HUNGRY FOR A PRANK! || Summer Food Pranks DIYs And Challenges by 123 Go! Gold

If you want to make this hot day cooler than try out our fresh prank ideas to make your day much more interesting!
You'll know how to try funniest pranks on your roommates and family for this summer, how to make coca cola slime prank and surprise your bestie with awesome food pranks!
We'll show you how to cook yummy food, how to use it for pranks and how to handle awkward situations with food if you're a real foodie like me🤤
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00:02 Funny food prank with coca cola and slime
00:05 How to make gummy coke with a gelatin
01:18 DIY food prank on your friends
03:47 Relatable life situations with food for foodies
06:01 Awkward situations with food
08:18 Chocolate food vs real food food challenge
09:00 Funny food challenge DIY
09:57 Funny bloopers
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HUNGRY FOR A PRANK! || Summer Food Pranks DIYs And Challenges by 123 Go! Gold