How To Get Rid of Rust, Restoring the Honda Trail 90 Sitting 37 years, pt3,

in this chapter of the honda trail 90 l picked up last year, we get to fix up the gas tank with evaporust and boil the chain in oil to clean it, plus getting the rest of the bike into shape,



  • 7:25 looks like you lost the rubber on the tip of your gun. Careful, or we might be seeing little Musties in about eight months! Speaking of rubber, don't chains come with little o-rings, and won't the heat compromise those? That handlebar switch near the throttle, 3D printing with ABS filament would probably work. Just need a 3D scanner, then add in the missing area in Fusion 360 or other software.

    Peace LovePeace Love5 gün önce
  • If you use electrolysis to remove rust, you don't have to keep buying anything. And you clearly deal with more rust than most of us! Keep up the great work!

    Peace LovePeace Love5 gün önce
  • Mustie the Chain Chef 😂

    Adam GamesAdam Games6 gün önce
  • Mustie1 What Model/Brand is your lift? Thanks

    Ralph RichardsonRalph Richardson7 gün önce
  • It is 30 dollars at O'Rileys

    Terin GastelTerin Gastel12 gün önce
  • Put red kote in it

    Terin GastelTerin Gastel12 gün önce
  • Mustie1 I use Kreem gas tank liner once all the loose rust is removed.

    Dave B.Dave B.12 gün önce
  • For some reason you remind me of Steve1989MREInfo so much. I think it's the voice.

    DanDan12 gün önce
  • Try some pea shaped gravel ,put into tank and shake to get to rust in hard to get areas ,don't forget to count them so none get left behind, then apply tank sealer, a petrol proof resin which sets hard and also seals any pin prick holes.

    Tony CarruthersTony Carruthers14 gün önce
  • Gas tank dust.... Dont breath this. XD

    Donnie BietschekDonnie Bietschek17 gün önce
  • Good call blowing the water out of the tank after washing out. When I used evaporust on a tank, it worked well to clean out the rust but then when I let it sit and air dry, it rusted up again...

    Straight Up ShotsStraight Up Shots20 gün önce
  • At the end of the video that vw pickup, WOW! I especially love the paint tray air scoops. Now that's thinking out of the box. A great "getty up slow down the road ride". Brings back lots of memories.

    WoolyBuckWoolyBuck23 gün önce
  • I think Wolfsburg West is offering those gutter heater tubes now

    Saul KollSaul Koll23 gün önce
  • Instead of shaking, why not use a shop vac to clean it out?

    Coy HilronCoy Hilron24 gün önce
  • I think your bench grinder needs to be your next project.....

    MyMusic Account1MyMusic Account124 gün önce
  • Boiled in oil...god I love the internet !

    Warren HaubrichWarren Haubrich24 gün önce
  • I noticed you use WD-40 often, I was recently watching another favorite channel of mine called Abom79 and he was using WD-40 rust remover. I wonder how that would fit you needs. You have inspired me to work on some of my old junk, I recently finished an old (25 year) chainsaw and successfully managed to get it working, and I wanted to let you know that you are an absolute joy to watch and wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Gene GilsethGene Gilseth24 gün önce
  • Damn youtube, the non-optional keyboard controls, and comment WIP non-permanence! Can't recall my long comment, too tired, start from where I left off. No, it won't harm steel from prolonged soaking, it only affects rust. (though it does bring carbon to the surface of hardened steel) Thanks for the fun!

    TheFurriestOneTheFurriestOne24 gün önce
  • Musty you crazy trying to save that tank. Rust has gone to your head Haha.

    Max MaruszewskiMax Maruszewski25 gün önce
  • Red coat gas tank sealer

    Steeltree - homesteading with a twistSteeltree - homesteading with a twist26 gün önce
  • the speedo bulb might fit with one from a puch :)

    stener8888stener888826 gün önce
  • mmmmm, deep fried chain.

    Jojo Crazy CatJojo Crazy Cat27 gün önce
  • My old 1973 Honda 754cc motorcycle had a headlight you have to change the whole headlight. Hard to carry a spare bulb on a long trip when it the whole headlight. I have had the headlight burn out riding in the dark late night. And way out in the country with no street light to see around you. So i had to ride it back home in pure darkness.

    Jojo Crazy CatJojo Crazy Cat27 gün önce
  • Mustie1 , Knowing you, I know this Honda Trail 90 will have a good new life again ♥ The Honda Trail 90 is one of my all time favorite motorcycles so I am very much looking forward to seeing the successful completion of this project. I am sure many people will offer to buy it when you are done if you do not want to keep it for yourself :)

    Blu CrystlBlu Crystl27 gün önce
  • Another youtuber...used some paper towels inside of the clean wet gas tank and then used compressed air to "dance the cloths" around therefore wiping and drying the inside of the confines of the gas tank.

