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  • U guys made me download Maple story 😂

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  • So how do you eat

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  • Are you a 😇 or a 😈

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  • 1:20 I'm 10,in fifth grade and I like to slide to but I was popular XD

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  • Justie are Korean? Course I am Korean 한국인

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  • You my hero academia

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  • I love your stories and videos 🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒🧒

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  • adam jusntin

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  • I’m 10..

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  • 1:35 my hero academia ❤❤❤❤

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  • 5:21 “There are not SWEATY, like THESE.” -Justin Kroma OMG 😂 😆 😝 it cracks me up 🤣

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  • Never Mind they kicked me out of the game

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  • By ima go play ms

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  • Who i' ts x

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  • Like this 🎋 P.s. youtube played a add with a single girl #TRvisionknowsyou

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  • Tic toc random girl: I guess I just lost my husband:her bff:stanky and fishy

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  • if youd cry lik i cry

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  • Me ten year old 😁 🧥 👖 👞 👞 there Was a girl her name nani I like her for 2 years it Like a anime u know just just like ANIME

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  • It is ok I am to😔

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  • 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣help me 1 reply=1 help

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  • trvision.net/detail/video-til4mvqyec4.html is this amy?

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  • 8:58 😂

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  • You guys have the best storieds almost watched every video o yours and I just subbed today

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  • Lol that’s scary

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  • I lost cry 😢😭

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  • Wait how did Justin know that “X” was doing the same to Amy!?

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    • It's a future story

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    • It's a future story

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  • Hey hey

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  • One like = help for Justin

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  • So u guys are technically still married!?!? Oh NO!!!

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  • Sao boys

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  • Bro, what is the music they used around the 5 minute mark. Fr I love that tune.

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  • I wanna know how did you and justie meet like give us a story I wanna know!!!??

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  • I hope you meet Amy again Justin I’m so 😐 sorry

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  • How did you meet Adam Justin?

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  • Both of you combined have many ex girlfriends do you??

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  • Kill x love amy

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  • Bruh I can imagine the story of how they met Justin:who’s that weird kid over there Austin:um there’s the JOKER KIDDDD LOOKING AT MEE Justin: ... LOLLLL I am the JOKER FROM BATMAN Me: um more like Austin is Batman and your joker of THE LIFE

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  • Actually I like food like I'm in love with food and roblox game

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  • Justin:does naruto run Me:😂

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  • Mabye X wanted to break them up

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  • Can you do a video with amy

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  • What school Justin go *to*

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  • *amy watches this video* amy: ...

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  • Justie: Blink once for help! *Blinks multiple times*

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  • Justin : *BLINK ONCE FOR HELP!* Me: (blinks) 👁👄👁 👌 *I blinked for Justin*

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  • The closet thing ain’t that bad they make some of us kiss or fight sometimes

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  • Wait what?

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  • X is a evil soul !

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  • Haha

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  • So cute and her baby you’re so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute I just want to pinch his cheeks but you were so enjoyable that I just want to picture chips don’t worry I’m 10 years old leave me alone I know you guys are really funny thank you for the laughter of my life

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  • ILL Save you

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  • Aw I hate x

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  • I love dumbo

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  • My friend got online married a few days ago she is breaking up with him soon tho

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  • Is this true???😶💬

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  • How do you guys meet everybody wants to know that the comment below me wants to know that also😁

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  • 8:14 who saw taehyung from BWL?

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  • Ok i will help you Justin

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  • One Like = 1 help more Justie. "BLINK ONCE FOR HELP"

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  • More series pls

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  • Boku no hero academia fan!?! 1:35

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  • 1:35

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