If You're STREET SMART You'll Solve These Riddles 😎

If you are street smart you will easily solve these tricky riddles! Test your logic and general knowledge with this set of teasers. Tricky riddles and brain games are great for improving your logical skills. If you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve different riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice some changes in your critical thinking and logical thinking abilities!
00:14 - Who is lying? It's a super tricky puzzle to test your critical thinking ;)
01:43 - A difficult riddle that will blow your mind! How did he guess? Try to find the right answer before the time is up ;)
03:44 - A tricky riddle making you face the most difficult choice in your life! Sometimes we have to sacrifice something really precious to save more important things (or people). What would be your choice? A mind-blowing riddle with an answer to test how quickly you can take decisions!
04:54 - What would you do in this case to survive? Self Defense tricks and tricky riddles to test your survival skills.
07:38 - Tricky text riddles to tease your brain and make you sweat! Only a person with brilliant logic and a great sense of humor can crack them and I don't even know a person who ever solved each of them. Will you be the first one?!
09:03 - A thrilling crime riddle only a psycho or genius can solve! Seriously, if you get it right, then you must have put yourself in the place of the killer, right? Only a psycho or a cold rational thinker can do this! I hope you're just incredibly smart, ha-ha...
11:03 - Test your logical thinking with this tricky riddle and find out if your mind is still young and sharp or you need to exercise it a bit more! The most important is to avoid overthinking because the most efficient solution is always obvious. They say if you want to hide something, hide this in plain sight and this really works. Let's see who will be able to find the easiest and most effective solution! A hard riddle with answer to keep your brain fit!
12:35 - How did she survive? Test your logical thinking with this short tricky puzzle!
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of brain games is your favorite!
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  • Hey at 12:30 why do you say that the princess is a boy you put his but it is her

    Maxene Mhaye cruzMaxene Mhaye cruz2 gün önce
  • Hei in the first riddle it's should. Be susie her skintone should be dark brown for TWO HOURS SWIMMING

    Philip Gabriel CaysidoPhilip Gabriel Caysido3 gün önce
  • I see superman so the superman is safe the girl

    John NicholasJohn Nicholas5 gün önce
  • John

    Lowela TabuenaLowela Tabuena6 gün önce
  • 1:32 it should be Susie as she spent two hours in the swimming pool but she doesn’t have wrinkles on her hands

    Gopal AsthanaGopal Asthana6 gün önce
  • So hard hard question .but u did a really good job😊😊😊😊

    neelam chhetrineelam chhetri6 gün önce
  • What am I surviving anyways we need to know what we’re surviving in order to survive it

    Yaxye AliYaxye Ali7 gün önce
  • At 10:00 I feel bad cuz she didn't know the phone number of her "Crash" 😖

    LuluplaysLuluplays15 gün önce
  • No I will not survive all of this!!!!!!!!

    Saroja ChandrasekarSaroja Chandrasekar16 gün önce
  • Okay hold up, It said the flower shop was open for 24 hours. SO WHY DID HE CLOSE IT?

    Kamryn BeeKamryn Bee17 gün önce
  • What if ur a boy? U don’t carry around a bra unless u gay. And there is no problem with that.

    Naya ThomasNaya Thomas19 gün önce
  • The super man THERE

    Andro technicianAndro technician21 gün önce
  • Rachel

    bev Stefanidakisbev Stefanidakis21 gün önce
  • 12:51 SUPERMAN!!!!!!

    Edits Are bestEdits Are best21 gün önce
  • I know there's something hidden it's superman in 12:36

    Gd LyleGd Lyle22 gün önce
  • At 4:12 it says there are 4 people but there's only 3 YOU ALPACA

    Dash BlakeDash Blake25 gün önce
    • The other one is you

      itzmoonix _playzitzmoonix _playz19 gün önce
  • On the second riddle; It said they were open 24 hours so why did he know no Customers came in the evening?

    LilyOfTheValleyxXLilyOfTheValleyxX25 gün önce
  • Thank you Superman son of a bitch

    jerome rosalinajerome rosalina25 gün önce
  • How she survived there is a super hero in a left corner 😂😂😂

    Aniyahstein BoxleyAniyahstein Boxley25 gün önce
  • The "how did she survive" question, the answer was that there was a super hero flying in the sky! By the way, I love ur vids and watch them every chance I get!😍😄😎😏

    Ericka HeidemannEricka Heidemann25 gün önce
  • Your videos suckered

    Jasmine JosephJasmine Joseph25 gün önce
  • Watch miamadebros and like and subscribe

    Jasmine JosephJasmine Joseph25 gün önce
  • Hi. I. Love. It

    Keyshla RodriguezKeyshla Rodriguez26 gün önce
  • Hi my name is Ariana and I love the the way it is very good

    Ariana Carver-DavisAriana Carver-Davis26 gün önce
  • the second one was so easy

    Suzzain SarwarSuzzain Sarwar26 gün önce
  • 🤗

    anthony asnithaanthony asnitha26 gün önce
  • wt superman?!

