I Bought Every Watermelon! ($1300 worth)

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  • going back on tour!! tickets available at www.dannyduncan69.com see you soon !!

    Danny DuncanDanny Duncan5 aylar önce
    • Someone plz tell me what vid dalton says And back to my sandwich

      Aidan AhansAidan Ahans2 aylar önce
    • Joey Bassani no shit lmfao

      Shyler PolingShyler Poling3 aylar önce
    • Danny Duncan what song is that

      Aspect SpRaYzAspect SpRaYz3 aylar önce
    • Danny Duncan you need to make a shirt that says “imagine”

      Hayden GilmoreHayden Gilmore3 aylar önce
  • I am not lying but my grandpa owns the shop

    Harper EricksonHarper Erickson13 saatler önce
  • Your little black dude reminds me of the New York body builder chest popping 1 2 3 dude.

    Meat & Potato BurritoMeat & Potato Burrito15 saatler önce
  • He is a baby

    Team GarskeTeam GarskeGün önce
  • what's the song 7:11-7:20?

    Carson CoatsCarson CoatsGün önce
  • this werer great moves x)

    Julio VivianoJulio VivianoGün önce
  • But him a new van so he could be selling watermelon

    Victor OlguinVictor Olguin2 gün önce
  • The guy selling the golf carts looks like Clint Eastwood when he gets older

    CraftyRangerCraftyRanger2 gün önce
  • Why does the guy selling the gold carts look like an old Justin

    JMcDAWG 27JMcDAWG 272 gün önce
  • Florida man arrested for having a pound of weed in his back-pocket when it all fell out during a backflip.

    jacky Boyjacky Boy2 gün önce
  • danny and ryan beck

    I Pcth II Pcth I2 gün önce
  • 12:50 gta 6 looks really good

    Fisher Hunter1Fisher Hunter13 gün önce
  • Hay Danny. Marko likes watermelon if you need to get rid of them. He has a TRvision

    Chase ReichChase Reich3 gün önce
  • man danny out here Living his best life

    Fabian StegeFabian Stege3 gün önce
  • Your nutzzz bro

    rafa herrerarafa herrera4 gün önce
  • What will the black man eat now? It was a joke, chill

    I LIKE BEANS!!!I LIKE BEANS!!!4 gün önce
  • You should do a Uber in a RV like this so he sees this

    rngblitzrngblitz4 gün önce
  • Lazerbeam melon farm

    life of 3mi1i0life of 3mi1i04 gün önce
  • Next time you are in Florida HMU I will play that paint ball game with you

    Bryan BorregoBryan Borrego4 gün önce
  • Danny Duncan is like if you give a dumbass money

    alex galex g6 gün önce
  • 10:14 think of the watermelon your but hole was on

    Whit LummusWhit Lummus6 gün önce
  • That’s horrible

    Professional Mobile ClanProfessional Mobile Clan6 gün önce
  • what map

    GunnaBmgtheamazingGunnaBmgtheamazing7 gün önce
  • I ain’t believing that shit

    Jaidyn JenkinsJaidyn Jenkins9 gün önce
  • Come on in boys

    dank frank xddank frank xd9 gün önce
  • Danny you are a beast man,getting shot on the dick and not falling to the ground, bruv you are a beast

    Chad GoliathChad Goliath9 gün önce
  • Imagine buying him a van for his business

    Siri KingSiri King10 gün önce
  • That looks so fun

    pipy is fishypipy is fishy10 gün önce
  • The black dude “this is the best day ever” currently buying 250 watermelons

    Tony AndersonTony Anderson11 gün önce
  • buy him a new van

    AdmirableVIAdmirableVI12 gün önce
  • lmao what the fuck did i just watch

    Fahad MFahad M13 gün önce
  • In India, you can get 255 watermelons for $200

    FrozenFrostFrozenFrost13 gün önce
  • He needed to put the 69th on a throne

    triggershypertriggershyper14 gün önce
  • Your midget friend looks like ksi

    Geckos is life RjGeckos is life Rj14 gün önce
  • 10:01💀💀💀💀

    S O U LS O U L18 gün önce
  • He Schould buy all the melons then buy him a used van a little better than that one

