I said YES to Gavin Magnus for 24 hours!! - (Bad Idea)

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Today Carter Sharer said yes to everything Gavin Magnus asked for 24 hrs. Carter and Gavin spent the whole day together at the Team RAR house and even went to Kylie Jenner house in Carters Lambo. Gavin even took Carters Ferrari! Comment #24HourChallenge #TeamRAR #GavinMagnus if you loved this video.
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I Let Gavin Magnus Control my Life for 24 hours!! - (Bad Idea)
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  • Is Ryan still on the team

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  • whay dose lizzy not whare merch

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  • The mini version of Morgz

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  • Always down for you said get out there in Biga

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  • Do you have any at school that’s part of the room not cool at all gather you should get out yeah you know yeah that means that there’s girlfriend get out love you that’s mothers house don’t ever come back and go away traveling don’t even try to come back to Carter’s house inspector too old to be driving you don’t have a driver license that’s nice can you even don’t know how to drive with a little and you have a mom and a dad guy thing OK yes

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  • By me a rari

  • To the 1% reading this I hope you stay safe derringer These times 🥰🥰😍

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  • Did Gavin actually move in

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  • Did Gavin actually move it

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  • Gavin is the only cute and hansom person in this video

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  • You have to say yes to Lizzy Next to next video you have to say No to Lizzy for 2 of the video you have to say Lizzy for 45 hours

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  • Stop the cap

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  • We poor this will never happen to me

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  • True

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  • Hello

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  • I would want a Lamborghini aventador, a Bugatti veyron, a mansion, and 1,000,001 dollars.

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  • That was liz driving we all know that right

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  • Buy a rolls Royce

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  • I wanna ask him can you iPhone 11 Pro

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  • Stevens house from a video and put it on your video

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  • Go to Stephen share house

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  • I can only do A backflip

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  • He cute little boy

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  • I would ask for 10mill

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  • I’m a fan

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  • gavin is a savage

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  • He sick of CORONAVIRUS

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  • He is so bad

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  • I watch your video very day 😊☺️🙂🐱☺️ n u guy's are amazing

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  • Gavin! His house is haunted

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  • Liz gang

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  • Lol when he drove your Ferrari 😂😂

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  • stop making videos with Gavin Magnus see in 13 same as him but the difference is I was not born rich see I'm not saying I'm poor or anything like that but all I'm saying is that that money you spend on Magnus could be used for poor don't give money to some kid that already has everything in life

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  • Carter share is a baby because

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  • How about y’all just share the room

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  • Thats my mom on the profail but i have a big crush on gavin

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  • F you Gavin

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    • I don’t mean it bruh

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  • Charter pls do the yes challange with liz

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  • Fcgvhgvhhvj

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  • Gavin that's why nobody likes you because you're evil and

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I said YES to Gavin Magnus for 24 hours!! - (Bad Idea)