I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It

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  • There’s no such thing as 900 prescription do you mean 9.00. Because one of my lenses is 5.00 or something like that and my vision is 20/400 which is kind of bad.

    Mel BMel B3 saatler önce
  • She's right it was a trend to be disabled

    Shanika ANIMATIONShanika ANIMATION6 saatler önce
  • Haha

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler10 saatler önce
  • this video is basically teaching me, *What do do in Lasik eye surgery.*

    CookieThePickleCatCookieThePickleCat19 saatler önce
  • LASIK commercial/instructions or animated storie

    Shark BoiShark Boi20 saatler önce
  • First of all, this isn’t A MINUTE LONG

    Vanilla MochiVanilla Mochi22 saatler önce
  • I have had glasses since I was 5...now I’m 13 and I still need glasses... 😤 sad times

    Abigail PurpleAbigail PurpleGün önce
  • Is this a sponsor vid? 😳

  • So, your sister needed glasses. It was extremely likely genetics had something to do with that...not reading in low light. Even if she didn't want the glasses or not, she'd probably get them either way. Idk I'm not doctor though.

    Yasser PiediYasser PiediGün önce
  • It's a mith

    Eryka WardlowEryka WardlowGün önce
  • Bats aren't blind that's not true

    Eryka WardlowEryka WardlowGün önce
  • Are You Thai 🇹🇭?

    HuebmanHuebmanGün önce
  • It dont work like that chief.

    Zukerts LenenZukerts LenenGün önce
  • *Fake Glasses has left the chat*

    sireenaandygacha kittysireenaandygacha kittyGün önce
  • Moral of the story, don’t read or this could happen to you. Send this video to your teacher and she him/her this comment.

    xXCorgi_GachaXxxXCorgi_GachaXxGün önce
  • Me: **casually rubs my eyes infront of her** Her: "am I a joke to you?"

    ToothlessTheDragonToothlessTheDragonGün önce
  • *_Fake glasses have left the chat._*

    Alan McTaggartAlan McTaggartGün önce
  • Girl they make fake ones.

    Bella StephensBella StephensGün önce
  • Claire’s sells fake glasses for like 10-20 dollars :/ you can also buy glasses that shield ur eyes from light from like ur phone and stuff lolllll u can buy fake glasses in a lot of places No hate but was it really necessary to spend even more money on real glasses

    DebaTheExplora UwUDebaTheExplora UwU2 gün önce
  • Couldn’t eat... because of your glasses?...

    LucaLuca2 gün önce
  • Sounds like a guide

    Bluj 2Bluj 22 gün önce
  • i have glasses and i hate them

    Jonas y Caleb FurerJonas y Caleb Furer2 gün önce
  • This was basically an ad for LASIK.

    Daebak SimmerDaebak Simmer2 gün önce
  • I hope this never happens to me

    carl rodin'scarl rodin's2 gün önce
  • u can have fake glasses

    百合孟百合孟2 gün önce
  • U want braces Damn I will have them within 1 yr lets trade

    Park JiminPark Jimin2 gün önce
  • imagine having to pay to be able to see

    たかはしjuliaたかはしjulia2 gün önce
  • Bish I always wanted to have far sighted eyes

    wInTeRiCeBeArwInTeRiCeBeAr2 gün önce

    wInTeRiCeBeArwInTeRiCeBeAr2 gün önce
  • I have glasses

    Sofia ValenzuelaSofia Valenzuela2 gün önce
  • *Or you could have just...Got fake glasses*

    Avinesh PillayAvinesh Pillay3 gün önce
  • *I still don't get this story cause I really wanted glasses and I got it + I got to go over the same thing that happened to ur eyes and I still don't regret it cause im happy I got glasses*

    aesthetic_ angleaesthetic_ angle3 gün önce
  • wait, being small USED to be popular, Me: *cries in midget*

    Teresa BurnsTeresa Burns3 gün önce
  • Me too i had to wear glasses i have two pairs it looks horrible on me so i dont wear them and now....i have BRACES!!!🤬🤬😡

    gacha makergacha maker3 gün önce
  • Who else has this story: Mom on a school day when you are sick: poor you awwh :( You still awake pretending to sleep to make your sibling jealous in your mind: *AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA*

    Gabriela GamingzzzGabriela Gamingzzz3 gün önce
  • ... Wow. use fake glasses.

    froggy gunfroggy gun3 gün önce
  • Um.. I can barely put an eye drop in my eye, I won't be able to do my surgery..

    Ricardo SmartsRicardo Smarts4 gün önce
  • Pretty sure the low light reading had little to do with her glasses. If her sister where nearsighted as well, it is likely related. Just a big coincidence. When you stop reading in the dark shouldn't your vision stay where it is?

