I Hired A NBA Trainer To Become The Best Hooper On YouTube...

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  • Your the best TRvisionr🤤🤠

    Amorion PlainAmorion PlainGün önce

    Based Ten DimeBased Ten Dime3 gün önce
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    CelebriTea ConnectionCelebriTea Connection10 gün önce
  • Play @ceynolimit🥱

    dushayla frazierdushayla frazier12 gün önce
  • Come on man, Friga would absolutely embarrass DDG at basketball.

    Josh CJosh C15 gün önce
  • Perfect motivation🔥

    WuzGold EvansWuzGold Evans18 gün önce
  • Yo Lethal Shooter Looked At My Page

    JakeFromPhillyJakeFromPhilly20 gün önce
  • You mean in the rap game..

    Tana2lavishTana2lavish22 gün önce
  • Heeeeeeeeeee

    JRontheBLOC kJRontheBLOC k23 gün önce
  • Get all this help bruhh n still trash stick to music leave youtube n basketball

    Meese & VonnMeese & Vonn25 gün önce
  • DDG IS THE MANN FR FR I’ve taken all of his advice on TRvision, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to become a millionaire . I’ve even just created a TRvision channel to follow my progress I would love some support / feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out

  • niggas even had ron suno in dat bitch 😂

    Hassan KamaraHassan Kamara28 gün önce
  • I’m Tryna see more videos like this with him and his trainer

    Jesse SmallwoodJesse Smallwood28 gün önce
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    KIDDOKIDDO29 gün önce
  • What type of trainer Is this💀

    J BoogieJ BoogieAylar önce
  • The rice gum game got to ddg 😂 it’s all good ddg rice gum is actually a good player

    JayIs AboutIt!JayIs AboutIt!Aylar önce
  • Keep it up

    Sky jesterSky jesterAylar önce
  • i wish i was youtube famous just to play yo weak ass😂

    Mr. SkilledMr. SkilledAylar önce
  • Ddg nit the best TRvision hooper

    Drip AmlightyDrip AmlightyAylar önce
  • I love watching ur TRvision video & all that but even cashnasty is better than u

    CurtisCurtisAylar önce
  • That trainer is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. This should be a series on your channel. Stay focused DDG.

    Velicia WilliamsVelicia WilliamsAylar önce
  • This man is still ass

    Daquan MeridaDaquan MeridaAylar önce
  • Yall forget that the professor is a youtuber😂😂

    Eekay ArtEekay ArtAylar önce
  • I’m srry yo say dis but flight lowkey might have better handled den ddg.

    User SecondUser SecondAylar önce
  • Ddg is a fucking god no cap

    andre dominguezandre dominguezAylar önce
  • My nigga ddg has a lot of potential to be a good a player

    andre dominguezandre dominguezAylar önce
  • Ddg actually a bucket he just dont practice enough

    Power MillerPower MillerAylar önce
  • ddg that quickdraw on bronze😂 that shit butter tho

    AlmightyyjayyAlmightyyjayyAylar önce
  • whoever reading this I hope God blesses you and carries you through the way!

    The ChubClubThe ChubClubAylar önce
  • 🙌

    Mike WarrenMike WarrenAylar önce
  • Bro yall notice ddg only play on double rims. And he still have a decent shot

    AP3AP3Aylar önce
  • Boy with that slow ah release u think u the best Hooper on TRvision when u got niggas like tjass ? Got niggas like devinthelab? But u can't beat ricegum I mean ricegum nice but ye..

    kvng luvs ukvng luvs uAylar önce
  • Not better then cash

    ToomanydubsToomanydubsAylar önce
  • Ddg can you plz do a remix on od

    10,000 subscribers without a video challenge10,000 subscribers without a video challengeAylar önce
  • I need a series outta this “ddg road to a 10 day contract”

    Im MahiIm MahiAylar önce
  • Ok Flight

    C WC WAylar önce
  • you better keep training

    HelloGodSentHelloGodSentAylar önce
  • 1v.1. 🔥DDG Vs. DRAKE🔥@ NBA OVO Court (Drake’s mansion) 🤭🇨🇦

