I Challenged FlightReacts & ImDavisss to a 3 Point Contest...

THEY GOT HOT! Basketball 3 point cometition vs Flight Reacts & ImDavisss went down to the wire.
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  • Level one: Subbed to Agent 00. Level two: subbed to Agent 00 and Agent 02 Level three: subbed to Agent 00, Agent 02 and Peer to Peer Level Four: Subbed to Agent 00, 02 , Peer to Peer and Amp Level Five: Notis and subs on Level 4 Level Six: NOTI GANG!! Which one are u?

    Snipe CitySnipe CityAylar önce
    • 0

      LukeLibuLukeLibu6 gün önce
    • The Living Meme he just means how big of a fan and support u r

      3 God3 GodAylar önce
    • 4

      Im ZuniIm ZuniAylar önce
    • Snipe City level 0

      Rexsuper LuckRexsuper LuckAylar önce
    • 4

      Coby Means SomethingCoby Means SomethingAylar önce
  • This FlightReacts guy's reaction's are priceless, he should make a reaction channel.

    Squabble WobbleSquabble Wobble23 saatler önce
  • He must have lost hotspots in this one

    dzac_ytdzac_yt11 gün önce
  • Would you guys ever play 2 on 1

    dar_thetruthdar_thetruth24 gün önce
  • Flight needs to bring his jump shot up from lower down, his lift path is too high. He's starting the movement with the ball above his waist, it needs to be lower and above the knee.

    DOOMDOOM26 gün önce
  • flight has hof catch and brick

    Fresh2kFresh2k27 gün önce
  • Damn flight look like long neck

    zander Brumfieldzander BrumfieldAylar önce

    Daddy YCDaddy YCAylar önce
  • Agent lowkey got a burner, I see the form bro😂

    Devita Jo JoyDevita Jo JoyAylar önce
  • Mans jumper actually pretty

    G U A P P V L O G SG U A P P V L O G SAylar önce
  • Flights agents Skelton bro

    Ryan DelaneyRyan DelaneyAylar önce
  • Dog flight is a walking stick bug 🤣😭

    mrlee2328mrlee2328Aylar önce
  • He lost Weight

    ImjaydenImjaydenAylar önce
  • I see Agent getting slimmer. Keep up the great work agent!!

    Br0kenCSGBr0kenCSGAylar önce
  • Y’all were playing at the gym I go to

    BigpopsBigpopsAylar önce
  • He looks skinnier

    graham Paintergraham PainterAylar önce
  • Should have stretches the vid to 8mins agent 🤣

    TayBe GamingTayBe GamingAylar önce
  • Good to see Agent slimming down, dedication right there. I'm talking he went from quadruple cheeked up on a Tuesday afternoon to putting in all the work to get his weight where he wants it. We all love you whether you're slim Agent or Thicccccc Agent tho!

    All-Star GamingAll-Star GamingAylar önce
  • agent whipe all the gear off flight feet lol thats if you know what im talking about

    iisnapUiisnapUAylar önce
  • All I’m sayin; Actually looks like flight fixed his shot. Very consistent form and decent %. Now he just needs to start getting his shots to hit, and maybe a little stamina

    Dan SDan SAylar önce
  • Flight really do look like a myplayer

    ThatboirookThatboirookAylar önce
  • Yo agents form looks soo much better now

    a swedish sausagea swedish sausageAylar önce
  • Flight has no clue how to shoot a basketball. Just look at the rotation on the ball lmao

    Sauce Up GuwopSauce Up GuwopAylar önce
  • The thumbnail really do be looking like a before and after picture.

    CarnageCarnageAylar önce
  • When agent wears clothes that fit he looks amazing lol stg looks like he dropped 20 pounds from the 1st clip to the 2nd clip

    R3CKL3SS da SAVAG3R3CKL3SS da SAVAG3Aylar önce
  • You a hater mad cause Fredo butter than you

    Albert KellyAlbert KellyAylar önce
  • Flight cnt win ah damn thing 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    T AET AEAylar önce
  • Proud of you Brodie been watching since og days glad to see you losing all that wait you seem happier too

    Aidan TurnerAidan TurnerAylar önce
  • Agent is tiny my boi is slim thanks to you Agent I saw your determination to lose weight and you inspired me to lose my weight as well thx agent

    Kobe 248 BryantKobe 248 BryantAylar önce
  • I would always choose them over dramatic basketball players

    darian franklindarian franklinAylar önce
  • Agent getting skinny skinny

    Malik DanielMalik DanielAylar önce
  • Yo deadass agent lossin weight, but how I need to know ASAP 😂

    Ultrastreakz 8 & 24Ultrastreakz 8 & 24Aylar önce
  • i can tell u used to play a lot

    red rexred rexAylar önce
  • Flight look like a salamander 🦎🤔

    Jugg_ King _ JoshJugg_ King _ JoshAylar önce
  • Good job agent I see u bro jumpshot getting hot

    Marko SelfmadeMarko SelfmadeAylar önce
  • Chubby Michael Jackson and the Walking Dead battle in the contest of 3 Pointers. Gotta watch.

