How To Suvive A Police Stop w/ Karlous Miller Chico Bean and Pat Labat

On this podcast Chico Bean and Karlous Miller sit down with Fulton County Sheriff hopeful to discuss issues involving the safety of the community and the police force. With a lot of conversation about Defunding the police, Chico and Lous try to gain more understanding about the issues involved. Plus, Karlous and Chico ask Pat Labat what you can do to survive a police stop when you're Black.
The crew tries to gain some understanding about bad cops, the George Floyd tragedy and the blue wall of silence.

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  • views is mighta low a lot of youre white fans didnt like the title smh

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  • Idk I think hes answering these questions to the best of his abilities, yall really acting like this man can literally say everything that comes to mind he cant

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  • Karlous was really just making jokes and started stuff. Too funny 🤣🤣

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  • Police officers really shouldn’t give leniency because people will then expect it. Which defeats the purpose of the law

    JaNyah JusticeWJaNyah JusticeW14 gün önce
  • It’s not the right climate and it never will be for a black person to WANT and FEEL COMFORTABLE if a police officer moved in their neighborhood. Idk why he kept pushing that it’s a bad idea lol

    ZoeZoe22 gün önce
  • Karlous needs a blunt. He’s too hyper 💯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Red and green

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  • I just noticed y'all spelt it "suvive" 🤣🤣🤣 love my black people man

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  • Karlous 📞 me omg

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  • I think you should have a degree to be a police officer, cause 13 week training ain't gon cut it, they just hire any damn body.

    PJ KICKSPJ KICKSAylar önce
  • Handcuffs their nutts 🤣🤣🤣

    Te’ DouglasTe’ DouglasAylar önce
  • And how is it possible in movies Bruce Willis can blow a bad cop away but in real life he beating your head in

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  • How is it possible for security guards to defuse stuff and private security guards

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  • Labat got that Obama line of speaking

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  • Lous got that dope shirt on man lol I instantly started singing "every nigga is a starrrrrrrrrrrr"

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  • Y’all kill me mane. 😂💚

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  • He said “ride that lightning” 😂

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  • people get on the 85 south to get educated,,, they our hood community school lollll... keep going!!!!!

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  • He keeps talking about "customer service".... I shouldn't be able to be a police officer because I ran the drive thru at McDonald's

    Dre ScruggsDre ScruggsAylar önce
  • First off, 'every nigga is a star'.. That's what's up. Second, I don't know if y'all will even pay attention to this BUT my suggestion is.... Instead of lowering a policeman's pay, a small percentage of every officer's pay goes towards low income communities to build youth facilities and/or health care clinics; it should also be mandatory for policeman to put in volunteer hours and those hours have to be within low income communities (schools, sports, youth centers, parks, building/fixing homes, etc.), if not, it should effect their scores when it comes time for their promotion windows; I do not think it would be a good idea for policemen to live in these low income neighborhoods because it will cause more tension and frustration, also, it would be dangerous for that officer and their family due to a good portion of history/evidence and current events that portray policemen as power hungry politicians with weapons (shade thrown); medical, psychological and background screening should be WAY MORE extensive (family members should be interviewed and everything); Training needs to be more realistic and hands on, civilians should be able to see what training officers go through whether it's posted on social media or civilians are invited to witness the training in person; I actually agree that officers should have better benefits because I think that this builds trust and loyalty to the job and at the end of the day, there are men and women who are risking their lives and sacrificing their time away from family; last but not least, brand new policemen should NOT be given weapons, they need to be going out with an experienced partner NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Anique StramblerAnique StramblerAylar önce
  • Congrats 🍾 to Pat ... ATL on that bs tho for electing that bedwench as DA tho

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    • Dancing to viacom 😂

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    • Dancing to viacom 😂

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  • I don’t know about this guy. I really don’t think he’s for the black community. “Everyone who looks like us aren’t for us“

    Bruce RiversBruce RiversAylar önce
    • Dancing to viacom 😂

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  • Today is the Election Day, does anybody know if he won?

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  • Love you chico my guy....and carlos......bae come get it😂

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    • Dancing to viacom 😂

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  • Before he became the sheriff pat lebat was a cop for 30 years and now he doing a decent job

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    • Dancing to viacom 😂

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    • Dancing to viacom 😂

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  • Man this is a good episode. They should shed more light on situation like this👍🏾👍🏾

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  • Do y'all interact with the police when you arrive to the facilities. I think a q&a at each event would be great. thoughts? it may have to be pre recorded lol

    charles warnercharles warnerAylar önce
    • what about interaction with cops on wild'n'out

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  • He saying customer service versus CITIZEN SERVICE the CITIZENS provide their salaries for their service😞 Customers are customers because they made a decision to make purchase is my thought. The typical CITIZEN doesn't KNOW laws until they are confronted by an officer for breaking them...I'm not referring to speeding/stealing type violations😒 Hope you understand and i encourage us to pray/show love/courtesy regardless of the hatred that comes at us💌🙏🏾💞

    Shawatha GShawatha GAylar önce
  • Who's learning more from karlous and chico than their guest? These gentle men are dropping wisdom💌🙏🏾😞 It speaks volumes of their journey & experiences🙏🏾💌

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  • Community service for officers who violate rights is an awesome suggestion chico!🙏🏾💌

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  • 😰🙏🏾😞

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  • I understand what’s he saying about training..but how do you train white people to not be afraid or act afraid of Black People? You can’t!

