Hiiii!!!!! I love you. I hope you enjoy us trying to get it together.
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  • Hiii!!!! How are you ily

    Morgan AdamsMorgan AdamsYıl önce
    • I am good, i ly2! Also, I think you would look ADORABLE if you got one half of your head shaved. Just an idea :3

      iiPaigeGamingxiiPaigeGamingxAylar önce
    • hi ilyt

      oooflyoooflyAylar önce
    • Ily2!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

      Moon CatMoon CatAylar önce
    • Morgan Adams ily too!! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

      Mars ArgoMars ArgoAylar önce
    • Ily 2

      *kawaii Japanese Gamer**kawaii Japanese Gamer*3 aylar önce
  • This is something me and my dumb friends would do

    MoreRedGuavsfanMoreRedGuavsfan9 saatler önce
  • Waiiitt she kinda looks like Drew!! The smile! :p

    Alissa TurnbullAlissa Turnbull12 gün önce
  • Sooooo much screaming ....

    Pr3ttyFlaw3d -Jesicca Randall-Pr3ttyFlaw3d -Jesicca Randall-12 gün önce
  • Morgan: When I think of farming, I think of like... Nebraska Cut back to the camping video: Morgan: *I don’t think I’m much of a Nebraska girl*

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro Kirishima15 gün önce
  • Who tf can dislikes this video?

    Lydia VioletLydia Violet15 gün önce

    somethingidk 1somethingidk 117 gün önce
  • I CANNOT be the only one who thinks this... Trinity is a mix between Alyx (ayydubs) and Philipa Soo (the women who plays Eliza in Hamilton)

    Ashleigh RoseAshleigh Rose19 gün önce
  • Bro u said Aurora ...... Illinois?? Edit: (itwasajoke)

    cookicat 123cookicat 12324 gün önce
  • “What do people put in here” hi Morgan ik this is a year late but I have that safe we’ll my parents do and it is made for guns

    Shayli HoranShayli Horan25 gün önce
  • Trinity is so preeeeeeetty

    AliceAliceAylar önce
  • lmao there’s a lotta angry farmers in the comment section

    artsy ratartsy ratAylar önce
  • I was doing great till Morgan pulled out the dang COLESLAW

    Smooth MintSmooth MintAylar önce
  • garrett: literally goes to chochella and rides postmalone's bike morgan: feeds a horse

    Tammy MeyerTammy MeyerAylar önce
  • Morgan the whole video... “doode”

    Lilly StrongLilly StrongAylar önce
  • Trinity: like who’s eating a salad right now Me: eating a salad

    Maya AbbottMaya AbbottAylar önce
  • My Mom: *Reads Title* Still My Mom: Me too. *Me :* ;-;

    Erin MacKenzieErin MacKenzieAylar önce
  • omg i apsolutely LOVE seeing you and trinity going on adventures! You guys are sooo funny :D

    Jelly Bean575Jelly Bean575Aylar önce
  • morgan I think your absolutely gorgeous..i need those lashes they don't look uncomfortable...

    Jess WrightJess WrightAylar önce
  • lol even thou this trip was a flop this video is still my top fave gurl

    urlocaltrxshurlocaltrxshAylar önce
  • Hey Morgan! I watch your videos everytime I feel like shit and it instantly makes me feel better. Youre beautiful and frikken hilarious and I love your videos with Trinity. I have seriously watched your videos multiple times because they make me laugh. I need more friends like you. You guys are funny as HELL and I hope you keep making these. Youre one of the coolest people I watch on youtube and I love the content. Keep doing you xx

    AlphaAlphaAylar önce
  • them showing off the boots literally was riverdale no question

    lillylillyAylar önce
  • Your both hilarious..

    Sirius SeriousSirius SeriousAylar önce
  • I miss having a best friend like this :/

    Samantha MartinSamantha MartinAylar önce
  • 17:07 oh ma gawd he on x game mode

    3illie elsmie3illie elsmieAylar önce
  • Why is Trinity in every video where the title is "this was a bad idea" 😂

    Aneliese PeelerAneliese PeelerAylar önce
  • I love how awkward she is with the horses I like hug and kiss my aggressive horses lol

    FluffyTheBunny 122FluffyTheBunny 122Aylar önce
  • I wish I could be friends with you like fr not a joke

    XxKookiez NowzxXXxKookiez NowzxXAylar önce
  • Morgan and Trinity is the best combo ever hahaha

    Michaëla BerdingMichaëla BerdingAylar önce
  • they should sign up to farmersonly.com lol

    AJAJAylar önce
  • I love watching u and Trinity get frightened and confused about my lifestyle😂 literally camping, road trips, horses, farming. That was my life growing up😂

    McKenna AllenMcKenna AllenAylar önce
  • ZOINKED?? I love that word but i have never heard of that said apart from In Scooby-Doo. ZOINKS!

