I Bought a TOTALED Ford F250 at Salvage Auction and Rebuilt Most of it in a Few Hours!

I bought a really cheap salvage Ford F250 Lariat Crew Cab, non powerstroke diesel, gasser at the salvage auction. It's an amazing deal on a truck and the repairs were so simple it only took me a few hours
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  • i found the previous owner

    Pierreson HongPierreson Hong4 gün önce
  • Love how he tells his viewers the total cost of the project... Keep it up man, loved your video

    Revelation 22:20 Surely I come quicklyRevelation 22:20 Surely I come quickly18 gün önce
  • I can't believe that the insurance company totalled the truck with such little damage.

    Loren WillisLoren Willis2 aylar önce
  • This pick up is from 2014 ?? Holy fuck lol who designed this thing, it looks like something my dad would have driven back in the late 80s early 90s, put some fucking effort into design ffs

    Easy Scots Male for girls to take to bedEasy Scots Male for girls to take to bed3 aylar önce
  • That ain’t a truck lol that’s a over sized grocery shopper for large arsed yanks who can no longer fit into a normal car, I can just imagine the amount off diesel or god help me petrol not that any yank would be so stupid to buy a petrol one surly but I would like to know the MPG on the derv one.

    Easy Scots Male for girls to take to bedEasy Scots Male for girls to take to bed3 aylar önce
  • Was this vehicle ever finished?

    tony rainstony rains4 aylar önce
  • 17k for salvage title resell would be hard hope you just use it forever sell it for 8k later.

    Anonymous The unknownAnonymous The unknown4 aylar önce
  • Used it as a commuter not even close to a commuter. Looks move like a pavement princess.😂😂😂

    Anonymous The unknownAnonymous The unknown4 aylar önce
  • What do u use for a camera i was thinking of starting a TRvision channel like yours!

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson4 aylar önce
  • Weigh your factory charge in next time for the AC. Don’t be a hack.

    Nick NassNick Nass4 aylar önce
  • Hey Sam, no snow down there? And doesn't the accident show up on the trucks history? Won't that depreciate the value of the truck?

    TBranjeTBranje4 aylar önce
  • i8??? Did I miss something !!!

    Hilton SlametHilton Slamet4 aylar önce
  • You bought a real truck 👍

    Jesus CervantesJesus Cervantes4 aylar önce
  • Does not look like it needed to be totalled. I was a witness of a crash between a F-250 and equivalent size ram truck. They both had that I AM BIG DOG OF THE ROAD KNEEL TO ME style of driving and well the ram and ford both ran into each other with that style of driving and their full facia and bumper fell off and I laughed my ass off. Never drive like you are the king of the road as it will backfire on you in surprising ways.

    Inachu IkimashoInachu Ikimasho4 aylar önce
  • Must be nice to live in Florida where you can register and drive any pos

    sumpunkstersumpunkster5 aylar önce
  • Tinkering in the grass is a recipe for losing small parts. Now we know why no-one ever puts back all the screws.

    SorreaSorrea5 aylar önce
  • Kool truck

    angel riveraangel rivera5 aylar önce
  • The bf goodrich ko2’s are actually one of the smoothest riding 10 ply tires on the market

    Josh NeilsonJosh Neilson5 aylar önce
  • Come on sam...I'm running out of videos to watch waiting on the i-8 update

    Jessica RipleyJessica Ripley5 aylar önce
  • That's nuts to total a truck w/so little damage.

    32Dorbust32Dorbust5 aylar önce
  • Beautiful truck 👍👍

    Tim RoweTim Rowe5 aylar önce
  • 14.5k bid and 15k out the door out the auction? Unbelievable! Where do you go and what membership do you have. Lol. Not being a douche - I typically account for 20% upwards over my bid.

    Jon Michael PlotnerJon Michael Plotner5 aylar önce
  • Fixing the radiator cowling with epoxy resin is allright, but any plastic like this subject to vibration is better off fixed with metallic stitches or staples fused joining the broken parts. Epoxys tend to unstick sometimes, but staples will survive as much as the original part

    Oscar IglesiasOscar Iglesias5 aylar önce
  • What site?

    Rylie HensonRylie Henson6 aylar önce
  • Where do you find these deals?

    cycle Jcycle J6 aylar önce
  • is the truck gas or diesel

    Hayes ShafferHayes Shaffer6 aylar önce
  • 8:07 sounds like a wet fart Lmao 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    the daily shaver!the daily shaver!6 aylar önce
  • Better than richrebuilds truck imo

    yee yeeyee yee6 aylar önce
  • Nice job, what kind of tool was you using on the grill I was wanting to pull my grill apart and redo some of it.

