• Thank you so much for half a million subscribers. I hope this video strikes a balance between helpful and entertaining. I encourage everyone with the faintest interest in animation to try out this process, it's really fun and unique. It's okay to steal my style outright, imitation is flattery and the greatest jumping off point for finding your own style. Links in the description to everything you'll need! Much love

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    • What a damn legend

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    • Too bad it’s 800k

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    • You are the best human, I love you guy.

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    • Thanking for mouse clicks.. such a shitty trend

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    • Thx man

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  • this man talks like me during a stroke in a dream. I love it

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  • over 15% of all views have liked the video. and deserved.

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  • I sorta understand but i didn't get the whole editing part

    fly tiefly tie3 saatler önce
  • oh wow. i HONESTLY thought it was just filters filters filters, but this looks like it would take over fucking 12 hours for like 500 frames, which is so much slower than normal animation. Normal animation could take like 2-4 hours just for like 600. thats an incredible demonstration of how to do this though

    - Ten Zen -- Ten Zen -3 saatler önce
  • Havervision animation style.

    Josephkerr101Josephkerr1013 saatler önce
  • this makes me appreciate animators for their hard work (especially animators for movies)

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  • This video is an educational mindfuck

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  • 1:36 :)

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  • When I saw him tracing a frame by hand, I was like oh.... Then I saw him do the rest of the frames automatically and I was like oh!...

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  • who else saw this and said fuck that

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  • Thanks for sharing how to do this. We will be using out knowledge to help out business. So thank you!! We will be using your tips to help our company grow!!!

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  • The long slow zoom at the end was hilarious

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  • i did this to make my pfp, and then saw this months later, im talking about on discord, Krykxz/12A#4219, add me and dont add me just so you can see my pfp

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  • Thank you Joel the rpg guy or mafia guy or this green guy

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  • Do you use thicker lines because the ai can handle it or is it more of an aesthetic choice? I'm curious how detailed you can make ebsynth work before it's just garbled mess regardless

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  • Ok so it just ebsynth, cool anyway though

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  • Seems easy enough

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  • Cool

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  • This is genre should be called "haver"

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  • you can replace the expensive software with a free paint program like paint.net for drawing the keyframes, and FFMPEG for converting you videos to a PNG sequence and convert you PNG sequence to a video.

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  • Haha. Very Funny

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  • This looked like an AI trying to place a digital drawing over a moving object Huh guess I was right

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  • Oh right on, thanks a lot for sharing this.

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  • How long does a 1 minute video take you to animate?

    ThatSilverXJThatSilverXJ12 saatler önce
    • On my podcast recently Joel Haver said it can be around 40 hours for a 2-3 minute video, and that his 'playing an RPG for a second time' video took the longest at 70 hours.

      Cody ClarkeCody Clarke8 saatler önce
  • I actualy thought he's just gonna make a joke about it like broooo this guys i a legend he actually did a tutorial

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  • wow

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  • The 5th wall

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  • This is how I shot my video “into the void” on my channel

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    • @Cody Clarke super appreciate that!

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    • Excellent work!

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  • how do you add the background with the green screen?

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  • The word Joel hunts me since a new game released in June 19, 2020

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  • It's a very cool and unique style. Really could see this being a show on adult swim or something.

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  • Idk but I kept coming back to watch this video lol this is my 4th time already.

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  • you gotta partner with the creators of Rock and Mirty,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

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  • half a million?? that was like 1 week ago!

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  • So we're basically watching one giant GIF file. Got it. Loljk

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  • the real question tho, are you single?

    SzobizSzobiz16 saatler önce

    SzobizSzobiz16 saatler önce
  • When you say shot, do you mean shot? or like frame?

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  • Ur super talented, keep making the videos bro 😎👍

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  • its seriously a travesty with how many views to subscribers you have. Wish you the best man

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  • Thank you absinthe!

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  • this was actually my introduction to joel haver's work- and i wouldn't have it any other way

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  • The animations so smooth

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  • absolutely incredible.

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  • Who is Joe? ...... JOE MA MA LOL

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  • this is time consuming

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  • thank you

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  • You've touched the balls that are my eyes. Thank

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  • You're one of the most amazing people that i'm see in internet

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  • Damn I thought you where rotoscoping... I mean you KINDOF are, but not really.

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  • Half a milion subscribers? It's been ONE month and it's 1958829 subs! Con grats bro! Keep up the good work!

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  • i thought he just never moved while speaking cuz hes very weird

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  • The joojoo anf blulblu is very important especially the fluflu.

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  • Art is Technology

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  • Still nuts that the backgrounds are animated/made in photoshop

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  • Thank you for sharing, now everyone can do this awesome effect! :D

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  • Animateception.

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  • Love you ❤️

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  • That's so cool!!!

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  • you look older in the animation

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  • 4:39 for personal usage 😂

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  • Joel has bless us...

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  • We love you too, Joel ❤️

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  • He animated himself animating

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  • I really would love to see the Big Lez Show try this kind of animation. I think it might be easier/faster to keep chugging content out, without the need of drawing EVERYTHING themselves! 👍🏼

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  • This is nice but it looks like torture to animate

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  • He reminds me of James Halliday from ready player one

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  • 'A Scanner Darkly' would have loved to have had this tool, I bet.

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  • i thought you were holding an ak47 in the thumbnail

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