How Time Be Moving in Anime REACTION

These guys are too funny!!!
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  • Wondering if you actually managed to buy Gigguk's "Mothafakin Tea" mug.

    Shinigami TeichouShinigami Teichou4 aylar önce
  • Can you watch the video the importance of Near. It defends the character Near feom Death Note and has good points. The link is down below.

    Marc AldreteMarc Aldrete5 aylar önce
  • Za Warudo! Grind to a halt!

    TornexusTornexus5 aylar önce
  • plot twist. the new move was talk no jutsu. in other words he is god.

    jdogzero silverbladejdogzero silverblade5 aylar önce
  • i was expecting a za warudo reference at some point

    Kisuko EVKisuko EV5 aylar önce
How Time Be Moving in Anime REACTION