How To Make a Helicopter CAR - Helicopter - Drone Car

Learn - How To Make Flying Helicopter Car
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  • how the hell will it fly when the rotorblades are completely flat and not used to produce any Kind of up-force… ridiculous that guy really Needs to learn how a helicopter or even a normal airplane works you can even see the rope to the drone… just insane

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  • This Project won't work

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  • did you see the propelar ? there is no aerodynamics . this video was edited .see the wire in 8:10

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  • The blades are flat and therefore provide next to no lift, but other than that it is pretty call

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  • Dear viewer: don’t try this. This design doesn’t work. First, dual prop instead of quad and no way to swivel rotors (it would flip over). Second, the rotors are not aerodynamic, they’re just flat pieces of foam board (no lift). Third, the links are Amazon affiliate links, so the content creator can make money off you buying this useless junk (useless because it wouldn’t work anyway). Dear content creator: be honest.

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