    Kevin SheaKevin Shea27 gün önce
  • thanks to mustie and the subscriber for the tip about the evapo-rust. saved me $350 and a month of waiting for a new motorcycle tank. it's a bit pricey, but worth it.

    Rebuild itRebuild it27 gün önce
  • I think a K90 is a much better idea...

    george georgakopoulosgeorge georgakopoulos28 gün önce
  • For cost effective rust removal simply put White-OX 1483205 1 lbs Rust Remover Crystals at one scoop (60cc) per gallon of water. It is simply Oxalic acid in crystal form. Cost is only about $14.00 to $16,00 USD for a one pound container of crystals at Ace Hardware or Walmart. Way cheaper than Evaporust at $17.00 USD per gallon. Only eats the iron oxide (rust) and will not remove chrome plating... It is used on fiberglass boats to remove rust stains from gelcoat without harming the fiberglass gelcoat. Will not harm painted surfaces. Can also use it in liquid form to spot remove rust stains from clothing when applied just before putting clothes into washing machine.

    cogito ipsumcogito ipsum28 gün önce
    • Correction use 4 scoops (60cc) per gallon of water.

      cogito ipsumcogito ipsum28 gün önce
  • Thanks for the quick view on the VW.

    Fire SafeFire Safe29 gün önce
  • Others have mentioned it, but I'll put in my two cents: You can leave the Evapo-Rust in that tank far longer. Not going to hurt anything other than the rust. If you can provide a source of warmth to it, it works quicker too. I've thought about setting up a vat with an aquarium heater, but never really needed to. All those saying it's just an expensive diluted acid, it's not. It uses a process called chelation to remove the rust. If you look that up, best I can describe it, it's basically forming ionic bonds with the rust to remove it from the steel. Best part about this stuff is in the end, it typically doesn't harm paint (unless the paint was lousy to being with), you don't need to neutralize it to stop it from eating away the good metal like you would with an acid, or caustic de-rusting agent, and you don't need a hazmat team to dispose of it once it's spent.

    Erik J.Erik J.29 gün önce
  • It would have been interesting to weigh each of them, cleaned and dried, to see how much steel has gone from the original tank ... also the way I was taught to assess chain wear was to fold the chain in half , hold the free ends and hold the chain horizontally. More than about 4" deflection and you would consider replacing the chain.

    Brian JonesBrian Jones29 gün önce
  • How did you like the Evap O Rust? I've seen the guy on Hand Tool Rescue use it and it looks like pretty good stuff.

    Donald ParkerDonald ParkerAylar önce
  • 18:52 that's really dangerous. I had a school teacher that ruined his arm by doing that exact thing.

    Rune Damsgaard RasmussenRune Damsgaard RasmussenAylar önce
  • the color of moon glass!

    Chillen ChillaChillen ChillaAylar önce
  • Eastwood motorcycle gas tank sealer kit, cleans, etches, and seals. $33.00, easy to use and works perfectly.

    TheMrSnyderTheMrSnyderAylar önce
  • Get a honda xr560r to ceep an play with

    Robert ReynoldsRobert ReynoldsAylar önce
  • The Evapo - Rust website has a video on painted items - looks like it works well and saves the paint.

    eurocarmaneurocarmanAylar önce
  • I've saved some stuff over the years but the muffler you saved was epic on this . , I learn on small carbs every time you save one 😉

    Albert sewellAlbert sewellAylar önce
  • Hi Mustie...have you ever tried POR15 gas tank sealer?

    Eugene CussenEugene CussenAylar önce
  • Thanks to David in Canada!

    heavydieselheavydieselAylar önce
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    David BakerDavid BakerAylar önce
  • I knew you’d get it!

    David BakerDavid BakerAylar önce
  • Curious if a magnet would help pull the particulate rust out of solution...

    dave52732dave52732Aylar önce
  • In the uk I used Putoline chain wax that was in a round tin that you put your chain into and heat it up! Worked awesome on my gpz900r chain back in the 90s!

    Stu JoblingStu JoblingAylar önce
  • Satisfying watching that paint come off the wheel to see that chrome. I have a 69 Beetle. Any recommendations to get a little surface rust off the body? Would like to spot prime and paint all rust spots and then get the whole car painted. Thanks.