    AzarothpngAzarothpng4 gün önce
  • 6:06 where her arm?

    Aidan ChettyAidan Chetty4 gün önce
  • Why cant she just get fake glasses?

    FluffyWaffles DessertFluffyWaffles Dessert4 gün önce
  • Girl i will just mess up my vision Fake glasses: confused screaming.

    J verseJ verse4 gün önce
  • Who has glasses and wants their 20/20 vision back *raises hand*

    Giftey MathewGiftey Mathew5 gün önce
  • Umm… zero degree glasses exist too… my left lense has a 150 degree difference from my right lense (my right lense is 150 degrees)

    Serene ChanSerene Chan5 gün önce
  • How long does it take

    Maya MihalyMaya Mihaly6 gün önce
  • I wan't the operation tho

    nagatixnagatix6 gün önce
  • I kinda know how you feel I when't through pink eye when I was about 5 I hated it I was a monster I had to run around so my mom couldn't put my eyedrops in and when she did I held on to the fire place thing so she couldn't get me and of course she still got me so dont feel like you were the only one going through that kind of thing

    Jennifer WattsJennifer Watts6 gün önce
  • Is it just me or does this sound like it’s music from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword? 😂

    Marshmallow GamingMarshmallow Gaming7 gün önce
  • I have glasses and it SUCKS!!! Fog gets on the lenses, it’s SOOOOOO hard

    {{ TakeMoiCookie }}{{ TakeMoiCookie }}7 gün önce
  • Title: I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It What It’s Really About: How LASIK Works

    Postcrossing With AadivirPostcrossing With Aadivir7 gün önce
  • I was able to see clearly bUt nOt 100% cLEaRy

    No Money Flims :No Money Flims :7 gün önce
  • i have a red eye.and how did i get it??..Well i got sand like a lot.But....it dose'nt look red alot now....am....am working on it and soon it will be gone/Ihateed it/Its me story :3 Hope u like it/Its real not fake

    Emma EspegrenEmma Espegren7 gün önce
    • i hated it*

      Emma EspegrenEmma Espegren7 gün önce
  • Why does lasik surgery sound actually fun?

    xXAldoraLunaWolfXx Or just laura -_-xXAldoraLunaWolfXx Or just laura -_-7 gün önce
  • My question is do you feel like you need to blink because you’re eyes are being held open.

    LunaLuna7 gün önce
  • Everyone I know that’s had lasik still has to use glasses. They have either weaker lenses now or have to use reading glasses. So what’s the point?

    Vesta AshVesta Ash7 gün önce
  • I should have just watched an education video instead of be mislead

    Galaxy The FoxGalaxy The Fox7 gün önce
  • I have glasses and thay are super hard to take care of so don't try to get glasses if you don't need them the only reason I need glasses is becuse when I was in kindergarten my coloring was so bad so in my picture that's me so only where glasses if you need them

    Lexandria SanchezLexandria Sanchez8 gün önce
  • 1:11 1:12 bats aren't blind

    Minecraft maniaMinecraft mania8 gün önce
  • How do you blink?

    AEBFTWAEBFTW8 gün önce
  • Comments 100% sHe nEeDs To gEt fAkE gLaSsEs AAaaaAaAaAaA 1% mom I can’t see 0% this comment 4% probs memes

    Baverinarla salad spinelBaverinarla salad spinel8 gün önce

    Dhruv RayatDhruv Rayat8 gün önce
  • Girl: *Ruins her eyesight* Fake Glasses: AHEM _I use fake glasses since I also like the look of glasses_

    Asha KaurAsha Kaur8 gün önce
  • She could have used fake glasses r computer glasses or blue light filter glasses.

    LucasLucas9 gün önce
  • Can't she get non-prescription glasses?

    Kathleen KannairKathleen Kannair9 gün önce
  • Easy solution: wear glasses for fashion, don't ruin your freaking eyesight. I've been half blind since I was in primary school and it only gets worse.

    HanHanPlayzHanHanPlayz9 gün önce
  • Your a great drawer

    Reynald AuguisReynald Auguis9 gün önce
  • You cannot became short or farsighted. From reading under a low light because these conditions are genetically inherited so it was just a lot more obvious that you needed glasses from the first place

    قمر ١٤قمر ١٤9 gün önce

    Kkplayz ROBLOX / and more!Kkplayz ROBLOX / and more!9 gün önce
  • This was less of a story and more of a whole bunch of background information on fixing your eyes-surgery

    Ocean FallsOcean Falls10 gün önce
  • I can’t do Laisic eye surgery because I have a eye problem and my mom said I will never be able to get it

    Funky FriskyFunky Frisky10 gün önce
  • Girl:has great vision Girl:ruins great vision Eyes:REALLY!!?!!

    jean Hamrickjean Hamrick11 gün önce
I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It