How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
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  • Well, at least we still have fan fic!

    Think StoryThink Story3 aylar önce
    • Michael Price Well actually, she’s not the villain. As for all the kinda bad things she did, any king or queen would’ve done. Execute traitors? Of course. Be pissed that her Friend and dragon died? Anyone would’ve been. The part where she burns the city down is just a lame excuse where she turns mad.

      WYXWYX5 gün önce
    • L

      Libel TouReLibel TouReAylar önce
    • I wish the writers would of not thought they were better or smarter than the audience after the 3rd season...facts

      Bang ArangBang ArangAylar önce
    • well done sir

      Tea timeTea time2 aylar önce
    • Think Story you should do a rewrite this shit was epic

      will chapwill chap2 aylar önce
  • I only don't like the fact that Dany has a child with Jon. To me it's just not right, her only true love was Drogo and he will always be. Everything else is goood!

    Marija TomicMarija Tomic9 saatler önce
  • It's pretty easy to beat Derwuss and Djerkinoff in story telling, but I would have pretty much vomited over this equally sentimental ending to the story, too, which entirely betrays what GRRM is doing with the books AND what had been happening in the show! The engine driving GOT isn't the Night King, but the turning wheel of history/power that CANNOT be broken. The power have-nots must obtain power in some way in order to defeat the tyrants and big bads, but as soon as they come into the power position, then they inevitably become the tyrants/oppressors--even when they think in their heads they're doing bad for the good and all the right reasons.That's GRRM's somewhat bleak but defensible view on history as a wheel, his part in that elegant conversation on human historical philosophy underlying the fantasy of Tolkien, Jordan, and Martin. On top of which, while he does deconstruct the events rather than use direct transfer, GRRM is surprisingly and masterfully faithful to the actual history of the Wars of the Roses (and a mix of other events from various eras thrown in for fun). Daenerys has a bull's eye target on her heart in all versions because of that. She is part of the "Devil's brood" (Plantagenet/Targaryen), an inevitably mad tyrant that must be overthrown in both arcs. I don't know if GRRM will have her get a sword in the heart with Lightbringer to battle the Night King or because of the destruction of King's Landing (which she likely will do, that shocking act being what GRRM told them is coming if not how he'll get there), but I don't think Dany's backside was ever meant to get anywhere near that seat in either version! Given that the Plantagenet dynasty ended with the ascent of Owen T(who?)dor, aka Henry VII, the Winter King, who did establish a new style of police state and secret courts, I think Bran as king makes sense, too, especially since spring is usually associated with the early years of Henry VIII and Tudor England, a breath of fresh air and renewal after the Winter King's reign passed. I don't think the problem s with any of the events or character fates per se; the issue is the Derwuss and Djerkinoff don't share GRRM's point of view, understanding of and facility with deconstructing history, and commitment, which is why they shortened and rushed the last 2 seasons, undermining the kinds of foundations needed for characters and key steps in the journiesto the ending as a destination. The Night King is a heckuva pressure point and not someone who should have been so easily dispatched without ever making it past Winterfell. To give a real reason for neither Jon nor Dany to rule, it would have been a badass move for Jon to let Dany talk him into using the Army of the Dead to come at Cersei when her forces and the Golden Company seemed like they might not be beatable (taste of her own medicine there) and then defeat the Night King, too, with the destruction of King's Landing, which would torture Jon.

    C SmithC Smith10 saatler önce
  • This would have been my DREAM ending!

    Donovan94Donovan9418 saatler önce
  • I generally like this, but you made a critical mistake with the Arya/Jaime thing. She can only take the face of a dead person, so if Arya is Jaime at any point, that means Jaime is dead.