    Pixel FixelPixel FixelAylar önce
  • I love the smell of deep fried chain and citrus paint stripper in the morning.

    David CatanachDavid CatanachAylar önce
  • That expensive rust remover, is sodium hydroxide (lye) or citric acid or phosphoric acid based. All are dirt cheap to buy as a chemical.

    Daver GDaver GAylar önce
    • It isn't acid based. I've had it all over my hands, and it basically feels like a detergent. I've had painted parts in it for days on end, to no ill effect. It uses a process called chelation to remove the rust.

      Erik J.Erik J.29 gün önce
  • Try MC-51 Rust Remover. I hear it works very good and is now available to be shipped in the United States.

    Grubbin64Grubbin64Aylar önce
  • Back in the 70s, we conditioned our chains by soaking them in a pan of STP (do they still sell STP?) and then heating it up like you did. The STP would stick to the chain where oil would get flung off.

    Joe RomanakJoe RomanakAylar önce
  • The old garage shop was better.

    Joanne WebbJoanne WebbAylar önce
  • Mustie it’s cheaper to shit a package to the states and back then it is to ship something across Canada

    Who said that ?Who said that ?Aylar önce
  • Thanks mustie1 great birthday video. Your shop is bad ass and you teach us all a lot thanks for that

    jslugbug37jslugbug37Aylar önce
  • Love the citristrip best paint stripper I've tried.

    James SkylesJames SkylesAylar önce
  • Blimey!. What would I give to have a wharehouse to work in.

    Doctor DirkDoctor DirkAylar önce
  • TELL JASON rain gutters are for houses not heaters. ha ha. THat is funnier than the paint tray air scoops.

    Mike Fn GarageMike Fn GarageAylar önce
  • Those Canadians are so darned nice. Good on ya Dave!

    mister klugemister klugeAylar önce
  • I used malt vinegar and over 4 days cleaned a tank amazing and was like £5 too

    Unplugged AutomotiveUnplugged AutomotiveAylar önce
  • my father would strap the tank to an old cement mixer and fill it with 5/16" nuts ( M8 ish) then set it spinning at different angles. After cleaning run it again tanks would come out great. Ready for coating.

    Frank NedobityFrank NedobityAylar önce
  • if the tank doesn't leak, I put sharp rocks in it and water and shake the shit out of it for a while. comes out looking sand blasted

    1962mrmongoman1962mrmongomanAylar önce
  • Hand Tool Rescue uses Evaporust specifically. Looks like you need a 55gal drum now :-)

    Christopher HemmerlingChristopher HemmerlingAylar önce
  • Maybe I should start my own TRvision channel for I talk to myself as I work. What’s bad as I now find myself answering my questions!

    Military MuseumMilitary MuseumAylar önce
  • I have a trail 90 that is not running. Been in barn for 40 yrs. I would be interested in selling it as a parts bike

    Bill SmithBill SmithAylar önce
  • Evaporust has 5 gal buckets with the basket in it.

    washietatonkawashietatonkaAylar önce
  • I have had excellent luck with the POR15 tank sealant system. I've done a couple of fairly large tanks (12-18 gallons) and even the one on my 1973 IH 464, which is a really strangely-shaped tank, sealed up where I had visible holes. The first trick is getting the inside of the tank clean. I've read a number of guys who have used muriatic acid, phoshoric acid, vinegar, and any number of other solutions. I've had good luck with a gallon of Simple Green, (citrus version), and then a thorough rinse. The POR15 sealant looks like silver paint, but it dries ceramic hard. EDIT: The Evap-O-Rust stuff did wonders on my rusty radiator/engine, too.

    mrblanchemrblancheAylar önce
  • cheaper to use feed molasses/water mixture for rust removal, and definitely won't harm paint.

    Glenn ThomasGlenn ThomasAylar önce
  • You can use Evaporust on the chain too. What are we having for lunch? Ummm... Chain in oil.

    Evergreen641Evergreen641Aylar önce
  • Looking forward to you working on Justie1

    Bernhard HiebertBernhard HiebertAylar önce
  • What for lunch dear Oh baked chain lmao!

    gbipit1gbipit1Aylar önce
  • Love your new shop! Can't wait to see the new metal working in action. Thank you for sharing great videos

    Ron WhiteRon WhiteAylar önce
  • I did a 1945 Willys military jeep restoration several years back and used a product called POR 15 to seal and reuse the original tank. I believe this product is designed to seal pin holes like you have in that beat up other tank.

    Rich JakowskiRich JakowskiAylar önce
How To Get Rid of Rust, Restoring the Honda Trail 90 Sitting 37 years, pt3,