  • IMO the season was too short, I don’t mind then ending but they should have dragged Dany going Mad Queen for a few episodes. Let her sit on the throne, let the throne drive her further into madness, let Dany and Jon have a child and let Jon kill her to save his sisters and his child, let their child reign with Tyrion and Bran as it’s advisors, let Jon either be killed in the process or disappear beyond the wall and become the new Nights King. Not everyone will agree with all the above but just a thought.

    Carl DaleyCarl Daley9 aylar önce
  • Here's how it should have gone: 8/3 The Night King is slain in the battle of Winterfell like it happened; 8/4 Dany loses her dragon and Missandei is executed like it happened; 8/5 Danaerys attacks Kings Landing like it happened but is shot down by one remaining ballista, she survives but Drogon dies, the battle is even but Danaerys loses her army and power being unable to have a victory; Cersei seizes Dany and many others and is at the verge of gloating victory torturing the prisoners and hunting down the rest of her adversaries in Westeros; 8/6 Cersei is killed by Euron (a Valonqar) who does not want to share the spoils but wants it all, then Arya who came to kill Cersei has to kill Euron; at the end the prisoners and the hunted including Dany get together and create a totally new Westeros.

    TheMrPanglossTheMrPangloss9 aylar önce
  • Losing the battle of Winterfell, survivors retreat to Kings landing, Night King kills Cersei.

    Benva 83Benva 839 aylar önce
  • Maybe Danny get revived

    Belle VBelle V9 aylar önce
  • I believe the battle for kingslanding & the war for the dawn should've been 1 long episode or 2 episodes. I believe bran could've said something like the nk was created by blood magic & can only be destroyed by blood magic...or even be destroyed by destroying all magic. Since dany embodies fire & the nk embodies ice bran could've given a cryptic message & when jon sees that dany cant burn he realizes that she's nissa nissa & killing her would be the blood magic necessary & when he stabs her the sword lights up or something to give a hint that danys soul has merged with the sword..& then that sword is finally able to overpower the nk & kill him. It's just a suggestion...ep 3 would've been so more powerful if the survivors escape to kings landing... If Jaime or arya wearing Jaimes face kills cersei. Cersei should've been the mad queen commanding her forces to kill every1 loyal to Daenerys. After the city is destroyed.

    Laura CatherineLaura Catherine9 aylar önce
  • I thought u were going to give a better ending? I don't care for the ending but if you're going to make a whole video complaining at least give a better option

    Laura CatherineLaura Catherine9 aylar önce
  • GOT is not about happy endings and satisfying everyone - so in this respect it is the perfect ending :-)

    CyberCatHUCyberCatHU9 aylar önce
  • Trev is heading in the same direction as dany took in episode 5!

    Real CanadianReal Canadian9 aylar önce
  • Agree 100%! It wasn't even bittersweet! Bran who did nothing but manipulate people becoming king is just pathetic! Ungrateful power- hungry Sansa who just wanted to be queen in the north didn't even consider the fact that without Danny's help fighting the whites, there won't be any north for her to rule. Smh

    coconutmixcoconutmix9 aylar önce
  • I think you're ending sounds really good Trev.

    Alex SmallAlex Small9 aylar önce
  • Its not our story? Its not as bad as you make it out

    Charlie GoinsCharlie Goins9 aylar önce
  • I have to disagree....i am a hardcore n i hated season 8

    Muffy's Crazy WorldMuffy's Crazy World9 aylar önce
  • the mad trevschan

    karma SJkarma SJ9 aylar önce
  • If this was the ending they wanted, I would have had Jon fight Grey Worm in a trial by combat for the right to join the Nights Watch. Then have Jon explain to Tormund why he's back at the Wall. At least you get on good battle and a funny last interaction with Jon and Tormund

    Aaron PerryAaron Perry9 aylar önce
  • lol you are so right trev.... any ending would work.... ie... blue eyes of Bran a secret wite walker looks into camera at the end... or... as pod pushes him away bran tries to cover the marks on his wrist slowly icing up so when he gets to jon he tells him to stay near since greyworm left and sansa arya thinking it’s a good idea agrees not knowing its because bran thinks jon may have to kill him… or even better... use a time jump for dany to give birth as they go right in to war with cersi, as soon as they finish taking cersei out its just in time to face real threat of white walkers only there’s no time to mount defense and can only make a deal with jon and danay's fire and ice baby to give to the knight king to restore the ancient truce, then before he leaves with the baby, bran warg NK long enough for arya and jon to take him out and get baby back but loses arya or jon in the process.....that would be a cool bitter sweet ending.... given they didn't have time to pull off what they had and wasn't staying true to the Arc of the entire show

    legacy five thousandlegacy five thousand9 aylar önce
  • DD little fingered RR over things like lady stone heart, RR did a Bran and shut down remote viewing, so DD said they could finish the saga without RR and his direction then wound up dragging their balls across all of seasons 6 & 7 fans rose up exposing DD sucked without source material, causing DD to do a Danenry's on the entire GOT Fan Base with season 8 by decimating everything they knew the fans was hoping for ie.... dogging out Ghost making sure Jon didn't even stand near the tiny wolf citing CGI issues, but made sure to show Ghost with Giant's Bain (Thormond) closer thanthis when saying good bye to Jon.... this whole season was a big fook you to the Fans that called them out 2 season ago... 7 Hells!!! HBO should've sued DD and probably RR too...Valar Morghulis should mean... all built up shows must die or since everyone got paid off but the fans Valar Dohaeris should be mean ... all fans must serve.... so much for suspending belief or is it disbelief????