    Nikole PaganNikole Pagan18 saatler önce
  • you should have given them your final season because what they did was horrible

    Munashe ShumbaMunashe Shumba19 saatler önce
  • This would have been infinitely better!

    parabooparaboo19 saatler önce
  • My true Queen

    Hafsa HaqHafsa Haq20 saatler önce
  • Great rewrite on a lot of parts. Final battle: Agreed that the night king should have been the climax moment. Not necessarily through fire and at the tree, the dragon glass still works for me. But, he should have been the main bad guy at the end, and not Cersei. If that's at winterfell or king's landing doesn't really make a huge difference for me. But King's landing would probably just be a bit more epic, as it is more of a "last stand" kind of thing if the north has fallen already. Also. using Jon more, especially around Bran and a battle with the night king. Jaime/Cersei: I would have loved to have seen Cersei turn into "the mad queen" (let's be honest, she already was heading that way).. Probably during the battle vs Daenerys and her army. Where it appears she'll lose, and decides to use the stored wildfire to blow up the city, Jaime walks in, tries to convince her not to and is forced to become the queenslayer by killing, sits with her body crying on the iron throne when Jon, Dany, Gendry and Tyrion walk into the throne room.. Ver similar to how he killed the mad king. But hey, as mentioned many times, it's a wheel, history repeating itself. But a combination of your rewrite works too. Final battle at kings landing vs the night king. They win, the night king is dead. And Cersei wants betray the others now that the final battle is over and wants to blow up the outskirts of the cities with wildfire, where Dany, Jon and their armies are. And Jaime is forced to kill her as mentioned above. Dany/Jon: I like a rewrite where Daenerys doesn't turn mad like she did in the series. And I do find the idea of Jon dying, in some way, very good. Maybe not through magic tree stuff, because he was brought back to life using "different" magic and gods then the tree.. so.. in theory.. he wouldn't die? But, he dies in some way, while still being recognised as who he truly is, leaving a very good end to his story. Ending with him in the crypt below winterfell as a true Stark. Next to his mother and Ned Stark. But, if you're staying closer to the current episodes, I wouldn't mind it if Jon has to stay alive and Dany stays mad and insane, she dies by the hand of Jon, very similar to how it happened. Drogon destroys the throne. Unsullied, Tyrion, Sansa, others houses that were part of the battle walk in.. Unsullied get pissed and attack Jon, but Drogon actually starts protecting Jon. Yea..mommy is dead, but Jon is still a Targaryen and has a connection to dragons.. This (backed up by Bran's vision/story) makes people believe he's a Targaryen. Combined with the other houses (other then the unsullied) realising that Dany had gone insane, leaves Jon with his accepted claim to the throne. Who Rules: Bran is not supposed to be the king. that's something most can agree on. They should have recognised the fact that Jon had a claim to the throne, even if he didn't want it, EVEN if the other houses didn't want him as a king. they still should have still recognised it. For 8 seasons long the stories of Dany are based on Dany having a claim to the thrown. In order to get that claim, she will have to defeat (and most likely kill) the current king/queen. In the end she kills an entire city and (indirectly) the queen to become queen herself and everyone is fine with it and cheers her on. Because "hey, that's just how things happen when you want to take the throne" Then we have Jon, who has a "stronger" claim and kills the current queen (Just happened to be Dany at that time), without killing an entire city and everyone freaks out and loses their shit.. Yes it's a bit backstabby, but... "that's just how things happen if you want to take the throne". Now... partially this is because this wasn't mentioned in the final gathering.. at all???? When Tyrion began telling his story at the gathering, I was actually expecting him to tell the story of Jon and his history, not about Bran. Resulting in the houses learning about Jon, realising Dany had turned into "the mad queen" and accepting him as a possible king. I could have been more then happy with them accepting Jon's claim. (even after killing Dany). Jon rejecting the offer of becoming the next king to live beyond the wall. Then this resulting in the houses creating a council, with democratically chosen members of all houses to rule. No longer a king/queen. No longer a wheel that turns (so, Dany "wins" in a way, ending her goal/story). I can even accept Bran as the head of that council, just not with the title of "king". As Bran spent a few seasons long explaining he wasn't "Bran" anymore and has no need for land or titles as the three-eyed raven, rejecting being Lord of Winterfell for that reason. So there is no reason that he should accept becoming a king, it doesn't fit his character to then just accept it. All sort of a combination of critiques and small rewrites.. not a full on chronological in depth rewrite. Either way, not a fan of how the season ended, that's for sure. As many others mentioned regarding your rewrite. - Jon was brought back to life using different magic then the tree. In theory, he shouldn't die because of the tree being destroyed. - Arya can't take on a face of someone that hasn't died. But, it would be very nice to see far more of her assassin skills then just pretty bad ass fighting. Especially in combo with her dire wolf, Nymeria, who never died. In the books, everywhere she goes, she's followed by stories from the people around her of a pack of wolves, with one huge one leading them. Nymeria, who keeps following Arya.. It would be great to see them re-unite. - Dany isn't(shouldn't be) fireproof. The show sort of made it look that way, but this was also a freak combo of the witch being burned at the same time and something with the comet being nearby. Either way, she's not really ment to be fireproof.