    Paul SmithPaul Smith7 aylar önce
  • It's towable lol

    D NeumanD Neuman7 aylar önce
  • 20k truck not totaled it’s not a diesel so that hurts the value would be 30k if it was

    Dj baynardDj baynard8 aylar önce

    BLUE RAVENBLUE RAVEN8 aylar önce
  • daveandava

    Amanda WolfeAmanda Wolfe8 aylar önce
  • Where did you buy the parts

    IdealIvanGamingIdealIvanGaming8 aylar önce
  • Why would they total that?

    Nicholas W.M.Nicholas W.M.8 aylar önce
  • I just liked this video. It's hard to believe you were able to get this truck at that low price. I also can't believe how many people have given this video a thumbs down. Why are there so many haters out there. I guess they don't like to see someone get a really good deal.

    BizAndProductReviewsBizAndProductReviews9 aylar önce
  • Best music 🎶 ever

    Mr.Mikkhiel Rich HippieMr.Mikkhiel Rich Hippie9 aylar önce
  • High mileage ford for $14,000.00 (!) Hard pass.

    bigblocklawyerbigblocklawyer9 aylar önce
  • I think he messed up researching prices. Retail on that truck wouldn't be over 25k asking. I bought a new 16 f350 gas for 35k

    Jay DooleyJay Dooley9 aylar önce
  • I love the truck i like a part 2 more about the truck do it take diesel

    Jabreile EllisJabreile Ellis9 aylar önce
  • Look Sam I have a question. Please answer it. It is super important. Do you own or have cows? Look at 3:30 of the video.

    Meanwhile In russiaMeanwhile In russia10 aylar önce
  • Still not a real truck...should of got the diesel

    Victor LunaVictor Luna11 aylar önce
  • Damn this dudes stupid 💀💀💀

    auto vidsauto vids11 aylar önce
  • Good job só easy

    Paulo RodriguesPaulo Rodrigues11 aylar önce
  • this needs a 360 camera

    rooster sideburbsrooster sideburbs11 aylar önce
  • whats your fav auction site

    T BakerT BakerYıl önce
  • the F150 that goes by when he mentions it

    halfburgndyhalfburgndyYıl önce
  • Speaking of coolant the first thing I do on any new purchase is a total fluid change. Oil. gear oil/trans fluid, brake fluid, diff oils, coolant the lot. Also all filters. Fluids and filters are cheap and you just don't know when they were done last. BTW, ADR'd, converted and approved that would be an 80 to 100k truck here (Australia).

    Marvin De BotMarvin De BotYıl önce
  • You got a gas f250 which is weak

    cam smithcam smithYıl önce
  • Great work

    vasudeo usgaonkarvasudeo usgaonkarYıl önce
  • Any man who knows V-Tuned and the Goonz is good people!

    Thomas AllenThomas AllenYıl önce
  • Ford is the best'

    linda nicklelinda nickleYıl önce
  • Good video. Great music too

    SWBLSWBLYıl önce
  • Important point to add. If the AC system isn't compromised, don't crack any lines. If you do, the expenses start adding up quick

    jason allisonjason allisonYıl önce
  • nice stuff, how much would you sell it, inclusive of shipping it to Kenya

    sanjays dieselsanjays dieselYıl önce
  • You need to vacuum your ac installations before you charge it with the refrigerate gas

    اسماعيل املواسماعيل املوYıl önce
  • Great deal, still of the century the lariat truck

    Victor RobinsonVictor RobinsonYıl önce
  • Panel bond will glue two ideas together.

    John WareJohn WareYıl önce
  • Truckier?....

    3z willie3z willieYıl önce
  • Any updates on the truck? I assume all went well at the frame shop.

    John ChafinJohn ChafinYıl önce
  • Great find

    Joey BaezJoey BaezYıl önce
  • Very nice truck. That was a great deal. That’s a keeper when done

    Thunder RoadThunder RoadYıl önce
  • I liked your videos before and you yourself. But after seeing you were listening to Travis Scott I really like your channel. Nice truck!

    Alex BecerraAlex BecerraYıl önce
  • Hey look, a real truck! Lol

    WolfWolfYıl önce
  • Yooo it’s Adam Sandler

    Skyler DahlstromSkyler DahlstromYıl önce
  • What Austin sites do you use?

    ZZpowerZZpowerYıl önce
  • Get a mishimoto radiator. Fords radiators are easy to break

    Rick SanchezRick SanchezYıl önce
  • I was just gonna say use a plastic epoxy for the shroud when you said it jajajajaja, clean it good with some light sanding and voila apply plastic epoxy. I've done it a couple of time and they stay great. Btw you make it look easy.

    Dr. JuliaDr. JuliaYıl önce
  • Is Samcrac saggin'? Looks like it!

    Barry WoodBarry WoodYıl önce
  • I fucking despise Lovebugs!!!!

    Drew CarrollDrew CarrollYıl önce
I Bought a TOTALED Ford F250 at Salvage Auction and Rebuilt Most of it in a Few Hours!