I Stream Sniped a RICH KID as a NO SKIN, then showed my RECON EXPERT... (Fortnite)

I Stream Sniped a RICH KID as a NO SKIN, then showed my RECON EXPERT... (Fortnite) in todays video I stream sniped a rich kid as a no skin then showed my recon expert aka recon expert rare skin in fortnite battle royale. the rich kid made the ending crazy! this video is inspired by grantthegoat clewfix syfy and physics.
😊 This video is child friendly / kid friendly / family friendly!
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  • Mic gets unplugged at 1:36

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  • Imagine if recon expert wasn’t rare anymore. Oh wait it isn’t rare anymore 🥱

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  • I’m pretty sure that this is the kid that faked his death, faked running away from his family and faked having Covid - 19

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  • The recon expert isn't even rare so what's the point

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I Stream Sniped a RICH KID as a NO SKIN, then showed my RECON EXPERT... (Fortnite)