I Bought a Six-door, Cummins-Powered Truck and it Died on the Way Home! Finnegan's Garage Ep.91

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The day began like any other one; I checked my messages and saw several links to ramp trucks for sale. This one was different, though. I clicked through the spam and saw no ordinary truck. In fact, it wasn't even a ramp truck and yet I was still intrigued. What flashed across the screen was a 1998 Ford F800 behemoth that was stretched from a four-door crew cab to a six-door colossus! Even better, the truck reportedly only had 30,000 miles on the odometer and was powered by a Cummins 12 valve 6BT Diesel engine and seven-speed Spicer manual transmission. This was a red and white unicorn!
So David Newbern and I hatched a plan; we'd fly to Iowa, buy the truck and road trip it 900 miles back to Georgia where we'd eventually hop-up the diesel and stretch the chassis to accommodate a giant enclosed ramp bed. We made it about 150 miles before the entire plan fell apart thanks to a wounded engine.
This is part 1 of the fun. Come back to see what happens after this road trip comes to a screeching halt in the parking lot of a fireworks store in Missouri.
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  • I feel safe buying an old truck 'cause you've already bought all the old trucks that SUCK! Thanks dude I owe you one.

    squidkid2squidkid215 gün önce
  • I subscibed!

    Jeff KoveneJeff Kovene17 gün önce
  • What type of transmission is in her? I want the same for my 800!

    Jeff KoveneJeff Kovene17 gün önce
  • Iyes gotsta know, what happened to this one?

    J MarkJ MarkAylar önce
  • Why would you never need his much truck? But I still want one

    Dixi NormusDixi Normus3 aylar önce
  • Sooo maybe I missed it... but what was this truck originally made for?

    Darian ZielinskyDarian Zielinsky3 aylar önce
  • Well now I'm not buying a 5.9 Cummins.

    Carl EngerCarl Enger3 aylar önce
  • I was working the day it broke down in the store! damn I wish you guys came inside.

    Logan SonethongkhamLogan Sonethongkham3 aylar önce

    Logan SonethongkhamLogan Sonethongkham3 aylar önce
  • Least Finnegan laughs in situations such as these 😁😅🤪😸

    Hamish FullertonHamish Fullerton3 aylar önce
  • Do you ever get anything that doesn't fall apart on the trip home? lol I haven't seen all your videos but when I do there is always disaster.

    gameing with Gracegameing with Grace3 aylar önce
  • What was that song in the beginning?

    Copper-BrassCopper-Brass3 aylar önce
  • You can take the boy outta Roadkill, but you can't take Roadkill outta the boy.....

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  • 3:22 that old man in the background got some thick ass thighs😂. O'l girl leg havin ass boy 😂

    Magic MikeMagic Mike4 aylar önce
  • Never did show the truck

    Art FraileyArt Frailey4 aylar önce
  • trvision.net/detail/video-_NYFq7ZJg4c.html

    Tony DTony D4 aylar önce
  • no word of a lie, tow truck broke down, hauling another chev had to get a ford pull it the rest of the way.

    Mister BacksterMister Backster4 aylar önce
  • Is that an 80's dash?

    Kenneth BagsterKenneth Bagster4 aylar önce
  • i was in jail on valentines day while u guys were sitting out there waiting for AAA. id rather have been in ur spot 😂😂😂😂

    Ramsey AlshamailehRamsey Alshamaileh4 aylar önce
  • Screw dollar shave club they will Screw you over

    John E RiceJohn E Rice4 aylar önce
  • *Hey a 5.9L just like what i have in my Mega Cab Ram good motor. mine's got almost 200,000 miles on it and never had a wrench turned on it except to change the oil and filters*

    DaddytechEntDaddytechEnt4 aylar önce
  • Since you are from California I don’t feel sorry for you. Screw everything and everyone from that shithole.

    Jeep RubiconJeep Rubicon4 aylar önce
  • Couple of chicks

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts4 aylar önce
  • cummins and so on blabla... and what i have to look at? shaving butter! total bullshit! thumbs down!

    BenzwreckerDortmundBenzwreckerDortmund4 aylar önce
  • My last name is Kibby and I am from Michigan

    Dusty SanchezDusty Sanchez4 aylar önce
  • Does kibby have family in Michigan

    Dusty SanchezDusty Sanchez4 aylar önce
  • Power Driven Diesel. Seems those are the go to guys for Cummins parts. I watch their channel all the time, great info there.

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  • Your an evil pair of fellows to your friends.

    Kevin KlingnerKevin Klingner4 aylar önce
  • I Live in Iowa! Which is honestly what sold me on the KFS beside the general. I Love this!

    The Freedom ChannelThe Freedom Channel4 aylar önce
  • meh

    Ambrosia SaxAmbrosia Sax4 aylar önce
  • Did they really need the color to identify the truck?

    Slammy555Slammy5554 aylar önce
  • What ever happened to it?

    Terrence KylesTerrence Kyles4 aylar önce
  • not only that, american can plug their engine into power to het the fucken engine, what ever this asshole is on about the cold dont wash with me !!

