I Got Arnold Schwarzenegger To Say "GET TO DA CHOPPA"

I met Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton to interview them for Terminator Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller. Without even having to really ask, Arnie did some memes and quotes saying "Get To The Choppa". In this Linda Hamilton interview she also explains why she came back to the role of sarah connor after all these years.
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  • We are just missing an interview with Keanu Reeves

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  • Day 1: jacks a starting youtuber Day 230: famous youtuber Day 231: hollywood interviewer

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  • Who is watching this video to see how Arnold say GET TO DA CHOPPA?

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  • the only reason we came is for “GET TO THE COPPA”

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  • r/madlads

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  • He "made" the Hummer H1 - Now he is saving it with working with the environment xD

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  • Hello there, terminator man!

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  • ArE yOu SiX FeEt ApArT

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  • If I met jacksepticeye he'd be disgusted lmao

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  • is jack an interveiwer?

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  • i forgot if this was after or before the new terminator.... :(

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  • yeet

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    • IrishAnimater24 top of the mornin’ to ya, dude

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  • Arnold: there is no short cuts to sports and stuff Also Arnold: *did the short cuts to fitness*

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  • also this was posted 5 days after my birth day

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  • Arnold is my 2nd favorite actors in the world ive seen all of his movies

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    • I like will smith better

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  • 6:04

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  • how does he do this?????????

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  • Weeeewoooooo wee woo wee woo

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  • As an Austrian, Arnold gives me hope to someday maybe be as great as him. Well, almost as great. It's not possible to be as great as him.

    PossibLeePossibLee3 gün önce
  • I'm glad they decided to follow the story, because all late remakes are shit because the plot line gets convoluted and confusing

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  • What’s the song in the background

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  • is dark fate the newest terminator?

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  • U r the luckiest man alive

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  • I wonder if anyone asked him say "you hit like a vegetarian"

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  • 6:06 this is what youre looking for

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  • Okay, Jack met the terminator. My day has been made.

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  • If anyone was wondering get to the choppa is at 6:00

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  • 6:04

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  • Guys! We need to have Terrorizer meet Arnold now!!

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: get to da choppa

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  • This cat How cat You cat Can cat Waste cat A stupid cat Guy cat Time cat If you didn't undetstand anything remove cat and read again

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  • The most lovely thing is how genuine and at ease Jack is. He is not making himself artificial. And you can see how Linda and Arnold subconsciously realize that and the answers we get are much more genuine and real. Normally, actors don't talk much in interview or mostly talk about the movie but this interview was more about the actors and who they are as a person. So in short, Jack is a good interviewer.

    Just an average guyJust an average guy7 gün önce
  • 6:06

    Laurens ZijlstraLaurens Zijlstra8 gün önce
  • He looks so professional when talking to celebrities And he looks high when playing games XD

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  • Isn’t GET TO THE CHOPA from Predator

    Negtali De La CruzNegtali De La Cruz9 gün önce
    • Negtali De La Cruz yes

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  • Someone’s going to make an awkward edit

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  • T2 is my favourite movie and jacksepticeye is my favourite channel

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  • Everyone is saying how he met Arnold the "legend" and yeah he is, but I feel like Sean is a legend, like he's made it so far.

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  • If your a meme person then like this video and comment

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  • I'll be back

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  • If anybody wants to know when he says Get to da choppa its at 6:05

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  • Reminds me of Terroriser

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  • You came here for 6:02

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  • In the movie when Arnold said NARGHHH GET TO THE CHOPPA: I felt that

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  • I gonna miss Arnold, in the future terminator films, I already miss him in the predator films and that was a long time ago

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  • Let

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  • I could listen to Arnie speak all day long man. The wisdom he can give is just amazing

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  • I seriously envy you just for getting to see Arnie.

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  • I’m really proud of you seán, i really hope you enjoyed the interview and to meet your childhood heroes. Good on you mate

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  • Why Arnold last name is unsettling. Does he have a n-word pass?

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  • youtuber jack typical professional jack where the heck did he come from

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  • Wow that is so cool

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  • I love terminator Im 12 :)

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  • 6:02 is wjen he says get to the choppa that will cost 1 like

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    • You literally copied a comment

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  • Woah yeah now I see he did all these interviews

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  • 6:05

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I Got Arnold Schwarzenegger To Say "GET TO DA CHOPPA"