I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON

I didnt think i was going to win that much... looks like im buying an island
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  • I subscribe you mr beast can you send me same a dollar wkwk i from Indonesian and i make a new channel about university. Thanks

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  • Did anyone see except for me that carl kissed Chris on the cheek

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  • Fun Fact: Did you know it's impossible to breathe and smile at the same time? Try it! Sorry, just wanted you to smile. Have a great day!

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  • Stayed up all night watching these videos....now I feel sad about my life... your doing fun stuff tho.

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  • Lotto = dummy tax

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  • 6,90,420

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  • Karl: I knew there was something up! You never want to tall to me about survivor Jimmy!!

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  • I wonder if that 690420 was on purpose.

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  • Jimmy: *shows Private Island* Chandler: "It's A drumstick!"

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  • seeing cris saying im gonna win after you saw the orign vid just dumb

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  • lotery tickets are designed to give you an average loss

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  • The real legend is the guy who’s typing all the winnings and losses

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  • Chandler won the island

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  • Amount spent : Cases Amount earned : Recovered

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  • Imagine if your working with mr.beast and then someone asked you what is your job Me:it's complicated

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  • you can really see the chances of someone winning a lotto

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  • Hello my dear friend

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  • Dont gamble guys its bad

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  • dude said only 100$😭

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  • I've been watching you since 2013.

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  • I need 10. $10,000 Belize, Mr Best

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  • I need 10. $10,000 Belize, Mr Best

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  • You're telling me a private island is cheaper than a one bedroom condo in bay area?

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  • You A BEAST

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  • Chandler: Didn’t care Now: An island

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  • Mr. Beast in 2025: I destroyed Mars, and surprised The Sun with a New One! Mr. Beast, Please reply to this.

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  • This could literally pay my tuition 😭😭. Mr.beast is the beast ✅😱

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  • Mr beast’s descent into depression

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  • Hi I’m seven

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  • legal, aqui no Brasil você teria gasto 1M e recuperado R$ 0,50

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  • Lamborghini

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  • 7:08

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    • DAC what do you mean by challenges

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    • What challenges

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    • DAC me?

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    • DAC are you talking to mrbeast?

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  • Are you normally this lucky with lottery tickets..?

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  • if i had 5 grand id be set for life

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  • It will be Chandler

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  • This just shows how lucky people are to win the lottery

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  • Karl and crish kissed

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    • Him winning so many times Me never winning O.O

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  • PLOT TWIST: *he only won 1$ in the lottery*

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  • Taxes will get you every time.

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  • Rock on

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  • Am I the only person that can't stand Karl? Lmao

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  • This is gonna take forever

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  • Mr Beast. Will you help me? My father is on dialysis in the phillipines. We don't have money.

I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON