How to Build Sim Racing Cockpit Works with Any Game/Console

In today's video I want to show you revolutionary invention :) Simulator racing cockpit that works no matter which game and console you want to play! It has fully functional very sensetive steering wheel and 2 pedals Brake and Accelerator which also very sensetive! The best thins that all this simulator extremly cheap to buold, you can use cardboard and a few pvc pipes! After that install your tv and console! Pure satisfaction guaranteed :)
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  • Will it work with MOTO GP 19

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  • You're better off with a load cell setup, direct drive wheel, and shifter.

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  • Does it Have force feedback

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  • How do u connect the strings to the steering

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  • What if you spill water

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  • There’s no shifter?

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  • すごいですね! 参考させてもらいます。 日本人僕だけ?

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  • I dont see a clutch pedal. May be he is American.

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  • Just use the controller takes hours to build time you could of spent playing the game

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  • i feel like it's gonna break really easy tho

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  • Ótimo trabalho, isso que é engenharia!! 😜

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  • who else isn’t bothered to build this but still watches the video

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  • I don’t think anyone has that much cardboard.....

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    • Dude cardboard is so inexpensive

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  • Can you make me one and send it to me

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  • First i want to ask you a question that where do you get these Too Straight Cardboards that never bends when apply bit of weight ? Please tell me because i want to make DIY Bigben tower clock of London's.

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How to Build Sim Racing Cockpit Works with Any Game/Console