Insane zero mile car collection! The Unprofessionals do Abu Dhabi Part 2





  • Is he rainbow Sheikh son?

    August pachuau PachuauAugust pachuau PachuauGün önce
  • How much is that car collection worth?

    Ares DeboerAres DeboerGün önce
  • He collect many cars but he can drive only one car at a time. 😎

    August pachuau PachuauAugust pachuau PachuauGün önce
  • and they don't have a 288 GTO.....what slackers.

    bamaslatenbamaslatenGün önce
  • Look at my super fast car that is only here to be a paper weight. 🤦‍♂️ I will never understand this mentality.

    Mr. PritchardMr. Pritchard3 gün önce
  • I know girls that know more about cars than these two. How do you not know about these supercars, and STILL call yourself a car guy?! Outstanding cars, terrible commentary.

    Jeff GeeJeff Gee3 gün önce
  • I don't think most people know what they're looking at here. This is the UAE ruling family's car collection, part of it. This constitutes one of if not the most valuable collections on earth. This is a very famous collection, the amount shown on film vs the actual extent is probably small. This is owned by the male heirs of this ruling family.

    derek lamanchaderek lamancha3 gün önce
  • filmed with a potato

    Lee WhiteLee White4 gün önce
  • This video needs to be watched with zero volume

    d Dd D4 gün önce
  • Its really sad knowing that some idiots have all this and some decent people are struggling to feed

    A JA J4 gün önce
  • Wow, wasn't expecting all of this, great content, killed it!

    Webstar22Webstar225 gün önce
  • how tf this man got TWO LaFerrari's?! if you have this kinda money, why the hell would you be worried about keeping the miles either super low, or just zero across the board, smh, clearly hes not interested in just sitting on them for 10-20 years to make a profit, (which dont get me wrong, he deff will) but come on, ZERO miles?!? wtf is the point of even buying all these supercars/ hyper car's?! this man deff has more will power than i do lol i wouldnt be able to do it..

    Jacob ThompsonJacob Thompson5 gün önce
  • Another fun note... You can afford a dubai trip when you sell your gear for as much as hoonigan swag goes for.

    Adam WillAdam Will5 gün önce
  • If you didn't hear that. That dudes uncle is THE rainbow sheikh. He is definitely one of the coolest uncles.

    Adam WillAdam Will5 gün önce
  • I read alot of these comments bashing the hosts of the show for being less informed than what people think they should be. I gotta say, I completely agree, Even if this isn't your car scene you should atleast do some research before going inside someones collection so that you aren't walking around like a goof, looking for rotary motors or hacked up jdm cars while being around some of the most sought after automobiles ever produced. I would say it was disrespectful to the owners to be more into a stupid 350z over a double digit mile f40 etc. Get it together

    Hayden RoyerHayden Royer6 gün önce
  • I love their cars and their passion but why would u put a v8 in an mk4 Supra😭

    Yaseen AliYaseen Ali6 gün önce
  • the wheelchair guy is so annoying , touching everything , asking stupid questions , opening the hood without asking , simply no respect

    luca taralloluca tarallo6 gün önce
  • When your worth $15 billion this isn't impressive or cool 👎

    Brian RollinsBrian Rollins6 gün önce
  • Hate the whole idea ,cars are for driving

    True2022True20227 gün önce
  • 10:35 - Tea pot worth more than my car.

    don cherrydon cherry7 gün önce
    • LOL!

      haguitaristhaguitarist3 gün önce
  • 8:30 "I don't know anything about Porsche" sorry but I had to stop watching the video, just not the kind of answer you would expect from a car guy...

    AN D1AN D18 gün önce
  • Holy rainbow strobe seizures, Batman! This video quality is terrible!

    JakeIsWayBlackJakeIsWayBlack8 gün önce
  • The thumb nail nearly made me cry. To see four of the most expensive and legendary Ferrari's with 0 miles was crazy

    Cameron HallCameron Hall8 gün önce
  • Black guys know NOTHING about cars. Why IS he there? Token?

    Michael CMichael C8 gün önce
  • They have no idea how rare those cars are and there are breezing past them

    carson TOUGHEYcarson TOUGHEY8 gün önce
  • One of your garage heads please explain to me what the wires on the floor are for when the cars are plugged up or what not. Is this keeping a charge on the battery or something? I see there’s an a lot of garages but have always wondered

    FuzzipiffenFuzzipiffen8 gün önce
  • Dude was like is raw power. Other dude "it's just a car"?

    hellaflush49hellaflush498 gün önce
  • The are absolute noobs on super cars, I know absolutely all of the cars and they are mistaking mclaren with koenigsegg😒

    Santiago Usme GonzalezSantiago Usme Gonzalez9 gün önce
  • Wow what a collection Gent's , i'd sleep in that garage , might just be zero miles as theres so many to find the time to drive, F40 is stunning.

    Dom DomDom Dom9 gün önce
  • zero miles, collect something different , most of these cars should be driven.......HARD!

    Dom DomDom Dom9 gün önce
  • For the 2j and supra lovers we will make you deff for putting a ls in a supra whhhhhyyyyyy

    Cole BarnesCole Barnes9 gün önce
  • what a waste to let all these amazing cars just sit and collect dust, at least Jay Leno drives his cars... Not everything has to be shot with a Go-pro camera

    Matthew ChildressMatthew Childress11 gün önce
  • Man found the money cheat for real life.

    Eastwood FpsEastwood Fps12 gün önce
  • but wait...there's still more....