    Gerardo CanalesGerardo CanalesAylar önce
  • Bruh he is the best coach no cappp

    Hasib YouTubeHasib YouTubeAylar önce
  • He gotta beat Flight ✈️ First before playing Ty

    LilDreCashWalker HendersonLilDreCashWalker HendersonAylar önce
  • If DDG can put that Left right Handel package 📦 together he’s better than TYTheGuy seriously Ty been lacking in the gym lately I fuck wit Ty but he scored one point or two points in that B Lou Kenny and Cash 💰 king of the court video DDG could be better than Ty

    LilDreCashWalker HendersonLilDreCashWalker HendersonAylar önce
  • DDG I WANT UR 1V1 I’m going to deestroy u

    Dino MadeDino MadeAylar önce
  • I Almost Cryed

    Media TvMedia TvAylar önce
  • Green beaaans

    Capital VCapital VAylar önce
  • Tristan Jass or the Profesor will make you retire. Keep dreaming lmfao

    EmanYTCEmanYTCAylar önce
  • You will never become the best Hooper on TRvision

    Mark WatersMark WatersAylar önce
  • Jump! It is called a jump shot for a reason!!!

  • Cuh shot decent but it’s slow and he got no handle on da rock

    CashShmoove _CashShmoove _Aylar önce
  • Ddg still ass

    CashShmoove _CashShmoove _Aylar önce
  • This gun shots sound killed me😂😂

    Bibi D.Bibi D.Aylar önce
    • Nobody Trainer: BANG BANG *DDG makes the shot* DDG: 😄😄

      Bibi D.Bibi D.Aylar önce
  • To the person that’s reading this: You’re amazing and Stay safe and I hope all your dreams come true one day😇 My dream is to hit 10K, I am struggling to get there 💙

  • If u beating high schoolers why u haven't played mikey williams yet 😂

    Jj 2kJj 2kAylar önce
  • Cap😂just stick to music and TRvision no hate just facts 🤷🏽‍♂️

    WillTuneiNWillTuneiNAylar önce
  • You deadass can’t hoop at all I will fly to la & play you one on One I’m a TRvisionr too btw

  • Shit link this guy with flight plz

    TAHHHTAHHHAylar önce
  • Drink a pegus and you will be alright

    Keeping up with PegusKeeping up with PegusAylar önce
  • Flight is the best hooper

    DhivlsDhivlsAylar önce
  • Hope everyone staying stay during corona ❤️❤️❤️ *Read my name btw😊*

    1 subscriber before 20211 subscriber before 2021Aylar önce
  • Lethal Shooter gon turn u into Curry

    AB CaponeAB CaponeAylar önce
  • Are we not gonna talk about how this nigga lowkey got strap😂

    Zay MZay MAylar önce
  • DDG I need you to make a series out of this.

    Adrickson JimenezAdrickson JimenezAylar önce
  • Then get a dribble coach

    Hollow_Ezekiel '_'Hollow_Ezekiel '_'Aylar önce
  • I’ve been waiting for this ddg needs to drop more basketball vids

    Hollow_Ezekiel '_'Hollow_Ezekiel '_'Aylar önce
  • DDG please keep doing this

    Trey WayTrey WayAylar önce
  • Meennn lemmy b honest..am watching my blood brother DDG for 2 years now..And What I want to say is... I love Escape.. Bro itsa hit!! kopa juju kopa wuwu!!🌏💨💥🇹🇿From Tanzania.. you blessed bro

    Time 4 BlackTime 4 BlackAylar önce
  • I joined the family

    Just MelodyJust MelodyAylar önce
  • 💯🏀💯💪🏽🔥

    Keashawn RudolphKeashawn RudolphAylar önce
  • Ddg your shot gather is slower then my dads I would block your shit gather up faster

    Danny’s LifeDanny’s LifeAylar önce
  • DDG trash I can easily beat him and talkin about goin to da nba 🧢😂

    Steve OhSteve OhAylar önce
  • Wanna be flight

    That’sEliThat’sEliAylar önce
I Hired A NBA Trainer To Become The Best Hooper On YouTube...