I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS (James Charles, Glam&Gore, Patrick Starrr)

I spent a day with famous beauty gurus to learn the truth about this elusive lifestyle.
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  • NOTE: this video was shot *before* the very necessary quarantine. please stay home and stay safe. i am currently shooting episodes remotely with *CORONAVIRUS SURVIVORS* and many other important topics. updates soon. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

    AnthonyPadillaAnthonyPadilla3 aylar önce
    • U r beautiful and also my guests especially one in particular Everyone : the girl? Me: YOURSELF??!!

      Athénaïs Dupin de Saint CyrAthénaïs Dupin de Saint Cyr2 gün önce
    • @AnthonyPadilla ya like jazz'

      Hema ShekatkarHema Shekatkar2 gün önce
    • we already know mykie was already there

      TomaetoTomaeto7 gün önce
    • .. m1 m

      Mikayla Z.Mikayla Z.13 gün önce
    • You go Anthony!! You stay safe!!!

      army 4lifearmy 4life17 gün önce
  • the amount of playful sass that is present in this video is really fun

    deejaydeedeejaydee7 saatler önce
  • James literally is constantly playing MC

    AnimeGamerAndreAnimeGamerAndre11 saatler önce
  • i’m so confused are they dating or not 😂

    Crushing.AsmrCrushing.Asmr19 saatler önce
  • Love watching this knowing famn well they're dating

    Esperanza GipsonEsperanza Gipson22 saatler önce
  • Mykie sounds like she's close to quitting TRvision... which is okay! she's allowed to do that! she just doesn't sound happy with TRvision

    fruitbythebecbecfruitbythebecbec23 saatler önce
  • Ok I love that mykie is like “are you hitting on me?” And Anthony says “ofc not😂” and by now we all know they dating 😂😂😂 I love thissssss

    Cassie HammondCassie HammondGün önce
  • so cute 😍😍

    Lien ClaesLien ClaesGün önce
  • Mykie is so beautiful

    Mermaid LupitaMermaid LupitaGün önce
  • I've kinda noticed that it's normally the males who are successful in makeup business.

    Turkey CheeseTurkey CheeseGün önce
  • The fact that he literally had MYKIE on the show!!! 😂 20:34 I'M SCREEEAAAAMING!!! OHHHHMYYYGOOODDD!!! THIS WAS SOOOOO FUCKING CUTE!!! 😂😂❤❤ "Are we dating?" "MAYBE 😏😏" OHMYFUCKINGGOOOODDDDD YAAAAAASSSSSS 😂😂

    Chaarvee TejaswineeChaarvee TejaswineeGün önce
  • Me: watching the part were they kiss literally hyperventilating

    Isabella JoyIsabella JoyGün önce
  • Lol Anthony and mykie are so cute 😍😍😍😍

    Tays PTays PGün önce
  • Dude Anthony is such I cool guy

    The_GhostThe_GhostGün önce
  • Mykie looks soo good omg 🤩

    Jade GermanaJade GermanaGün önce
  • Let’s be aunest most of us saw James Charles and clicked 😂

    Supremehp21Supremehp212 gün önce
  • Okay I read Patrick Star and thought Sponge Bob

    John SmithJohn Smith2 gün önce
  • Jeffree star is general grievous change my mind

    Jack HeraldJack Herald2 gün önce
  • me knowing that mykie and anthony are dating and how much mykie wanted to be on the channel made me happy :)

    Ellia StumpoEllia Stumpo2 gün önce
  • no one: james: did I mention my content is entertainment-based??

    TryingToBe2CoolTryingToBe2Cool2 gün önce
  • anthony and mykie r so frickin cute 🥺💓🥰

    peachypeachy2 gün önce
  • Pretty sure, the makeup industry is supposed to be fun. Minus all the tea and drama looool

    emrence janesemrence janes3 gün önce
  • I just want to know where mykie got her boots

    Joey DacheletJoey Dachelet3 gün önce
  • 😂 Anthony and Mykie lowkey flirting is the most wholesome thing

    Silver SparrowSilver Sparrow3 gün önce
  • she used Kat von D and I feel so happy!! 😄😄

    Kenzie LivingstonKenzie Livingston3 gün önce
  • I don’t think I have ever been jealous but that kiss Anthony got made me so fucking jealous

    Xzavior HodgeXzavior Hodge3 gün önce
  • My dad once mistook James Charles for PewDiePie.

    My name is not CarlMy name is not Carl3 gün önce
  • Just realized mykie and anthony are dating, i checked mykie's channel and she did removing my boyfriends makeup and its actually anthony-

    Chelsea LéCloudChelsea LéCloud3 gün önce
  • mykie kissed anthony and when i tell you i gasped until i ran out of air-

    Chelsea LéCloudChelsea LéCloud3 gün önce
  • did anybody catch miranda sings

    LUNALUNA4 gün önce
  • see how he didn't brang jeffree? yeah.

