How Time Be Moving in Anime REACTION

These guys are too funny!!!
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  • Wondering if you actually managed to buy Gigguk's "Mothafakin Tea" mug.

    Shinigami TeichouShinigami TeichouYıl önce
  • Can you watch the video the importance of Near. It defends the character Near feom Death Note and has good points. The link is down below.

    Marc AldreteMarc AldreteYıl önce
  • Za Warudo! Grind to a halt!

    TornexusTornexusYıl önce
  • plot twist. the new move was talk no jutsu. in other words he is god.

    jdogzero silverbladejdogzero silverbladeYıl önce
  • i was expecting a za warudo reference at some point

    Kisuko EVKisuko EVYıl önce
How Time Be Moving in Anime REACTION