    HUNTENT247HUNTENT247Aylar önce
  • flight really thought he had hof quick draw on 🤣

    Big BearBig BearAylar önce
  • Hooping is the best way to lose weight. Agent should be skin and bones after this year is over. If they keep up these 1 vs 1, king of the hill, and other challenges, he will get there.

    Ruminating15Ruminating15Aylar önce
  • Davis got a whole bunch of sugar in the tank 😂

    Matthew WileyMatthew WileyAylar önce
  • Flight needs to stop palming the ball when he shoots.

    EasyMoneyAyannaEasyMoneyAyannaAylar önce
  • Like if y’all see agent weight loss progress

    Cayden CopesCayden CopesAylar önce
  • agent got some game nice form

    cameron sheppardcameron sheppardAylar önce
  • dolphin man ftw

    TRXTRXAylar önce
  • Yourrage ik u watching

    prophetprophetAylar önce
  • How could you dislike a video of people playing basketball that’s shits weird

    vBxbyy-vBxbyy-Aylar önce
  • ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ɴᴇxᴛ 𝟻𝟶 ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀ ғᴏʀᴛɴɪᴛᴇ sᴋɪɴ 🎁

    AlzzyyyAlzzyyyAylar önce
  • Agent losing his weight!!

    WavyyTJWavyyTJAylar önce
  • Anyone else realizing agent losing weight

    DVSU’s UnderratedDVSU’s UnderratedAylar önce
  • Davis Shoots With His Butt 😂😂

    Ahmad DonAhmad DonAylar önce
  • Agents jumpshot doesn’t even look bad it looks clean

    Life is arkLife is arkAylar önce
    • Fax

      OmarOmarAylar önce
  • Flights not even flicking it

    Caspian beatsCaspian beatsAylar önce
  • Agent came a long way he’s skinner now

    MathelinMathelinAylar önce
  • Flight is AFK

    thats maneythats maneyAylar önce
  • trvision.net/detail/video-8FF5ekwdJm8.html

    jay vlogsjay vlogsAylar önce
  • Flights shot has ZERO spiral.

    iSomeTimesCampiSomeTimesCampAylar önce
  • Proud of agent sticking to his word with this losing weight thing keep it up

    L2_ColdzL2_ColdzAylar önce
  • Is it a bad thing that I’m a 13 year old baseball player and I made double the amount of 3s flight did at the gym. sry flight just trolling lol

    mindy Williamsmindy WilliamsAylar önce
  • agent gets skinnier every video but eh so am i lets get it

    K beatsK beatsAylar önce
  • agent congrats on your weight lost journey you looking good in that fitted shirt no homo but keep it up

    Malachi WrightMalachi WrightAylar önce
  • agent I see ya with the weight loss 😈

    stunna stylingstunna stylingAylar önce
  • Agent chicken from the three not gon lie 😂

    Oh it’s BapeOh it’s BapeAylar önce
  • I wanna challenge flight to a 3 point challenge.

    AlphaXquadAlphaXquadAylar önce
  • Why is agent wearing a damn blanket for a shirt

    P_Garcia_CP_Garcia_CAylar önce
  • Put flight in amp😭

    Lakota GoodLakota GoodAylar önce
  • Y’all seen how Flight tried to down Agents Score and still lost

    ItsWhatever -?-ItsWhatever -?-Aylar önce
  • Why flight don’t shoot like that in game

    Julyes ValladaresJulyes ValladaresAylar önce
  • Flight has to work more on his form his follow through his elbow where he places his shot hand

    Im a Hooper thoIm a Hooper thoAylar önce
  • Flights shots lookin like knuckle balls 😂😂😂 no backspin at all. I’m DYING!

    Weather ManWeather ManAylar önce
  • He actually got a smooth release

    BeastModeXCIIIBeastModeXCIIIAylar önce
  • That 3 point line is like a kids free throw shot it’s so close

    FWFWAylar önce
I Challenged FlightReacts & ImDavisss to a 3 Point Contest...