    StevePhotographsStevePhotographs21 saatler önce

    Billy JoeBilly Joe21 saatler önce
  • I thought it would end up after a victory in Winterfell one on one with Jon Snow vs the night king, sacrifice himself to kill the night king which he successfully killed and he too vanishes in the fight i mean Jon Snow while the other main characters watch in horror as both Jon Snow and the night king being swept away by the avalanche, after 60 years their emerge a lone solitary broken-hearted old man in the streets of Westeros, telling the myths and the legends about the 7 kingdoms of Westeros to the children ,and his name is Aegon Targaryen VI is also known as Jon Snow, with a line starting once a long time ago just like his great, great grand Uncle Aemon Targaryen

  • For Screenwriters they were pretty garbage. For Director and Producers they were good (because S1-7 were great). Stick to what they know... But the NK symbol relating to the CoF is common sense... i never knew how this was anything else. But anyway this is a great alternate ending and the comparison to LOTR is greatly matched

    Morpheus GIMorpheus GIGün önce
  • I love the ending, however, there's one disconnect. Arya cannot impersonate Jaime because she can only do that to people she kills and preserves their faces. Other than that, the BEST ENDING!

    Abhishek DattaAbhishek DattaGün önce
  • While this would have been more satisfying than what we got, I think "more traditional" is a problem for this story as a whole because it intentionally ISN'T Lord of the Rings. I like the idea of the iron throne being destroyed, and some kind of new governing structure emerging - the throne is the symbol of the whole pointless struggle for power, after all. And Dany burning the city or Bran becoming king could work (it is likely that those are part of the ending GRRM hinted to the showrunners about)...but you'd need to rewind to season 7 and rework some things for either to feel like they made sense. Not that I'd LIKE to see Dany burn the city, but it could have been interesting if the reasons and internal conflict had been set up better.

    Emily MoranEmily MoranGün önce
  • Cool take, but Arya can’t use Jamie’s face w/out killing him

    Jweb MurphyJweb MurphyGün önce
  • I’m hoping the book goes in a different Direction loved it up until this last season but so wanted Jon and Danny to take the iron throne together and I hated what they turned Danny into, the whole night thing should of played out until the last episode could of been epic but I like ur version apart from Jon dying only thing I’d change

    Leah vapes86Leah vapes86Gün önce
  • I got emotional in a good way (the way I would have wanted to have felt for the actual finale - instead I felt nothing when I watched Dany die on screen because she wasn't Dany anymore) listening to that, so thank you!

    Karen LiKaren LiGün önce
  • Don't really agree with daenerys being pregnant and getting the throne, but the rest sounds spot on 👍

    HamelinSongHamelinSongGün önce
  • This would have been perfect

    Lord RevanLord Revan2 gün önce
  • Definitely, a better ending.🔚 [Daddy loves you very much. 😉]

    Abhishek DattaAbhishek Datta2 gün önce
  • Aw yeah. I really liked your rewrite. It's actually the best of all the others I've heard. The only thing I'd change and add is Jon's survival and why. During his one on one with the night king, he receives a hand from a surprise character. Two actually. The first makes his appearance after a big bang of a smoke bomb and when the smoke's almost all swept away by the wind, Batman emerges. Behind Batman you see something coming toward them from a distance but at super human speed. When this person arrives and stops to acknowledge Jon and Batman it's revealed to be the sparkly vampire Edward Cullen. Together all three take on the night king. Needless to say they fuck his shit up. They even skull fuck him at one point.

