I Dropped Junk Junction 100 Times And This Is What Happened

I dropped Junk Junction 100 times. This video will go over what happened. It's a good one.
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    • I only just noticed you finally got a win with the toxic trooper 😂

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    • selling your soul isnt a wise decision those who rise always fall

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  • Honestly at21:58 I jumped a little it was supersizing

    Pie FacePie Face3 saatler önce
  • Just call Frosty Flights Frosty Ballz

    AliksalotAliksalot4 saatler önce
  • 15:52 undisputed best part of the video

    abia ramahapuabia ramahapu9 saatler önce
  • You should go to the block 100 times

    Faith EddlemanFaith Eddleman15 saatler önce
  • Lucky landing 100 times next please

    Blackspark1177Blackspark117716 saatler önce
  • i legit jumped so high on the jumpscare on game 99 omg my heart is beating

    STaTiiC RecomeSTaTiiC Recome18 saatler önce
  • and when is coming the next 100 drops

    Ivan ValchevIvan ValchevGün önce
  • land 100 times happy hamlet or snooby shores please

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  • I dropped the soap 100 times and this is what happened

    Malachy DohertyMalachy DohertyGün önce
  • Hey did you know that if you shoot a boom bow at a baller and it breaks,then it kills the person inside LTN’s screen:the baller never broke

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  • luke: I got the high ground but he pumped me good me: that's what she said

    jammed purse24jammed purse24Gün önce
    • two potatoes sashing into each other

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  • All these vaulted guns make me shed a tear

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  • 21:59 scared the shit out of me

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  • 21:58 that scared me Soo much

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  • Who agrees that luke does the best commentary

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  • 95 games 95 damage

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  • Each like will be how much longer it takes for fortnite to be fully released

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  • 10:11 It's called Scorpion

    Sparky1212Sparky12123 gün önce
  • 21:58 scared me so bad since I made the mistake of full volume

    Caden GirouxCaden Giroux3 gün önce
    • Caden Giroux I LITERALLY just jumped from the same thing lol

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  • The Spanish means for you dad

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  • I enslaved Jews 100 times and this happened.

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  • I dropped my phone 1000 times and it cracked

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  • 235 kills

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  • Game 80 tho

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  • I sweated as hard as I could for 20 games and this is wat happend

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    • Don’t we all tho

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  • he probably just drops 10 times in junk and the rest in other places. he just skip to where he dies or wins the game.

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  • This isn’t drops in the ocean.Game 46.

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  • I dropped fortnite. 100 times and this is what happened

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  • Tried this and first try I got 10 kills and won

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  • Puuuuuuunsss

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  • This is random but did anyone ever realise coding sites require code to use it

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  • Drop snooby shores

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  • Game 92 the beginning aim bot???? (I’m joking)

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  • No one: Literally no one: Fearless: I loVe DeaFaUlts

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  • I dropped my phone 100 time, I don’t wanna talk about is 😭😭😭

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  • What is so special about the number 69?

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  • Yo, dont forget about halo

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  • I dropped the soap 100 times and this is what happened

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  • 21:58 made me jump of my chair,I dont know why 😂

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  • I know probably no one will see this but I dont care. Luke your awesome ever since I found out about your vids you've made me so much happier and your a genuine, and funny person. If you are ever in a rut I will stick with you till the end.

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  • Game 99 was the best one

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  • Deleted my comment. Wow.

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  • He uses middle click to jump. Lol why am I talking I use arrow keys

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    • DOOMAN he probably uses scroll wheel and space bar

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  • Man Luke, when are you gonna make vids about Halo again? Especially since they released a new trailer for Infinite!

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  • 12:36 he died to a World Cup qualifier

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  • 7:24 it was a default not a scooer skin

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  • 19:12 eliminated by luke thenotable?

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  • Sponsored by MTN dew Heart attack not included

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  • I missed these! And these puns & commentary is something from Mars!

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  • 19:12 eliminated by Lukethenotable?

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    Aaa LAaa L10 gün önce
I Dropped Junk Junction 100 Times And This Is What Happened