I Got A Japanese Lolita Fashion Makeover

So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping - and we’re coming in hot with episode 2 about Japanese Street Fashion Subcultures! Japan has some very iconic and unique Harajuku-centric fashion subcultures, and Lolita style has always fascinated me - so we decided to do a deep dive into the poofy, frilly, pastel style! What do you think of my final look?
A huge thanks to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here:
IG: instagram.com/rinrindoll/
TRvision: trvision.net/nameof-rinrindoll
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Items Worn & Not Listed In The Video:
Abilletage - Corset Over Knee Socks Side Lace-up
Abilletage - Noir Croix Corset
Abilletage - Corset Tights Victorian
Atelier Pierrot - Volume Pannier
System 'id' - Graceful Lace Aliceband (Headband)
modifica - Morpho Necklace
Gothic Holic - Fluttering Butterfly Clip Small/Medium
Angelic Pretty - Cute Ribbon Wrist Cuffs
Angelic Pretty - Love Heart Logo Pochette
Angelic Pretty - Laced-up Ribbon Overknee Socks
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This video is NOT sponsored! We paid for all clothing items ourselves, but Chantegram did provide their styling service for free.
Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Josie Latino
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  • HELLO FRIENDS!! happy saturday! here is the next episode of our east asia series - hope you guys enjoy it! what did u think of the makeover?? xoxo, saf

    Safiya NygaardSafiya Nygaard4 aylar önce
    • And taking the last reply

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    • I’m being a bitch

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    • I love it!

      Lizzy ChangLizzy ChangAylar önce
    • The reply’s were at 499 and I wanted it to be 500 so I commented this

      Reese RReese RAylar önce
    • Make a second Lolita makeover! It Was Amazing

      Gacha SayonamaGacha Sayonama2 aylar önce
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  • I really throughly enjoyed this video. I wish I could afford or had people to do Lolita with. Since I found out about this look I have always wanted to wear one, but I have never had the funds to do so. :)

    Stacey EdgetteStacey EdgetteGün önce
  • I actually prefer the second shoe u put on at the end after ur feet were hurting lol it looked great with ur final outfit should have just wore those anyway babe xXx

    Adele RobinsonAdele RobinsonGün önce
  • Wow, I really loved this video. I've been thinking about trying the Lolita style for a while but this clarified something I hadn't thought about. Ty

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  • „New Stylebotique“ vibes 😂👍🏻

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  • How much did your outfit cost? It looks quite expensive.

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  • Oh my, I was so confused when she said that the hair corset and Linda's skills were ridiculous. My frist language is not english so I tought Safiya didn't aprecciate these 2 things, I needed a time to realize what she was meaning. After all, I understand or not?

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    Loveable Teddy BearLoveable Teddy Bear4 gün önce
  • The outfits would've looked 200x better is the waistband wasn't under your boobs :( it's good but not full potential

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  • I found your wedding dress through the ages video first, then found this one, but I didn’t recognize you as one of the women from women go goth from buzzfeed videos until your first gothy Lolita. I’m glad you kept some of the goth vibes! You really did look amazing! And you looked amazing in all of these lolita outfits! I personally love the 2nd boudoir outfit.

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  • Who else noticed that Chantagram is by Abiatage which i9s where she got her outfit?

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  • this made me Lolita girl now and made me want to go to japan ten times more than I wanted to! XD

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  • I think this has everything to do with the novel

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    • @Michelle Hanca lol that's so interesting. It's only a name though

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    • The name makes lolitas uncomfortable too lol, most of us wish we could change it

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    • @Chiara Tianyi because of the book.

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    • Because of the book?

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  • hi were doing a school project on japanese culture and we can pick literally any topic (i mean anything, there are kids doing pokemon and anime lmao) and i chose to do japanese/tokyo street fashion. your videos have been so helpful, and the amount of detail and effort you put into your videos is outstanding. thank you so much!!

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  • Theres a sub cultur of gith called 'lolita goth'. I find it cool and it seems like sometting that would fit your clothing style a bit better than the brighter colors. Im not sure if I would be considered a lolita goth, but sometimes I do dress lolita. It was fun.

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I Got A Japanese Lolita Fashion Makeover