How Iran's Soleimani became a US target

He commanded an army of militias across the Middle East.
Correction: In a previous version of this video, we mistakenly labelled Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as Ayatollah Khomeini. We regret the error.
Before Qassem Soleimani was killed in a US air strike in Iraq, he was arguably Iran's second most important leader. He commanded the soldiers and spies of Iran's elite Quds Force, a group whose job was to forge partnerships with militias across the Middle East, through which Soleimani spread Iran's influence and his own. From Hezbollah in Lebanon to the many Shia militias in Iraq, these groups played a central role in the medley of wars that have roiled the Middle East for the last few decades. Soleimani didn't invent Iran's use of proxy militias; that dates back to at least 1979, when Iran's new regime looked around the region and found many enemies and few friends. But 40 years later, thanks in part to Soleimani's work, Iran has the advantage in the Middle East.
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  • So this started with fear of sunni countries over Shia country...I like Israel and Iran both being surrounded by enemies still had dominance

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  • Did you know? That Sulmani had been aiming for a few years before and simply saw the same assassins together with the same senior who should have been eliminated in Syria and delayed the assassination until Sulmani left the assassination range? Sulmani was indeed a political figure and did everything according to international laws that charged a human price, so I think that Suleimani case needs to make a change in the international law of the Middle Eastern grasshoppers.

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  • Hezbollah being hit hard and still mourning and cry...they cursed too much

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  • Thousands of Soylaimani born Everyday in iran Don't worry I love iran ♥ Go ahead we all support u

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  • So Oil , Capitalism and Jewish-Muslim tensions has pushed the whole Middle east into chaos and civil unrest in Iraq, Syria and Yemen

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  • Am I the only one that notices that why Iran is in war stuff almost since revolution

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  • He died like a DOG.

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  • USA is undoubtedly the most powerful and technologically and military advanced country. But, what goes around comes around karma is real and revenge will be taken.

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  • those groups in Iraq Syria Lebanon and Yemen that were protesting for sulamania's death are a very small part of the population Iraq does not want Suleiman or Iran meddling in Iraqi politics just look at they anti Iranian protests that happend in Iraq in October of 2019 The IRAQI PEOPLE DO NOT SUPPORT IRAN AND ITS AGGRESSIVE STRATEGY IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

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  • Gotta say, this jaakesh was not our hero by any means. Maybe to a small portion of the population, like 5% or less, most of us didn't know he existed until he died (most Iranians don't care about politics) and the ones that did know of him hated his guts.

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  • was this just half a year ago? seems like forever

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  • The US looted Iran's democracy - why is that not part of this story?

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  • The US ruins the Middle East as a whole. If no western influence was ever their all the countries would be in peace with their own oil and Palestine would be free.

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    • lol if you knew one thing about the middle east,you wouldn't say that. usa and israel haven't done anythng and without them the problems would still exist ,the problem was always there,you deal with it and don't point fingers

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  • Bottom line is oil. US wants Oil cheap.

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  • And who was responsible for destabilizing the middle east after Iraq war in 2003 despite of all the reports that Iraq doesn’t own massive destruction weapons? Which led to submitting Iraq on a plate of gold to Iran? *Bush’s* America 🙂

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  • Actually,at 7:09,hezbollah isn't the target for mass protest,the footage here is actually a protest against the Lebanese government.

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  • Iran should be a democratic country.

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  • So the US can just airstrike anybody

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    • Facts

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  • Is he good or bad

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    • When US terrors someone powerful from its enemy, you know how he was...

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  • I'm 25, not very old, but one thing I have never heard in my entire life is the peace in the middle east. As things stand, don't think I am gonna hear that word in middle east any time soon either. This also makes me greatful that I am not from that region.

    PRATEEKsirjiPRATEEKsirji7 gün önce
    • The quickest way for peace to come is for Syria's Civil War to end and America and Russia stop aiding their side in the Iranian/Saudi Cold War and the Syrian Civil War see no sign of stopping soon and same with America and Russia because being friendly with Iran/Saudi for oil is more important

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  • It is clear that the United States is afraid of Iran....... from turkey

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    • Ismail Hassan Actually that was the main reason they killed him. They were afraid of him cause he stood against them in the Middle East as you saw in the vid, & he also was a military genius. Even American Generals have said that.

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    • If usa was afraid then they wouldn't have killed the 2nd most important person in Iran

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  • Quds? Does that mean jerusalem?

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    • Yes.

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  • Suleimani was a great and brave soldier! He will live forever !

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  • Qassem Soleimani was the enemy of the devil, America is the great devil

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  • Qassem Soleimani was the enemy of the devil, America is the great devil

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How Iran's Soleimani became a US target