    Derrick BournazianDerrick Bournazian19 gün önce
  • “Everything’s free pretty much”😂

    Jayce KastnerJayce Kastner20 gün önce
  • Sexual af

    Miki BaumgartnerMiki Baumgartner22 gün önce
  • 9:39 aha hah hah 😂😂😂😂

    FosterT 808FosterT 80823 gün önce
  • Everytime this guy get watermelon He gets naked

    LordMagnesiumLordMagnesium24 gün önce
  • “nah i ain’t believin’ that SHET”

    logan gross23logan gross2325 gün önce
  • I felt gay watching him lie naked on the melons

    BULLY1980BULLY198028 gün önce
    • Are uncomfortable with your sexuality?

      Lu DadamfuLu Dadamfu26 gün önce
  • 14:54 gayest thing I’ve ever seen

    B_M4RTINB_M4RTIN29 gün önce
  • Aaron is a little bitch

    KARLOS 360KARLOS 360Aylar önce
  • wait i can ride a golf cart to school

    Caroline CrockettCaroline CrockettAylar önce
  • That fucking gay

    Alvaro RamirezAlvaro RamirezAylar önce
  • Come to St. Louis Missouri

    GearedforDeerGearedforDeerAylar önce
  • It froze right at 8:59 😂

    MyRandom YouTubeMyRandom YouTubeAylar önce
  • Hey man I dont know who you are or what you do, but you are a good hearted person. Keep doing mankind and the world favors like this. Good luck and god speed, I hope you see this comment

    Jimmy #1HMSJimmy #1HMSAylar önce

    Aaron NepplAaron NepplAylar önce
  • I waz trynna b nice 2 a bitch told her she ain’t look a day over 60, she 34!!... 😳😳😳

    Josue TellezJosue TellezAylar önce
  • 9:56 nice body ;-)

    R HR HAylar önce
  • At 10:23 just imagine people walking around and someone says why is this man having a sexual relationship with watermelon

    gunnar robinsongunnar robinsonAylar önce
  • i’m fucking sad asf rn and your videos make me so much happier😂 love you dannyyyy

    Linda ShermerLinda ShermerAylar önce
  • Nice Melons

    sammy jenkinssammy jenkinsAylar önce
  • 12:57

    GrayHayGrayHayAylar önce
  • bro paintball is dumb i would not want to get hit by ine of them

    Jo DFJo DFAylar önce
  • Hopefully johns doing well, u should check on him!

    PumkinWomkin 732PumkinWomkin 732Aylar önce
  • 12:49

    ur momur momAylar önce
  • I wish my friends were fun like this

    Oof MincraftOof MincraftAylar önce
  • Watermelon porn

    Jake MussoJake MussoAylar önce
  • “ nah i ain’ beleeing dat shit “

    EggrollCumEggrollCumAylar önce
  • 21:02

    D_rayk_ED_rayk_EAylar önce
  • for all the girls here 9:50

    D_rayk_ED_rayk_EAylar önce
  • Is that ryan Beckman driving the bike

    AndrewAndrewAylar önce
  • He must just use a small watermelon 9:52 just joking

    ttv Hyper 40ttv Hyper 40Aylar önce
  • 12:40 This should be sport

    Dalton DoreeDalton DoreeAylar önce
  • First video I watched of Danny

    Shane nopeShane nopeAylar önce
  • Now I understand the math questions in my textbook

    Declan LoweDeclan LoweAylar önce
  • Does Danny go in search of little people to hang out with?

    Christopher FinnChristopher FinnAylar önce
I Bought Every Watermelon! ($1300 worth)