    L RussellL RussellAylar önce
  • That’s right Chico. Where I’m from you have to live in the city or county you police in.

    L RussellL RussellAylar önce
  • I’m only 25mins into this show and last time the sheriff was here i wished Mr Chico beans was there cause his the generation between Mr Miller and Mr fly and he knows the question that to ask this sheriff and how these three Kong’s work each other on comedy I’m sure they would have done just as excellent in this type of conversation cause and this sheriff I believe is the the right guy cause he is really taking in the pressure and seeing how can we put this energy back but in positive way..I love it

    Steve SSteve SAylar önce
  • Chico winnie the pooh n it

    AtecbarsdavisAtecbarsdavisAylar önce
  • Idk I feel like he didn’t address any of their questions head on....idk

    That Girl AlyseThat Girl AlyseAylar önce
  • Chico preaching @1:00:00

    BRA VOBRA VOAylar önce
  • This is what we missed last time that Chico knowledge and questioning

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  • “I Knew that boy was police as hell” 🤣😭

  • To Chico's point I think that if a civilian is caught with an amount of illegal substances that is lesser than or equal to the amount of the cost of living [by city, and including cost per child] then he or she should receive a lighter charge that will not make it impossible to get a job [which forces them to continue their way of life]. The same way he's getting the men that are incarcerated jobs , he should have a prominent and present place in the community for them to start finding and filling those jobs. He could also use the big contracts that the city has [i.e Coca-Cola, etc.] to provide jobs . It will be a requirement that they report and keep the job as part of the disciplinary action. Place them in the factories and/or jobs like garbage men , street cleaners... Where they have good income and benefits. Make them take a financial literacy program as part of the disciplinary action. Teach them discipline . Once they complete the program the charge is expunged and they keep the job. The higher the amount the longer they "serve" the program. So they're forced to get make a habit of the new way of life.They could do this with criminals with an even higher charge, [let's say triple the cost of living] but in a halfway house style environment , because a main part of recidivism is environment . Then when you get to the big dope dealers gone give them boys that time time. They know the game, and that's just a part of it. Plus they probably have more than just drug charges, so... For kids under 18 , they either report to the program like in the first program or for higher charges they go to a juvenile center that is structured and requires they attend the same high-school like education program [Some kids are leaving , some have to stay.] Like a boarding school. Teach them things such as culinary arts ,STEM, trades, etc. Also , make the prisons more apartment complex like.. Small one's but with actual furniture , a bathroom, etc. Y'all got dem boys having PTSD when they get out . Just give them structure and a way out.

    k denisek deniseAylar önce

  • This shit made me so mad.

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  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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  • Shot out to j.o.n on them beats, they dope af

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  • F da police

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  • Chico was looking at Pat like "boyyyy if you don't get the fuck out my face"

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  • Karlous Recognize

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  • Remember D.A.R.E that shit gone, what mr. talking about is not going to happen he they interference

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  • don't take that training I seen this in the 80's its a trap, we gonna start all over.

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  • he can't talk straight, go offline and get the real deal.

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  • i ant gonna lie. i feel like that dude up there is just talkin just to be talking. i don’t think he gonna do NONE of the ideas they was suggesting up here. hes black bro. there not letting him change how things are. this is the reality of amerikkka. we either deal with it or leave on OUR TERMS. i say lets leave. why not? most of us have been hear our whole damn life. we see on instagram the beautiful places were missing out on.

    • You speaking facts

      Black ExcellenceBlack ExcellenceAylar önce
  • "Look how Marvin Gaye looking at Pat Labat"..ummmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm!

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  • Only way I'll trust a police if he smoke a blunt with me

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  • Carlo's my guy

    Malcolm StewartMalcolm StewartAylar önce
  • Until we are able to deal with the trauma we feel when dealing with policemen and also deal with the masculinity/aggression we as men have when another man tries us, we can't really have proper conversations about policing.

    Franklin CollinsFranklin CollinsAylar önce
  • Labat preaching this customer service like this a Macy’s or Bestbuy staff meeting.

    Graciela LindgrenGraciela LindgrenAylar önce
  • Labat laughed hard then got serious was it a real nigga laugh or a political laugh 🤔🤔

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  • Protect and serve? Fuck that's it's about locking someone up

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  • 22:30 yo peep when Chico called Pat a "nigga" how Karlous started laughin lol

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  • Make another show with mighty mike.

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  • Helicopter show up with a tank on it lol

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  • I swear karlous be having the coldest shirts!! Where do I get em from bro

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  • Omg Karlous was soooo annoying on this episode. Like bruh, please stop cutting this man off 🤨🤨

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  • Karlous getting aggravated by this dude

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  • Not saying Los aint serious but Chico be dead ass. Perfect interview. Vote Labat

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  • Y'all need to get with Steve harvey n Cedric the entertainer and do y'all own version of king's of comedy dat would be mad funny n lit and go down in history

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  • This is stupid they are trained pastors aren't that not logical based he is making excuses

    O MO MAylar önce
  • I think communication can help out a lot and stop a lot of gun issues.. learn to talk to people can go a long way that’s all I’m saying

    solid. joesolid. joeAylar önce
How To Suvive A Police Stop w/ Karlous Miller Chico Bean and Pat Labat