I Bought 23 BROKEN Nintendo Switches - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

I Bought 23 BROKEN Nintendo Switches for $1,955 to Try and Fix Them AND Make Money! I thought I'd be able to fix almost all of these Switches...but I was wrong! I show how to fix lots of common issues like diagnosing and replacing the M92T36 charge chip, P13USB video chip, as well as liquid damage.
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About This Video:
I'm trying to fix 23 Nintendo Switches. While I wasn't nearly as successful as with some of my other salvage lots of Switches I still was able to fix a number of them. I show how to fix most common issues with Switches.



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    • @Adam Shafton Maybe this is a late answer, but the level of integration in the manufacturing process of these chips makes them impossible to be repaired, not just because it would be so invasive that would destroy the chip itself, but because the costs of the equipment required to build chips, or microprocessors just makes it impossible to be profitable to small scale repair or manufactures.

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I Bought 23 BROKEN Nintendo Switches - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?