I Bleached My Hair...

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided it was time for a change... I BLEACHED MY OWN HAIR. 😬 What do you think!?
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




  • Does he realized it would have cost like 82$ to bleach your hair at aveda institution. That’s what I did

    K A IK A I3 saatler önce
  • I lovee it

    MilarybilaMilarybila6 saatler önce
  • Sachet. Honey it’s pronounced sashay

    AmyMcJAmyMcJ6 saatler önce
  • I bleached my hair it was originally hazelnut brown

    Gacha JayGacha Jay7 saatler önce
  • James it’s pronounced s- ash- A

    VegardsbiggestfaniloveypuvegardVegardsbiggestfaniloveypuvegard9 saatler önce
  • OMg I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! ❤️❤️❤️ CAN I have a heart if you do I will be SUPER HAPPY!

    Alex_ Dark WolfieGacha :3Alex_ Dark WolfieGacha :39 saatler önce
  • 6:19 JAMES ARE YOU OK!?!

    sinister ridessinister rides11 saatler önce
  • wow

    Shanija ClevelandShanija Cleveland14 saatler önce
  • Sister james looks fabulous as ever !! U know what they say go big go blond

    Lupita QuintanaLupita Quintana15 saatler önce
  • I don’t think they will know that it’s your James Charles pallet anymore :( Unless if you watched this I got a James Charles add it’s an ap

    AmyAmy16 saatler önce
  • Yellow hair, orange roots, red skin... What the hell! Are you sponsored by Pantone?

    Erwan MErwan M18 saatler önce
  • Look it’s a chicken nugget! 🤣

    Thebigvan1Thebigvan118 saatler önce
  • The names Blonde James Blonde

    Bridget HuntBridget Hunt21 saatler önce
  • You are the best ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💝💝💝💝😻😻😻💌💖💖💋💗💓💞💕💌💌💌❣️💟👏👏👏👏👏 love you you're the best

    Arianna TyneyahArianna TyneyahGün önce
  • No one is better than you

    Arianna TyneyahArianna TyneyahGün önce
  • I mean I love you so much

    Arianna TyneyahArianna TyneyahGün önce
  • I love you so mich

    Arianna TyneyahArianna TyneyahGün önce
  • Is anyone gonna mention that he wears women’s pants?

    Planet NovaPlanet NovaGün önce
  • 3:54 "sachet" -James Charles

    Jennifer LoudonJennifer LoudonGün önce
  • Most devilish human

    Long Ron HoLong Ron HoGün önce
  • Yassssssszzs girl

    pedro Sanchezpedro SanchezGün önce
  • sachet LMAOOO

    Zoe BakerZoe BakerGün önce
  • I Hate James Charles booooooo

    gracie giblingracie giblinGün önce
    • why r u here, then?

      ijonoijono22 saatler önce
  • is it just me or james looked lowkey hot without makeup and shirtless?

    Ceia MendonesCeia MendonesGün önce
  • OH MY GOD there’s a new guy in my class that sounds EXACTLY like him. What’s weird is that he’s the straightest person I’ve ever met. I haven’t seen James in such a long time I forgot what he sounds like so I was SHOOK!!!!!😱😱😱

    Claire KeenanClaire KeenanGün önce
  • why does James Charles look completely different without makeup

    DabesDabesGün önce
  • Hi hi sisters

    Amy NebesniakAmy NebesniakGün önce
  • Can we all agree he looks like a sun chip 😳😳🤠😌

    Uni _AngelUni _AngelGün önce
  • If James doesn’t have blonde nose hairs then idk what to say, he snorted it.

    Seafoam Animation And OtherSeafoam Animation And OtherGün önce
  • 18:06 you look like zack clayton😂😂😂😂😂😂

    it's me aliahit's me aliahGün önce
  • I'm blond and I love it

    Lilly HallmanLilly HallmanGün önce
  • You should meet brad mondo

    She WolfShe WolfGün önce
  • Draco Mayfloy hair is that you? Sorry I love Harry Potter

    _.icecoffee.__.icecoffee._Gün önce

    Galaxy GamerGalaxy GamerGün önce
  • 16:06 now thats Lucifer Morningstar cosplay

    ElijahElijahGün önce
  • I love it you should color your Hair rainbow next 🤩

    Journi FielderJourni FielderGün önce
  • Wow what an original idea!!!!!!!!!

