• Stop deforming your face Your r pretty enough 👍💖

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  • I fucking Love you and how real you are! I barely found your page like two nights ago. You’re so awesome and so Real! Congratulations on all your success 🌸

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  • Him : I love ur shirt Jenny : “ Thank you I love it too “ Same lol 😂

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  • I would have got a black one

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  • Man the bottom side of her lip looks like it's about to pop.

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  • Don’t swer

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  • Green lambo I stil have once day

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  • That shits rented

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  • Damn b the ending got me.

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  • “I don’t want you guys to be sad because you don’t have a Lamborghini”

  • I’m going to college to get my RN. Sometimes I just want to quit but then I see this videos and I keep pushing. I’m married with 2 under 2 and still pushing through. When I finally get my degree me voy a cumplir mis gustos. ✌🏽I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

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  • You know what you so true. Going to unsubscribe

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  • Something i DON'T like about Lambo's (any super sports car really) .... they're not really "Road Tough" , I've always not liked that too much.

  • bright rainbow edit: so unlucky

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  • She got some big ass fucken hands and a lambo 😶

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  • Damn sis!!! I love it! Beautiful neighborhood, beautiful car, beautiful family, beautiful life! You are my inspiration! Blessings on blessings ❤️

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  • What the heck are you talking about do you know where you live at you live in a damn garage that was made to a bedroom stop playing with all these senior citizens that you f****** with they're not going to give you s*** you're XXX * * * x x x * * * if you know what I mean

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  • Baddie yur really true beb. Yur such a great person inside and out. N such a great insperation beb... Love yur car n the color fits u perfect. 😍😍😍

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  • Congrats Beautiful!! You deserve it!! I love your inspirational speech at the end of the video. Thank you and enjoy the ride💋😘

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  • What you used to live in riverside

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  • So drive it!!!!! I wanna see :0

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  • Yes maam!! Goals! I am also a first generation Mexicana. My parents didn’t have money to put me through college but I managed to do it and now I am a registered nurse and still accomplishing my goals my many goals. I love to hear stories like ours! ❤️

    Denise DeniseDenise Denise2 aylar önce
  • I’m so happy for you I just saw this video and honestly the last part of the clip was something I really needed to hear. I’m extremely happy for you!!! I wish nothing but the best for you and more blessings!✨

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  • I'd get a apple red that one looks orangish but it's fire

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  • We love you Jenny thank you!!

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  • Isn’t she a mom??? Where I’m from she’s consider ghetto like really.. & her getting high what a turn off!! She’s to cute for all that

  • So Jenny bought it, it’s in her name but he gets to drive it first?! Oh hell naw!!!

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    • Tina Davies she said she was scared to drive it she probably wanted him to first lol

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  • "lift car... upward"

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  • Please share your blessing to the poor and needy and God will bless you😇😇😇😇

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  • Buying a lambo is not success mamá so stop tryin to sell yourself as successful

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  • Yes girl!! Law of attraction vibes ❤💕 blessings be upon you girly

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  • She never bought the thing...let me remind you it was a rental from a exotic car company that rents them out to ppl for a few weeks...that’s why u never see it no more in her snaps or ig ...ITs called flexing

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  • Is TRvision her only job?

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  • Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL Lamborghini! And always thank GOD for everything GOD has BLESSED YOU WITH! Beautiful car for a BEAUTIFUL GAL!

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  • What the fuck does she do to afford a car like this ??? I mean she’s not intelligent at all!! Her grammar says it all, BUT she’s doing the damn thing all off of making TRvision videos? I just don’t get it... I literally work my ass off as a nurse abd I can’t even get close to that lol I need to figure out her game shit!!!!! Props though

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  • Im from riverside. & yes we gotta start a successful journey somewhere. Eventually well make it to the top. 👑❤

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  • Your Parents Are Mis Paisanos..... Arriva Michoacán!!! #lapiedadmichoacanbaby

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  • I Freaking Looooooove It!! Red nd Black are My Favorite Colors for Cars too. Gurl Enjoy It To The Max.

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