    Emily RoomsEmily Rooms26 gün önce
  • 5:8 smells good

    shane pimentelshane pimentel26 gün önce
  • 2:03 and 3:17 it doesn’t make sense, they both have 18.40

    Tallulah Belle TalesTallulah Belle Tales26 gün önce
  • Try me

    Winnie PalaranWinnie Palaran26 gün önce
  • The riddle for the video has superman

    Hang NgoHang Ngo26 gün önce
  • Because of super man

    Armie ResabaArmie Resaba26 gün önce
  • 10:00 her crash?

    Lauren SLauren S27 gün önce
  • 0:14

    Laquitta McCoyLaquitta McCoy27 gün önce
  • But what if you were a boy

    Armela AbitriaArmela Abitria27 gün önce
  • I'm just 7 years old and I'm smart

    Jersey CruzadaJersey Cruzada27 gün önce
  • Thumbnail,If u watch in the upper side superman is there

    KENT VILLALUZ'S Vlogs and GamingKENT VILLALUZ'S Vlogs and Gaming27 gün önce
  • Super man

    andrey david vlogandrey david vlog27 gün önce
  • 4:12 It says there are four people in the hot air balloon, but only your father son and best friend are in there Like if you noticed to, let’s get to 100 likes!

    Hello YouTubeHello YouTube27 gün önce
  • Its Suzie her hand aren't pruney they should be if she was swimming for hours

    scott ziegelmeierscott ziegelmeier27 gün önce
    • She does if you look closely

      California PaigeCalifornia Paige27 gün önce
  • Who here doesn’t even try to solve these? Cuz that kinda weird XD

    BouquetAmethyst IrisBouquetAmethyst Iris27 gün önce
  • I would do it with nail polish

    Jennifer NarvaezJennifer Narvaez27 gün önce
  • I would sacrifice the gold in the hot air balloon

    Jennifer NarvaezJennifer Narvaez27 gün önce
  • because there was more dollar bills in the slots

    Jennifer NarvaezJennifer Narvaez27 gün önce
  • Sub for sub? Small youtuber! Thanks :)

    Krafty KatelynKrafty Katelyn27 gün önce

    Abigail VestAbigail Vest27 gün önce
  • Rachel

    Ayesha AnjumAyesha Anjum28 gün önce
  • Ok

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  • Why does something always tells me that seven-second riddles, 5 min crafts and bright side are connected?

    Pressencia PacificaPressencia Pacifica28 gün önce
    • Me too 😂

      Carolyn BautistaCarolyn Bautista26 gün önce
  • HAha easy Superman saves her

    umaerou chan oofumaerou chan oof28 gün önce
  • 12:53 the hands of the falling girl....

  • How did she survive, because she save superman . Did you saw that. Me yes

    Renee VlogRenee Vlog28 gün önce
  • I saw he cover and I was like “SUPERMAN IN DA CORNER!”

    Lemon! Queen!Lemon! Queen!28 gün önce
  • I know why the girl survived because a super hero

    Maria JacobMaria Jacob29 gün önce

    Youtube WatcherYoutube Watcher29 gün önce
    • Yes die

      Youtube WatcherYoutube Watcher29 gün önce
  • Lmao superman ya thanks 😂🤣

    impossible happinessimpossible happiness29 gün önce
  • At 12:36 i thought she used her boobs as pillows to survive

    Trending MemesTrending Memes29 gün önce

    Alma CastilloAlma Castillo29 gün önce
  • 4:11 There are 4 people i only see 3 people??

    Noa KućarNoa KućarAylar önce
  • 3:44 let me throw out my dad you assholes. i actually care more about gold than my father

    Q KazooQ KazooAylar önce
  • Who else said the gold

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  • Nice Video!!

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  • Whoever is reading this,one day you will be succesful❤Just keep pushing😃 If you want lyrics of some music come to my channel and feel free to subscribe💓💓

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  • you said there 4 people but there are only 3 people in the hot air ballon

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  • In the picture how did he survive he saved by superman

    MrTop GachaMrTop GachaAylar önce
  • 12:33 touch his hand??

    Mine StreemMine StreemAylar önce
  • How did she survived: Superman:I'm only one call away I'll be there to save the day Women:superman got nothing on me Superman:I'm only one call away

    Samantha TolentinoSamantha TolentinoAylar önce
If You're STREET SMART You'll Solve These Riddles 😎