    McKenna AllenMcKenna AllenAylar önce
  • I wouldn't worry about what u show up drivin... ANYONE who goes to a farm or ranch for the day FOR FUN to 'work', does NOT know what they're doin. Dang, Dude.😆😆😆🐽

    Leslie ChurchwellLeslie ChurchwellAylar önce
  • This is so hilarious and cringey since I'm a country-folk.🤣 I love Morgan and Trinity though, they're amazing.

    metalmelonmetalmelonAylar önce
  • If this was a try not to laugh at the horse challenge I lost

  • 14:48 those tractor tires screeching

    Marty the SnailMarty the SnailAylar önce
  • u really just gotta plan better is all. also, the driver should never be stressed.. if i were trin i would've mapped it all out right away. gas stations, rest stops, hotels, food, sight seeing, picture taking.. it should all be in the hands of the passenger/s.

    katie bkatie bAylar önce
  • I need you girls in my life and my bff's ❤️

    Pixie honeyPixie honeyAylar önce
  • Everytime you guys are together crackhead energy kicks in😂👏👏

    ᕼᑕᑎᗴYY :3ᕼᑕᑎᗴYY :3Aylar önce
  • I’m exactly like trinity I’m always asking for food

    Dixie GamingDixie GamingAylar önce
  • Morgan reminds me of ijustine

    Dixie GamingDixie GamingAylar önce
  • Watching them with the horses is making me so sad because my horse died today 15/06/20and as well it looked exactly like the black one 🐎😭😭

    Tara DolanTara DolanAylar önce
  • Morgan, did you ever talk to the coffee guy again, I bet he actually liked you 🥺

    Panic! AtTheWiskPanic! AtTheWisk2 aylar önce
  • There are no mistakes there are just happy accidents -Bob Ross

    Diana EspinoDiana Espino2 aylar önce
  • I'm sad I don't have Starbucks where I live in Australia and IV never tried it 😭 😣

    Zombies prouductionsZombies prouductions2 aylar önce
  • Can we just take a minute to appreciate how adorable Morgan's dad is

    Ashley SteinAshley Stein2 aylar önce
  • When she screams she sounds like wheels on a road

    Louis LundLouis Lund2 aylar önce
  • Bro I just want to go to them and help them with these things. I can camp. I can get actual things like this done with good planning. They just need some actual help. Lol

    Kelley LeonardKelley Leonard2 aylar önce
  • Morgan: I made a mistake Everyone in comments: This is going to be a funny ass video

    Cyber ShadowCyber Shadow2 aylar önce
  • I’ve been laughing since the video started and it’s only been 6 mins

    daisy riosdaisy rios2 aylar önce
  • Yellow tractors, picture shows a green tractor

    Lily ReedLily Reed3 aylar önce
  • shane and ryland are just dads raising morgan, trinity, and garrett.

    Lizzy GibbyLizzy Gibby3 aylar önce
  • @14:48 Morgan summoned her inner demons 😂😂😂

    Stevie AndersenStevie Andersen3 aylar önce
  • i want a rwality tv show where morgan an trinity just travel around the world

    lulu fennlulu fenn3 aylar önce
  • i got mah pickles

    1 31 33 aylar önce
  • How's Angie the ghost going :P

    Jasmine MannJasmine Mann3 aylar önce
  • i love this videooo

    Abby LAbby L3 aylar önce
  • No, this is not how nebraska is. And we don’t wear flannel.

    Elise MElise M3 aylar önce
  • trinity: "who's eating a salad right now" me: *just ate salad and now eating fruit*

    Rian SahiRian Sahi3 aylar önce
  • Why on earth is this in my recommended kmt

    BabyBaby8794BabyBaby87943 aylar önce
  • I love Morgan, she's cute, funny and great!

    birds of preybirds of prey3 aylar önce
  • "A talking bird that's shy" yes 🤣

    EmPlugEe22EmPlugEe223 aylar önce
  • 7:36 said “my boot not my foot”

    Sugga BeeeSugga Beee3 aylar önce
  • The safes are definitely for guns.... to keep them away from children and such!!!

    Gabriela DoughtyGabriela Doughty3 aylar önce
  • 14:49 rumor has it that Morgan is possessed by Angie😂

    Andrea GarciaAndrea Garcia3 aylar önce

    oakley foxoakley fox3 aylar önce
  • Go on a farm they said....... it would be fun they said

    TheTwistedTrashbagTheTwistedTrashbag3 aylar önce
  • you can come all the way across the us to see my farm. we have cows, donkeys, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and we are trying to get alpacas, we also have dogs and cats used on the farm.

    LolaLola3 aylar önce
  • They put guns in those vaults

    Screm DoggoScrem Doggo3 aylar önce
  • last time, that go me z o i n k e d

    juicy ratjuicy rat3 aylar önce
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