    KijijiKijiji12 gün önce
  • No McLaren F1? The collection is incomplete

    Kane HolmesKane Holmes12 gün önce
    • @Yaseen Ali Elon musk had 1

      live and let livelive and let live4 gün önce
    • Kane Holmes those are hard asf to find.

      Yaseen AliYaseen Ali6 gün önce
    • @Chase Hanrahan That's a McLaren P1. The F1 is possibly the greatest car every made

      Kane HolmesKane Holmes8 gün önce
    • Kane Holmes 14:37 isn’t that a mclaren???

      Chase HanrahanChase Hanrahan8 gün önce
  • Why do they own so many of the same car?

    Mr Boy533Mr Boy53313 gün önce
    • Aaron Ramirez nvm, figured out that they was talking about how many was made

      Mr Boy533Mr Boy53311 gün önce
    • Aaron Ramirez yeah i understand that, but don’t they say they have 10 Chirons (just a number) And x Ford GT’s

      Mr Boy533Mr Boy53311 gün önce
    • Mr Boy533 so they can drive one and still have a zero mileage car

      Aaron RamirezAaron Ramirez11 gün önce
  • He called the clk gtr a mclaren gtr im cringing

    LanterNLanterN13 gün önce
  • Give me one of those square body chevy's and an f40 and ill be happy.

    lftdblazerlftdblazer14 gün önce
  • Not an RX7 or R34 in sight smfh

    ChuchoPRChuchoPR14 gün önce
  • And i here can't afford to buy a $40 vape and $6 worth of juice

    sc6pesc6pe14 gün önce
  • Ever think about the starving kids in Africa? They could use a car or two in food!

    213blackheart213blackheart14 gün önce
  • Yea his “daily” driver is a helicopter and private jet. The cars are just fun time hanging out.

    Ryan DRyan D15 gün önce
  • I wonder if I go to their land if I can work at a gad station for 10 years and not pay taxes?

    Uncle KyleUncle Kyle15 gün önce
  • Am I the only one who noticed there are no lambos?

    Jack PirelliJack Pirelli15 gün önce
  • His uncles car appeared with Jeremy Clarkson, in Clarkson car World and it used to tow an accommodation trailer in the shape of a globe. It was filmed in the mid nineties.

    Neil PerryNeil Perry15 gün önce
  • At first I was like why tf would someone buy such expensive awesome machines and never use them but he’s almost creating a museum of sorts and in a few decades these will be absolute icons even more so than now

    GreenlightGreenlight15 gün önce
  • Did I miss it or this guys is missing the one car the would make the collection complete? The McLaren F1. And the McLearn GTR.

    Arisgod27Arisgod2715 gün önce
  • They completely miss the Ferrari Sergio and have no understanding of what they are actually looking at.

    Alexander G. MattinsonAlexander G. Mattinson16 gün önce
  • Maybe work on your camera handling. Video is too shaky. But this collection is epic. Seen it on Shmee 150

    Michael ApacheMichael Apache16 gün önce
  • the servants wow .... the collection is amazing

    KindvegasbudsKindvegasbuds16 gün önce
  • looks like the set of FAST N FURIOUS 37

    Eric MartinEric Martin20 gün önce
  • This girl in the dress has more cars than I have dingleberrys in my underwear. That's pretty shitty man

    John MoatesJohn Moates20 gün önce
  • This is what happens when we buy our oil from OPEC nations. We should be using 100% produced US oil!

    Brandon FredenburgBrandon Fredenburg23 gün önce
  • He looks too young to have had an F40 from new.

    Marvdogger2Marvdogger224 gün önce
  • The video quality here is so poor. It was actually frustrating to watch this. I understand y'all don't know much about cars or even appreciate as much as some of us. However, I hope you put more effort if you get a chance to do this again. Please don't walk past cars without actually going around them properly. I may be speaking for myself but I certainly didn't want y'all to be in so much of the screen time. Your video title was about cars, not yourselves.

    Bongani TyantiBongani Tyanti25 gün önce
  • Owner: I'm going to show you one of the best sports car collections! These two guys: we don't know anything about exotics.

    Hugo PulidoHugo Pulido28 gün önce
  • There's different type of levels to 💸💸👀

    Nathaniel KarunoNathaniel Karuno29 gün önce
  • Peacocks = good security.

    PhilipPhilip29 gün önce
  • insane life to live

    AeelanisAeelanis29 gün önce
  • Cool buy a bunch of cars and never drive them one time. Its like saving your wife on wedding night for the next person in her life. Laaaaaame

    Lord BaxterLord BaxterAylar önce
  • Super cool vid, thanks for sharing...however...please please be more steady with the cam..I'm getting sea sick....

    Jr SmithJr SmithAylar önce
  • When will he get the 288 GTO?

    Steven FarmerSteven FarmerAylar önce
  • How come the sports cars are not on chargers?

    Lea VohnLea VohnAylar önce
  • Thx for sharing this "heaven"

    Christian Dal MasChristian Dal MasAylar önce
  • Ohw my god, this is amazing.

    BRUUTT!!BRUUTT!!Aylar önce
  • so that's the rainbow sheikhs nephew

    jay johnsonjay johnsonAylar önce
  • Those Land Cruisers will fetch a lot of money with the offroad guys here in America.

    Fail ZeroFail Zero2 aylar önce
  • i would give both my nuts to be able to just walk in this place and glare at the cars from afar.

    Marin MMarin M2 aylar önce
  • limited edition of the limited edition car

    JuanisqaJuanisqa2 aylar önce
  • Christ these guys are clueless about cars 🤦‍♂️

    lukepwc 1lukepwc 12 aylar önce
Insane zero mile car collection! The Unprofessionals do Abu Dhabi Part 2