I promised myself I wouldn't make a video until I could make the video without crying. Your love and support over the last month has been incredible. We are so blessed to have you. Thank you for loving my Mom.




  • Thank you for loving my Mom.

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    • Roman Atwood Vlogs I’m sorry

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    • Roman Atwood Vlogs I’m sorry for ur loss 😭😭😭😭🙏🏼

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    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • Roman Atwood Vlogs 💜

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  • You are amazing. im really sorry for you. She is proud of you!!!

    לון לוןלון לוןSaatler önce
  • Roman your mom was a sweet person with an great hearts and love of family

    will billinghamwill billingham16 saatler önce
  • Sorry for you loss

    Julian RiveraJulian Rivera2 gün önce
  • you have all the support in the world roman + atwoods stay strong for her roman

    sabrina churchsabrina church3 gün önce
  • What happened to your mom

    Molly BitherMolly Bither3 gün önce
  • Fooooood vlog I have been there

    KadenJ 144KadenJ 1444 gün önce
  • I couldn't find a way to tell you this but sorry for your loss we just have to akesept that she past away and just mobe on

    April SmithApril Smith4 gün önce
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure your Mom is an angel, in heaven. Looking down on you and your family, smiling and full of love. I didn’t see this video, because I had a heart attack and was in hospital for months. You’re beautiful, one of a kind, SMILE MORE! ❤️💋

    Danielle XOXODanielle XOXO4 gün önce
  • Hey I never commented because I just got a new account after my vids getting demonitized for no reason so I hope your doing good😕😁😁🤯😪😪😪

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  • I love you Roman Atwood but you do not need to be on TRvision right now. We all love you and support you and don't you ever think we are leaving your side. Just take your time and do not rush back into social media millions of your fans aren't going anywhere we are all here by your side every step of the way. We love you Roman Atwood

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  • So so so sorry for your loss Roman :( hope your doing well

    Grizzlysk824Grizzlysk8245 gün önce
  • My mom died when i was 14 and i saw my sister cry and walk over to me and said mom gonna die and i was like crying cuz the last tging i ever said to her was goodnight i love u mom and she said goodnight my little baby girl i will never forget that day i miss u mom 1977-2016 😢😢

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  • I can't believe 2000 people disliked this video, to those who disliked, you are a disgrace and you deserve absolutely nothing good because you are what is wrong with the world.

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  • Rest in Paradise... 🙏🏼

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  • Watching the last part made me cry so much because my great nannan died and I never got to say bye and made me regret everything I did

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  • I’m so sorry roman she was so brilliant and loving you had such a excellent mom I’m literally crying I just found out god bless you

    Owen Walton0908Owen Walton09086 gün önce
  • This made me cry 😢.

    Brian “Miliano” RodriguezBrian “Miliano” Rodriguez6 gün önce
  • I didn't watch your vlogs for 3 years and now this?! Sorry for your los buddy❤

    Beau KrastelBeau Krastel6 gün önce

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  • I know pain of losing a parent my brother. Ita been 3 years nov 19th rhat my dads been gone. My heart goes out to you. Love and prayers sent your way.

    Robert TaylorRobert Taylor7 gün önce
  • Going back to watch this video still hurts motivates me but also idk how Roman can still vlog with this tragedy of his mother passing its incredible how strong he is and the bond of his family i not going to say never but for my family to be like this will take a lot of hard work and dedication i been a fan for a long time lol a lot of people have but if roman was to see this man your such an inspiration and want to be like you and if i was to have kids in the future i want to raise them and support them as you have man i love your content and your positive vibe i will continue being a fan and apart of this Roman army much love bro!!:)

    Branden LopezBranden Lopez7 gün önce
  • In the vlog he was so happy as well 😭

    Hippy PowerHippy Power7 gün önce
  • I’m still praying and thinking of your family! Love your whole family, they’re amazing 💖

    Jessica ThomasJessica Thomas9 gün önce
  • What do you do if youve tried to make right with that loved one but they dont want to make right with you. We just lost my S/O father over the weekend and the day i told my mom about his dad she told me she didnt want to be my mom and that i didnt have a mom anymore...ive tried for the last year to fix things and shes made it pretty clear shes never loved me and never wanted to be a mom.

    Sarah LudwigSarah Ludwig9 gün önce
  • I paused your video before the end and was fighting with my mom and mid outro I ran to her and gave her a hug and started crying while saying “I’m sorry mommy” So thank you God bless Atwood family

    Summer LoveSummer Love10 gün önce
  • I kept watching this saying this can’t be true but sadly it is I know how it feels I lost my mom when I was very young I’m sorry bro I hope you get through it and you will get through it I’m sorry that I just now saw it but love you and best of luck bro

    Conner BreadenConner Breaden10 gün önce
  • I'm so sorry for your loss Roman. I really enjoy your videos and I appreciate the love and support you give out each time you start or end the video logs. I can't speak for a crowd but know that you have a lot of supporters who love you for you. That would not have been possible without the care and support of your loving parents. I'm sure your mom was the core of your rising. She raised you well. Thank you for always being positive when you could. Thank you for always giving back to the community by sharing your family's lives with us. Much love and condolences to you and yours. Your baby girl looks so grown up now since I've seen her as a baby. May your mother rest peacefully.

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  • People WHO disliked This video has no heart

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  • :( stay strong SMILEMORE our lives are too short to be spent on being sad

    jarrelljarrell13 gün önce
  • Omg im crying that macks me so sad to see becuse my mom is the one that i love.its ok if ur sad we all are in this together Love u guys ur all the best💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💜💚💙💓❤💛💞

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  • ❤️

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  • ❤️

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  • ❤️

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  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  • I pray for you day by day

    Sally OffretSally Offret17 gün önce
  • You are a good peson

  • What happened??? She look in a very good shape on the video!!

    TAPP ChannelTAPP Channel18 gün önce
  • I’m sorry for your lost I know she wants you to be happy

    Blu -Tech reviewBlu -Tech review18 gün önce
  • Sorry for your loss Roman

    Refuze FNRefuze FN18 gün önce
  • Sorry man hope you get better man 😭

    Jesse HollingsworthJesse Hollingsworth19 gün önce
  • Its hard to accept

    Jacob BolleJacob Bolle19 gün önce
  • Am I the only one who is crying because of seeing Roman and everyone else so happy just knowing the fact that his mom’s about to die 😭😭

    Lexi SassmanLexi Sassman20 gün önce
  • Who ever disliked the video is nest up or they hate roman

    Captain crunches 9649Captain crunches 964920 gün önce
  • I appreciate how optimistic you are.

    Will LynfattWill Lynfatt20 gün önce
  • My mom passed she was a disabled amputee with diabetes and organ failure r.i.p I love you Mom and hope things get better for you Roman it takes time

    Angel HoskinsAngel Hoskins21 gün önce
  • Roman im sorry for her loss we wont forget this 😔😔😔😢😢😢

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  • Moms are the best I’m sorry

    Epix GamerEpix Gamer21 gün önce
  • Because she is patient

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • Instead of complaining about being lonely

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
    • Noah biological mom complaining about being lonely

      nai saeternnai saetern19 gün önce
    • nai saetern wtf are u talking about

      Nerd LifeNerd Life19 gün önce
  • If noah mom could've just been patient

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • noah the Atwood Rope Factory is very well known in the United States of America

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • noah got lucky because of his mom

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • when noah turn 18 he is going to need a income to survive and also to get his own apartment

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • I wonder what "Roman" dad "Kurt Atwood" dad going to do for his "Retirement"

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • "Roman" dad "Kurt Atwood" is due for a "Retirement"

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • "Roman" dad "Kurt Atwood" he's a very busy man

    nai saeternnai saetern22 gün önce
  • "Roman" wants to do more vlogs with his dad "Kurt Atwood"

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  • Just fount out about this on inside edition so depressing i love your family

    KingKing22 gün önce
  • His parents they supported whatever their son wanted to do with his life career wise

    nai saeternnai saetern23 gün önce
  • Roman got lucky he got the greatest parents

    nai saeternnai saetern23 gün önce
  • Roman you know people all around the world also have problems

    nai saeternnai saetern23 gün önce
  • For what happen to your mom I love your channel

    Richard FisherRichard Fisher23 gün önce
  • I’m very sorry

    Richard FisherRichard Fisher23 gün önce
  • I pray for yoyur mom and i just wanna say people have to go.

    ii_kid_ur_badii_kid_ur_bad23 gün önce
  • I am so so so sorry

    Alexander PollockAlexander Pollock24 gün önce
  • I was going back into your videos to see some that I have missed & ive been really nervous to watch this video because I knew that I was going to probably cry watching it & ive been putting it off for a few weeks now. I lost my mom on September 12th, a little over a month ago. She passed in her sleep because of a widow maker heart attack. & I really really took your advice at the end of the video to heart. My mom was my best friend, my rock. I told her everything, I honestly don’t know what to do without her. But I’ve just felt so so guilty about lately not calling as much or going to her house to spend time with her as much because we were moving & in the middle of a lot of stuff but I’ve now realized that you need to talk to & spend time with the people that you love & tell them that you love & care about them as much as you can because one day you might not be able to. Losing her came as a complete surprise, we were not expecting it & it’s been so hard since. I’ve been surrounded by my family & that’s what’s kept me going just living in her memory. I am so so very sorry for your loss, I know how much your mom meant to you & your family. I don’t know what caused it or what happened but what’s helped me is to understand that God has a plan & that my mom is now with him & is so happy & loved ❤️

    Kaitlin ScottKaitlin Scott24 gün önce
  • Those last 2 pictures make me so sad that Cora will most likely not know her grandma..

    AmericanEagle -AmericanEagle -24 gün önce
  • Omg I’m so sorry Roman and Brigitte and romans mom 👌😰😰😰

    Amazing AddisonAmazing Addison24 gün önce
  • Preying for you man

    Austin OsborneAustin Osborne26 gün önce
I miss her so much.