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#6662 gün önce
  • Even your story is boaring. I dont even watched your full story video.. sorry

    R. K.R. K.2 gün önce
  • So good. Just so much better.

    DrummerlovesBookwormDrummerlovesBookworm2 gün önce
    • We need fan fiction awards.....

      DrummerlovesBookwormDrummerlovesBookworm2 gün önce
  • Except Jaime has to be dead for Arya to wear his face...

    Phillip RiggsPhillip Riggs2 gün önce
  • Loved the last series and the ending. Was worth waiting for

    Natalia ClarkeNatalia Clarke3 gün önce
  • now I feel much more better :) and I wish to forget the real shit (puke)

    Firefly Preservation SolutionFirefly Preservation Solution3 gün önce
  • Loved your version of ending!

    Arun KarthaArun Kartha3 gün önce
  • Your rewrite is fucking brilliant. I love it so much and I wish that we had seen something more like this.

    Christopher GordonChristopher Gordon3 gün önce
  • I don’t know why nobody talks about Cersei and Jamies death. THEY. DID. NOT. DESERVE. TO. DIE. LIKE. THAT. It’s was way to easy and too good considering Jamie once said he’d want to die in the hands of the woman that he loved. I wanted to see them suffer, especially Cersei but now that I think about it, Jamie too, I wanted him to pay for what he did to Brienne. What I would have wanted to see is either Aria puting both Cersei and Jamie in chains, the making Jamie watch as she stabs Cersei in the stomach multiple times killing her baby and then slitting her throat while looking down at her and saying “the north remembers” (like she did with walder frey) and then killing Jamie too. Or I would love to Cersei and Jamie as prisoners, and Cersei being executed in front of Jamie. Sansa would behead her saying “the north remembers”( yes I love that phrase way too much and I want to use it everywhere) I would love to have that sort of parallel, Cersei, several years later in Kings Landing being beheaded by Sansa Stark herself, finally getting revenge on her father.

    Vesa HasaniVesa Hasani3 gün önce
  • I don’t get what was wrong it was a season finale and it’s not by Disney not every main character is going to survive

    Jeff21killer SepJeff21killer Sep3 gün önce
  • Wait wouldnt the dragons due since there magic

    JOSE KJOSE K3 gün önce
  • Absolutely amazing, much better than the original !!!!!!!

    Angel AtanasovAngel Atanasov3 gün önce
  • Everything EXCEPT the Arya/Jaime thing is great...that part is a no go...

    TheZemb1999TheZemb19994 gün önce
  • Still a better love story than twilight.

    partya11night20partya11night204 gün önce
  • Just awsm 😭😭😭😭 I hate d&d more now

    arpan mukherjeearpan mukherjee4 gün önce
  • wow I'm not even halfway through this and I'm already very impressed. Find a producer? Oh, and a lot of lawyers and billionaires to help you get the rights...

    Ryan BakerRyan Baker4 gün önce
  • I liked most of this but not sure I want to see Jaime kill Cersei. I never saw Cersei as simply an evil character per se. Also Dany supposedly can't bear children and having her have an heir is nice and all but thats a little too storybook for me. Also, I could give two fucks about Ellaria sand. The story shoud have never made her kill Cersei's daughter, Martell was a grown man an volunteered for that task. GOT just wanted more wild and wacky plot TwIsTs so those two things happened which I never agreed with. Just IMO Ellaria breaking out wouldn't add anything to the finales, she's old news by now and I don't see anyone being emotionally invested in her anymore (but I could be wrong). Also not sure how I feel about Jon being killed off, although according to the internal story logic you presented, it seems that it could be plausible. Just not sure I wouldn't want to see him survive, with or without Danaerys by his side, although the way you composed it would indeed make a very impactful scene. Overall I appreciated most of your changes though. Nice job. You definitely did a far better job than DnD thats for sure. You have the superior version of the KL and NK battles for sure.

    Zimmit's FunHouse AdventureZimmit's FunHouse Adventure4 gün önce
  • gonna be honest...I would have been happier if they have just had the night king kill everybody and have him sit on the iron throne. It would have been better than the crap they shat out in season 8. However I do love your version as well.

    Lucky ZeguroLucky Zeguro4 gün önce
  • Fuck this was so good

    Georgia HernandezGeorgia Hernandez4 gün önce
  • jesus christ, this is so much better its nuts

  • sweet jesus major chills at 15:57

    Laurel StreedLaurel Streed4 gün önce
  • Stupid sexy Flanders!

    NatasjaNatasja4 gün önce

    haeyinhaeyin4 gün önce
  • I really liked it, apart from one thing. You have connected Jon’s revival with children of the forest... He was resurrected by Melissandre, with help (?) of R’hlor. It seems there are many types of magic in the GoT world, not only children of the forests one.. I love the fact that he will die (D&D) did not have balls to kill of any major character in the last season. Still, a big like from me.

    Jakub FiutJakub Fiut5 gün önce
  • Once again, fans make make more compelling stories than Hollywood hacks. I'm looking at you Star Wars

    Storymaker2Storymaker25 gün önce
  • My biggest enjoyment out of this (if that's english) is varys doesn't have a reason to stupidly betray dany, he deserves a better death. Plus I imagined in the scene where they discuss burning the main wherewood tree he says "destroying all magic" or something like that with relief, calling back to the wizard dude that cut off varys jr. Maybe have a 4 person sort of duel between varys, qyburn, the hound and yhe mountain where they all die (varys schemes qyburn to death somehow, mountain kills varys for killing his revivor, hound kills both of them similar to the show). Also mellidanre can die actually fulfilling a purpose in giving time for the survivors of winteffell to flee. Bronn can have riverrun, not high garden after threating edwin tully instead of threatening jaime and tyrion maybe guaranteeing them safe passage into kings landing instead. Jaime can stay true to brien, who's ending is made better with your changes. Arya, considering her main motivation is fueled by family just needs to promise to return to make her ending a tad better I reckon. Missandei and grey worm can have a happy ending instead of a forced death and a character dumb down. Gendry would still be hard to fix, but perhaps he could still become Lord of storms end if when they introduced samwells father, they introduced the new Lord of storms end after stannis death, who could be killed off in the final battle and have gendry prove himself worthy to the other clansmen of house Baratheon. Then poor tormund, why did he go beyond the wall afterwards? He was fighting to bring his people beyond the wall where food isn't scarce, pretty simple what to do there. Kinda got carried away spitballing here. AND BRAN!!! Master of whispers? I got you covered my dude. Daario could come back as kingsguard to dany. Yara was done as well as could have been with the episode count except make her an independent state like she and dany agreed on. And last one before I'm done, aryas gonna need a chef on her travels, no? Meat pie anyone? (I think that's his name)

    jimmy budgysmugglerjimmy budgysmuggler5 gün önce
  • It should’ve ended with dae with small cute wings and drogon was a girl and got pregnant with a human

    Thea M.Thea M.5 gün önce
  • This version is amazing it is so beautiful and I could imagine seeing it all oh what could have been thank you for making an alternate ending

    Jose HJose H5 gün önce
  • wow !!! im blown away with ur story dude ... u should've direct the final season ....

    Tadeh TarverdianTadeh Tarverdian5 gün önce
  • If avenger end game can be re-released then why cant season 8 of GOT?? Hit like if u agree ✌️

    Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma5 gün önce
  • ok this is even worse.

