I Went to the MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE in the WORLD!! **backyard waterpark**

I went to one of the craziest and most expensive houses in the WORLD!! There was a train, basketball court, waterpark, soccer field, and a LOT more!!
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  • Is this the craziest house you’ve ever seen?!

    FaZe RugFaZe Rug28 gün önce
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      Dimia IacovettaDimia Iacovetta10 gün önce
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      Denise’s Squad34Denise’s Squad3417 gün önce
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    Elite123 coolElite123 cool38 dakika önce
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    Yesaya Tam'zYesaya Tam'z12 saatler önce
  • If you also wish that you could be with FaZe Rug and play there. 👇🏻

    H3ESSAH3ESSA14 saatler önce
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    Five night’s of fortniteFive night’s of fortniteGün önce
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    Alison ParkerAlison ParkerGün önce
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    Imannaaayyy sharifImannaaayyy sharifGün önce
  • Where is this house in North County San Diego ?

    EG WilliamsEG WilliamsGün önce
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    cthethiefcthethiefGün önce
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    Mitch MartinMitch Martin2 gün önce
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  • They may have a better yard but not a bigger one than me I have 14 acres of yard

    EggyEggy2 gün önce
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    Phoebe WilsonPhoebe Wilson2 gün önce
  • Rug: FIVE acres! I don't think you know how BIG that is Me with my 6-acre property...

    henrythehenhenrythehen2 gün önce
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    teresa sanchezteresa sanchez3 gün önce
  • 5 isn't that much I live on 34 and on a lake oof

    Felix FoxxoFelix Foxxo3 gün önce
  • There’s a house by me selling for $50,000,000. Sorry Rug

    blury magicblury magic3 gün önce
  • and when did you get another dog

    Erin SowersErin Sowers3 gün önce
  • hay i don't want to be a hater but what happend like i have bean watching your old vids and you always vloged i miss the old you

    Erin SowersErin Sowers3 gün önce
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I Went to the MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE in the WORLD!! **backyard waterpark**