    legacy five thousandlegacy five thousand9 aylar önce
  • You could have said walking dead spoiler man 🙉

    Dankdalf The BlazedDankdalf The Blazed9 aylar önce
  • Read the books and watched the show. The ending made sense. Just never got the build up it should have!

    Liam OshaughnessyLiam Oshaughnessy9 aylar önce
  • Season 8 should have been: The Allies preparing for battle. Euron distracts them by kidnapping Masande. Denaerys in rage, breaks from the allies and goes to Kings Landing, expecting to burn it. Then is confronted by 50 giant Scorpions on the wall, goes down with her dragons. The unsullied retreat, the Dothraki can't get in. Greyworm carries her back to Winterfell and Denaerys apologizes for her vanity. She bends the knee to Jon Snow. Meanwhile, the Allies take on the White Walkers with Denaerys' army. Bran wargs into the Night king's dragon and makes it drown itself into the sea. The rest of the fight happens just as it did irl minus the dragons. The Night King and his commanders reach Bran. They put their right arms on each others shoulders in a circle. They drag Bran to the centre and they put their swords in the air at the centre, chanting. The Night King appears to Bran in a trance. We see he is Ned Stark. Then Bran comes to, and Arya kills The Night king. Later, they count up the wounded, gather more troops from the North and head to King's landing. On the way, Bran explains how to heal Drogon. They sneak him through a secret tunnel Tyrian knows and they surprise Cersei. The Golden army defeat the Dothraki, and Brien has to kill Jamie to get to Cersei. Jamie wins, and Cersei blows up the streets with Wyldfire, killing many of the allies and her people. Jon breaches the gate finally but cannot get passed the rubble. Cersei thinks she has won. She drinks her victory wine, then her servant starts talking like a girl as he pours. In a sudden twist Arya takes off her mask and monologues. Cersei starts choking. Sanza walks in with a grin and recites When you play the game of thrones you either win or you die. The look of horror on Cersei. Jamie cried as she dies. But vows to be better. At the end Jon is celebrated. Arya celebrated. Sanza is Warden of the North. Jon is king. But at the end Bran, in solitude, stands up and grins, and his eyes turn blue as the camera fades......

    Wiremu KomeneWiremu Komene9 aylar önce
  • They only had to give us what they gave during 7 seasons: 2 bloody huge wars, a secret assassination or 2, a Cersei victory that turns into her satisfying death, a breath-taking marathon fight between Hound and Mountain, and a huge twist at the end. In this final season, the Night King actually should have had much more screen time. They got the balance and pace all wrong.

    Wiremu KomeneWiremu Komene9 aylar önce
  • Yup. Worst ending ever. Period.

    Wiremu KomeneWiremu Komene9 aylar önce
  • walking dead has been shit for years.Lol Killing off carl, writing Rick and Maggie out of the story the poisonous icing on an already poisoned cake.

    Loop HoleLoop Hole9 aylar önce
  • Why should there be a happy ending? It was never a happy show. Dani was always a little too keen to get to the throne. What the ending showed is, that power can be dangerous. The dragon got it, when he destroyed the throne. He realized that the greed for the throne killed is fellow dragons and in the end his "mother". Good ending.

    Christian EssersChristian Essers9 aylar önce
  • How will it all end? I hear people asking. The same ending as the show? Different? Well… yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. I am working in a very different medium than David and Dan, never forget. They had six hours for this final season. I expect these last two books of mine will fill 3000 manuscript pages between them before I’m done… and if more pages and chapters and scenes are needed, I’ll add them. And of course the butterfly effect will be at work as well; those of you who follow this Not A Blog will know that I’ve been talking about that since season one. There are characters who never made it onto the screen at all, and others who died in the show but still live in the books… so if nothing else, the readers will learn what happened to Jeyne Poole, Lady Stoneheart, Penny and her pig, Skahaz Shavepate, Arianne Martell, Darkstar, Victarion Greyjoy, Ser Garlan the Gallant, Aegon VI, and a myriad of other characters both great and small that viewers of the show never had the chance to meet. And yes, there will be unicorns… of a sort… Book or show, which will be the “real” ending? It’s a silly question. How many children did Scarlett O’Hara have? How about this? I’ll write it. You read it. Then everyone can make up their own mind, and argue about it on the internet. GRRM.

    Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas9 aylar önce
  • How it Should have ended: -Varys sending letters to Golden Company to switch allegiance to Jon Snow. Foreshadowed by all the times they said the Golden Company never breaks a contract. -When Dany attack’s Euron’s fleet, Yara’s fleet also joins the fight. We get Yara and Euron battle and Yara kills Euron. - Jamie makes it back to the Red Keep and finds Cersei in the throne room. Qyburn tells her the Lannister soldiers have surrendered and Iron Fleet destroyed. The army is making their way to the red keep. Cersei threatens to use Wild Fire to destroy everyone. -Jamie tries to stop her. Mentions the baby. She lied there is no baby. He really is the dumbest Lannister. He kills Cersei just like he killed the Mad King. Jon finds him on the Throne crying holding Cersei. -Still Get Clegane bowl somewhere in there. The Hound wins but is mortally wounded, Arya mercy kills him. -Dany wins sits on Iron Throne/Dany Pregnancy -Dany sentences Varys to death because he told the Golden Company about Jon Snow. Tyrion is very upset, gives up Hand of the Queen. -As more people become aware of who Jon Snow is they call for him to sit on the throne. Now we get Mad Queen, she’s burning people alive, sending her armies to end anyone who wants Jon on the Thrones. -Jon is forgiving to Dany because she’s pregnant with his baby and in love with her. -But when she starts threatening Sansa and Arya and the North. He has to take a stand. -Sansa marries Robyn Arryn and starts rallying the north and her uncle Edmure Tully to put Jon on the Throne. -After she gives birth and start talking Mad Queen again, Jon stabs her. -He rules the 7 kingdoms. Obviously there’s a time jump, and more details needed to be added. But then again there needed to be more episodes or a whole season. Also needed: More Bran flashbacks (Bran can tell Jon about his parents and how many people had to die because they fell in love) Arya switching faces and being an assassin. More conversations rooms! More of Tyrion knowing things

    marachenomaracheno9 aylar önce
  • The series finale brings flashbacks of the Seahawks throwing the 🏈 ball on the 1-yard line. 🤦‍♀️

    Cola IsColaCola IsCola9 aylar önce
  • Get off your high horse, Trev.

    Omar NunezOmar Nunez9 aylar önce
  • What! Carl's dead!!!???

    supersoberguy1supersoberguy19 aylar önce
  • For someone who has been giving verbal rimjobs to the laughably terrible TWD series, I find it somewhat disingenuous for Trev to be mocking hardcore GOT fan for being okay with the finale. GOT gave us year upon year of the best show ever created, so forgive us if we don't blow the whole thing off because we didn't like the way it ended.

    Dwayne4KidsDwayne4Kids9 aylar önce
  • I think people who hated Jon killing Dany, just as you used Xmen's Wolverine killing Pheonix as example of a bad ending is just looking for a "hollywood happy ending", and didnt want to see a "Shakespearean tragedy". Game of Thrones is definitely was a series that was NOT going to be a love story that ends well. GRRM said he was going for a bittersweet ending. So, it was alway going to be more of a tragic story with a hint of hope than anything else. I loved Dany's character, while her going mad queen is sad, but she needed to die by Jon's head to have the proper dramatic impact it needed to have. Like the oft quoted line from GOT goes, "if you think this has a happy ending, you havent been paying attention". Even then it was pretty happy ending for all the surviving Starks, every one of them got what they really wanted. The only thing I agree with you on this point is that they could have made her progression into the dark side more lengthy and developed it better. But I don't see it ending another way.

    ratbert1009caratbert1009ca9 aylar önce
  • If Jon and Danny had gotten married - Sansa “ I know you bent the knee to YOUR Queen “ Jon “ I did one better, she is now your sister by law. “ Sansa 😞 dead inside

    tobeyntuckertobeyntucker9 aylar önce
  • They should have done an ending similar to Blazing Saddles. hahahahaha!

    johnnynoirmanjohnnynoirman9 aylar önce
  • Thanks for completely spoiling the walking dead for those of us that HAVEN’T gotten to that part of Carl’s story line smh

    Jay VelarJay Velar9 aylar önce
  • Season 8 should had started with Jon and Danny getting married. Bran gets really uneasy ( as best he can after witnessing it in a raven warg and goes into a deep ( deeper ) depression. The wedding should had been small and low key at a godswood. I can’t think of who would married them though. Also it would have done in secret. No Tyrion or Davos. They would had advised against it. Too much too fast. However it would had been more believable that they were mutually in love. A thunderous roar in the distance just symbolizes a coming storm- dragons roar. Bran in Winterfell goes spastic in his warg as he sees the Umber house getting decimated. Danny and Jon on horseback under the protection of the two dragons return to their forces camped on the shore. They tell everyone they march for Winterfell at dawn. Varys informs Danny about the wall and the night king has her dragon. She is crushed. Mopes all night long and Jon cradles her. Tyrion and Davos question Jon and Danny decisions about going horseback with no explanations and with both dragons.

    tobeyntuckertobeyntucker9 aylar önce
  • Literally any other ending would’ve been better.

    Dylan StumpDylan Stump9 aylar önce
How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended!