How Hard Fighting Game Combos used to be

Man has anybody noticed fighting game combos are basic as hell ! Like they used to be so complex and now they just so damn simple this is what we think happened 不不 Like,Comment And Tag 3 FRiends!
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  • How I felt about the MK series 不不不

    Darryl RogersDarryl Rogers33 dakika 繹nce
  • It reminds me of the infinite combos in killer instinct 不不

    Grant MoatsGrant MoatsSaatler 繹nce

    A180CombatBowser Game proA180CombatBowser Game proSaatler 繹nce
  • Damn so hard

    Subscribe if you see this doggoSubscribe if you see this doggo3 saatler 繹nce
  • I get aggravated with all the new games because of the easy combos, it ruined the skill gap

    Daniel WrenDaniel Wren4 saatler 繹nce
  • On point mk fatalities were a force, shit even nba live dunk contest had secret dunks had to look up

    Felix OrtizFelix Ortiz4 saatler 繹nce
  • Bruh on point lmfaooooo nowadays maaa easy

    Felix OrtizFelix Ortiz4 saatler 繹nce
  • Mkx

    Mobile.FrodshawMobile.Frodshaw8 saatler 繹nce
  • Tell me if you know this gta 5 cheat code for ps3 R1 R1 O R2 漎儭∴漎儭∴

    MemerMan tmMemerMan tm11 saatler 繹nce
  • This shit is why I stick with blazblue

    Blue rose KoroBlue rose Koro11 saatler 繹nce
  • Lol yall remember the missions in marvel vs capcom 3. Some of those combos felt impossible

    DavinnoDavinno12 saatler 繹nce
  • I have a Tekken arcade in my man cave and that list is half of the combo's

    Thomas LabelleThomas Labelle15 saatler 繹nce
  • Mk 3 brutalities in a nutshell lol

    June SummerJune Summer16 saatler 繹nce
  • i bet that's how hard PS5 combos gon be

    teboho tsehloaneteboho tsehloane16 saatler 繹nce
  • They should have more games with impossible combos, then more people will get mad, study/work hard, go to college and get a degree. That would lead to getting a job in the industry of coding/creating their own games, becoming wealthy.

    88Keys88Keys16 saatler 繹nce
  • This is one of the best revenge stories out there.

    Andrew McGuinnessAndrew McGuinness16 saatler 繹nce
  • Oh, so this is how BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle combos were created

    Marth KoopaMarth Koopa17 saatler 繹nce
  • Dragon ball Fighterz in a nutshell

    Kree DradKree Drad17 saatler 繹nce
  • This is so true. I've been through this a million times. Lol

    WendellWendell18 saatler 繹nce
  • Killer Instinct... First time I got cramps in my fingers.

    Dapper KnightDapper Knight18 saatler 繹nce
  • My boy went to school for it

    LinglingLingling18 saatler 繹nce
  • Remember when you have to pay people to give you a list of MK II fatality?

    PatrickPatrick18 saatler 繹nce
  • This is street fighter 5. The only game where mashing the exact combo quickly nets you 2 slow normal attacks with awkward pauses.

    Ryan SizemoreRyan Sizemore21 saatler 繹nce
  • Dragonball fighterZ did this to me with the combo tutorials rip

    Sagid SalehSagid Saleh22 saatler 繹nce
  • This sounds like what happened at arksys

    FF18CloudFF18CloudG羹n 繹nce
  • Juggle the controller three times with your feet? Bruh wut??? Lmao

    ForestDripForestDripG羹n 繹nce
  • Me trying to combo at all in smash bros

    JigaloooJigaloooG羹n 繹nce
  • 0:36 Tekken 7 Music

    Zer GamingZer GamingG羹n 繹nce
  • 銃銃毯銃 鈮鈮銃銃鈮銃﹤ 銃鈮銃韶銃詮陽 銃銃啤銃銃韶陲銃 銃鈮鈮 銃毯鈮鈮鈮銃 銃銃毯

    Dawn BaileyDawn BaileyG羹n 繹nce
  • this dude got a red door

    LoopoohLoopoohG羹n 繹nce
  • Everytime I play Street Fighter basically

    C&M PunkC&M PunkG羹n 繹nce
  • 0:18 am i trippin or combo 1 say juggle the controller three times wit yo feet.

    Aylan SonAylan SonG羹n 繹nce
  • Omg this is so true

    XcreenplayXcreenplayG羹n 繹nce
  • I rember getting one skill shot in every fighting games like tekken, guilty GEAR, Naruto ultimate Ninja storm

    villain heroes couldn't kill motha fu*kavillain heroes couldn't kill motha fu*kaG羹n 繹nce
  • That 2k21 shot stick got me like this.

    Jerred FinchJerred FinchG羹n 繹nce
  • To be continued 不不

    Sherod BrownSherod BrownG羹n 繹nce
  • All that to do 3 damage while a regular attack does 10

    Ok OutletOk OutletG羹n 繹nce
  • Me trying to play mortal kombat

    Butterfly QueenButterfly QueenG羹n 繹nce
  • Ong now it's like 3 buttons

    Rod to SmooveRod to SmooveG羹n 繹nce
  • *Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4* *has left the chat*

    IsoAwayThePainIsoAwayThePainG羹n 繹nce
  • Mortal Kombat Deception Konquest Mode

    James JrJames JrG羹n 繹nce
  • I used to play tekken with my dad this man was literally hitting every special as i watched my hp go down

    Mr ExpressoMr ExpressoG羹n 繹nce
  • When u ass at 2k20 tryna dribble

    FN saucyyFN saucyyG羹n 繹nce
  • bruh they start too close to each other

    MLGskitto 2078MLGskitto 2078G羹n 繹nce
  • Goofball for this one

    David BrownDavid BrownG羹n 繹nce
  • Fighterz doesnt even tell your real combos

    King SavageKing SavageG羹n 繹nce
  • This is me when supers or special moves require to press up, like, i don't understand 360簞s, how the fuck, that's the jump button, you don't do that shit in the air, by the time i finished the rotation my guy is falling from the jump, what the fuck i hatE IT

    Lautaro VidalLautaro VidalG羹n 繹nce
  • 2:52 you got me

    Silly crane21Silly crane21G羹n 繹nce
  • The ending, every Katarina player.

    razor1199razor1199G羹n 繹nce
  • The old tony hawk special move combos! They let you make it on your own but it was impossible to hit those buttons at once

    tyree warnertyree warnerG羹n 繹nce
  • Xxxxxxxxx. "Now every fighting game in the world going to be just like this!" Truth hurts dude. Stop.

    Ronin8300Ronin8300G羹n 繹nce
  • Lmao 不

    The Bridges FamilyThe Bridges FamilyG羹n 繹nce
  • I almost died.....this was too much...theres a part two to the combo....dead.

    HunterHunterG羹n 繹nce
  • Used to be? Someone's never played Naoto Kurogane in BlazBlue

    AngelsAegisAngelsAegisG羹n 繹nce
  • All it took was four years and 40k

    TomToms8TomToms8G羹n 繹nce
  • He sounded like Chris rock at the end

    SmizlySmizlyG羹n 繹nce
  • I wonder if people peeped the underlying message. If you want to see something change, do something about it.

    Blaq IntellektBlaq IntellektG羹n 繹nce
  • Nobody talking about the combo where you juggle the controller and break the analog then fix it

    Cycle rcorzo73Cycle rcorzo73G羹n 繹nce
  • I aint gone say hidden message but .. message ahaha jkjk

    GrahambiiGrahambiiG羹n 繹nce
  • I still like how you had to press alot of buttons to do a combo, atleast its better than just pressing 1 button to do a whole combo

    JysteryJysteryG羹n 繹nce
  • If u read the the combos it said break the analog skin then fix it

    Dus takes WallsDus takes Walls2 g羹n 繹nce
  • I remember this shit in Tekken 5 when i was a kid

    Son RyuSon Ryu2 g羹n 繹nce
  • So we just going to ignore Akumas ultra finisher Ngl it took my 3 days and 2 nights to master it

    Luther TurnerLuther Turner2 g羹n 繹nce
  • You ever seen hammer combos on fang wild on the game brawlhalla

    Ic3y Fr0ggyIc3y Fr0ggy2 g羹n 繹nce
  • omg this was me playing tekkan back in the day.. all the homies would spend hours reading and practicing combos but i couldnt be bothered.

    WuqzWuqz2 g羹n 繹nce
  • What if you wanted skilled combos but super smash Bros said A button

    Parker BurrowsParker Burrows2 g羹n 繹nce
  • yo is he related to bernie mac? the eyes and facial expressions are so similar!!

    Dr. PrepperDr. Prepper2 g羹n 繹nce
  • At 2:48 he sounds like Levin Hart to me

    Porche' CarterPorche' Carter2 g羹n 繹nce
  • "It's really niggas out here learning these combos"I felt that

    Jacob LawryJacob Lawry2 g羹n 繹nce
  • Kings rolling death cradle in a nutshell

    Keali'i CooperKeali'i Cooper2 g羹n 繹nce
How Hard Fighting Game Combos used to be