    Petra MladenovicPetra Mladenovic4 gün önce

    SnickeredSnickered4 gün önce
  • Okay please do a video talking about atopic dermatitis (eczema). As someone who has it in a severe case and is a hard advocate for the education of individuals so they have a better understanding of this disease and how to be around people with it, I think it would be amazing for you to use your platform for this unspoken topic. I’d also love to do a video interview and be apart of it, if you’d let me. It’s an issue that can really attack a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. Please do a video unveiling its truth

    Aliya RenaeAliya Renae4 gün önce
  • Glam&Gore is so beautiful and cute, I lover her style and videos so much

    The ABacrossThe ABacross5 gün önce
  • My dudes make up only makes your face pop out more. You are beautiful with or without make up. FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK YOU ARE FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL TRY TO SAY OTHERWISE AND I'LL FUCKIN FIGHT YOU!! BTW Patrick you fuckin beautiful, girl

    Deeds_Deeds_6 gün önce
  • Jamesss! SISTERR!

    kori yankori yan6 gün önce
  • The fact that Mykie and Anthony keep pretending to not know each other but are still flirting is the most couple goal thing ever lmao

    fifi thedeityfifi thedeity6 gün önce
  • Can we appreciate that first clip of Miranda 😂

    KiahKiah6 gün önce
  • I wish Mykie had a makeup pallet or her own latex brand 💕🥰💕💕💕💕

    Audri WhatlyAudri Whatly6 gün önce
  • Not to be offensive or something she really looks like a Patric star from sponge bob

  • 4:51 hmmm wonder who that is?? 😍🥺

    weirdoweirdo7 gün önce
  • james is so pretty patrick does *not* look like a potato and mykie and anthony are the *CUTEST*

    markae pisanomarkae pisano7 gün önce
  • Mykie and James have similar teeth

    RobinFlysHighRobinFlysHigh7 gün önce
  • All of the interviewees looked amazing :D

    Mike BeckersMike Beckers7 gün önce
  • I didn’t know the sfx girl was his girlfriend so I was here like “👀Anthony got game”

    The FishmongerThe Fishmonger7 gün önce
  • I was SHOOK when Mikey kissed Anthony!! I had NO IDEA that they were dating!

    4pensword44pensword47 gün önce

    Vivilusi :DVivilusi :D7 gün önce
  • I felt Patrick’s “I’m a potato”, spiritually😌

    The Life Of AidanThe Life Of Aidan7 gün önce
  • *(Any close ended question directed to James Charles)* James Charles: *YaAas!* ...

    Jolene TangJolene Tang7 gün önce
  • james looks so good in this omg

    ash ·ash ·7 gün önce
  • following mykie's channel for years, and then found out about ur channel, U TWO ARE WONDERFUL AMAZING SOULS AND IM SO HAPPY U FOUND EACH OTHER!!! im just one more person who ships it..not like a relationship is a community project,but i think people just become all warm and cozy when they can see good vibes happening :)

    S RyanS Ryan7 gün önce
  • Without make_up James charles looks like a person who always wears glasses but than take them off lol

    Alo q:Alo q:8 gün önce
  • I'm not gay or anything but why does so much people hate on James Charles he just does makeup. He does not do anything wrong let him be him.

    Typical SpiderTypical Spider8 gün önce
  • Nobody Anthony:*casualy flirts with gf* Mykie:r u hitting on me Anthony:no never*questions all reality*

    mia _says himia _says hi8 gün önce
  • Are they already dating when they did this?

    aliencedricaliencedric8 gün önce
  • Love how it showed Jeffree when he said “coaxing their naive viewers” 😭😂

    Casey WallaceCasey Wallace8 gün önce
  • This must be really weird for those that don’t know that mykie and Anthony are dating 💀

    BlueBabySimBlueBabySim8 gün önce
  • The WHOLE beginning part was just a yes 🤣🤣🤣

    Sam FryerSam Fryer8 gün önce
  • hehehe anthony really shaded jeffree starfish like that hehehe

    SlightlybittergirlSlightlybittergirl8 gün önce
  • Me watching Anthony be so forward with Mykie thinking they don't know each other 👀

    Roni FloresRoni Flores8 gün önce
  • um- did i see maranda sings in the beginning 😳

    Gacha WolfGacha Wolf8 gün önce
    • I think so😳

      Woomy BotWoomy Bot8 gün önce
  • anthony is a s i m p

    AshthetxicssAshthetxicss9 gün önce
    • S I M P

      Woomy BotWoomy Bot8 gün önce
  • Mykie and Anthony kiss* Me: WhAt..is hAppEnIng? after the video finds out their dating Me:ohhhhhhhh

    Naya WhiteNaya White9 gün önce
  • when Mikey kissed Anthonyyy!!! I swear its the cutest thing I've ever seennnn!!!

    Deema AlballaaDeema Alballaa9 gün önce
  • Oh my god I didnt know they were dating lol

    Abstract FriendsAbstract Friends9 gün önce
  • Omg I was so shocked when she kissed him 😂 I had no idea they were dating

    Jamie SimmJamie Simm9 gün önce
  • *Me watching this with my mom, currently in Nebraska*: "w o w !"

    Woofle StudiosWoofle Studios9 gün önce
  • Patrick is the biggest asshole ever. Like i hate him so much

    6feet _under6feet _under9 gün önce
  • I actually fully did NOT know they were dating. XD

    Point FM RadioPoint FM Radio9 gün önce

    Heidi Alexandria TanHeidi Alexandria Tan9 gün önce
I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS (James Charles, Glam&Gore, Patrick Starrr)