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I pranked every car on team RAR! Today Carters Sharer is going to get everyone back in team rar from messing with his lambo, hummer, ect. Ryan and Stove both spray painted carters lambo. Carter destroyed ryans car can got him a new one. And even Lizzy put stick notes all over carters Lamborghini.
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  • Hi. Lizzy

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  • Oh my papa jake and carter hello papa jake im a big fan and im a fan of carter

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  • Ryan put permanent spray paint on your cars

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  • Hi Carter

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  • Raun pranked

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  • Oh WOW carter pranking every car on team RAR yet when Ryan gets kicked out for no reason for “apparently” spray painting it when he didnt

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  • Ryan sparked your Hummer and your Lamborghini coutach

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  • Great Prank

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  • Bring back Stephen I miss you guys making videos

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  • Oh so bailey’s on team rar now

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  • You need to prank Matt

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  • They blurred Ryan’s plate at first, but then kept showing it instead of blurring... like cuz they do it for safety to ensure people can’t steal or frame or something, right? But..

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  • 14:40 looks like lightning McQueen

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  • kick rien of of team rar because he spra panted your cars

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  • Is Ulu

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  • Liz is sus

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  • I really done that helium thing because when I was my birthday in August 2013Born then say that’s my birthday so I’ve done it I’ve popped a little bit alone I had but my helium and I had helium tank and my mum is on it and my dad tonight for my birthday and I done it and both of voice Born then say that’s my birthday so I’ve done it I’ve popped a little bit alone I had but my helium and I had helium tank and my mum is on it and my dad tonight for my birthday and I done it and both of voice sounds really funny it was really fun it I was really really fun

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  • Or whatever the car is called

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  • Baby did he spray painted your white Lamborghini

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  • can you do a gost voice

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  • I like carter when he was with Kizzy because there so cute then they broke up and then denniesse carter is changing that's why i don't really watch carters video becauseoft hat

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  • “We are trying to protect you from the sun.” *has flash back from the sun is a deadly laser*

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    • _The History of the world intensifies_

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  • Matt sounded like James Charles 9:35

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  • Are u serious u remove Ryan and stove for spray painting ur lambo and u this to every1 like get a life

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  • Carter matt when you put smoke in she so funny

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  • Best video

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  • You should prank liz by putting some insects(toys only) in her room or in her bed.

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  • Prank stove 100 ways

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  • How com carter not notais his hummer or lambo was paintaid

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  • You’re not professionals

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  • K

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