    Jessica AJessica AGün önce
  • Ur a boy girl

    eAsy ClApZ bOiiieAsy ClApZ bOiii2 gün önce
  • I hope you all know of james treachery.

    callum torrancecallum torrance2 gün önce
  • James what the fuck

    babyoinkoinkbabyoinkoink2 gün önce
  • James without his make-up he is a rlyyyy good looking guy. Like wow he can get a superrrr hot GF rlyyyy easy.

    Miksi CoolMiksi Cool2 gün önce
  • it looks so bad wtf how did u get uglier lmao

    meg oconmeg ocon2 gün önce
  • Is it me or is he trying to copy Joana ceddia no hate btw lol

    hey_its_eva yayhey_its_eva yay2 gün önce
  • 17:43 why dose James Charles look like jake paul LOL

    SmollChipsSmollChips2 gün önce
  • Do you all no that some brush at hair salon have lice in the brush

    Guadalupe CortesGuadalupe Cortes2 gün önce
  • The way he said sachet though

    Jackson RusselJackson Russel2 gün önce

    JadeExeptPanVol2.0TMJadeExeptPanVol2.0TM2 gün önce
  • That is beautiful dude!

    See the JaySee the Jay2 gün önce
  • Here comes Brad Mondo, I'm warning you James!

    See the JaySee the Jay2 gün önce
  • James now looks like a cali fuck boy

    Alex OF 2019Alex OF 20192 gün önce
  • Why does he sound like he’s gagging in a cotton ball

    Taco SockoTaco Socko2 gün önce
  • James charles ruining his hair for 20 minutes

    ii_ Rosesii_ Roses2 gün önce
  • *black or blonde?*

    GachaKittenGachaKitten2 gün önce
  • umm are you ok in the head mentally and the fact that your head is burning

    the slime gymnast scarlettthe slime gymnast scarlett2 gün önce
  • I love you james🏳️‍🌈❤️💯

    Pasindu DilharaPasindu Dilhara2 gün önce
  • Purple shampoo

    Jayne GardinerJayne Gardiner2 gün önce
  • Literally why would you wash your hair before bleaching it? His poor scalp.. He would have saved money by just going to his stylist instead of buying all of the supplies, attempting to get it fixed by his stylist, and then having to go to guy tang to get it fixed for a second time. This whole situation is controversial as usual 🙄

    Reed AlexandraReed Alexandra2 gün önce
  • Did you ever find the second sachet of bleach? It was on your bathroom floor, you can see it at 3:27 in the right bottom corner :)

    Sílvia CoutoSílvia Couto2 gün önce
  • you should’ve chugged it instead

    Small VenturesSmall Ventures3 gün önce
  • i saw i add an the add was a james charles game XD

    zoe bellzoe bell3 gün önce
  • I Think you Will look better when you are a boy no raysist

    Danske KorttricksDanske Korttricks3 gün önce
  • Stripper blue or pink

    Sheila DaileySheila Dailey3 gün önce
  • Who made you the gays or your mom

    Ha statiicHa statiic3 gün önce
  • I love you james your so sweet to your sisters wait yeah sisters?

    Nakamura StarryNakamura Starry3 gün önce
  • Draco Malfoy? Is that you?

    H SH S3 gün önce
  • its fits you🤣

    m_mpp andiooopm_mpp andiooop3 gün önce
  • He copied joanna ceddia!!!!!! Her video was posted july 30th, his was August 16th

    Ava1257 gachaAva1257 gacha3 gün önce
    • Ava1257 gacha It’s not copying he probably doesn’t know she exists everybody likes bleaching now The hell.

      Nope.Nope.2 gün önce
  • It looks good tbh

    Rebecca DunmallRebecca Dunmall3 gün önce

    camora nessiecamora nessie3 gün önce
  • I like black but it ok ......................

    Lucky SingthongLucky Singthong3 gün önce
I Bleached My Hair...