I PAINTED On PAINT Palettes (again)

Hey Guys! Today I am painting on paint palettes, AGAIN. It's weird, but also somehow makes completes sense at the same time. Last time I decorated 8 different paint palettes and am using them as decor in my art room.Today I am going to be painting 3 palettes, but taking longer and doing more intricate artwork. I tried to paint a mix of abstract designs, landscape, cartoony etc. in order to get a good variety for you guys using acrylic paint and posca paint pens. I hope you guys like this new idea! I think I'm kind of obsessed with these custom paint palettes. Don't forget to try it out yourself and tag my on instagram!
This would be a great art activity to do while bored at home, or if you're running low on art supplies!
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SUPPLY LIST (contains affiliate links):
FLAT PALETTES: amzn.to/2H1iQTm
CRAZY PALETTES: amzn.to/3buaNfY
ROUND PALETTES: amzn.to/3bikNbX
ACRYLIC PAINT: amzn.to/39fXr4R
VARNISH: amzn.to/31y8Ava
POSCA PAINT PENS: amzn.to/383s51f

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  • moriah i love the back groud plaet you did great I theke you are bob ross

    Raine BexRaine Bex22 dakika önce
  • Me she's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Good

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  • You’re cringey but I like it because you like me 🤪😜😛

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  • Don't get yourself up. Your Landscapes are 196392836292537391923 better than mine!

    Vicky ChapmanVicky Chapman9 saatler önce
  • Who else thinks that Maria should paint her walls rainbow strips just one though the one with paint pallets because I heard a video idea I will have to repaint these walls at some point.

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  • I paused to read these.🤣😂 Also IWANT A PART 3!!!

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  • I googled this and gesso is not the same as white paint because it thinner and drys hard

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  • I like your land scape paintings Edit: they are really good

    ItsYaGirl JaydenItsYaGirl Jayden15 saatler önce
  • 2020

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  • Next video: painting on the bristles of paintbrushes

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    Deepankar SrivastavDeepankar Srivastav21 saatler önce
  • You really should give yourself more credit, your style is darling and I'm in love with it! I watched your Boredom video and saw you try your hand at a self portrait. I think you should give it another go.. This time do a self-portrait of yourself on a palette with rainbow colors and using a palette knife (because actually you are boss at that). Either way, I love your work and can't wait to see a full friggin' wall of these palettes! :D

    Cynthia BrownCynthia BrownGün önce
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  • Can you make a per 3

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    • Hi

      Lamar JacksonLamar JacksonGün önce
  • To be fair the creepy failure squishy isn’t the worst it’s better than anything I could ever make but that’s not saying much

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  • moriah 2021: painting alexas

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  • Who thinks when she orders these pallets she should write remove plastic on them as she unboxes them lol

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  • Does anyone want Moriah to do a video where Jordan and edits and voice overs it like this to have her notice

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  • Why dont u do a video when u decorate your dirty paint pallets? Like if u agree

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  • I dare you to ALL YOUR CHARACTERS EVER on a canvas or t- shirt!!!!!

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  • At least you’re landscape one is better than my paintings

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  • I've done this and its soo freaking good!

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  • The entire time she was painting that landscape I thought the brown was a tree 😳

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  • I did this in my childhood lol. When my dad was alive he was a free lance artist, and he’d encourage me to paint and that stuff so I’d paint with him and the pallets always got full of paint TvT.

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  • What was your favorite palette? I really like the one with all of the characters 😊

    Sydney CSydney C2 gün önce

    Cheeky PlayzCheeky Playz2 gün önce
  • I love your Landscape painting

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  • She is such good at landscaping it is actually ANNOYING how she underestimates herself

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  • Maybe you should also paint brush?

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  • I love how the palettes came out! Keep up the good work Moriah!

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  • You should sell squishies that you have painted not the actual ones but like duplicates I guess you'd say so that all of us can get some of your squishies cuz I bet all of us want some

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    • Jennifer Cain me

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I PAINTED On PAINT Palettes (again)