    Tiemoué BakayokoTiemoué Bakayoko5 gün önce
  • There’s a pretty gaping hole in that Dany can still withstand fire and Arya can still change faces after the weirwood tree and all of the world’s magic is destroyed? (Which even if Arya’s somehow immune she shouldn’t be able to do while Jamie lives.). I would like this ending without the killing of all magic...

    rose lindsayrose lindsay6 gün önce
  • This should be adapeted As a new remake of game of thrones season 8 Untill george RR Martin finishes his books

    AMV tunesAMV tunes6 gün önce
  • No, just no, you did a lot of stuff right with this, I’ll give you that, but game of thrones from the beginning to the end is the story of the stark family and you completely disregarded that!

    Yair ParnasYair Parnas6 gün önce
  • Great synopsis. I enjoyed this far more than the season but.....Arya could not wear Jaime's face (he would be dead) and then return to take down Cersei.

    Andrew WestAndrew West6 gün önce
  • Wow. Your version is actually perfect.

    Briony HallBriony Hall6 gün önce
  • Cute. Don’t quit your day job.

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia6 gün önce
  • How is it that one person who have made this video could come up with a better ending then the writers of this famous show?

    Alexandra HernandezAlexandra Hernandez6 gün önce
  • Well every things is right in this video but jons death makes me sad

    Aayush PandeyAayush Pandey6 gün önce
  • This is the end Daenerys deserves!!!

    carom212carom2127 gün önce
  • Season 8 - The battle of the Knight King/Winterfell Season 9 - The battle of Kings Landing/ Cersei death. Season 10 - Dany reign and downfall. D&D rushed and did a sloppy job finishing what was an amazing epic story. It still hurts how much they messed it up. I hope they are never allowed to write anything else. For the good of the realm ;)

    KissedByFire SkyeKissedByFire Skye7 gün önce
  • I would've wanted a lesser known character to rule the 7 kingdoms, like theon greyjoy.

    Sez AnnSez Ann7 gün önce
  • I find confort on your words

    nelio nascimentonelio nascimento7 gün önce
  • Better than fucking original season but I still prefer waiting for GRRM

    Faraj MassahFaraj Massah7 gün önce
  • i do not like your version i prefer the ending that was shown us ....sorry yours is terrible...but thanks 4 trying...

    Joe DeRoseJoe DeRose7 gün önce
  • To be fair, Frodo destroying the ring in the books was not at the end. Not at all.

    w0bbl3rw0bbl3r7 gün önce
  • This is the canon now

    SARSAR7 gün önce
  • From today on, I would like to believe this is how it all ended.

    Priyanshu TyagiPriyanshu Tyagi8 gün önce
  • Or at the very least when Jon kills Dany it could've played out like this🤷🏾‍♂️ How it could've of ended. Upon discovering his Mothers lifeless body. Drogon sets his gaze upon her murderer. Teeth bared, chest glowing Drogon engulfs Jon Snow in dragon fire. But this wasn't normal dragon fire this was pure uncaged rage so much that the the flame that he previously spat to level King's landing paled in comparison to the heat and shear volume of this black death that now spewed from his mouth. After unleashing his fury he pauses a moment to ensure that he destroyed the one that had slain his mother. To his dismay there were no ashy remains no, there only lied a man, a man unburnt at that. But something was different the man was different his hair that was once brown now silver his eyes that were once brown now a bluish purple much like his mother. The man says nothing just looks up and stares at Drogon who is stunned at first but readies a second blast until something forcibly compels him to lower his head it was almost as if he was forced into submission. Slowly Aegon Targaryen rises. In silence turns his gaze to where Danery's body once laid. It is gone without a trace. He then slowly turns and walks to the iron throne he says nothing he only sits in deep thought. Drogon also walks slowly to the iron throne and sits behind it. And this is how Grey Worm a group of unsullied and a handful of Dothraki would discover the man formerly know as Jon Snow. He and Drogon in silence staring at them studying them as if they were deciding if the group of men before them were now friend or foe. All hail Aegon Targaryen 8th of his name He would later be known as Aegon the undying.

    Lord Leo TacticalLord Leo Tactical8 gün önce
  • Arya and the hound should've battled the mountain and kill Cersei together the two people that are shity and mad their lives horrible

    bad boibad boi8 gün önce
How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended