I Survived 100 Days as a SHAPESHIFTER in Minecraft...

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I Survived 100 Days as a SHAPESHIFTER in Minecraft... Here's What Happened
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to survive 100 Days, and I Shapeshift every day! There are also crazy Custom Shapeshifts like the Orangutang, Shark and the WARDEN. This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft 100 Days' challenge... This was completely insane.
Also, I had to play on 'Hard' difficulty instead of 'Hardcore' since the shapeshifter mod counted me shapeshifting as dying and deleted the world. Hopefully you guys understand!
#100Days​​ #Hardcore​​ #Minecraft



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    • I wonder what the name of the background music here 34:52

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    • I have the game and i love it too.

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    • Mod please

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  • 100 days wow 😯

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  • The fact that he brought the blobfish form back for the final boss and actually *used it to his advantage* against the Ender Dragon-- That's some real cinematic Chekov's Gun shit, I love it

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  • nice thx for de headup

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  • Your fake

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  • Your vodeo is so amazing

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  • 29:52 how convenient

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  • Lol he said pink sheep instead of pig lol

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  • Wtf y can't a seal breath above water 😂

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  • IT was on survival

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  • if you go to 17:31, silver claims that it's day 35, but in the coordinates it says its day 8, and it's also pretty obvious that he faked it since if you pay attention you can clearly see that days are going much faster than usual, its kinda scummy to say 100 days just for views since that's what people like now

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  • At 5:20 is a jojo refrence

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  • I loved the unexpected ad from Dragon City XD

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  • How did you get that mod

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  • Hello from Russia. The video is cool, but there are the same videos on Russian TRvision.

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  • iron golems dont attack creepers

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  • You are LGBT?

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  • excuse me whats the link for the morph mod :?

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  • The sponsor tho was actually smooth🤣

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  • He are friendly cuz her weaknness was the crepeer

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  • Do 300 days

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  • 8:25 theres a reason he’s so skinny

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  • What mods are these?

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  • the water protection enchantment is just frost walker just sayin

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  • What is a veteran retirement achievements in Minecraft

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  • ITS Road from mario

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  • Also one of my daughters called Chloe said''you are better than me!

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  • An iron golem can only fight zombies and skeletons

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  • Why does the summoner look familiar?

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  • How do you securely store your videos? What would happen if you lost all your data - videos, emails…?

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  • On day 33 he was traveling on soul sand but if you look to the left you can see some sort of mob looking like a mixture of a warden and a wither skeleton….

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  • The music in the begging made me nostalgic s

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  • Red fungus:has two hearts What I see on my screen:3 Hearts =[

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  • Vindacaters can go thru walls 😅

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  • plot twist: the chest he skipped in the shipwreck had 64 netherite

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  • The summoner is actually in Minecraft dungeons

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  • John cena Spongebob car Patrick balls green ham yellow toilets.

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  • if you use dandelion, red mushroom and brown mushroom you will get suspicious stew that gives you saturation and also gives you 7 hearts

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I Survived 100 Days as a SHAPESHIFTER in Minecraft...