I Seduced My Sister's Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress

Hello everyone! My name is Angela. I have an older sister and her name is Bree. We used to be the best friends ever and shared virtually everything. In fact, it recently turned out that we even shared a boyfriend.
Bree has always been “the pretty sister” among the two of us. She was pretty popular at school, and other girls wanted to dress like her and look like her, while boys were sending her tons of love notes and little gifts just to make her give them a smile. While I was totally average, both in terms of my grades and my appearance. It’s not that I was ugly or something. It’s just been so hard to grow beside such a beauty, knowing that there was nothing outstanding about me that other people would admire.
Despite that, Bree and I were always the best friends ever. She never bragged to me or showed off and she was always pretty supportive of me. Since, as I said, she was older - to be precise, 2 years older than me, she practically taught me everything that I know about makeup, boys, and relationships. Although, it took a while for her advice to be put into action. You see, all the decent boys at school were busy trying to attract Bree’s attention, and whenever any of them would come up to me, it ended up with them trying to get to know something about Bree’s preferences.
Anyway, one day a new family arrived on our street, and my mom, as usual, decided to go and greet the new neighbors. Bree refused to support our mom, ‘cause she was busy getting ready for a date with another guy, while I still had nothing else to do, so I went across the street together with mom. As fate would have it, that new nice family had a son named Dave. He was my age, he looked really handsome and he was going to go to the same school that me and Bree were attending. Oh and he was going to study in the same grade as me.
After 5 minutes of greetings there, I couldn’t get Dave out of my head. Of course, I told Bree about that and she was so happy for me. She even told me that I was extremely lucky, ‘cause with the two of us studying in the same class and living on the same street, that would mean plenty of chances to start dating and so on. So yes, I was totally excited about that and for some strange reason, this time I was pretty sure that I would finally get myself a boyfriend.
It turned out that I was right and that Dave also liked me, when the next day at school, he decided to sit next to me in our biology class, and then he joined me in the cafeteria and then he suggested that he should walk me home… Dave was awesome! He was smart enough to help me improve my own grades, he was brought up well enough to charm my mom, and he enjoyed baseball which eventually inspired my dad to call him “son,” you know, the whole my family really liked Dave. But at some point I began noticing that one of us actually started liking him maybe way too much, and I am not talking about me.
Whenever Dave came to my place and Bree was also there, she’d flirt with him shamelessly. No, I mean it! She complimented him, telling him that he looked really good in that shirt, or she'd call him “Davie” or “sweetie” and so on. And whenever they talked to each other, she’d come really close and put her hand on his chest, for example. It’s not that I was totally against any physical contact between them but, you know what they say about touching somebody during a conversation, right?
I tried to drive any unpleasant and jealous thoughts out of my head, telling myself that she was my sister and my best friend and she’d never do anything bad to my relationship. But her behavior became more and more defiant from time to time. For instance, once, Dave and I were going to watch movies at my house, and my parents were out and Bree was getting ready to meet with somebody, so, you know, it was supposed to be a nice evening for just the two of us. But Bree began picking out the perfect outfit for herself and said that she needed a man’s advice, and she started trying on her figure-hugging dresses, and tight skinny-jeans with her super-tight shirts and this made me really mad.
I told her that we needed to have a serious talk and took her to another room so that Dave couldn’t hear us. Can you imagine that she feigned utter surprise while I was asking her to stop flirting with my boyfriend!? She looked as if she couldn’t understand what I was talking about and why I was so mad at her. Honestly, I tried to be kind while I was telling her this, but Bree, sort of, blew up...
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  • Do you think she really was wrong in doing what she did? We will be waiting for your likes and comments.

    • YES SHE WAS WRONG!!!!!!!

      DemTinyKitty AlittleWolfDemTinyKitty AlittleWolf16 gün önce
    • I'd do the same to my little brother

      Alan InnisAlan Innis17 gün önce
    • Even though her sister tried to flirt with her boyfriend, she shouldn’t have tried and flirted with her sisters boyfriend because now theyre bad as each other 🤷‍♀️

      Wanda BurgessWanda Burgess21 gün önce
    • Yes she should not do vengeance cause time will passed by and she will realize what she's doing and maybe it will also have a negative results to her if she not fight her sister back

      John noah RelacionJohn noah Relacion23 gün önce
    • Nice video! ☺

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  • Do you thing she was wrong for doing wh at she did if so leave a like

  • Do you think she was wrong for doing what she did if not leave a like

  • I am not trying to be mean but your more pretty ~no hate~

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  • But, you in luck I here to help you how to get your boyfriend back is Give something him what he likes. Tell him sorry about that. And have fun with him But if is didn't work ask me in your comment or if it work your welcome.

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I Seduced My Sister's Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress