How to Build Sim Racing Cockpit Works with Any Game/Console

In today's video I want to show you revolutionary invention :) Simulator racing cockpit that works no matter which game and console you want to play! It has fully functional very sensetive steering wheel and 2 pedals Brake and Accelerator which also very sensetive! The best thins that all this simulator extremly cheap to buold, you can use cardboard and a few pvc pipes! After that install your tv and console! Pure satisfaction guaranteed :)
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  • Wow I wish I could have this to but I don't have so many things but wow

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  • Live this vid but I just spent the last 20 minutes tracking down that last song. It's so freaking cool! If anyone's looking for it: The Furthermores feat. Divty - BLACK MAGIC

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  • Amazing and the way you make this total amazing

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  • No, just buy a wheel

  • Or just buy one

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  • It'll be awesome of you painted it

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  • You are wasting many pipes and cardboard

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  • What about the other buttons

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  • Wow

  • sell the seat and buy a g29 :d?

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  • Is he ever gonna make a whole working car out of cardboard? *somebody sign me for that*

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  • its cool but for the price of all that cardboard you might aswell go buy the real thing

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  • I made it but it was a little bigger cuz my tv is a smart hub and its a little big and it tuke me 12 days and 21 hours The Q u have done it really weelll

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  • My opinion but I would 100% paint the cardboard

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  • Muito bom VC e crê ativo

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  • Does this remind u when mr bean is on the top roof of the the car driving sitting on a couch

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  • Genius

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  • I would rather buy my own simulator than buy a cardboard PS4 pipes and a lot more crap to not work at all

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  • Who actually built this?

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  • Is no one asking where he got all that cardboard

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    • Lutho Fekisi Yep no one except you

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  • I bet all of that cost as most as a wheel

  • *"Makes everything out of cardboard"* *"grabs expensive racing char out of nowhere"*

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  • Idk why im watchi g this ive got a sim rig 😂

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  • wow great idea i might go to the junk yard and grab real wheel and pedals and maybe a seat (will not use a toyota though dont need the accelerator pedal sticking lol) hate to not be able to stop and crash into the wall

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How to Build Sim Racing Cockpit Works with Any Game/Console