    Gordon RichardsonGordon Richardson4 aylar önce
  • Need a update on this project

    faceman5050faceman50504 aylar önce
  • Any car vs that thing head-on. 🤕

    Tim TaltonTim Talton4 aylar önce
  • i left dollar shave Club because it Put up that is was a non Political! but has the Backed Black Lifes Matter and Defund the police to the turn of 100 Thousand Dollars !!!! sorry if you need to put a color in it its racist ! my point of view ! but if you say your non Political be non Political !!! Sydney Australia, love your work guys keep it up

    John PeakeJohn Peake4 aylar önce
  • im so hard for that truck right now

    s stormer454s stormer4544 aylar önce
  • Probably karma from that shirt you wear negatively putting down the Gremlin. HA, "F"ound "O"n the "R"oad "D"ead fits you perfectly.

    Truth of GodTruth of God4 aylar önce
  • I dig the truck!!

    Terry HydeTerry Hyde4 aylar önce
  • Not much wrong there is a bungie cord holding in the dip stick that tells me run major blowby

    devildogdevildog4 aylar önce
  • That's why you don't put a Cummins in a Ford

    daniel davisdaniel davis4 aylar önce
  • Why do I feel like Demolition Ranch needs this as a civilian version of Able?

    Ben GBen G4 aylar önce
  • I was in strawberry point Iowa at the same time. It was brutally cold bro!

    Danny BillDanny Bill4 aylar önce
  • Lol diesel doesnt gel at -10.

    jack stands and oil pansjack stands and oil pans4 aylar önce
  • skip to 9:35 !!!

    Raymond JRaymond J4 aylar önce
  • Basically a pint sized semi

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith4 aylar önce
  • The Cummins was so upset it was in a Ford that it committed suicide.

    GuardrailGuardrail4 aylar önce
  • Doyougergechicktosoapuphertits as well , fromdollar shave if not th at is abit cheap. .

    Jason WillsJason Wills4 aylar önce
  • Cummins engines torque drops off heavily after 1800 RPM. They don't rev well.

    Mike383HKMike383HK4 aylar önce
  • Who put a cummins in that Ford? It would have survived if it was a powerstroke. I've never had any issues with powestoke diesel engines.

    Zachary MonroeZachary Monroe4 aylar önce
  • Dude, I love ya right, but the audio is SOOOOOOO quiet lol... even the auto subtitles can't pick up what you're saying & my laptop won't go louder. This one is frustrating me more than ever because the kids are so damn noisy in the background but yeah, more loud please for us old fogeys who have used & abused their ears to the limits and more haha

    dan mackintoshdan mackintosh4 aylar önce
  • Hyping a razor when you have a beard.....STUPID!

    Brian AplinBrian Aplin4 aylar önce
  • more truck less clown

    Junior MuddJunior Mudd5 aylar önce
  • 23:26 “uh oh...”

    JoeyLovesTrainsJoeyLovesTrains5 aylar önce
  • Is it possible that due to the extreme weather conditions the engine expanded and shrank to fast and caused had failure?

    Avery MackeyAvery Mackey5 aylar önce
  • Not sure if you check these but I'll give you guys a 76 be superbeetle for some work on my ranchero 👍

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  • Hmm getting a cold at the beginning of the year 😅🤣

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  • On VALENTINES DAY?! You must have the world's most understanding wife...

    TheAlmightyErnstTheAlmightyErnst5 aylar önce
  • What's the progress on this truck

    Niki GovenderNiki Govender5 aylar önce
  • So, basically they buy a truck that they saw was leaking coolant and drove it several hundred miles without checking the coolant level and blew it up.....

    USAUSA5 aylar önce
  • Paint looks like old U-HAUL trucks.

    SLAM BOYSLAM BOY5 aylar önce
  • Looks like a truck that a guy named Bobby Duncan out of Doe Run Missouri builds.

    Brian MoriartyBrian Moriarty6 aylar önce
  • I would love to have seen the face of the tow truck driver!

    Sasan MottaghipourSasan Mottaghipour6 aylar önce
  • So the 20 year old frankentruck didn't make the 900 mile trip, shocker. It's always nice to take a break from your own bad decisions to watch someone else's. Seriously funny video though, thanks guys.

    VolVet03VolVet036 aylar önce
  • I'm dead...🤣🤣🤣

    Joshua MillsJoshua Mills6 aylar önce
  • as a car guy, and taught drivers ed, you are one of the crappiest examples of what not to do while driving. but anywho .

    Phat2 TonyPhat2 Tony6 aylar önce
  • BS!

  • the title sounds like every vehicle my brother ever purchased

    The ATFThe ATF6 aylar önce
  • hey Finnegan, as interesting as your adventures are, you really need to improve some aspects of your videos man.... maybe speak louder or invest in a bunch of cordless / Lapel mics coz I can barely hear u guys on my laptop speakers... And no they're not bad, I can hear every other video just fine...

    Ritochit BaruaRitochit Barua6 aylar önce
  • Need a new episode and update on this bad boi

    Mr TailwindMr Tailwind6 aylar önce
I Bought a Six-door, Cummins-Powered Truck and it Died on the Way Home! Finnegan's Garage Ep.91